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  1. The year is 2014 and It has been nearly 1000 years since the death of Satan and God and the great war had ended. The Angels and Demons have left heaven and hell to seek out their chosen partners and their kin. The Angels have fought long and hard to preserve what is right and pure in this world and have fought even harder to preserve the blood lines of their partners. The Demons have fought just as hard but unlike the Angels as one could expect to destroy earth and to trap all of the mortal souls in the deepest and darkest pits of hell so they can torture them for as long as they wish however they wish to. Both sides have lost numbers greatly what were once many are now only five. Five Angels. Five humans. Ten Mortals. Throughout the years the three sides have been scattered across the globe and have nearly been forgotten. The last time even two Angels/Demons came together was almost a hundred years ago. But somehow the Angels and Demons have arrived back in the same country where the final battle of good versus evil will ensue.

    Micheal Hawke
    Micheal Hawke leader of the angels has served his blood line faithfully for the last two centuries. Never questioning. Never resting. He has always remained alert and ready to act at any time. His crystal was a bright blue to match the sky light golden sparkles spun and danced inside the crystal like the stars in the night sky. Micheal's most recent owner had just died protecting his little sister. Micheal felt extremely guilty for letting his owner get killed like that but he would not harm a human unless they were aligned with Natsu and the demons. The ones that had taken his sister had not been so he could not help him save her. Which ultimately led to his death. Now Micheal was the guardian of the younger sister that his partner had died to save. Emily Hunter a bright and independent young girl. He saw a lot of potential in her and knew that if given the right guidance she could be a great help to finally putting the Demons away for good and locking in peace for the Angels and the rest of humanity. They had only recently become partners however and he feared that she held a grudge or some hidden hatred towards him for letting her brother day. He however kept his concerns to himself only time would tell whether or not she would be willing to take the responsibility that her brother had handed down to her. Micheal would protect Emily at all costs as a last wish and promise to her older brother who had become a dear friend to the angel. Micheal was currently inside his crystal which had been left on the nightstand in Emily's room. He didn't know what the young girl was up to but he hoped she would return soon so they could talk a bit more about what the future would hold for her.

    Natsu Shigami
    Natsu Shigami..murderer, killer, soul destroyer, Demon. Leader of the Demons Natsu was cold and merciless he would destroy anyone that got in the way of his plans and who would try to harm the one human he had been able to stand who had been as blood thirsty and deadly as he was had been Kimi Reid. The girl had interested him greatly. She was ruthless and nonhesitant. Probably the only human he could actually stand to some degree unlike the others. The ones before her always questioned him, questioned his goals, hesitated when it came to the kill. Not Kimi. In fact she had been so faithful in his power and her servitude towards him that he had turned her into a demon and promised her the throne as his demonic queen. After turning her she had taken the name Kysindra and her personality had been somewhat altered along with her appearance. She continued to serve him faithfully however she was extremely prone to emotional outbursts now as she still struggled to get her emotions under control. This he hoped wouldn't prove to be a problem in the future. He had only recently turned her and they were still in the mansion she had owned as a human. Since she was no longer a human there were certain tasks she could no longer do for him and he needed to find someone new to do those tasks for him and she would need to do the same. Natsu needed to bolster his numbers and strengthen his forces if he was ever going to finally take over the world and destroy Micheal and his blasted angel followers. He paced around the room in thought before he finally shook his head and sent a mental message to his Kysindra "Kysindra..come to me we need to talk about something very important"
  2. Emily Hunter
    Emily stepped outside the house to get some fresh air and tipped her head up to look at the sky. It was clear with a few clouds here and there. She sighed heavily and sat down on the porch steps. It hadn't been long since her brother's death and she was still getting over it. Emily and her brother had been close and when he died, a part of Emily died along with him. But, she had to be strong. Emily heard the door close and turned to see her mom leaning on the closed door. She opened her mouth to say something but must have felt to bad for Emily to do so, so she closed it at just stared at the porch boards. Emily looked down at the boards and nodded once before she stood up and went inside. "Emily." Her mom said and reached a hand out bit Emily dodged it. "I'm fine." She lied and ran up the stairs. She fled into her room and closed the door only to slid down it and hug her knees younger chest. "Micheal, why didn't you help him. That was your soul purpose wasn't it? So why did you let him die?" She asked the blue crystal. Her eyes showed hate and her voice no anger. Just pain.
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  3. Micheal
    Micheal stayed silent as she asked him why he had let her brother go. Her pain rang through their bond and echoed throughout his being and it pained him as well. Inside his crystal he simply brought his knees up to his chest and rested his forehead against his knees. He stayed silent for a long while before he sighed and spoke softly to her in her mind "Emily...your brother was a good man..and a dear friend to me..I would never have wished for what happened to him to have happened...and I am sorry for what happened..if I could change things I would but I do not have that power no one does.." He rubbed his eyes and shook his head before he continued "I wanted to help your brother..and believe me I would have but..I have taken a vow to never harm a matter how evil they are or how evil their intentions may be unless they are aligned with a demon..those men were not aligned with Natsu or any of his servants so I could do nothing to help your brother other then tell him where you were.." His voice was calm and collected however the hinted tone of sadness was clearly there. ​
  4. Max, Crimson

    Max stood within the confines of the lab that his parents and family had built throughout their lives. In doing so it had more instruments and devices that most labs across the country. Although it was specalized in Biology and Engineering. In the back sat a large machine with a larger rifle like object sitting next to it. It was somthing that he had spent the last three years working on since the death of his parents. To her it was the single greatest creation that he would use to exact a revenge that was brewing in his mind for most of his life. He hated society for its destruction of his family.

    With that in mind he walked over to a massive Tesla coil and jacked it into the machine before taking copper wire and strining it between the two. To the normal Electrical Engineer it would look like chaos and madness but the machine itself held only the power for three hours before dying. He had been up to this point unable to find the resources needed to power it indefinitely. Even uranium and nuclear energy would be sapped by the monstrosity of engineering. With it charged to its current completed he walked over and climbed inside of the machine. He didn't bother picking up the rifle as the energy required has been to vast as of yet.
  5. Rhapsody
    Rhapsody is the support of the angels and she is a devoted,trustworthy and an loyal angel. She never gives up in a fight as stubborn as she is she'll never take 'No' as an answer. She is dutiful and patriotic which would annoy her human companion for being hard-core to her beliefs. Nonetheless, she will protect her companion and to influence them the righteous path of divine. Her wings are massive and the longest in length then most Angels, which corresponds for her to ascend longer in flight since her position in battle is in the rear for support.Her crystal has a soft glow of a peaceful lilac color and when she is summoned, tiny petals floating about.
    And there she stayed, hidden with grieve in her crystal. When Jame's parents had died and her companion, Jame's father took his life breath, it seemed Rhapsody did too. She took the death harder then she ever had, and excluded herself from even the Angels. She couldn't save Jame's father and even though it was an illness that took his life, she felt like it was her fault all the same. Rhapsody used to spend just hours talking to Jame's father about the battle between God and Satan and how the demons and angels agreed to form contacts with mortals to help those in aid and restore balance somehow to this world. She explained as Jame's father wrote, the history of the Guardian Angels and the History of Rhapsody. She missed the long talks and conversations with Jame's father for he made her feel more connected to the mortals then ever before. Now she remained lost in her crystal trying to regain her hope and courage to look after James, knowing she had to find the strength to do so.
    @Lunita Nesta
    Kysindra had been once a human names Kimi Reed. Her human form was seductive to the pleasure of pleasing herself and Natsu. She always got what she wanted and never disobeyed Natsu yet only yearned to seek more from what Natsu devotion and security could give her. Which was the world in Kimi's eyes. She was ruthless and non-hesitant to gladly give up her soul to become a more powerful demon then a mere expandable mortal. So, thus imbued with Natsu power, transformed Kysindra.
    Kysindra wasn't aware that after the transformation she would become a slave to a human and would need to protect one as part of the contract. She thought she would rule beside Natsu and help him conquer Earth for their taking. She felt betrayed and conflicted about her emotions and how to proceed her next set of actions. She knew she had to form a contract with a new companion yet her emotions are unstable and she retaliates on acting out instead of thinking things though.
    She stayed in a hidden room, behind her wall of books that her and Natsu used to share together when she was a human. She was pissed off at Natsu for a long time but finally came to realized that she needed his help more than anything to get through this new life and she couldn't help but have the urge to help Natsu in any dying way deep down. She loves Natsu but she'd be damned if she would ever be betrayed again. When his voice enter her mind, it always sent shivers down her back as her demonic leather wings slowly spread out from her reason to his voice. She obeyed to his call as she walked over to the wall and swiped a claw like hand and using her element of Wind, the door automatically slid open and in front of her was her old office. Natsu looked as though he had alot on his mind as kept her eyes guarded as well as her heart as she kept her chin up as her long horns pointed back and her bright red eyes looked leery into Natsu's as her two-toned demonic voice answer," I'm here My Lord. What is that you wish to speak to me about?"

    Chandra Nalaar

    Chandra family name is known and Ancient. Her family was known for thievery and blackmail, throughout the underground and to the highest top personals. The Nalaar family ruled along with the Romans and supported them through their reign. Since then the family name as survived and also known for their demonic ways of taking possessions of anything they want. Whether its was fame or fortune they always seemed to 'find a way' to collect their rewards for 'helping' others. In the present time, The Nalaar family was dying and even though, her Aunts and Uncles and the rest of her family were scattered throughout the world, she remained to stay put and take over the 'family business' for the sake of the Nalaar family name.

    Chandra was sitting at a desk in a tall sky scraper wearing a black tight dress with red heels as her blonde hair remained curled down to her shoulders as awaited behind her desk.She was sophisticated and smart and she knew how to run the business well yet even times like these she even knew she needed help. Her phone rang as she pushed the speakerphone and the security on the other end spoke up, "Miss. Nalaar. The company owners are here to see you now. " Chandra smiled a wicked grin as she pushed a button with her black tipped gel nails and spoke up deadly sweet,"Let them in..."

    Only two older males walked in with black suits and red ties on as she smiled warmly to the two,for they even knew what her favorite color was when they wore ties. She didn't stand up to greet them as they two men looked bit anxious as there hands remained at their sides and the sectary closed the door behind them.
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  6. Natsu
    Natsu turned to look at his dear Kysindra and gave her a small smile. He knew that she was still upset with him over not explaining every little detail of her transformation. She would get over it though and he would still make her the queen that she deserved to be one day. He walked over to her and gently brushed his fingers across her cheek "my dearest Kysindra..I have a few matters that I wish to speak to you about" He stepped back and crossed over to the wall with a quick swipe of his claws he opened a portal to the demon world and reached inside and pulled out a small black and red box that was sealed shut with a skull shaped lock. He waved his hand and closed the portal and crossed to the desk. He opened the lock and flipped open the box to pull out an armband.
    armband (open)
    [​IMG] instead it's black and has a blood red stone
    He turns to her and holds it out to her "this armband..I give to you to symbolize my unholy devotion to you and as a promise to make you my future queen think of it engagement gift" He smiled at her coyly. He set the armband back down in the box for her to take if she chose to and then crossed to the window "the next matter is of..somewhat more importance..and I want you to listen to me calmly without losing control of your emotions" He turned to her and put his hands behind his back "I understand you are happy with me for turning you into a demon. I also know however you do not wish to be bound to a human since you are to be the future queen. Which I understand but you need to understand as well that without the humans we cannot win this war..we do not have access to human civilization without destroying everything in sight which is why I needed you as a human so you could do tasks that I could not do. it will only be a temporary thing but I need you to go out and find a human to make a contract with..offer them your power so we may use them as another pawn in our game to eventually destroy the angels..and while it pains me to say this I need to do the same. Since you are no longer human you cannot control the empire we built together I need someone else to stand in your place so I can issue my will and power through them." He crosses to her and stares into her eyes "I do not wish to betray your trust in me nor your love. Which is why I am giving you the armband once you put it on it will signify that you will be my future queen no matter what happens. I will not lie though if another female wished to challenge you for the right they have the ability to do so but I would not worry about that you could easily crush any opposition to your claim. will you do as I ask Kysindra?"
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  7. Grace was looking for a partner like Michael told her to when she was old enough to be left alone. She needed to find a human who she found worthy, but it was difficult to choose between all the good people out there. At the moment Grace was in a city park where she was playing with the animals and children. Grace learned a trick so adults couldn't see her, it only worked for short periods of time.

    "Wow! I love your wings."
    "Thanks, I like my wings too."
    "Can you fall? That would be so cool!"
    "Thats how I got here."

    "You want to play with us?"
    "I wish I could, but I to get back to looking for my partner. I'll come back to play some other time." Grace waved good bye to the children and took flight. Time to go back to looking.
  8. [fieldset=Emily, sky blue][/fieldset]
    Emily, sky blue
    Emily listened to him, anger rising in her chest. Not at him though. It was aimed to the man that had killed her brother. She closed her eyes tightly to force her anger down but it didn't work. When she opened her eyes it was as if flames feeding on of anger and hate were rising higher and higher inside. "But you could have at least helped him deal with them and you didn't even do that?!" She yelled, tears about to slid down her cheeks. She squeezed the crystal tighter in her hands. Emily stood up and threw the crystal on her bed and turned around abruptly. She wiped the tears away and calmed herself. "I blame you for my brothers death. Until you prove you can protect me, I will never trust you." She told him before she left to go take a long and relaxing bath. She needed time to calm down and think. She needed to think about many things. Emily closed her bedroom door and leaned against it for a short bit before she walked into the bathroom and shut the door.
  9. Micheal
    Micheal winced slightly as she threw the crystal onto the bed it shook him around on the inside and caused him to hit his head on the outer part of the crystal. He couldn't blame her for her anger or her distrust of him. He only hoped that he would be able to gain some degree of it so she didn't end up hurt. His voice softly echoed in her head as he spoke one last thing to her "Emily..I know you don't believe me or trust me but I swear to you..I will protect you I won't let what happened to your brother happen to you or anyone you care about.." With that the crystal gave a soft glow and he appeared in her room. He looked around slowly before he stepped outside and climbed up onto the roof. He hadn't heard from Grace in a while and it concerned him a bit. He looked at her as a daughter since he had created her. She had been the first Angel he had ever created and he hoped to create more soon to rebuild their ranks however he wouldn't do so until the demons were gone. He wouldn't risk another war like the one that had taken God from them. He closed his eyes for a moment and then opened them again his eyes glowing a pale blue as his consciousness spread out to find Grace's. Once his touched hers he gave a soft smile and called out to her "'s Micheal if you have a moment come to my location I would like to speak with you..see how you are doing so far"
  10. Grace was flying by some clouds when she heard Micheal's voice in her head. He wanted to see her? "Yeppy!" Grace closed her eyes and try to find Micheal like he show her when they parted ways. Once she located him, she started toward there. When Grace saw Micheal on the roof of a house, she got so excited that she lost control of her wings and crashed into Micheal. Grace sat up and helped Micheal back up to his feet.

    "Sorry about that! I just got super excited, since I haven't seen you in such a long time and I really missed you too." Grace talked with a bubbly kind of voice.

    "Micheal do I get to stay for a while? I like your partner, he's so cool and always has sweets for me. And and and- wait, I should slow down like you said before." Grace would have rambled on and on but she knew it was rude to not let Micheal get a word in.
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  11. Micheal
    Micheal fell hard when she crashed into him with a loud "OOF!!" He then laughed and stood up with her help. That was Grace for you always excited and rambling never sitting still and staying calm for long. He gave her a soft pat on the head and sat down "Its alright Grace no need to apologize I just wanted to see how you were doing out on your own. I know its been a while and I wanted to make sure you were ok." When she mentioned his old human he got quiet and looked to the side for a moment. It wasn't her fault that she brought him up since she didn't know about what happened. He gave a soft sigh and then looked back at her "your welcome to partner..he..he died...I'm now partners with his younger sister so it's up to her if you can stay for a while or not..although I don't know if she's super keen on having more then one angel staying at her place she's rather..upset with me over what happened with her brother"
  12. James

    James fell asleep at his father's desk. He began to dream of how his father gave him a crystal, telling him of the power that it held. He cried as he took the lilac colored crystal. He watched as his father died, then his father began to fade away. James tried to reach him, tried to keep him from fading but he was gone. He woke with a start, confused momentarily as to where he was. He looked down at the opened book in front of him. "Rhapsody" He said her name gently as he looked at the crystal now. He held it up, not sure how any of this worked. He shook the crystal lightly. "Why?" He was not exactly speaking to her. He didn't even know if she could hear him. He felt so alone right now. He put his hands through his hair, letting a big sigh out. He leaned back, trying to wake up a bit more so he could focus on reading.

    His uncle came to the office, "James, go to bed, it's late." James nodded as he closed the book. He brought it with him to his room. He set it on his bedside table. He lay on his bed, looking at the ceiling. He didn't move, and couldn't sleep. He felt like he should do something, say something but didn't know what. So, he only stated, "If you can hear me, can you let me know somehow?" It really felt strange, talking to air. "Am I going crazy?"
  13. Kysindra
    Kysindra heart throbbed to Natsu touch as her head obeying, tilted toward his hand as he brushed her cheek with his fingers. When he stepped back she sighed, as her stomach was filled with nervous butterflies as she crossed her arms protectively and swayed a hip to her right side. Kysindra remained silent until he explained himself further. An eyebrow quirked up when Natsu opened a demon portal and took out a skull locket box as she watched him with caution eyes.

    Kysindra looked questionable at first, when Natsu held the armband out. Her eyes widen as her lips parted in surprise when he spoke of the armband being his symbol of devotion. Her dark black heart jolted into life, as a fire sparked and ignited inside her with love. She slowly uncrossed her arms as her anger disappeared and replaced with atonement. His smile melted her and it felt like she was weak in the knees for Natsu, as she couldn’t help but give him a mischievously old Kimi smile. She took a step toward him but stopped. She wanted to rush over to him to embrace him yet but she held her ground as she watched him walk to the window and continued his speech.

    Kysindra nodded once at Natsu, to imply that she understood and to listen without lashing out as she obediently straighten her back as her hands remained on her sides. Her full attention was locked on Natsu eyes as she would linger on every word he would speak to her. She gave him short nods throughout the conversation that she acknowledge and understood about the ‘Contract’ until his last sentence. She uncontrollably gave him a repulsive look as her eyes narrowed and now it was time for her to speak. At first her two-toned voice was deep and deadly from the reaction, “NO ONE, will stand in my way of being your Queen. I’ll do MORE than just ‘crush’ them…” She had many vile thoughts that rushed through her mind. She pushed down her sudden anger down and walked abit around the desk as her wings stretched out and she tilted her head side to side to crack it as she eyed the skull locket box.

    Calming down as the words of Natsu echoed back into her heart, as she couldn’t help but give herself to Natsu. She stopped in front of the table, facing Natsu and looked at the armband smiling once more. A happiness filled her heart with joy as she admired the love and deep devotion Natsu promised. She picked the armband up and placed it on her right arm. With a satisfied grin, her proud high voice was passionate and true as she replied, “I shall obey your every word Natsu. I accept your engagement gift and will be known as your future Queen, Natsu. “ Kysindra slowly approached Natsu and daringly she raised a long black nail to his eyes and lightly trailed down his jaw line and cupped his chin as her bright red eyes sparkled with love as she whispered, “I will find a human to make an contract without hesitation, My Lord..and then after we can pick up where we left off…”She pushed herself into Natsu, and push her body up against his on the window, and kissed him sweetly with fiery passion.


    Rhapsody was in a slumber yet a restless one at that, in her crystal. She could feel James distressed and she bolted awake as she felt James was in danger. This is enough Rhap...despair and being alone isn’t going to bring his father back. James needs me… She spoke softly to herself as she slowly overcame the acceptance of grief and realized that James soul needs saving and needs her now more importantly than ever. When she heard the whisper of her name, her eyes widen. It’s time... She listen to what he asked as she closed her eyes and felt his confusion begin to consume him. Its my duty as an Angel to protect him…I hope he forgives me… She couldn’t help the tears that begun to shed as the crystal pulsed it’s lilac color. Soon James room begun to fill with a soft white light and soon dissipated from his room when Rhapsody appeared in front of James bed.

    Pink and purple flower petals danced around Rhapsody, as she stood 5’0 with welcoming arms that were held out with palms opened, as her light purple eyes were looking up into the heavens. Her magnificent white feathered wings were slightly spread out from one wall to the other in his room. Her white silver hair flowed straight down to her ankles as it covered her back. She wore a purple necklace, gold armbands with transparent lilac sleeves,matching colored skirt with a pink jeweled belly belt and her chest is wrapped in a white grab held up by gold bands. She looked down to James and gently almost a whisper responded, “You are not going crazy James..I’m so sorry it took me this long to make myself appear to you. I am Rhapsody. Your Guardian Angel…”
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  14. Natsu
    Natsu watched Kysindra carefully throughout his entire speech. He knew that one wrong word could send her into a terrible rage which was way he had chosen to present the armband first as a way to keep her anger in check with her feelings of love and devotion. He chuckled a bit when she spewed her threat of destroying anyone who tried to take her spot as his queen with the worst possible ways she could. He grinned a bit and nodded his head once "I have no doubt that you will Kysindra. That's something I've always loved about you" When she took the armband and put it on Natsu felt a small jump in his chest where his heart would be. Although he had no heart in him and if he had it was as black as midnight. He looked down at his Kysindra, his future queen with a small smile as she approached him. When she spoke of picking up where they had last left off he only grinned. He watched her claw slowly and carefully trail its way down his face to his chin. And then the moment he had been waiting for happened. When she kissed him he kissed her back with just as much fire and as passion as he could handle. Almost literally his lips were slightly warmer then they normally would since he had used some of his inner heat to make the kiss a little more...potent. When she pressed up against him he gently wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer as she pushed him up against the wall. Now all that was left was for the two of them to find a human to match the evil in their hearts and their plans could come to fruitation.​
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  15. James

    He had almost given up on the whole idea of the crystal until it started to pulsate. He was confused when the room got enveloped in white. He got scared when he saw a beautiful angel standing near his bed. Instinctively covering himself with his blanket as if it would protect him. He began to feel silly as he blushed a bit. Her voice was so gentle. His mouth gaped open as if he were going to say something but he couldn't form the words. He just starred at her. He didn't realize how gorgeous the angel was. His dad never really spoke of her at all. He rubbed the back of his neck when his eyes widened, "I am either dead or dreaming, right? Please tell me I am only dreaming." James pinched himself. It hurt quite a bit. "Alright, that was silly of me." He kept looking into her purple eyes, he wasn't trying to be rude or anything, he was just in awe.

    "So, everything in my dad's book is real? The war, the sacrifice? Everything?"
  16. |Jyar and Alojz|@Poetic Justice @Andy
    A cloud of black smoke would emerge in the demon household of Natsu, out of this cloud Jyar and Alojz would emerge. Alojz's scythe dripped with blood showing that he had recently stolen souls, Jyar simply floated criss-cross in the air flashing his sharp pearly whites at Kysindra. "So this is our master's taste Alojz? I think he could do better, but who am I to speak?" Jyar chuckled to himself the thought of falling in love with the human was definitely interesting, but passing this little rumor on below the surface would thrill him even more. "You should show more respect brother." Alojz as usual stood straight and tall facing Natsu. "My brother has come to chat, I've come along because he's requested I keep him company." Jyar turned upside down staring into his brother's eyes. "Throw me under a bus why don't ya." "That would be pointless as you would destroy it if I did." Jyar flicked his brother's head. "I've come in response to my brother's complaint about a human queen? What the hell are you doing Natsu, a human? Our queen, honestly I could care less myself. I can't say the same underside though. But, my question is what attracted the prince of the demons to a human?" Jyar flipped back up and levitated as if he were leaning on something, giving a hearty laugh.
    |Jack|@C r o m i c a l♥
    "Ungh~ I wanna stop! It hurts!" "Quit your whining Satyr were almost done!" "But, it's so far!" "Run Satyr!" Satyr began running faster to the finish line pulling his 200+ pound coach behind him on a truck tire. The workout that day had been strenuous and it was killing Jack. He was ranked fifth on his team's roster, but he didn't mind because to him his style was harder. Jack reached the finish line and removed the harness quickly and sprinted to the ropes where he continued his workout with a 20 minute jump rope session. His crystal sat in his gym bag in the men's locker room.
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  17. 'He's dead?' Grace's face fell and her wing dropped at this information. She really liked the boy and knowing she'll never again cause her pain.

    "I'm sorry Micheal, I didn't know. Why would she be mad at you? You and your partner were great friends, it would make sense that she would like you too. Can I meet her? I hope we'll be friends too! Oh, maybe she can help me find a partner!" Grace was so happy, and her wings fluttered happily.
  18. Kysindra
    Kysindra head rushed with fieriness as Natsu kiss brought the heat, as it rushed throughout her demonic transformed body and she lusted for Natsu in any possible way. She hungered like a succubus to gain Natsu praise and glory as she felt exhilarated from his kiss. She raised a leg to wrap it around him as she pulled back to grin wickedly at him and then a black cloud of smoke appeared.
    Kysindra felt the presents of two Demons before they emerged and her eyes narrowed at Natsu in warning as she turned around to see Jyar and Alojz, mocking her. She remained in front of Natsu, to protect him, as she hissed at the two and crouched a bit as she stood in a fighting position.

    She held out her long black claw like nails out and her dragon like wings flicked out and a gust of wind hurled out at the elevated Jyar, knocking him into the wall breaking it. Her deep deadly two-toned voice, boomed out,"None of you fucking business. Who the hell are you and what do you want with Lord Natsu?" Kysindra wings lowered as the talons on top reached out to claw the two in a threaten manner, as her body swayed side to side waiting for an counter attack. "If you have nothing else better to do other then to see who Lord Natsu "sleeps" with and claims to be his Queen, I'm sure Lord Natsu has more important matter's to take care of..."She smirked evilly as she meant herself.

    Rhapsody watched the young boys reactions as she lowered her arms and her wings into a more sudden position. She kept her distance at first, as her hands were cupped in front of her in an innocent manner as she looked down to the ground more in a shameful manner. Her soft white skin glowed into moonlight in the room as she stood very still not to frighten James. Her voice remained soft and remained true,"Yes,everything is true that your father wrote. We used to talk about the war all the time as we trained together...I am real James.."She lifted her head and stared deeply into his eyes as sadness took her over. "I'm so sorry I couldn't save your father..Please.forgive me...There was nothing I could've done..I tryed...I did..." She fell to her knees as a single pure tear fell from her watery purple eyes. Her small soft hands reached out to hold his securely.
  19. Micheal
    He sighs a bit and rubs the back of his head. Grace was a really sweet girl yet she still didn't quiet understand human emotions yet. "She's..upset with me because she blames me for her brothers a way it is my fault since I didn't do anything to help..but I couldn't help him since there was no sign of demons being involved.." He sighs again "she might be your friend and she might help you find a partner and she might not..I think we should wait for her to calm down a bit from her brothers death before I introduce you to her"

    Natsu continued to kiss her and held her close as he possibly could. He then sensed the presence of two of his most faithful followers. Jyar and Alojz approaching and pulled back slightly to look up at them. He had opened his mouth to speak to them but they immediately started bantering over something but when Kysindra came up that annoyed Natsu greatly. He was about to say something but Kysindra beat him to the punch. He grinned a bit and gave Kysindra a playful smack on the butt before he whispered in her ear. "go easy on them..they are two of my most faithful demons Jyar and Alojz they're brothers and they're..a little set in their ways" He kissed her neck softly and then crossed the room to the two brothers his eyes glowing softly with rage and at the same time amusement. He liked the brothers they served him well and they did so willingly and without hesitation if there were any demons more loyal to his cause besides Kysindra it would be the two of them. "Alojz..Jyar..I'm only going to say this once do not! I repeat NOT! ever question me or my motives Kysindra has proven herself a demon through and through even if she started as a human and I have awarded her as such. If you have a problem with her becoming your queen I have no problem with taking your complaints..the complain box however is in the deepest and darkest pit of hell I can find and if you so want I can throw the two of you in there! now hold your tongue and respect my decision! She will be my queen unless another female demon or human in our service challenges her for that right! Do I make myself clear!?"
  20. Kysindra
    Kysindra jumped when Natsu smacked her butt and gasped. She relaxed her fighting position as she obey Natsu orders and she gave him a devilish look and gives him a naughty wave of her finger and grins. She leaned her head back when he kissed her neck and ran a hand through his hair as he kissed her neck and gave the two brothers a sly grin of triumph. She watched Natsu walked away and she crossed her arms over her chest as she swayed a hip to one side to listen to his response. She growled in low mumble when Natsu mentioned anyone to challenge her, for she hated the thought.
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