Guardians: A War of Heroes and Villains

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  1. In the year 2020, the inevitable destruction of humanity looms. Terrorism and wars are at an all time high, a state of anarchy is spreading across the globe like wildfire, and villains from lore and legend are emerging to attack innocent people throughout the globe, each striving to establish their own domain. The god's themselves have become divided, with one side supporting the chaos and feeding it, and yet another side opposed to it, then with a third neutral party, determined to let the other gods hash the battle out, and fix whatever is left.

    The evil gods have been the ones summoning the villains from myth and legend to battle. Those such as Morgan Le fay, Mordred, and Vlad the Impaler being among them.

    However, the gods who have sided with the good have begun drawing heroes from the past to battle these villains. Heroes such as King Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin, and other members of the great legends of heroes are emerging to do battle with the great evil that besets the world. These heroes have been given newer, younger reincarnated forms, and sent to a place known as the Hero's Banquet Hall, an uninhabited island which has been repurposed to serve as a training and staging area for the new force of heroes.

    Together with regular soldiers from the nations of the NATO pact, the Heroes of the past have been preparing to take the battle once more to the enemy. Only one side can win. Order or Chaos.

    The synopsis of this club says it all. The plot will mainly focus around heroes of myth and legend being summoned to do battle with villains all across the mystical world. It will really revolve around the "Hero's Banquet Hall" and there will be events that pop up from time to time where your character will have to go out as a part of a large group and defeat those who stand against the heroes.

    If you plan to join of course, you'll be making a character sheet for a Hero. That isn't to say there will not be villains. In fact, prior to the first event, I will contact those who might be interested in creating a villain in order to attain help.

    Of course, there will be supernatural powers. However, let it be known that the power that goes with the legend you choose has to relate to the legend. This will most definitely have a large amount of both PVP and PVE combat, so if your not into all of that, this probably won't be your cup of tea.

    Other then that, there isn't much to say for now. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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  2. *me slidesin*

    Did someone call my name? *rubs hands together*
  3. Indeed I did Clyde. So how about it, are you interested?
  4. Sure why the fuck not.
  5. Well I literally just signed up for two others today... But hey what the heck, sounds fun!

    Hey do you want somebody to be the NATO liaison?
  6. Intriguing. Since the forms are reincarnated, do the characters have to be exactly the same as the legends?
  7. Conman knew our weakness
  8. I guess the question goes, will we be able to make our own legends or do we have to take directly from history?
  9. @Ramboing

    I plan on their being a hero who is a go between for the two factions.

    @SoleStride @Clyde

    To answer your questions solestride, no, they can be different. To answer your question Clyde, they can inf fact be made up legends, though it's obviously going to be easier to research and create a character based off an already existing one. Also, Hero does not strictly relate to the past either. They could be a myth and legend in the future and be brought back as well. They could also be a modern day hero who is placed upon the battlefield. The options are limitless

    So I take it you three are interested then?
  10. Absofuckinglutely I am
  11. Totally. Sounds awesome!
  12. Sounds interesting. Update me when the sign-up link is up.
  13. You can count on me.
  14. Hmm...I'm in.

    I'll have the OOC sign up thread along with the character sheet up today.
  16. Can I use beings that are gods, such as Huanglong, Cronus or Susanoo?
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