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  1. Abraxas smiled "curiosity doesn't hurt but you may not like the answer." He flipped one of his small knives between his fingers in thought as three orcs came in. Not threatening but simply for a drink, watching them go to the bar he took the last drink his tankard had. "Now I'm more impressed about the bears, no supernatural creatures eh?"
  2. "True," she replied. She was about to continue until the orcs came in. She sat frozen, a strange mixture of emotions. On one hand,.she wanted to hide away and cry. The other wanted to fight. But, she knew better. And for now, they weren't threatening anyone. Returning her attention to Abraxas, she shook her head. "And no, nothing supernatural. Unless you count them," she answered, nodding her head towards the orcs.
  3. Chuckling slightly he reached for his hood. "They are just as normal as humans my dear, it was very brave of you to fend off orcs with your brother though." Pulling his hood down he looked up at her meeting her eyes for the first time, his eyes glowed green emitting an actual light and the iris moved as if it were made of plasma and what would be the whites of his eyes were black instead. "You have very interesting eyes lily, they say a lot about you." The tavern maiden brought there food and she was startled by his eyes but remained normal. "You have our thanks." After she walked away he turned back letting his fingers trace the scars around his mouth. "There is no need to stand on ceremony let's dig in."
  4. "Hardly brave, I was just doing what anyone else would do to protect their home and loved ones." When they met eyes, she held her breath, slightly startled, but also intrigued. She had never seen such eyes. When she caught herself staring, she shook her head, looking down at the plate of food. "Thank you,ma'am, " she said with a smile to the woman. After a few bites, she sat back in her chair a little. "So... what do my eyes say about me? "
  5. "That is bravery just in a different form dear." He looked at the meat and sniffed it then grabs her wrist in an instant. "I wouldn't eat that if I were you." Looking around the tavern he pondered who poisoned the food until he heard the orcs chatter become more enraged when he didn't eat the slab. Letting go of her wrists he smiled and whispered "I'll get these ones." With that he put his palms on the table and the area around his hands illuminated purple and his eyes slowly changed to the same. The orcs began to stomp over until two skeletal dragon hands grabbed the two soldiers on the commanders sides, Abraxas turned swiftly throwing a knife into the last mans blade hand. Grabbing the orcs he slammed him against the counter demanding to know who gave his location out.
  6. About to dig in,she was stopped. Looking at his hands around her wrists, then up to him, she gave a curious look until it hit her. She looked around the room, not seeing anyone threatening.
    Until the orcs got angry at their refusal to eat. She smirked, her hand snaking down her leg for the dagger tucked away in her boot. But stopped when he said he would take care of it. She watched, momentarily mesmerized by the power emanating from him, the glow of his hands and eyes. She sat, frozen. Scared and intrigued. When the fighting was done, which seemed like forever, she shook her head, and looked to where he now stood, demanding answers.
    "What.... what do you mean? " she questioned, puzzled. Were people after him? What did she get involved in.
  7. The orcs screamed at his back being bent over the counter as he tried to fight back but to no avail. "Think carefully commander, you tell me what the answer and your men walk away from this with no issue at all." He sat thinking until he finally sighed saying "look no one is after you its just random chance we are trying to crackdown on the pathetic thieves guild here." Grunting in pain as Abraxas tightened his grip, Abraxas turned to lily. "What do you think? Should I let them go or shall they die right here?"
  8. Thieves Guild? She asked herself, furrowing her brows in thought. She listened, not entirely sure if it really was random chance, or someone was out for either of them.
    When the decision came to let them live or die, she bit her lip. While they were evil, and should be killed, she knew this was not the place for it. Leaning close to the orcs, she smiled a sweet malicious smile. "You get to live another day, but I know your faces. Do not expect any mercy if we meet again. Because next time, you will be dead." Stepping back, she gently placed her hand on Abraxas' shoulder. "Come, this is hardly the place for slaughtering. "
  9. Letting him go by throwing him to the floor. "By your command." Turning around nodding to lily he begin to walk to the exit when he snapped his fingers making the dragon hands go back into the ground. "Let's depart my friend." He paused and spoke loudly "as for all your trouble my friends have a round of drinks on me!" Once the cheers subsided he left and waited for lily outside.
  10. She watched as he threw him to the ground, glaring down at him. As he moved towards her, she shook her head, patting one of the many knives and daggers at her waist. She waited for the cheers to die down before following Abraxas back outside.
    Catching up, she fell in step next to him. "So..... what is the Thieves Guild? "
  11. "It is 11 men and women that flatter themselves by saying they are a guild. They are nothing more than rookies and aspire to be the master thief its pitiful." He stopped and looked at her. "I do apologize for your missed Meal lily it was not necessary for that to happen to you."
  12. She snorted, rolling her eyes. "Well, can certainly see why people want them gone. Sounds like they're more of a nuisance." She placed a hand on his back, patting. "And don't worry about the meal, it's not the first time it's happened, and I'm pretty sure it won't be the last. I'll just have you make it up to me," she teased, winking playfully,before shoving her hand back into her pockets, looking to the ground as she walked.
  13. It took him a second to notice what was said "I'm sure we will think of something." Walking with lily at her pace he asked "why look upon the ground?" Pulling his mask and hood back up looking around the road, it appeared to be much more calm with people shopping and kids playing in the flooded roads.
  14. She sighed, kicking at a rock. "I don't know, it's how I've been for awhile. Not much to see except death and destruction anymore." She lifted her head, looking at him. "Why does it matter? "
  15. He looked straight forward "one should always be looking forward, only looking back to make sure your enemies do not follow. It is how we move on, make something of our selves that our ancestors would be proud to call us one of them." He lightly rested his hand on her back. "Come on, I have something to show you."
  16. She nodded as she listened. She didn't know what she could do to make anyone proud. She didn't feel she had much to look forward to. But, she pulled her shoulders back, straightened her back and lifted her chin, looking ahead. Feeling his hand on her back, she felt a strange warmth, one of reassurance. She smiled faintly, following him. "Where are we going? "
  17. "Well dear lily we are going to get something for you to eat because tomorrow is a long day." They walked until the two arrived at the merchants place and he opened the door for her "name anything you would like to have and it will be yours I promise."
  18. "What's happening tomorrow?" She asked with curiosity. She assumed there'd be a lot to take care of, but what, she wasn't sure. Upon arrival at the merchants, she took a look around. She picked up some jerky, bread, cheese, a few pieces of fruits. "And don't say anything, I know I was allowed anything. But I don't need anything special." She smiled softly.
  19. Smiling under his mask "that is why I said take anything your heart desires lily." Walking and grabbing slabs of elk, apples, and spices he turned to her. "Let us adjourn to my room and I will explain everything to you I promise."
  20. She nodded, and while he collected his item, she managed to grab a few more bits of food, and what looked like to be some sort of candy. She wasn't sure, but it smelled sweet. She waited for Abraxas, and once he was done, she collected her things in her arms. "Well, lead the way. I am ready whenever you are." She grinned, shaking her head to get some of the crazy hair out of her face.

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