Greatest movies that all kids should watch?

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  1. I forced my children to watch Princess Bride tonight. (Gasp! I'm such a horrible mother! At least you'd think I was from their reaction.)

    Anyway, I was thinking of all the movies that I watched as a kid, Labyrinth, The Neverending Story, Ghostbusters, the good stuff before kids movies turned to shit. I decided that I'm going to make a list for next year of all of the movies my kids should see while I'm still in control of their TV/Movie viewing, and I plan on watching one with them every Friday night starting next year when we move back up north with my husband.

    Anyone want to contribute to my list?
  2. The Iron Giant, I always loved that movie. Some of the scenes in that movie really hit me hard as a child.
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  3. The Dark Crystal. I believe I had worn out the VHS when I was a young kid.
  4. Rephrase cause my previous post was bitchy

    If like to disclaim that as a kid, I was limited to watch/read basically only stuff my mom had enjoyed as a kid, or thought was cool from newer stuff, and it sucked. If mom said it was dumb,or rolled her eyes at it, I knew there wasnt a shot in hell I'd get to try it. She basically decided what I liked, whether I actually liked it or not, and it sucked. So while I'm sure you already know, remember just because you think kids programming has turned to shit, that stuff is pretty subjective, your kids might really like some of that 'shit'!

    That said if you're looking for nostalgic family films...

    Any Disney/Pixar movie from 1989 to the present, Duck Tales the movie, An Extremely Goofy Movie, Cool Runnings, The Princess Diary, All of Harry Potter, Black Beauty, Milo and Otis, Homeward Bound, and Flipper
  5. Nah, I'm not like that, that's why I'm trying to get different people's opinions. Usually if they get up and leave the room and go into their rooms to watch something else, I don't get upset. I don't know, I just feel like the movies I watched as a kid were so much more entertaining than what they have now. I mean, don't get me wrong I love most Disney movies. Finding Nemo is still one of my all-time favorites, and I will happily sit through every single Shrek movie. My youngest daughter loved Labyrinth, which made me a bit enthusiastic about sharing some older stuff with them, but if they don't want to watch I'm not going to force them.

    Usually though they'll sit down and watch whatever I'm watching and eventually they form their own opinions on it. Like Labyrinth. I bought the DVD for myself and turned it on, and my daughter got interested in it as well. I definitely don't want to be the type of mom who's like 'You have to watch this because I did.' But more the 'Give it a shot' type of thing.
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  6. Coraline and The Fantastic Mr. Fox! They're pretty new-ish compared to most of the recommendations, they were made around 2008-ish, but they are wonderful gems <3! My little brother really loved the latter and is the reason I got dragged into watching it. It was cool, so no regrets xD

    The Miyazaki films are always a fun pick. Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro were some of my favorites as a kid. Bridge to Terabithia is pretty awesome too, though it's kind of old now xD
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  7. I never saw The Fantastic Mr. Fox, but I thoroughly enjoyed Coraline when I first saw it.
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  8. If you enjoyed Coraline, you should see Paranorman, it's pretty good too. :bsmile:

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  9. Yeah, I saw that one, I thought it was pretty good. It felt kinda short, though, I don't know why.
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  10. Star wars in machete order
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  11. Star Trek, Babylon 5... Um...

    Well, if they're in the 8-10 range, a couple horror movies are in order.

    I dunno. I didn't watch a lot of kids stuff as a kid. The Neverending Story is up there, but admittedly as a kid I was just kind of confused by it. There's always Pixar/Disney to recommend... Kung Fu Panda was pretty good and the message is a classic: "The secret ingredient is you."
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  12. They have a Star Wars/Star Trek/Stargate freak for a father. He's tried getting them to watch some version of all three. The only thing that anyone got into was the Ewoks, which they all wanted for a pet after the movie.

    To quote a line from Bad Lip Reading: Thanks for nothing George Lucas.
  13. ALIEN :D
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  14. Well, if I wanted to be a bad parent, Full Metal Jacket and Hamburger Hill...

    Joking aside, mmm, that is a tough one honestly. I would probably have to go with most Pixar films as of late, as even though I hate Disney, Pixar is pretty dang good.

    Otherwise, I'd probably throw in a few classics like maybe an Indian Jones when they're older, Marvel movies, and of course, Nolanverse Batman sometime in their preteen years. Though, by that point, I'd probably just let my kid watch whatever they want (as long as it isn't super explicit). As a father (whenever that is), I imagine I don't want to be too strict on my kids. There is a fine line between protecting your children from something that they are too young to comprehend and sheltering needlessly from the outside world. But hey, that is just my opinion.
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  15. Emperor's new groove
    Nightmare before Christmas
    The road to el dorado
    Spirited away
    Howls moving castle
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  16. My Neighbor Totoro

    Anything else is ancillary.

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  17. Haha! I love you already! xD

    Guardians of the Galaxy is beast.
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  18. Nothing goes over my head, I would catch it.
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  19. It is important for children to learn the fear of space penetration. And to fear childbirth. And to see penises everywhere.

    Then sit them down to watch Stardust or something.
  20. I come from Earth, a planet of outlaws. My name is Peter Quill. ...There's one other name you may know me by. ...Star-Lord.