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  1. The year is 2014 and It has been nearly 1000 years since the death of Satan and God and the great war had ended. The Angels and Demons have left heaven and hell to seek out their chosen partners and their kin. The Angels have fought long and hard to preserve what is right and pure in this world and have fought even harder to preserve the blood lines of their partners. The Demons have fought just as hard but unlike the Angels as one could expect to destroy earth and to trap all of the mortal souls in the deepest and darkest pits of hell so they can torture them for as long as they wish however they wish to. Both sides have lost numbers greatly what were once many are now only five. Five Angels. Five humans. Ten Mortals. Throughout the years the three sides have been scattered across the globe and have nearly been forgotten. The last time even two Angels/Demons came together was almost a hundred years ago. But somehow the Angels and Demons have arrived back in the same country where the final battle of good versus evil will ensue.

    Micheal Hawke
    Micheal Hawke leader of the angels has served his blood line faithfully for the last two centuries. Never questioning. Never resting. He has always remained alert and ready to act at any time. His crystal was a bright blue to match the sky light golden sparkles spun and danced inside the crystal like the stars in the night sky. Micheal's most recent owner Mary Strifer had decided to give up the fight and would now pass the crystal on to her daughter Isabella on her eighteenth birthday which happened to be a year ago today. Upon receiving the crystal all of Mary's memories of Micheal and the Demons had been erased and he ceased to exist to her. His crystal lay on her nightstand where she had left it as he waited for the girl to return from whatever it was she was doing. He assumed it was a shower or she was using it those were the only times she left him alone like this and that was fine by him he didn't want to intrude on her privacy in any way.
    Natsu Shigami
    Natsu Shigami..murderer, killer, soul destroyer, Demon. Leader of the Demons Natsu was cold and merciless he would destroy anyone that got in the way of his plans and who would try to harm the one human he could stand who was nearly as blood thirsty as he was. Kimi Reid. The girl interested him greatly. She was ruthless and nonhesitant. Probably the only human he could actually stand to some degree unlike the others. The ones before her always questioned him, questioned his goals, hesitated when it came to the kill. Not Kimi. She was the perfect human for him she would carve her mark in the world. She would carve it with the blood of their enemies this he knew. This is why he enjoyed having Kimi around. She was his instrument of death and he would use her against his enemies no matter what. The dark blood red crystal that he resided in had taken the form of an earring she never removed which only made it easier to whisper words of seduction and of power into her. His time was coming..soon he would rule the earth and soon all the humans would bow before him and the Angels would be history much like God and his old pathetic ruler Satan.
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  2. Aururum gazed out from where he was seated at Lily who was walking around in the party they were both at. He blended in well in his human form and seemed to be attracting more attention then he expected. It was a long time since he was at any 'Social Gathering' like this and felt at odds because of it. His appearance was Angelic and beautiful but also slightly older than Lily. He looked at some of the girls talking to him and laughed "Of Course.. Ladies... Please excuse me." He said and got up making them all sigh and wait patiently for him to return. He glanced back to see two of them wave at him and he smirked. He walked up to Lillian and smiled "I cant lie to you.. I feel odd right now. I was never around somthing like this before.. I like it." He said with a smile. He took a drink from the Red Solo cup he had in his right hand and shook his head "This is weak...." He said with a laugh.

    He then turned and gazed out across the group at the party. He didn't feel odd about the people within it but only at the sensation of being at such a gathering. The music playing made him want to dance for some odd reason and he felt himself being dragged into places he really didn't think of going before. "Not to bad... Its interesting and makes our old gatherings look.. stupid." he said before looking at her again. "Now.. If you excuse me! I have a promise to keep for some ladies. If you need me just.. you know what to do. I'm not going to baby you." He said to Lillian before walking the short distance back to the chair where he was sitting before.
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  3. Kimi Reid
    Kimi Reid paced back and forth in her mansion of a home as she waited for the delivery man’s message. Unconsciously she massaged her eyebrow earring that held a Ruby stone, the one her Aunt gave her. “I’m not a very patience woman Natsu, what am I supposed to do? If this shipment from across seas doesn’t make inspection once it hits land, this little Underground army of ours we’ve merciless formed, will cease to exist! I will not allow all my hard work to be destroyed!” Tilting her head sideways, craving for destruction as her teeth started to grind, she kicked the garbage bin across the room. She could feel the rage built up in as she wanted to use Natsu fire ability, as her skin felt the burn too. “We need this artillery so we can take another step forward in over run this city.” The desire of taking control of her life with his help, fulfilled her needs in more ways than one.

    “Kimi Reid is one hell of a woman. Take one look in her crimson golden eyes and you’re locked in her trance. I’m not kidding. When you’re in her presents my skin itches all over like I’m on fire and I wouldn’t double cross her. Guys that have, always end up dead from some explosion or burnt to death. “ A huge bald 6’2 body builder man shivered involuntary, as he opened Aaron door of Kimi's black limo to drop him off at her mansion. Aaron got out of the limo looking around the front yard, feeling paranoid that flames might ignite, just by them talking about her. "Well Brad, I have no choice. Someone is plotting against her and I have no idea who. She's not going to like what I have to say..." Brad closes the door and crossed his huge arms on his chest and shrugged. “Well kid, It's a rough business to be in, but I'd rather be on the winning side though so here I am. You better get on with it. I wouldn’t keep her waiting, she doesn’t like that very much. Trust me, I learned from others mistake. “
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  4. Natsu Shigami

    Natsu chuckled softly in his sweet Kimi's head as he spoke to her she could almost feel like she was standing in front of her. The power of the crystal allowing him to affect her senses to make it feel if he was touching her right now it felt like he was gently stroking her cheek as he whispered in her head "shh my sweet Kimi have i ever led you astray? Have I ever done anything but help you achieve your hearts every desire? How does the saying goes in your world? Don't shoot the messenger? All the pieces will come together soon and you and I shall rule this world together as is our destiny. Now be a good girl and calm down we have company about to arrive"
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  5. |Joseph Karrigan|
    Joseph was currently residing inside of his large home resting in his bed. His Angel's Jewel laying on the nightstand beside him as he slept away the day. He was a bit surprised when he had first learned that an Angel had been inside of the jewel his father carried around but managed to cope with it after a while, especially when she helped him as well during his therapy sessions. He had trained to use Rhapsody's, which he learned was her name, powers over the course of 6 years and he was glad he finished therapy 4 years ago and that he had a home after the orphanage kicked him out just a few weeks ago. He was slightly irritated he couldn't hold a job for a few days, though maybe that was his fault since he flirted and teased anyone nearby as well as barely doing any work. Suddenly Joseph awoke and looked at the clock that was located next to Rhapsody's crystal that she was currently residing in and looked at the clock, it was 11:30! He was late for work AGAIN! He didn't bother to care though as he sluggishly got up, revealing his night clothing to be just a pair of pajama pants and underwear underneath showing off his slightly toned body, as he changed his clothes in the most time consuming way he could think of before grabbing Rhapsody's crystal, put it around his neck, and proceeded to walk down stairs for 'breakfast' in which this case was lunch.
    |Vergot Nargoorth|
    Vergot watched as Michelle sketched away on a sketch pad she had gotten from somewhere he couldn't bother to remember as he looked over her shoulder at her current sketch and saying "Yes because putting a line there wouldn't make it anymore terrible..." in the most sarcastic tone he could as he continued to watch. This girl was a little weird compared to the elderly one that had given her his crystal. She was always shy when talking to others but was confident when it came to anything artistic so long as she didn't have to talk to anyone that wasn't him in order to do it. Then again he didn't really care what humans thought, though it went unsaid that he did care for Michelle more than he would for anyone, demon or human, else. In his mind she was an innocent girl that, to him, could kick ass so long as she didn't have to talk to her opponent. Which in turn made him respect her and treat her a little better than any other human or demon he had seen, known, or interacted with over the many years of his life. It was even better that she didn't care when someone told her to do something that she didn't care about and would completely ignore them and continue on with what she was doing, which he respected even more. All in all he could say with confidence, though he never would, that he liked this human more than the others.
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  6. Michelle Benoit
    Her legs were crossed under her, and a sketch pad was put on her lap. The brown hair with the slight curls was pulled up in a bun, though there was locks of hair on each side of her face. There was an expression on her face that many would have problems with explaining, but that those who knew her often knew what meant. The left left side of her bottom lip was being bitten on, an eyebrow was raised, and the other was pointing very much down. She was simply in her own element. Well, the demons and angels that apperantly followed along with some crystalls that existed. Like the one her grandmother had passed on before she passed away.
    the one who had been handed from the woman who had told Michelle of stories she barely believed as a child. Yet, in a way they had affected her. Something that could easily be seen on the drawings and arts she made.

    Like the sketch on her paper now. "You're just jealous, Verg. It's not my fault you can barely draw a stick man" Usually, she couldn't bother speaking to people. Not that she didn't want to. She just found no use in it, when all talking with people lead to her making a fool out of herself. Like her tongue not moving like she wanted, or her mind going blank and making her say something foolish. Unless she knew the one she was talking to extremly well. Like with Vergot. Him she could talk to without any issues, though in the beginning she had struggled even talking to him. there had been barely any eyecontact, and when she had tried talking to him at first, she had just sounded like a fool.
    brown eyes looked up from the paper, and a slight tilt of her head as she looked at him. "Can't you just go and like, imitate a person hanging from the celling?" She asked with a sweet and almost innocent voice, before she finished off the drawing. A man hanging from the fan of a room, his feet cut off and blood dripping to the floor where his feet were, and his his gut opened, intestines hanging half-way out. ​
  7. § Lillian Natalie Winters §
    ℘"It's Lily. Just Lily" ℘

    Lily was laughing at a joke her friend had made as they walked into the large and rather loud house. The bass of the music was vibrating in her ears as she smiled even more. "Now this is a party!" She said with a flip of her long brunette hair. The girls were happy and laughing as they made their way past the entrance and into the living room. No one was more happy than Lily herself, and that was because she was alone. Completely alone! For once in her life! No father or big brother or.. Guardian angel. The soft subtle glow of her crystal made her skin tingle as she thought of him. Her bloodlines protector, Aururum. Her guardian angle who protected her though thick and thin. Really he was her best friend, but it felt like he was always around, watching, like her babysitter. And in a way he was, his soul hung around her neck on a silver chain, enclosed in the crystal that graced her neck. But tonight she was alone with her friends. And Lily had every intention of enjoying her night of freedom. Or so she thought.

    Suddenly, when she turned around she caught a glimpse of the guardian angel himself, surrounded by many many MANY females. "Gross..." She thought to herself "If only they knew how old he really was" She said as her eyes narrowed in on the attractive looking man who looked to be in his young 20's. When his eyes flickered up to meet hers she gave him a smirk. It was then that he seemed to part the red sea, literally like an angel of God as he walked towards her. "Excuse me guys, I'll be right back." She told her friends as she walked over to meet him halfway. "Do you have to ruin everything?" She asked him with a slighty ticked tone to her voice. It wasn't that she didn't enjoy Aururum's company, but it felt like her was constantly babysitting her. When he spoke she gave him a look and replied "That's called an erection dimwit." She said with a chuckle as she reffered to the crowd of boy crazy urls that were gazing at them as they chatted. She smiled sweetly at him and rubbed his arm, just a bit of flirting to make the other girls jealous enough to look away. "Sometimes you really urk me you know that?" She said as she took the cup from his hand and downed it with a gulp.

    She rolled her eyes at his comment about his gatherings. "Do angels even party? I can't imagine God throwing a banger." She said with a smirk at him. The rather tall boy made her eyes have to look up to even address him, which also bugged her. When he told her he had to fulfill some promises to some girls she shivered. "Gross.. Aren't you a man of God or something?" She asked with a mock look of disgust as he walked away. "Whatever!" She yelled after him and set the empty cup down. Se returned to her group and smiled as they asked her who the "hottie" was. "Why does it matter? Let's dance!" She said as she grabbed her friends hands and pulled them to the dance floor where she began to grind and dance to the beat of the music. ​
  8. |Vergot Nargoorth|
    "Yes, like that's happening any time soon... I'll totally kill myself just because you asked..." Vergot replied in a sarcastic but amused tone, the rare times banter like this were his favorite times because her morbidity amused him since most humans normally didn't act or talk like that, and even though he wouldn't admit it, he did like her morbid drawings and paintings and often times told her in a sarcastic tone that angels would just love them as well. Mostly because he wanted to see if she would actually go find an angel and show them her morbid drawings, that would amuse him to no end. He got up and looked upwards before making long chains made of obsidian come out of his hands and impale themselves into the roof and proceeded to make a swing in her room. He sat in the seat of the now improvised and pitch black swing, which almost made him look like an oversized kindergartner with evil tendencies, as he swung back and forth. "Is this good enough oh great one?" he asked once more in an irritating and sarcastic tone as he stared her right in the eyes as he swung back and forth.
  9. Michelle Benoit

    She looked him straight back into the eyes, not having any issues with that. Some might be easily frightned by the demons, but she on the other hand prefered them. they weren't so huge on that everything had to be innocent and pure. No, especially those like Vergot she liked. They were fun enough to use as inspiration for the drawings. "Just put another chain around your neck and it would be perfect" she replied with a roll off her eyes, before she finished off the drawing. Just a little signature of hers in the corner, before she stood up, and fastened it to the wall, next to all the other drawings.
    you'd probaly kill yourself trying to eat my food though" she mussed, picking up a can of coke from the nighttable, looking at him. "After all, even i can get sick from eating that." She was a terrible chef, that much she would admit. She could draw, but cook? No. there she needed instructions. Something she didn't like.
  10. |Vergot Nargoorth|
    Vergot listened before taking off his gas mask showing the rest of his handsome face and replied, "Actually i'm pretty sure your food could kill anything if you put your mind to it..." as he studied her wall of paintings and sketches, which was currently his favorite location on earth as all of the sketches and paintings were mostly morbid, though a few of them weren't, and he thoroughly enjoyed all of them. "The only thing that possibly couldn't die from your food would be you..." He continued though he was reminded of that one time she had tried to make pancakes and somehow summoned a lesser fire demon that nearly set the house on fire if he hadn't killed it. The clean-up afterwards wasn't one of his favorite moments because he had gored the thing and she forced him to clean it up or she would use his own powers against him, and even though he would be able to get out of it easily she could also as easily make it extremely embarrassing and degrading and the rate at which she would be able to take pictures of it with her phone or a camera was faster than he would be able to get out of it...
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  11. Aururum laughed inwardly at her comments to him. He loved teasing her and for the time hes known her has grown closer than any of his past protectorates. He saw her go off dancing and looked at the girls around him. "Would any of you like to dance?" He asked and all of them at once began to plead with him. He looked at them all and sighed slightly. "Okay.. Well I cant take you all so..." He said before choosing one of them randomlly "You, come with me." He said and chose one of the girls with red hair. He lead her out to where everyone was dancing.

    Just to annoy her her began to dance with the girl with an amazing ability that would surprise even her. He may be old but his sense of style was definitely modernized. He may not be able to drive a car or use a phone.. but he could dance." He could hear the girls near Lily talking about him and he shot her a glance that was unmistakable for her to decipher. He was teasing her and there was no doubt about it. He took the red heads hand and began to laugh slightly "You dance pretty good." He said to her. She smiled "Im trying to keep up." She responded to him. He then let go of her hand. "I am going to get more to drink." She said then walked off. He nodded to her and stretched "You know.. This is really nice." He said mostly to himself.
  12. She huffed, sending the demon a quick glare before she tilted her head slightly back, the can against her lips, and then the liquid running down her throat. She lived mainly of fast food, or food that was just to add water to. Like ramen noodles. "Oh come on Vergo. My cakes aren't that bad!" Mainly because they were the half-done types, but at least she didn't summon demons while making those. Nor did she put the kitchen on fire.
    She walked past him, and opened her closet, looking for the paint. "Did you hide the paint?" She barely glanced over her shoulder at the demon, though she was busy looking for her paint. She had to finish painting the last wall in the hallway. Her grandmothers house was hers, and she got to paint the walls however she wished. Something which of course was artistic. Not all people handled murder as the first thing they saw though, so most of the walls were white, but some, like the hallway, was like a walk in the forest, with little faries dancing on the ground.
  13. |Vergot Nargoorth|
    "Yes because i Totally have a use for your paint... Did you check the last place you used it?" Vergot replied somewhat sarcastically but trying to be at the least a little helpful. He didn't want to seem like he actually liked the girl but if he could help her in any way than he would make an effort. Though he swore if anyone tried to hurt her or, lord Natsu forbid, actually did hurt her he would make sure that, that person died in the worst way possible, and use her paintings, sketches, and the occasional sculpture as references. Vergot sighed before talking again "I'll go check the basement, you go check where you last used it... Make sure not to talk to anyone along the way Ms. I-Can-Summon-Demons-By-Making-Pancakes..." he sarcastically droned out as he walked out of the room, dissipating the swing as he did, and started walking towards the door that lead to the basement.
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  14. So loud thought the demon boy as he listened to the thumping of music coming from a nearby house. Why did humans have to always be surrounded by such noise? Is there nothing wrong with enjoying silence? Drakken sighed in an annoyed fashion as he walked by the house. He could feel the presence of a holy being within there, but he was certain the angel was too distracted to notice him walk idly by. Drakken wore his usual human form attire, a dark denim jacket with a hoodie under it, the hood over his head to cast a slight shadow over his face, tufts of his hair coming out. He looked like any other human, aside from his dual colored eyes, one being a sapphire blue and the other a ruby red. He didnt get many silent moments anymore, not ever since meeting his new summoner, the one he was bonded to through the gem. Damn it all, he didnt even like humans... hell, he didnt like other demons. If he had his way, he would stay in the mountains, the lovely silence that the earthen formations could provide... so peaceful. He didnt see anything wrong with a demon who only wanted silence... angels seem to not realize that ever... so much noise...
  15. "At least there's always a hero around to save my kitchen when the demons visit" she called back when he left her room, and she kept looking for the paint. It was not in her closet, though her clothes for painting were there.
    So while he was out, she changed over to the jeans with paint splattered over, that had never left through washes, and a long sleeved shirt with the words 'hakuna matata' written on. She was a bit of a disney girl. She would admit that any day, though people had worried when she had asked why Mufasa's death had been so mild.
    After that she walked out into the hallway again, and to her grandmothers room. Or, what had been her grandmothers room. There she found at least the can of white paint, and a couple paintbrushes. "
    See if you find the green or yellow one down there!" Michelle called out from the room, before she dragged the can out into the hall, and put it on a newspaper. While others would party or get drunk to relax, she painted. No need t talk with people then.
  16. |Vergot Nargoorth|
    Vergot sighed again as he heard her reply before reaching the door, opening it, and heading downstairs to look for the demon summoning girls paint. As he reached down stairs he found 3 cans of paint 1 green, 1 yellow, and 1 purple, he made a small obsidian hand to bring the purple paint as he grabbed the other 2 and headed back upstairs before sending a telepathic message, since they were still connected even if he was outside the gem, saying 'I found green, yellow and purple, where do you want me to put them?" before he reached the top and started heading towards her room, if she didn't answer he would just leave them there. Though he did find it increasingly annoying that there was a party a few blocks down that constantly irritated him, especially since he could sense an angel there, but didn't bother since the angel didn't come to their home to start something or get near them, plus he was pretty sure the angel was sufficiently distracted enough not to sense them even when the party did end all he would have to do was go back into his gem and let his partners human presence mask his. He also sensed a demon nearby passing their house but didn't bother with them either.
  17. § Lillian Natalie Winters §
    ℘"It's Lily. Just Lily" ℘

    'That bastard..' She thought to herself as he started dancing with a red head near her and her friends. Lily turned her head away and focused on the music's melody, letting her hips sway in time with the beat. Shaking her head a her hair flung around her in loose curls. When she turned to look into the crowd her eyes once again landed on his and once they connected his eyes lit up and smirk crossed his face as the red headed girl he ad wrapped around her finger moved herself up and down to keep up with him. "Oh that's it!" She said with a evil glare to him. "WHAT?" One of her friends yelled. "Nothing.. I'll be back!" She said loudly as she watched the red head disappear and took her chance.

    She confidently walked up to Aururum and grabbed his hand. Placing it lower on her hips as she turned with her back to his chest. "You're really something else you know. It's pretty down right despicable. Demon like even." She said as she dance on her angel. "You know for an old man you sure can dance." She said with a smirk to him. Dancing along to the music she hardly noticed that the crystal around her neck had a stronger glow when in his presences. "You know that red head really sucked at dancing... If you're going to try and make me jealous you're gonna have to try harder than that" She said with a laugh as they teased each other. ​
  18. Aururum looked over after the red head walked away to see Lily glaring at him. He laughed inwardly and smirked. She came over to him and he couldn't help but laugh. That was when she took his hand and they began to dance with each other. She danced up against him he looked down at her "Really..? Am I? I could say the same for you Lily." He replied back while teasing her. They continued for a short while "No doubt I can dance.. I may be old for an angel but that doesn't mean I don't know how to have fun. I've seen so many things... and lily you are one of a kind." He said and smiled.

    Aururum put both hands on her hips before going down with her then picking her up with ease. He smiled from ear to ear "Well... compared to you.. she really couldn't.. now could she." He said before putting herd own and putting his hands back on her sides. He continued to dance with her while letting himself relax. "You are really something Lily.. You intrigue me to the point where I find myself pushing myself to do things I never thought of.. You have the strongest bond out of any person I have been bonded with." He said and gently squeezed her sides to tease her. "Who said Angels cant have fun? Or enjoy themselves? It isnt always demons that was considered the 'Bad' boys." Aururum said to her.
  19. Is that... lust? Thought Drakken as he could sense something closely resembling it from the house. The weird part was, it wasnt from the predicatble humans... it felt like it came from... the angel. Drakken couldnt help but let out a chuckle, he knew angels werent perfect, even though they acted like it. He figured that just this once... he may have a little fun... and make a little noise. Concentrating, the ground slowly began to shake, his eyes glowed with power as he concentrated his energy, lifting his foot and bringing it down hard onto the ground. With it, the ground violently shook in a sudden earthquake, causing the house to violently shake, no doubt scaring the ones inside. Though Drakken was an introvert, he sometimes couldnt help his demonic side when it wanted to come out. He simply saw this as a way to let it out of his system, and if he could kill an angel in the process, well why not?
  20. Isabella Strifer

    Isabella knew that as she grew older, birthdays began to be less of an ordeal and more of a ticking time line to worry about. She had stopped throwing personal parties for them when she turned twelve in favour of simply going out with a few close friends on that special day, the girl was turning fifteen when she went to her real house first party, and seventeen when she had her first drink which lead to the discovery she had high tolerance but no taste for alcohol. Pretty normal 'growing up stuff' in her opinion. Because of course, Isabella had a very normal life. No dramatic back story here, she had gotten over the fact that her life would be boring around the age of fourteen. Which was when most people realise their life isn't story book material, that once she grew up and unfortunately she would have to get a job as well as finish highschool.

    Well, mission accomplished. Isabella looked at herself in the bathroom mirror for the average time for her of twenty minutes, lost in thought while her fingers combed through the messy red hair she had yet to straiten. She had a job she just barely tolerated, decent grades and a shiny good for nothing piece of paper saying she had passed high school, and a guardian angel. Oh yeah. That one still took some getting used to, especially since she had been sheltered as a child. Really sheltered from everything Angel and Demon related her mother knew, had no idea that the pretty crystal around her mothers neck that got dropped a lot by clumsy hands actually held more then the eye would catch upon first site. Only last year on her eighteenth birthday did the odd gift -touching, but she didn't really wear jewellery- revel itself to what it really was. Or rather, what he really was.

    In all honesty, Isabella didn't mind Micheal. He was a great guy, easy to get along with, casual to talk to. They had grown close over the last year. He was a good friend. When he wasn't hawking down the back of her neck keeping the girl from a moment of privacy, or scolding her for doing something hazardous to her health, or coming out at random times when she just wanted to read or draw or do something alone. Sigh. She was quite independent really and knew it well, hell Isabella was proud of her stubborn 'I can do it myself, leave me alone' attitude especially since how babying her parents had tried to be. Isabellas troublesome independent teenager phase wasn't just a phase, it stuck for this one and really, she did like her alone time by herself or with a few close friends. Since her mother insisted she wear the damn thing and bring the mans heart inside with her every second of the day even when she slept, alone time really was hard to come by now adays. In the bathroom trying to tame her hair before going out while the charm sat on her beside table, it really was bliss for the girl.

    Of course, she had a party to go to so it couldn't last forever -only until she had dried and straitened her curled mess of a head of hair. She had taken to turning the messy curled locks into smooth thick sleek ones not too long ago and had gotten a lot of positive feedback from it, so of course going out to a party that's what Isabella did this morning as well. She was meeting some friends there, it was supposed to be a good one too... so why not right? It was her birthday, she was going to enjoy it even with the angel around her neck that was probably not going to want her to drink. Speaking of which, the girl walked out to her room wrapped in a towel to retrieve the pendant and side the thin chain around her neck where it landed low on her chest. It was a habit by now as soon as she got out of the shower. "Hey lucky you, I didn't drop you this time. Three days in a row I haven't dropped you, that's got to be some sort of a record right? Do you know what today is?" She hummed, pulling out a thin black skirt that would go well with her boots on this special day. To any one else it would seem she was talking to herself, but the girl could feel his warm presence against her skin and that was enough for her. "Of course you do, I've been reminding you for weeks now. Nineteen... Woo... Uck god I'm getting so old. Well, not as old as you at least. Anyway, we're going out to a party with some friends -actually I think I'm late. Well, I'm going. Don't suppose I can leave you here, do you?" Her tone was a step up from a joke, knowing his answer already before the angel even replied.
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