Golden Mountain

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  1. Pale blue hues stared up at the mountain as she approached is slowly on horseback. She was nervous to be attending her last year of school at Golden Mountain. Blonde locks of hair fell down her back in waves pooling on the saddle of her horse as she sat still for a few moments just staring up at the mountain. Amaya had been to the school before but she always felt nervous and this time it was even worse since it was her last year; it meant she would have to go through the trials to see if she had learned enough to become a true Goddess of Nature. Her mother, Hecate was proud of Amaya for making it through the school so far being the youngest of Hecate’s children she sometimes felt pressure to live up to her mother’s expectations. Her siblings had been around before the school had been built and hadn’t had to go through the trials and such like she was. Glancing around a few times she urged the horse forward, taking a deep breath attempting to calm her nerves. She knew that if she did not control her emotions plants and animals would begin acting erratically around her. At a young age she had learned this when her older brother had angered her by taking away her favorite doll. The ivy that grew around their summer home had held him down to the ground and almost strangled him until their mother had come out and forced Amaya to calm down. She had always felt like a freak while growing up; she would watch her mother’s Peering Glass to see the human going about their lives like nothing amiss and life was simple. She had always pined over them, wishing she could be like that without a worry in the world, without a mother with big dreams for her and a missing father that she didn’t even know. Forcing the sad thoughts away Amaya continued up the long path to Golden Mountain.

    A few days passed before she finally reached the gates of the school; staring up at the large golden gates with wide blue hues Amaya breathed deeply, enjoying the scent of the wildlife surrounding her. She always felt more comfortable out in the forest then she did in some dormitory. Riding through the open gates awaiting all of the new and old students to pass through them Amaya smiled at one of the many guards having become friends with them over her years of studying at the school. Her muscles were sore from riding the large horse but she hated to leave it with the stable hands but the thoughts were quickly rushed from her mind as she was ushered up the front steps of the school through two large doors. Walking up the marble steps Amaya slid her hand against the smooth walls of the school, it was like a home away from home and she felt comfortable there. Gliding down the long hallway to the doorway that would take her into the female dormitory Amaya glanced around noticing that not many other students had arrived just yet. Approaching the doorway she smiled at the white oak door; it had always been beautiful in her eyes though she grieved for the tree that given its life for the door.

    Pushing gently Amaya opened the door while twisting the old fashioned handle. Stepping through the doorway she glanced around the common room before taking the steps to the rooms. Coming to find her own room she placed her hand against the door, smiling at the roses carved into the door surrounding her name. Opening the door slowly she sighed softly at the sight of her room. It was decorated in soft greens and browns, the colors of the earth and she loved it. Walking into her room her sky tinted hues surveyed the room, making sure everything was in its rightful place. A window stood slightly opened, the room having been aired for her arrival. Walking towards the window she smiled at the small lilacs within the window pot. Turning she faced her bed, the green canopy shielding the soft brown comforter from view. Turning to face her trunk she tapped her chin for a moment, wondering about what she should wear to the usual welcome dinner. Deciding on what to wear Amaya stepped closer to the trunk, opening it slowly and reaching within its confines to pull out one of her favorite dresses. Blue was indeed her favorite color, but it was the first in line of many natural colors. Stepping towards a small basin she carefully removed her riding garments to clean up quickly, running a brush through her waist length hair and washing the dust from her face.
    Stepping into the soft silk of her dress Amaya sighed contently to feel clean soft clothing against her skin. The blue silk fell around her legs as she stepped into the dress, the bodice hugging her torso tightly forcing her to show off her womanly curves. Amaya was shy about her body but she didn’t mind wearing clothing that displayed it wonderfully. Small wisps of fabric covered her thin shoulders and she rolled them, trying to work the knots out of her muscles as she slipped her petite feet into comfortable flats.

    Walking out of her room, Amaya descended the stairs walking through the commons room and exited the Light Female dormitory. Walking through the halls quietly she greeted those that she recognized from past years and smiled politely at those she had never met. Stepping down the stairs to the entrance hall Amaya glanced around for a moment, gaining her bearings before heading towards the dining hall of the school. Entering the room she smiled; the head mistress always making sure everything was perfect had always amused Amaya. Candle light flickered everywhere as long tables began to become occupied by the growing number of students. Approaching an area of one of the tables that was still empty Amaya slid into a chair quietly and sat, waiting for others to either join her for the head mistress to address everyone and welcome them.
  2. The sea gave way to violent waves, reaching high to claim anyone in a boat. A deep male voice boomed like lightening, "You will finish this Lilieth, or you will never be worthy. No one will ever speak of the goddess of the sea." The small red headed woman flinched at her father's voice. She coward away from him, "Look at you....Goddess of the sea not even close. You fear me! Gods fear no one." He screamed again, before striding out. The door slammed behind him, and tears spilled from Lilieth's eyes.
    wrath_of_poseidon_by_uysaltimsah-d3do83i.jpg She was the youngest daughter of Poseidon, and the only one to follow in his foot steps. Lilieth was everything he didn't want in a child, striving for good. While her other siblings caused destruction through out the land of the mortals.
    Over a week had passed since that day, and she fled back to Golden Mountain. The high arches of the school was her sanctuary, and only one year left before she would be cast out. The thought feared her more than her theatrical father. Where would she go if he started again, "You are useless no goddess will be compassionate to anyone!" The echoes of his voice rang out in her mind as she descended the stairs from her room.
    It was growing time for the welcoming dinner, and she had dressed with care. Lilieth was a small fragile type of woman with a curvy frame but she always seemed unaware of her natural good looks. Maybe to her they didn't matter. She dressed in a simple black ball gown that made her red hair shine against the fabric. Lilieth wanted to look simple as possible. Less attention the better.
    vampire_anime_by_kyokomaruhana10-d30vkld.jpg Soon as she entered the dinning hall, it was abuzz with new and old people. She knew a few, but never tried to fit in. Lilieth learned to love her solitude, and to live alone was the only way of life. However, a growing dread in her stomach told her she was wrong. She simply took a seat at the far end of the room, and tried to hide from anyone's gaze. Lilieth kept her eyes on the table trying not to let her nervousness get the best of her. However, that didn't stop the water in the glasses from rippling.


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  3. Gwyneth stood in front of the huge opened double doors that led into the castle on Golden Mountain and tilted her head to the side curiously. Of course she had been here last year and this was her last year, so maybe she was just assessing the building to see if it had changed in any visible way that would matter later on. Finally giving a small smile of satisfaction, Gwyneth stepped through the doorway and navagated her way through the building towards the female dormitories.

    There didn't seem to be many students wandering the halls as of yet, but those she did see she made sure to smile at. Finally reaching the door to her dorm, she pushed it open and stood in the middle of her room. She had tried to keep it simple, but over the years she had been at the school numerous knick-knacks had accumulated there, alerting anyone who entered that someone most definitely lived in the room. Books were piled high against the wall opposite the door and a few plush pillows had been dumped on the floor as a makeshift seat. A slightly ratty but meticulously clean stuffed elephant waited on one of the pillows of the purple canopied bed, and a picture of two middle-aged people had been tacked to the wall. For Gwyneth it made the room seem almost like that of her own back in her human home.

    She dropped onto the floor with her legs tucked underneath her and stared intently at her trunk. She knew that she would have to get at least semi-dressed up for the welcoming banquet, but she really did hate to do it. Sighing iriately, she popped open the trunk and pulled out a golden dress from the pile that had been thrown into the trunk. Donning it quickly, Gwyneth slipped her feet into a pair of simple sandals and appraised her curly red hair with a critical eye. It would just have to do.

    She exited her room and walked sluggishly to the dining hall, no particularly wanting to be overwhelmed by so many students' emotions and auras. She glanced around the room quickly, noticing everything with her keen eyes. She noticed a few people sitting in groups and a few sitting by themselves. Making a quick decision, she headed for a blonde girl sitting more or less by herself. She didn't actually know this girl, but it couldn't hurt to see if she could become friends with her.

    "Do you mind if I sit here?" Gwyneth asked politely, gesturing to the chair next to the blonde girl.
  4. Rayce.jpg Rayce let a large, prolonged yawn. He had manners enough to place a pale hand in front of his mouth while doing so, but it didn't mask the volume of the yawn itself. Rayce didn't hesitate to finish the yawn, letting it drawn out as long as possible until the exhale was fully out of his system. he was sure that no one was paying him enough attention to be disturbed by his yawn. They were all bustling about the room, picking and taking seats at the tables that were ladled with food. Rayce wasn't much of a eater, but he did take an interest to the dessert portion of this meal. He had a soft spot for sweets.

    Rayce's eyes slid over to a pastry in front of him and he reached out to pick it up, to further observe the delicacy. He had never seen a cake like that one. It had the texture of a soft cake, but also had a weight to it. Rayce was instantly drawn to the pastry, feeling his mouth water as he pondered over what sort of filling it contained. He twisted the golden brown treat around in his hands and made note of the icing and sprinkles that it was dabbled in.

    The noise in the room grew and grew as Rayce paused before biting into the mysterious snack. His mouth hung open slightly as he looked around the room. Everyone in dresses and vest conversed with one another, choosing their seats and diving into the full course meals that lay before them. He scanned the room further, head beginning to throb as the volume in the room began to expand. Not only could he fully hear the voices and laughter of his fellow Golden Mountain peers, but their thoughts also mingled into the noise. Their doubts, feelings, memories, and wonderment; Rayce could hear them all. However, due the sheer gratuity of people, the noise was all jumbled into to one immaculate ball of mush.

    Rayce;s annoyance peaked. He had studied and learned about his telepathic abilities for many years now at Golden Mountain. He learned of the do's, dont's, and the the darkest parts of the mind. He, along with everyone else, had experienced trials while he learned. Rayce could move an object with his mind with no problem, but when it came to separating the thoughts of a crowd such as this one, he was defeated. The throbbing headache got worse as he tightened his grip on the pastry in his grasp. With an annoyed glare in his cerulean eyes, he brought the cake to his mouth and bit into it once.

    His mouth was a sudden parade of sugars, sprinkles, and bliss. His eyes widened with excitement as the fluffy bread and sweet filling tickled his mouth. He leaned forward to take another bite. All prior thoughts of annoyance were a myth to Rayce as he indulged in the delicious cake in his hand. At that moment, it was merely him and the pastry.
  5. The ecstasy! Oh the joy! Sweet bliss! Delectable freedom! How Ava felt would be indescribable, unless much time was taken, many words wasted in the 381472083_58d190d727.jpg process of trying to do so. She watched the golden clouds shimmer under the rays of the sunlight, and felt the swell of happiness, along with the turbulence of other emotions. A few dark ones laced it, regret and the hint of hate. All her joyous emotions stemmed from the fact that she was seeing the sun, with her own eyes and in person, for the first time all year. Her darker emotions stemmed from the same fact, but more focused on the why she had not seen it all year. Before the school term starts, she had been stuck in the Underworld, only dreaming of freedom from her cage, and stuck there because of her father, to whom the slight hate was directed towards.

    Still, she could not dwell on such things, did not wish to ruin the literally magical day, and stretched her arms out as if to embrace the scene. Soon she arrived at the lovely castle that washer home away from home. Nay! It was closer to a home as her than the Underworld was!

    The first thing she went for was her room. It was a lovely room, all the walls a crisp white except one, where a mural was painted. The mural was that of a Black-Tree-Wall-Mural-Image.jpg solid black shape of a tree, with bare branches reaching out. She had painted it herself. Everything else was in order, her large ebony bookcase, filled to the brim with stacked books and overflowing enough that a few books had found their way on the ground. Her bed, with it’s dark red sheets, and black and white pillows. One might wonder why so much white was in the room of a future Goddess of Death, one supposed to be of the black darkness, but white was a misconceived color. In fact, white was not traditionally associated with purity as everyone thought, nor was black evil, for white was death, and black was good, like fertile soil.

    Ava soon donned herself with a simple black dress, which hugged her every curve yet was made of lovely soft material, and she brushed her white hair. Soon she headed to the Hall, where all the students were gathering. Her green eyes scanned the room, searching for anyone she knew, hoping to find someone. tumblr_lhm2feZwoj1qcc32mo1_500_thumb.jpg
  6. Symfora went through the gate to the school, now she was back for her last year. She would finally be able to proof herself worthy the title as godess of Chaos and take over after her mother. She would never let her mother tell her she was worthless, which she would if Symfora didn't make it threw the last year. She would proof that she was better than her mother this year.
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    Symfora went towards her quarter in the east wing, seeing some people on her way there. She didn't recognise so many of them but on the other hand, she didn't pay that much attention to other people around her. She didn't talk to people that often if she weren't fooling them to make chaos.
    She went in to her room and threw her things in to the room. She changed in to new clothes, from her blood red shirt to a black and white shirt. Then she went out from the room and entered the hall were everyone seemed to be, wondering if she could do some litle chaos in the hall to liven herself.
    But then she thought that she had the whole semester to do that so she could let it be for today.
  7. Lilieth sat quietly playing idly with the glass of water infront of her. The liquid swished about reaching out to her fingertips, some making contact to travel up her wrist. This was her future right before her eyes, and she hated every bit of it. By the end of this year she will have to change the compassion in her to rage. "A wrathful goddess.", She muttered to herself. Why couldn't love pour into the sea like anger? Lilieth had asked that question multiple times to her father. Poseidon would never answer, instead anger would erupt from every pour. "Useless!" He would bellow through out the night, and she would follow him about begging for forgiveness.

    Lilieth shook her head quickly before gazing around the room. It was starting to fill with the students. Her eyes continued to drift until they fell onto Ava, she was always a bright spirit. They shared one class together the year before, and Lilieth knew no one else could lighten her mood like her. She couldn't help but smile as she lifted her hand to wave, "Hey Ava." Lilieth spoke rather quietly and was unsure if Ava heard her.
  8. Almost a whisper, a mutter, almost drowned within the sea of voices floating about the room as freely as the wind. “Hey Ava.”

    Ava’s green eyes instantly snapped towards the noise, searching for the maker of the sound, examining the children and teenagers chatting about a table, the table in which she was almost sure her name was uttered from. Another pair of green eyes, equally as bright as her own’s, methers, and a small smile crept unto her lips.

    She glided over, her dress catching in the small breeze behind her feet, which took long strides. Soon she grabbed the flowing garment, tucked it under her, and sat upon the black material. Now a full smile split her face, although it was a closed-lip one. “Lilieth,” She breathed to the redheaded girl, “It is so good to see you again. I have not seen you, nor anyoneelse, since school ended last year. It is good to be back, is it not?” She gave a small laugh of delight, and noticed Lilieth’s brooding yet sad expression. The girl had been thinking about her father. Reaching over, Ava dipped her fingers inside the cup, drenching them with water. Lifting the dripping fingers, she flicked them at Lilieth. “Darling, brighten up. If you go all depressed on me this year, I swear, I’ll kill you, bringyou back to life, and slap you for not smiling!”
  9. Lilieth looked up at her through those deep green eyes before shaking her head. She tried to hide the smile that crept onto her lips, revealing pearl white teeth. "You are to much." Lilieth lifted one hand into the air to circle it idly. The remaining water on Ava's hand began to race down her arm and drip onto the table. With a demanding point of Lilieth's index finger the droplets jumped back into the crystal glass. "How have you been Ava? I see the underworld hasn't affected your beauty in anyway." She said with a playful wink. Lilieth didn't want to come off as if she were flirting, but merely complimenting the dashing goddess of death.

    Lilieth always saw how the boys would chase after her with mouths gaped open. It gave her a fun game to squirt water into those depraved caverns. The shocked expression and gurgling sounds they made was always hilarious. However, Lilieth wasn't sure if Ava understood why some boys would run away from her spewing water. Lilieth blinked rather quickly pushing the thought aside for later analysis.
  10. A dark chortle escaped Rayce before he had time to catch himself. A loud inner thought about boys running away from a girl had buzzed clearly in his head and he had found it absolutely hilarious. While all traces of his delicate snack were wiped away from existence, Rayce covered his mouth with the back of his hand in a horrible attempt to mask his laughter. The thought presented itself to him in intense clarity and he was all to anxious to dig into this source and discover who it came from. His gaze traveled over the large room, stopping on every person for small seconds. Whenever his gaze lingered on a particular person, he could hear the confines of their minds a little louder than someone else's who he didnt have focus on. The strange fact was that even though he passed from person to person, none of their thoughts matched the voice booming in his ears.

    Rayce's eyebrow finally tugged as his eyes landed on two girls sitting a couple of tables across from him. He discovered that loud thought was coming from Lilian...Liliac? He hadn't bother to remember the girl's name, but he knew her as well as her partner. Whether the two women knew him or not was not a concern to him. He just wanted to red head girl to shut up. Her thoughts were bothering him.

    The boy took a stand, grabbing the last pastry from the table with no regards to whoever had reached their poor hand across the table to take it, and walked over to the two women. Rayce kept eye contact on the fire bird as he briskly strode over and leaned an elbow on their table.

    "Hey. You. I need a favor."he said with a cool and calm voice, bringing the cake to his mouth and sinking his white teeth into it again. The other girl was Ava, he could recall that much. At his entire stay at Golden Mountain, Ava was a widely known person. She was all smiles, no drama, and brilliant beauty. Rayce decided it was best to drown out her thoughts, though he could hear nothing over the red girl's inner dialogue.
  11. Lilieth looked up at the boy her head tilting to one side with a raised brow. She recognized his face, but couldn't remember his name. However, those thoughts quickly vanish as she watched him repulsively dig into his sugary treat. The disgusted scowl appeared on her face, did he have no manners around women? The thought flashed through her mind like a lightening bolt. "........Yes?" She stammered quickly, trying to recover her composure. Lilieth forced a small smile on her lips, trying her best to be polite. Even if he didn't have manners she be damn if he was going to make her over throw hers like some barbarian.

    Instead she kept the small smile plastered to her face, while her hand nervously straightened her dress beneath the table. To make things worse she was very timid around men, and she knew by the look on his face this wasn't going to be a pleasant conversation. Deep inside her mind she hoped he wanted to talk to Ava alone, or something in that nature.
  12. In the middle of the skies Alazar was sitting on the clouds, thinking of his new semester of school. Sifting and constructing what his first actions are to do when he arrives. Should he make a friend, keep to himself, wonder the halls as the local wiseman, or just do nothing? The list could go on for hours just thinking about it.

    "Shouldn't you be going to your administration?" voiced itself from behind his head, when he turned to see it was Athena who spoke, he just shrugged his shoulders. "But what if I don't fit in?" he replied, "I'm not exactly a purely born god, if being made from lightning and energy counts as being born." he grumbled. Seeing as he was born differently, Alazar thought to most he'd be an out cast, just some creation without a purpose. "You under estimate yourself Alazar, you've met others before and they've never questioned your birth before." she said, lifting his head up with two fingers. "You're special Alazar, never forget that. Now get up and get ready for your new home." she spoke playfuly as she tilted her head smiling at him.

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    He stood up to his feet and held his arms out to his sides, shaping into a cross. Over his shoulder he winked and smiled to Athena to thank her for the pep-talk, it help him with his reassurance. He closed his eyes and breathed out gently, as he breathed sparks of lighting circled his body and formedd him into a comet of electricty. As the bolt of energy felw his way to the school, Athena whispered to herself, "Have fun Alazar.." then returned to her domain. The Golden Mountain was his destination, but was so worried of what others would think of him, the winds of the world started to stir up and small gusts of winds. As he passed below the clouds, out the corner of his eye he saw it, Golden Mountain, his new home. Alazar could see students entering in from the front entrance but instead, he sparked himself through a wall and remannifested himself into the dinning hall. As he looked around from each corner of the room he noticed that there were a lot more students than expected. Still a little nervous, he just walked by and leaned himself against a wall, with his hands in his pockets and head held down slightly, he didn't want to do anything until he knew it was a good home for him.
  13. Amaya glanced up as a voice suddenly filled her ears, it was another girl asking if she could seat at the same table as her. A soft smile appeared on Amaya’s soft lips before she nodded, blonde curls falling over her shoulders from the motion. “Of course you may sit there. My name’s Amaya.” She offered her name, hoping the girl would give hers as well. Amaya enjoyed making new friends; she was always friendly to others even when they attempted to be rude to her. Though, sometimes her temper could get a little out of hand and she could speak icily to someone quickly when angered. Pale blue hues studied the girl for a moment, taking in her features and curly red hair. Glancing around the room for a moment she spotted a boy looking as though someone had pinched him before he suddenly began to devour a sweet desert. She recognized him as someone with astounding powers but turned to look down at her own food. Picking at the food for a moment she finally decided to place a piece of carrot onto her tongue and smiled as she tasted the sweetness and bitterness of the vegetable. “How long have you been coming to Golden Mountain?” Amaya asked casually pale fingers wrapping themselves around a glass of water before she raised it to her lips to sip the cool liquid. The water trickled down her throat and cooled her nerves as she drank it.

    Suddenly a woman approached the front of the room, her stature and walk quickly giving away who she was, Hera, the queen of Goddesses and Gods, Zeus’ favorite wife and lover. The woman turned to stare at the students for a moment before clapping her hands together once, all of the student’s conversations dying down quickly as they all turned to listen to the headmistress. She graced the students with a warm smile as dark hues scanned over each person in the large room. “Welcome to Golden Mountain, I hope that you all enjoy your year and learn as much as possible. Please remember that this is a school and that you are all here to hone and perfect your abilities, not use them on one another. You will have your chance for that at the tournament at the end of this year. I know it will be hard for many of you to not abuse your powers but please try to refrain from doing so.” Dark curls danced across her shoulders as Hera turned to look at a few of the students, a boy standing against the wall, a girl sitting by herself with a glass of water sloshing around. Each one of the students were important to her, and she wanted each one to succeed in their trials. “Once you are done eating you may all go back to your dorms and get ready for bed, tomorrow will be your first day of classes.” Hera clapped her hands once again and peacock feathers rained down softly onto the ground before she exited the dining hall through a side door.

    Amaya had turned to listen to the headmistress as she spoke and smiled softly as feathers rained down onto them. Reaching out she plucked one from the air and twirled it around in her fingers, she wondered if any of the students found Hera’s power beautiful and fascinating at the same time like she did. Glancing around she smiled once again at the girl with red hair. “Where are you staying, the light or dark dorms?” She asked, Amaya was always curious to know where other students chose to stay. She had known one girl that had switched sides at least four times in one year before finally deciding to stay on the light side and do pure good for the remaining time of her existence.
  14. Interesting.

    Rayce had merely commanded that him a favor and stop thinking so much before his ears blared with a blast of insulting thoughts directed towards him. According to her, he had zero manners and she wasn't much of a male person. Rayce found himself smirking as he brought the cake to his lips again, not bothering to bite into it, only to further tease her.

    "Much better."he said. His lips brushed against the dessert before the all of the noise started to die out in a sudden hush. The cause of Rayce's paradise was Hera entering the room. Being the wife of Zeus came with a respect that most people his age and older would die for. Her mind was like a closed cavern, guarded with an army of thousands. Rayce spent no time trying to enter her thoughts, and instead, found his entertainment observing the students.

    Classes tomorrow?

    I wonder if I'm going to sit next him...

    Tournament, huh?

    This was a very interesting night for Rayce as he shoved the last pieces of cake into his mouth, grabbing the cup that belonged to Lileth and washed the sweet taste down. He set the glass back on the table and yawned when Hera finished her speech. A speech he chose not to pay much attention to due to his full awareness of what she would say. Not because of his abilities, but because it was the same thing every year. The students returned to their chatter and cloud of thoughts bulldozed their way into his head again. Once again, Rayce stifled an annoyed yawn and ran a finger through the flock of snow white hair. The headache that returned would surly become the cause of his departure to his dorm.
  15. Lilieth's eyes widened in confusion, "Much better. What does that me....." Her voice trailed off as she watched him devour the last bit of his treat. To make things worse he took her form of entertainment to fill his gullet. Lilieth's eyebrows pushed together in a scowl, the expression wasn't even intimidating. It was more cute then anything else, "Help yourself..." Her voice dripping sarcasm.

    Before Lilieth could offer him classes in proper etiquette Hera emerged. Her very presence blanketed the room in silence. Lilieth listened intently, but the only thing that caught her interest was the tournament. How fun will that be, Lilieth couldn't stop her hands from clapping together happily. Lilieth looked up at the peacock feathers falling around the room, almost completely forgetting the rude boy was still hanging around. Her large green eyes snapped back to him. If he wasn't such a jerk, Lilieth would of found him handsome at best. However, those thoughts were long gone. She simply glared at him, her lips pursed into a fine line.
  16. Clara sighed as Hera left the room,drawing her knees to her chest Clara closed her eyes. She preferred to sit alone seeing as she couldn't tell what voices where people and which ones were animals. Once again opening her eyes Clara scanned the room,looking at each of the students and again,like clock work a creeping feeling of dread chilled her bones. Clara took a swig of a creamy coloured liquid,similar to coffee yet far away from it at the same time,confusing and different " just like me" came the response. Clara sniffed and pulled the jacket tighter around her,classes tomorrow and Tournament. Ha was that a joke.
  17. Gwyneth took the seat and smiled, "Nice to meet you, I'm Gwyneth Elicra." Ah, someone with manners! How refreshing. Of course, not everyone was rude, but it was usually nice to talk with someone who was so polite right off the bat.

    She glanced around the room casually, finally taking the chance to really observe any changes in the people. She could feel their emotions pressing against the back of her mind but ignored it, not particularly interested in them at the moment. She spotted a few people that seemed vaguely familiar and a few that were completely new to her. Her gaze alighted upon a haughty looking boy with white and she let a brief smirk cross her features before hiding it. He seemed annoyed, perhaps she ought to do something about that... But for now her first priority was to not be rude and ignore the girl she had chosen to sit next to.

    "Hmm? Oh, I've been going here for about... jeez, three or fours years now, I think. What about y--?"

    She noticed the conversations dying down around her and glanced up to see Hera enter view. Ah, there she was. Gwyneth reached for a glass of water and swirled the liquid around the cup for a moment before drinking. It was an odd quirk of hers she had developed after watching a friend of her foster mother's do it.

    Hera's speech was fairly standard, but Gwyneth appreciated it anyway, she knew that Hera at least meant what she was saying.

    After the speech she found the girl- Amaya?- asking her another question. "Oh, I'm in the light dorms, are you? Not to underestimate you or anything, but you seem more inclined to be light than dark." From the girl's aura, she seemed maybe undecided but probably at least leaning towards light more than dark.
  18. Symfora where standing in the doorway to the dinning hall when Hera came and did an introduction speach, Symfora listened uninterested.
    We shouldn't use our powers on each other? What a let down, but as long as they didn't figure out that it was her she could do a litle chaos. Symfora went to the table by herself full of thoughts of what she could do under her last year to cause as much chaos as possible unnoticed. She started to eat while looking around in the room at all the other students.
    'I wonder who is easiest to manipulate in here' she thought and tried to rate everyone on a scale from 1-5. It wasn't easy to judge without talking to them, but she really didn't feel like mingle around.
  19. Rayce's curiosity had gotten the best of him too many times that night. However, it seemed as though everyone seem to have a problem with him. Shutting Lileth up was written down out as a win in his book, but the victory didn't last long, for his description tickled his ears as his eyes slid over to a girl in a gold dress. Apparently, she could feel his emotions. Interesting.

    Rayce couldn't even manage to rise up to his full height before his ears were suddenly blasted with Lileth's assumptions of his jerkiness. His annoyance got the best of him as he swiveled around on one foot, slammed both of his palms against the table she was at and sent her the most fierce glare he could muster.

    "Would you be QUIET?"

    Utter silence followed suit after the last echos of the word quiet fluttered across the vast room. Even movement dropped down to the minimum as he was quite sure that all eyes were on him and possibly Lileth also. Rayce never broke eye contact with her. He wanted her to see that he knew everything about what was going on in her head right now, and that if she said something again, he'd lose it. In all actuality, he was not far from that point, for the glass of water that belonged to Lileth trembled and shook, threatening to rise off the table.
  20. Lilieth jumped at his sudden outburst. Then it hit her, his name was Rayce. He could hear her every thought. She allowed her mind to go blank, but instead snapped her fingers beneath the table. The remaining water from her glass spurted out of the edges. A squirt heading straight for Rayce's eye. "I didn't ask you to be in my thoughts, nor did I give you permission. You rude dog!" Her voice screeched at him, and tears welled up in her eyes. She hated being angry, even her sanctuary couldn't save her from it.

    She quickly stood, "I apologize....If I hurt you. And I'm sorry for the water...." Her voice soft as a whisper. Lilieth pushed the chair from her table, and began striding for the door. She tried to act as if nothing was wrong, smiling at each person she passed. Even though her tears begged to be released.
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