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Bang Bang

Original poster

[dash]Content Warnings: Reference to Non-Con and other Dark Themes[/dash]

I'm Bang Bang, BB, or Jax (or: 'The Gremlin') - Whichever is easiest for you.
Outside of RPing, I'm known to ramble (a lot) OOC, make awful (really, really awful) jokes, and have 'too strong' feelings about characters.

I'm looking for someone:
✮ Who likes roleplaying 3+ Paragraphs per post, with anything upwards of that.
✮ Willing to put up with my rambling OOC.
✮ I only RP on the site!
✮ Up for some smut RP, but I love doing in depth plot bits and character development too!
✮ Who is flexible on character types - i.e. please no 'I only play Ukes' stuff. I tend to prefer 'positions' for smut working themselves out organically (though in some situations these might be more intuitive than others, e.g. Non-Con)
✮ That's it! Them's the extent of the rules.

Now, with all that out the way, onto the plots, pairings, and more! For the general bits, if any of them spark an idea, let me know. Otherwise, I'm flexible on all ideas, and always open to suggestions.

  • ✮ Genres: Scifi, Fantasy, Horror, Psychological, Dark, Realistic/Modern, Fairytale
    ✮ Fandoms (that I'll RP): A Court of Thorns and Roses
    ✮ Tropes: Partnered Together Unwillingly/To Their Despair, Love/Hate, Forced Together, Slept Together Drunk But Hate Each Other Sober, Alpha/Omega or ABO verse, Fake Married/Dating, Political Prisoner, Catching Someone in 'The Act', Hate Sex, Jealousy, Pining
    ✮ Kinks: BDSM, Humiliation, Exhibitionism, Voyuerism, Violent/Rough Sex, Blood Play, Choking, Asphyxiation, Orgasm Control, Control, Dub-Con, Non-Con, Incest, Unhealthy Relationships, Healthy BDSM, Aftercare, Gang Bangs, Threesomes, Poly Relationships, Waterboarding, Torture, Forced Feeding, Weight Gain, Food Play, Comfort Food, Face-Fucking, Sensory Deprivation
    ✮ The 'maybe' List: Watersports, Cross-Dressing,
    ✮ The Squick List: Furries/Beastiality, Knotting, Automatically Sissified Characters, Puppy Play

  • Key:
    * = Pre-made world-building available
    ❤ = Craving, the more, the more the craving
    ✮ Our Eyes Meet Looking At Him* ❤❤❤
    World details of this one can vary - the basic premise is two men are in love with the same man, but since he is straight-presenting and in a relationship, the two (who despise one another) end up taking out their sexual frustration on one another.
    More elaborate world-building available is:
    A was an assassin of the enemy, immortal, with rapid regenerative healing. A is then captured by B. Having been under abusive control/magical control by his original side, the capture and his attraction to B not only sways him to give information, but to choose to join B's cause.
    C, the best fighter and trainer of troops, has been in love with B for eons. Then along comes A, clearly infatuated with him too, and from the enemy no less. It's not long before A, a prodigy in fighting, takes over training too. The pair seem to loathe one another - then one night when they finally challenge one another to a fight, in private it turns into something rather other than just a fight.
    Suggested Kinks: Violent Sex, Blood Play, BDSM, Torture, Hate Sex

    ✮ Brother Save Me * ❤

    A and B are brothers, sons to a High Lord. A is the beloved, B the most hated. It comes as no surprise when B is exiled for sleeping with a man and thrown in the dungeons before expulsion. But B makes a suggestion to their father; Let him torture B into submission, to one day drag him before the courts and have him beg for forgiveness and repent. Their father agrees.
    What can follow can be a continuation of a consensual relationship, a new relationship, or Non-con. Other plot bunnies include A raping B publicly before the court (be it 'in scene rape' or actual non-con), having him installed in his rooms, discovery, etc.
    Suggested Kinks: Non-Con, Gang Bang, Violent Sex, Blood Play, BDSM, Torture, Hate Sex, Forced Feeding, Weight Gain, Exhibitionism, Humiliation

    ✮ Unsatisfied Desires* ❤

    Taken in by a man known as a tyrant and violent ruler, a mentally exhausted prisoner hopes to find destruction and death by his hands, only to discover his malicious evil is all an act, and he intends to keep him well cared for in return for his acting 'broken' to the public. Dissatisfied and craving further destruction, the prisoner cuts a deal: he'll comply, if the Lord agrees to fuck him and do so violently, to distract him from all he's endured and lost.
    Suggested Kinks: BDSM, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Face-Fucking, Forced Feeding

    ✮ A Stallion Must First be Broken* ❤❤

    A political prisoner is taken into a court, defiant to the last second. Its ruler and his inner circle decide to break him by fucking the daylights out of him. Lucky for him, he's probably into it.
    Suggested Kinks: BDSM, Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Face-Fucking, Gang Bang, Non-Con or Dub-Con, Violent Sex

    ✮ Both Fucked Up and Barely Breathing

    Two characters who know each other through a friend of a friend end up friends due to going to the same coffee shop, on a Veteran dealing with PTSD and depression, the other seemingly just a skinny twink. However, one day the Vet comes across him on a cam-show site, and against his better judgement, starts watching. Then paying. Then falling half in love with him, all without telling him in the real world he knows. His abusive boyfriend doesn't make things any easier.
    Suggested Kinks: Exhibitionism, Voyuerism, Fluff, Aftercare

    ✮ The Solstice Beckons* ❤

    Two kingdoms at war: Summer and Winter. A man once of Winter has turned traitor and gone to Summer, and now serves as bodyguard and protector to Summer's Prince.
    Suggested Kinks: More Plot Heavy, Can include any kinks tbh

Finally, if you're interested, drop me a comment and I'll shoot you a PM (or cut out the middleman and PM me yourself).
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If you have any plot ideas of your own, feel free to send them my way - always open to ideas.