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  1. Hello everyone!

    So, I'm still at a pretty hectic stage in life, moving to another state where I'm having a house built... and doing most of the construction work to save money. And there's no internet up there yet, though hopefully there will be soon. At any rate, life is very busy, but I'm growing extremely bored due to a lack of roleplaying. [​IMG]

    As such, I want to run an RP! Perhaps not the most complex of RPs I've ever envisioned but still a solid and hopefully long-term one. Specifically, a magical girl RP. :3 Even more specifically, a gritty magical girl warrior RP, definitely a mature game, for violence and language. One with the potential for player character death, permanent injuries/dismemberment/debilitation and other bad endings, possibly with instances of PvP (as in, while not actively encouraged, attacking another PC is also not forbidden, and there may be times when doing so would be the most accurate/realistic way to play a scene).

    So my questions are, who would be interested in playing? And of those who are interested, what origin for your magical powers would you prefer: traditional mana-powered arcane magic, or sufficiently advanced quantum cyber-technology? I should mention that, for plot related reasons, it has to be one or the other, but cannot be some sort of combination of both. "Technology vs Magic" will be a major motif in this game, though to understand that I should really give a bit more info about the setting/plot.

    The game will take place '20 minutes in the future,' say mid 2020s or so. Significant advances in technology- and especially mind-machine interfaces- have made things like cybernetic limbs/augmentations and virtual/augmented reality fairly ubiquitous, albeit relatively mundane (as in, they don't grant crazy super powers to the average user, though naturally military applications are far more powerful).

    The basic plot outline is: the megacity that serves as the game's setting is under attack by a threat that is turning citizens into crazed killers practically immune to pain and very difficult to subdue. Chaos is spreading as paranoia builds and the infrastructure collapses, but as the fatalities mount a small group of young girls is approached by an extra-terrestrial/super-natural entity who reveals to them the true nature of the crisis and offers them astounding powers to combat the actual cause, as well as protect the innocent.

    So which would you prefer as your patron? A highly advanced sentient space ship projecting a holographic avatar of a human woman to communicate with your characters? Her magical girls would be more like mechagirls; their requisite magical girl transformation scene would involve mechanical armor beaming down from orbit to materialize around them, they'd fly using rocket boots or jet packs, fight with lasers and antimatter cannons and exotic missiles, that sort of thing.

    Or would you prefer a less technical, more mystical magical patron, perhaps some sort of ascended higher being with wondrous powers? She would be prevented from intervening directly of course, likely due to some higher dimensional law limiting her involvement, but could still empower and advise others to defend themselves/their people. Her magical girls would have a much greater emphasis on the 'magical' part, with cute outfits solidifying out of light around them for their transformation scene, they'd fight with magical elements, etc.

    So yeah, please let me know in the comments if you are interested AND which option you'd prefer. If there's enough interest I should be able to get this started when I get back home tomorrow (because typing on my phone sucks >.<).

    Oh, also, I should add that I would prefer quality writing, at least a solid paragraph if not a couple, preferably a post every other day if not faster, though I understand very well the nature of getting caught up in RL stuff. Just no sudden disappearances- at least have the decency to drop me a line if you have to quit. I'd like a heavy emphasis on combat and social interactions, with an element of investigation, and an overarching effort on the characters' part to get stronger, improving their chances in a fight as well as striving to better the situation in their city, with the aim of eventually making things right and restoring peace once more. Speaking of fighting, as this is intended to be a more gritty RP, fights will be visceral and violent- injuries are serious business and although your characters will of course have accelerated healing, there may/probably will be wounds from which there is no recovering, including character death. Plus there is a chance that you may have control of your character temporarily removed from you (by me, not another player) in a case of mind control or something. If any of these things sound unacceptable to you, consider yourself warned. It won't be arbitrary though- I intend to have a basic character creation mechanic with various attributes that I can use (along with a degree of randomness) to determine the results of a character's or enemy's actions.
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  2. I'm certainly interested in this. And would be for mecha musume magical girls all the way. Or at least magic and "sufficiently-advanced" technology being the same thing. I'm too much a fan of Nanoha and Symphogear to want it another way. Not that I'd complain no matter what we end up doing.

    I've certainly done gritty magical girls before, too. It's been a while, though. And, uh, I have been kind of...dead here lately, though more due to everything I was in dying than anything else.
  3. This sounds like a lot of fun, color me interested! I'm kinda down for either techno or magic (kinda slightly leaning towards magic), its not really a make or break deal with me though.
  4. Heya R9, I figured you might be interested, though I didn't want to be presumptuous! :3 And glad to hear it Ailucia- I'll probably go with technology theme considering R9 prefers it and seems to have a stronger predilection than you do. xD

    I'm working on the game mechanics now (in between loading up for another trip up north, likely heading out tomorrow >.<) but as soon as I'm done I'll get the thread posted. :D
  5. Just to let you two know, I am still working on this! I spent the last four days doing construction on the new house, which still does not have internet (though hopefully will by the next trip up... which will hopefully be the final one!). But the OOC is coming along nicely, I'm just trying to make sure all the mechanics are all balanced. I don't think I mentioned but there will definitely be a character creation and basic gameplay rules to the game. I've come up with something custom that I think works very well to provide for awesome over-the-top anime-inspired action while providing very real limitations and consequences and risks for doing so, all with a technical-magical girl theme!

    Very excited to get the OOC up, hopefully tomorrow or maybe Sunday depending on how long the formatting and all that takes~
  6. Thanks for the update. It sounds like it'll be a lot of fun, if a lot of work. I did enjoy messing with all the stats on your last RP, so I'll probably enjoy it again this time. It probably comes from playing a lot of TTRPGs. I just like shuffling stats around and figuring out how to make stuff that would be interesting to play.
  7. Aye aye captain. I'm not really used to stats along with my RPs, but it seems like something that could be lots of fun.
  8. I'm not sure if there's any dice or things involved (or, if there are, they may be hidden from us and just all rolled on Insomnant's side). But based on the last game, the stats were mostly for general comparison's sake, on various things. I'm not sure if the game really lasted long enough to get into details on how it would have worked.

    It may seem counter-intuitive, but working on a character within a framework of constraints is actually a lot of fun (at least in my opinion) because you get to think about how different things would interact, or how best to describe the character with what's available. Or, if you're not sure what to do, you've got a good jumping-off point just by looking at the options for something that catches your eye, and makes you go "I want my character to do that."
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  9. A mix of the two this time, actually! I'll be using the stats to do hidden dice rolls to determine the results of character actions for the quick stuff, like fighting mooks and whatnot... But for the big fights with the boss characters I think I'll actually have the players do rolls. The game won't be super random though... it's more about setting up advantages through teamwork or tactical thinking, before using high-risk, high-cost, high-payout attacks to do the serious damage. I've been watching some magical girl animes for inspiration and I think the system I'm coming up with does a good job of emulating the tone and pacing of battles.

    But yeah, for the most part stats are just to help you keep in mind what your character is capable of. I like to think I've gotten a bit better since Agents of Galactic Standstill (I'm a super nerd, I make roleplaying game systems for fun like when stuck on a 10 hour road trip going up North or back South between construction trips...). So this time it'll have a bit more interaction with the game than last time, but it still won't be overbearing.

    For instance, I wanted to make sure that characters have an array of abilities and are not boxed into any one role, so abilties take the form of Modules to be put into Module Slots in their bodies. There's a Slot for Feet, Legs, several for Torso, Head, and Arms. But just because you have a Module installed doesn't mean you can use it whenever: one of the things I really wanted to include was the idea of dividing up attention between different capabilities. So to that end, your Technomagical girls (I really need to come up with a better name...) have a central processing core that provides Processing- and Modules require Processing in order to function. At the start you might be able to apply Processing to all Modules (though probably not quite), but as you progress and upgrade them and unlock Addons or want to use Overcharging, those Modules require more Processing.

    Which would lead to iconic lines/scenarios like "100% Processing devoted to defense, hang in there!" or "Putting all Processing into this attack, take him down!"

    Which is dramatic story-telling, aaand a great limiting factor, because you simply cannot do everything, can't be perfect in all areas. Which also has the wonderful side effect of inspiring teamwork and roles as someone focuses on defense and attracts enemy attacks while someone else builds up offense and dishes out the damage, without completely limiting them to that role because they're only a Processing redistribution away from being able to perform another role, too! Pretty neat, huh? :D (if you're a nerd like me, anyway~)

    Modules cover a wide array of abilities, from travel skills to offensive/defensive support abilities to weapons to shields and armor... but the awesome thing is- they all use the same rules (aside from very minor exceptions or special rules)! Which makes it soooo easy to understand and use the system. The only thing that changes is what specifically a certain level of Output does for each Module. Which is where I'm at now, writing all that out. Which is time consuming but I'm working on it actively right now, hopefully I'll have it done by tonight or tomorrow!

    (I didn't really touch on it but there's also a Heat system which acts as another limiting factor, so you can't just pump out constant over-the-top finishing moves without risking serious harm, in case anyone was wondering)
  10. Well shoot, color me super interested now. I really really wanna make myself a character already!
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  11. I'm working on it. xD I have all of the Legs and Feet Modules done, 7 in total. But there are 19 more to go, plus Weapons which are Modules but will have some special rules.
  12. Well... I like stats ya know :P

    can i join?
  13. I'll keep my eye open for this one.
  14. No.


    I'm done with all the Modules, just working on the character creation rules in addition to packing up- apparently the schedule's been moved up, I might be driving up to the new house on Tuesday for the final time... Which means no internet again! Hopefully we'll get service set up at the new house before too long, because I can't even get 4G unless I walk down to the road with my phone. I aim to get the OOC thread posted today, though!
  15. Sounds awesome. I'm going to have fun playing around with characters once I can.
  16. Wait are you being serious?
  17. Indeed. It's nothing personal, but with my OCD I won't be able to parse your particular writing style.

    I went ahead and posted the OOC. It's not completely done but all the moving/loading of furniture and other heavy thingsā„¢ has left me quite tired, so I'm gonna pass out naow. But figured I'd let people read what's done so far... plus I don't trust my netbook/Iwaku to not delete everything and its editing. At any rate, rest assured that there is more to come, hopefully tomorrow!
  18. Well, you're sure giving me a few ideas with what you have given us so far. At least, I think they are ideas that are actually compliant with what you are asking for. A support oriented ranged user with high mobility sounds fun at least.
  19. oh ... well... ok ... T-T
  20. Okay... So...

    I moved in to the new house today. And on the way I called the ISPs who offer internet in town... And none of them provide service to my house. And I don't get cell signal there either. So... I don't... know what I'm going to do...

    It might be a while before I can run this.