Golden Mountain

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Observing the two intently, the girl decided to state that she could understand anything that Catherine said and thought. A thick cloud surrounded Catherine's mind, it would have been similar to her sister Hera's much thanks to her private tutoring with her parents it was almost like putting on a piece of clothing, a second nature. The fact the girl understood that she thought they were interesting was okay but nothing else was to be revealed. Catherine was here to befriend gods. As far as learning, god's etiquette and controlling powers were concerned - Catherine knew nothing else but. Having worked every moment of her life for it to the point where her parents found it difficult to convince her to rest, even when in the human world Catherine did nothing but strive hard to learn what was necessary of her as a god as well as being an exceptional human. Now that she was ordered to make friends with the other gods and goddesses, Catherine found herself at a loss of what to do. She'd get to meet her sister for the first time - but then what? As far as she could see, her sister had her hands full. But despite this Catherine was curious to see how Hera had laid out the chessboard.

The blonde girl only nodded at Catherine, curious. Then turned back to the boy offering to show him around, as the girl touched the boy. Catherine noticed that she seemed to experience pain... an Em-path? The girl began walking the boy to the green house. Raising herself of the ground, Catherine flew in front of the girl's path attempting to stop her. A gust of wind went past as she landed, her hooves gently landing on the ground. She only let a few of her thoughts out of the thick fog of her mind. "Here, take ease. I will carry you anywhere you wish to go. In return you can help me find my sister. She is here at the academy." Catherine's tone was soft and gentle, her voice calming like a soft lullaby. Kneeling onto the ground, Catherine positioned herself so the two figures could jump onto her back. Looking at Amaya, Catherine's black eyes gazed into the girl's ocean blue hues "I will not force you, but I also offer you a flight after your affair with this young man is over. I strongly feel it is necessary. If it interferes with one of your classes, I will speak to them personally." Although the comment was direct. Cathy felt that it was important, the flight would get the girl away from any sort of contact with any creatures or animals aside from herself - or as little as possible. If the girl really was an em-path, she could probably feel all sorts of pain going on around her. Catherine had no doubt that an em-path would have a great amount of her sisters attention. Hoping to ease her sister's troubles a little; the offer lay there waiting for a reply.
Rayce's eyes snapped over to Hera's as soon as he heard Hade's name.

"Her father is Hades? The Hades?"he rhetorically asked. Things were starting to get worse and worse. First he was asked to spy on the girl and now he knows that she has a power lying dormant inside of her. Now that he knew that she was the daughter of the God of the Underworld, that power with her was starting to make him edgy. "Hades, God of the Underworld, is trying to seek out his daughter, the one who can bond with plants and animals. Her alter power is to control the lives of lost souls and you're asking me to spy on this girl." He said it allowed so that maybe Hera could hear how ridiculous the plan seemed. He would take meditation classes for months than stand in the way of one of the most powerful Gods known to man.

"I'll help you."he said, standing up. "But on my own conditions. I need to have my space so don't expect me to reply to every message you send to me. This has to be done on my own time."he said. The last thing he wished was for Hera to think he was enlarging his ego, however, Rayce had enough on his plate to handle, not to mention spying sessions Zesus's wife. He didn't want to hear anything more for his head ache grew every time he thought of what she said. Making his way to the door, Rayce looked back at the woman with cold blue eyes.

"If Hade's finds out, Hera, Golden Mountain would fall. I hope you plan on starting this tournament soon."he said before his feet shuffled out the door and onto his next class which he was most likely late for.
Lilieth didn't bother to look up when she heard the sound of shuffling feet. Lifting one hand she tucked a few curls behind her hair, "I do hope your not in trouble Rayce.....It took awhile, I also didn't know you were in meditation." Her voice held a matter a fact tone, she had stood waiting for a long while. Watching several students scurry down the halls until it was completely empty. She lifted her face to meet his, a bright smile graced her lips. It brought a sparkle to her green eyes, she seemed generally happy this morning.

Lilieth tried to keep her mind clear, but the thought of her general appearance kept crossing her mind. The clothes she had picked weren't anything a goddess should wear, nor was her hair in the right fashion. Years of parental control forced her to be proper, but it seemed those days would soon be over. She sluggishly pushed herself from the wall, books cradled in one arm. "Care to join me for a walk to the next class, or am I to much of a bother?" Lilieth asked generally curious of his thoughts, hopefully they had changed since last night.
Damn, not her again. Rayce had walked out of the classroom and into Lileth. She looked as innocent as ever in her new attire though he could see right through her. If pushed far enough, Lileth could bite someone's head off; he wouldn't be surprised. By the way she talked of his prolonged departure from meditation he was given the hint that he was being waited for. His eyes dropped in annoyance and was all too tempted to ask her why she was waiting when she started talking again. Talk talk talk, that's all he heard from her at times. Sometimes he wish he could just silence the girl...and he did.

Rayce shot his eyes over to Lileth and instantly immobilized her in place with his mind. He still had his hands in his pocket, for controlling her movements was a simple task, especially since she had no idea it was going to happen. If she had her guard up, however, a different story would be told. He spun on his foot to face the girl and mentally chanted in his head once more. It's for the silence, for the silence, for the silence, for the... Keeping her in place for fear of the girl reaching out to touch him in anyway, Rayce bent his head and pressed his lips against hers. The words stopped instantly. For a second, Rayce could feel something crawling away at his mind; probably the fact that he had physical contact with someone but his chants had died out along with her voice. Seconds passed and Rayce broke the kiss and released her from her bond at the same time. He looked dead into her eyes and said with a cold voice.

"You're going to be late." After that was said, he shoved his hands further into his pockets and walked off to his next class.
Lilieth was taken back by his sudden annoyed manner. It even confused her, but she didn't bother to say anything further. Though to her surprise he had stopped her dead in her tracks. Her mental guard was up over her thoughts. She was very aware of what he was doing. It made her angry, if she could move she would slap the look from his very face. To irritate her further, he pressed his lips into hers. A bright blush took hold of her cheeks. Despite her anger it moved her that he would do such a thing. Once he had released her, and turned to walk away. Lilieth took down the mental block, allowing her mind to broadcast loudly. "RAYCE! You had no right to do either!" She said angrily, knowing he would hear the complete frustration in her inner voice.

Lilieth completely forgot to throw the block back over her mind, before stomping to her next class. All I wanted to do was be nice. Oh no....people read to much into that. Instead of asking you on a date, they just kiss you....With out thinking it could be your first. Lilieth's anger consumed her, at the moment she felt like Poseidon. His temper surged through her like a fire storm. Though she tried to get a grip, her next class was Equestrian. Oh how she looked forward to the freedom. She almost didn't notice the court yard doors, flinging them open she stepped outside. The cool air pulled at the red strands of hair. They danced out around her face, some falling in front of her right eye. Water sprayed into the air from the fountain, a clear warning of her temper. Still she kept pacing, until the stables came into view. Walking over to the shelter wall, she pressed her back into it and waited.
Ava found concentration during that particular meditation class quite difficult. It was as if a dark presence laid awake, hiding within the deepest of shadows, and watching. She knew it wasn't after herself, thank Gods, but watching someone else, coming from someone else. It made her continuously want to look around, a scared thought of her father Hades breathing down her neck, watching over her shoulder, and giving her chills. He wasn't there, that she knew, but the dark presence in the room kept her on edge.

It wasn't very good for meditation.

She wanted to run from the class afterwards, even though the presence seemed to have faded, and forced herself to remain within her normal strides, faking an appearance of calm. The minute she exited, she dashed for the nearest hallway, lying against the ivy-covered walls and taking deep breaths to calm herself. By the time she rose, the ivy surrounding the area she had rested upon all laid dead and black, like scars on the wall. She walked back... and found Rayce and Lilieth, locked in a kiss. She blinked, froze, and watched as Rayce simply walked away. She even stood frozen as Lilieth walked away, but, once she was out of sight, Ava snapped back to normal and chased after the redheaded girl. She foundher against the stables. "Lilieth!" She called, catching up to her. "I can't believe it! You kissed him! I told you that ou are irresistible," She smirked. Her smile fell slightly when she saw the look in her friend's eyes. "Hey, you alright?"
Lilieth looked over at Ava as she approached, "I did not kiss him! He did that mental thingy he does! Then before I knew it he kissed me!" She trailed off for a moment. Her lower lip pulling into a small pout, "Don't read to much into it Ava......Even I think he is toying with me...". Her arms raised to cross over her chest, "Besides Ava I am not irresistible that is your job."

Lilieth lifted her head to look up at the sky. Her red hair spilled over her shoulder, and the collar of her shirt slipped off her shoulder. White clouds rolled over head, Lilieth tried to make animals with the shapes. Almost getting lost in their fluffiness, "Ava! Look that one is a turtle!" She said with a bright smile. Clearly trying to change the conversation. Even Lilieth didn't understand Rayce's intentions, and she was still unsure if she wanted to. Her nose wiggling while she was in thought, "How was your day so far Ava?" Lilieth finally said, actually wanting to know how her friend was doing.
Ava blinked. "Are you sure he was toying with you? I haven't seen Rayce do such a thing to girls in my years here. No, usually he just avoids them in general, in fact he usually avoids everyone in general." She mocked punched Lilieth's arm. She was glad Lilieth was an immortal Godess, for she had accidently killed a mortal by doing that once. "My job is not to be irresistible, it's to kill everything around me." She joked lightly. "So, due to his all around insociability, you are officially duped the 'Irresistible One' until the day I finally get my kiss from a guy. Got it?"

She laughed as Lilieth randomly spoke of turtles and looked up to the fluffy white clouds, "Yes, a turtle. As for my day… It was alright." She lied smoothly, resisting the urge to shudder at the remembrance of her meditation class. "Plus, the day has only just begun, only one class done. Which reminds me, we should head for second soon. Have fun horseback riding," She smiled. Only Lilieth, her closest friend, received so many smiles from Ava, but she couldn't help it, since Lilieth was just overall a kind, make-you-smile person.
Lilieth tilted her head to one side when she felt Ava rasp her arm. Her brow raised, "So we have to get someone to kiss you eh?" One hand reached up from its perch to rub at her chin idly. The look of mischief cross her delicate features, "I'll be sure to keep that in mind." Lilieth teased back at her, but at the moment Lilieth wasn't in the mood for classes in general. The urge to skip class was raging through her, but Hera would know if she had. A small sigh escaped her lips, "I don't even remember what my next class is." She pushed herself off the wall, her legs slowly pacing towards the building. Her arms reached out to loop around one of Ava's. She dragged at her to follow, "If we must face this day we shall face it together!" Lilieth's words sounding dreaded!
She smiled at Lilieth's teasing. "Yeah, good luck. I probably have the 'Kiss of Death' or something stupid like that. Guys will run the other way screaming from my wilting lips." She did a few mocking kissing noises, "Beware! I'll kiss'ya to death."

She shrugged and looked around, forgetting her playful mood. "Well, you did come to the stables; you probably have equestrian lessons or something. I really don't feel like going to anymore classes today. Stupid school," Sure, her tone was joking and friendly, but the chill from that morning still haunted her. The image of her father still clung in her mind. She had come to this school to escape the Underworld, to escape her father and his controlling ways. She smirked to herself; not once had she summon a spirit or spoken to one, trying to escape her home. "Half tempted to not go to class even."
Lilieth stopped dead in her tracks, her green gaze shifting back to Ava. "Is that so...." She spoke while wiggling her eyebrows at her. Lilieth turned to start pulling Ava away from the school, and the stables. "Then lets get out of this place for a little while." She snickered to herself, still unsure were they would hide from Hera's ever so watchful gaze. Not many students got away with skipping, but Lilieth was determined to try. "Ava where could we go to hide from Hera?" She said quickly, each step bouncing her a bit. Clearly happy with their decision to ditch. (sry so short got to go to work)
Introductions were made. Her name was Amaya, some sort of natural empath, and for all intents and purposes, she seemed to be a nice, kind, giving soul. However, given that the last 'nice, kind, giving soul' he'd encountered had been a Siren, Troy could not help but keep his guard up at least somewhat. It wouldn't have surprised him in the least if his Father had not sent some sort of surprise for him...but, then again, this was not his territory. Still, always best to be vigilant. So he nodded, and started off to follow her to the Greenhouses. If he only missed one class in his time here, that would suffice. But then came something interesting. A spike of sorts, mental, completely hair-raising, a full fight-or-flight response the instant the girl clutched her chest in that pain.

She wanted to know about his powers, they'd been triggered in that moment. Time slowed, at least in his eyes. To the passive observer, he would simply be going very, VERY fast. In those milliseconds. Troy removed any semblance of distance between himself and the girl, his eyes blazing a more intense, fiery red in lieu of their more normal brick-ish hue. He went to support her immediately on the off chance that she'd stumble or fall...but simultaneously, his brain was analyzing, calculating. A tempest of strategies and attack plans:
=She was in pain=She was vulnerable=This pain is her weakness=This pain could be manipulated in case she is a threat=46 ways of execution in this pose=Seed of anger potential=

And then reality snapped back to normal. His eyes dimmed, and it was over in a heartbeat. "Are you alright?"

he pulled away as soon as she was back and steady on his feet, only to slip back into a guarded stance at the Pegasus' arrival and offer...
She blinked, her eyes turning once more to her friend, as she also ceased her walking. "Wait, are you joking? You are joking, right? Because if you are serious, you are insane! Hera will almost definably catch us, we will get in trouble, and the chances of pulling this off is crazy… You're crazy! This idea is crazy! Which is exactly why I like it," She broke out into a grin and gave a laugh. "Yeah, I'm all up to it! Let's go… I'm not exactly sure where, and we will probably be caught, but whatever… Hey, who are they?" She asked, suddenly distracted. She didn't get distracted often, but for two new people to appear on the second day was certainly an odd thing. "Those two people, walking with Amaya. Have you seen them before?"

"Woah." She suddenly said, as the boy seemed to move at an extreme speed to support Amaya. "Do you think he's a son of Hermes or something?" She turned her eyes back to Lilieth, "Want to go check that out?"
Lilieth looked up over at Amaya with a raised brow, "My my my new people indeed.....You sure you didn't see them at the dinner?" Her nose began to wiggle in thought, "Hermes....I'm not to entirely sure...." She said while tugging at Ava once more, each foot step following in behind the three. Lilieth almost looking like a woman on a mission. "I wonder who they are....." Her green piercing gaze shifted over the two, one even had Pegasus. "Hey Amaya!" Her voice overly loud to draw attention, her freehand waving frantically. Lilieth was unsure if she had dragged Ava behind her willingly, or not so much. Though she couldn't control the urge to ask a lot of unnecessary questions.
A small gasp of surprise escaped Amaya's lips as the boy moved surprisingly fast enough to steady her on her feet. Large blue hues stared up at him for a moment as her lips parted silently in an "O" shape. It took her a moment to regain her composure before she nodded silently at his question; glancing down at the ground so she would stop staring in amazement at his speed. "I…I'm fine, thank you." She mumbled as a breeze lifted the blonde strands of her hair, the Pegasus had landed in front of them, her large wings magnificent as sunlight danced across the obsidian feathers. Amaya was shocked as the female sent thoughts directly to her mind offering her a ride. Her pink tongue flicked out, wetting her lips as she spoke to the Pegasus. "Thank you, that is very generous of you but I do believe that won't be necessary. I'm okay, but who is your sister if you don't mind me asking?" She was curious to know who the woman's sister could be. Hearing someone saying hello to her Amaya glanced up to spot Lilieth waving to her. A soft smile danced across her lips for a moment as she waved back to the girl. "Hello Lilieth, this is Troy, his arrival was slightly delayed. I was just about to show him to the Green House and show him around afterwards." Glancing up at the sky she spotted a dove flying high above before she felt its joy of being high in the sky, feeling the wind blowing through its feathers and then it spotted the Pegasus, curiosity growing as it studied her wings before flying away. Glancing back at Lilieth Amaya nodded towards the girl behind her. She didn't recognize her since she hadn't had a chance to formally meet her yet. Smiling Amaya glanced back towards Troy, though she noticed he looked tense, as if he was ready to attack something.
Furrowing her brow Amaya reached out to touch his arm gently but thought better of it. Speaking softly she whispered to the boy. "Troy, are you okay? You don't have to worry about anyone hurting you here. This school is completely safe, that's really one of the main reasons for it being here." She realized she liked the boy and wanted him to be as comfortable as possible there at the school. Glancing back over at Lilieth then to the Pegasus she realized he was staring at her. The Pegasus seemed to worry him, or put him on edge. Then she remembered the way he had moved and kept her steady, she had never seen anyone move so quickly before and she wondered what else he could do. Amaya chewed on her bottom lip, wondering if he would ever feel comfortable enough to tell her who his father was. Sighing softly Amaya stayed quiet and waited for everyone to either answer her questions or talk. Though, she didn't want to be late to class she didn't want to be rude to anyone.

Hera was relieved to hear that Rayce would help her but she was concerned that he felt she needed to start the tournament soon. In a way he was right, but surely Hades wouldn't get angry at them for wanting to know how Amaya was doing, would he? Only Hecate and Persephone would know for sure. Glancing around Hera busied herself by straightening the pillows in the classroom before glancing down the mountain to spot a few of the student milling around a Pegasus. That was odd, why weren't they all in class yet? She noticed Amaya was amongst them and thought it would be good to see what was going on. Leaving the room she walked down the path towards the students and approached them quietly, she spotted the boy with torn clothing; Lilieth and Ava were there as well. The boy must be late and Amaya must have been introducing him. Though, she couldn't understand why a Pegasus would be there. Tilting her head slightly Hera stared at the Pegasus for a moment before remembering that her father had informed her that a sister of hers would be coming to the mountain to befriend some of the gods and goddesses that helped train the children. Smiling softly Hera spoke aloud to them all. "Hello Lilieth, Ava, Amaya, and you sir I have not met yet." Glancing at the Pegasus again Hera smiled and nodded, "You must be Catherine, father told me you would be arriving within the first few days of the school year. It's a pleasure to meet a sister of mine at last." Glancing around her brows furrowed for a moment before speaking. "You should all really get to class soon." Waving her hand fresh clothing appeared upon the boys clothing, his skin pink as if he had just been scrubbed in a tub. "I'll get you a schedule later on unless you already know what classes you wish to take." Walking towards the Pegasus Hera smiled again and glanced at the children one last time, her eyes hard telling them to go on to class. "If you want, I can show you around campus while the students get back to their studies. We don't want them missing too much before the tournament."

Being dragged around was definably not what Ava meant when she said they should check it out. She had meant to maybe walk over; walk, not be dragged; and say a greeting. Or maybe approach them later on, since they were in the middle of a plan to ditch. But, regardless of what she wanted, she soon found herself being dragged by the arm over to the group. Usually Ava would protest against the dragging, hating bending to other's wants, whims and wills, but this was Lilieth, and she was quite used to Lilieth being so stubborn. So she walked behind her friend, and hoped her arm wouldn't have a red mark upon it.

"Hello to you too," Ava said, and returned the friendly nod. Due to the good mood she seemed to be in today, sarcastic bitchiness wasn't really on her list, and she didn't make any snide remark as she usually would. Plus, these were new people, and first impressions lasted, so there was no need to be seen as such. She surveyed the new boy, this Troy, and gave a small nod. "Hello Troy, welcome to our school. I am Ava." After her greeting, she didn't say anything, her eyes on an approaching figure. Hera. She nudged Lilieth as a warning, wondering if they had already been caught for their mere plan of ditching, but as the Goddess arrived, she was friendly.

"Hello Lady Hera," she greeted her aunt, before turning astonished eyes to the Pegasus. Hera's sister? At Campus? An odd sight. Hera mentioned class, and Ava nodded, not really sure ditching was a good idea when Hera was watching them. She slid her hand into her pocket and pulled out her own schedule, glancing at it once more. Although her mother was Persephone, she didn't have any classes in the Greenhouse, due to the fact that plants tended to wither and die at her bare-handed touch. Not exactly helpful if she wished to ace the class. Committing the room of her next class to memory, she returned the paper to her pocket. "Well, perhaps we shall see each other later. If you ever need help or something, and see me, don't be afraid to come and ask. Or I could even help you get to class now, if you already have a schedule. But, if not, Lilieth and I should go." She said apologetically and kindly, while casting a mischievous 'Are you still up to it?' look to her friend. She still wasn't really in the mood for classes yet.
From her seated position, Catherine rose. Her beautiful black fur coat glinting in the sunlight. Two girls approached the small group from the conversation, Catherine gathered that their names were Lilieth and Ava, at first the two girls gave her awkward glances. To be expected, not a lot of people were used to seeing a pegasus standing around. Calmly, Catherine just watched the exchange without saying anything. Neither of the two girls had greeted her directly. Finally, Catherine felt at ease. Her sister was approaching. She didn't like being in this petty conversation between these girls, it was so dull. Catherine's sister regarded her, asking whether she would like a tour around campus while the others got to class.

Briefly looking at Ava who spoke after her sister; the girl was up to something. Arising from her form, a bright beautiful blue light blazed around Catherine's body as the muscular frame of the pegasus began to shift into the form of a seventeen year old girl. Catherine's original form. Flowing long black hair that went down to her back silky shiny and soft, pale white porcelain looking skin and ocean blue eyes that held a deep universal wisdom within them, her frame thin and curved but still muscular and her lips like a soft pink rose. The clothing Catherine wore was a cute black shirt which was simple but outlined her features well and a small cute yellow skirt. On her feet she wore black leather laced boots and in her hair a crimson rose which was actually a hair clip made for her to hold her hair back from her face.


With a calm smile toward her sister she laughed, also speaking aloud "It's about time, Sister. I thought you had forgotten me for a moment there." she said as she brushed herself off. Regarding the other student for a moment then looking back at Hera, Catherine nodded. "I agree...although. If they want to skip Hera, you can't stop them. However, this tournament isn't a joke. If they are going to try and win - making their parents proud. They are going to have to study" she glanced quickly at the other students with a soft smile. Although her smile was soft, she was subtly telling the other students off for skipping. It would have sent a chill down most people's spines. Then turning back to her sister, Catherine nodded her head slowly "Indeed, a guide would be much appreciated Hera, after all. We have a lot to talk about...don't we?"
Things were certainly beginning to get interesting, but it was likely due to the timing of a class letting out that so many people congregated so quickly. The Pegasus, the other two girls, and then Hera herself of course. But in due course, Troy remained silent - despite Amaya's assurances that all was well. While it was probably true, he was not going to let his guard down for some time. He had come too far and gone through too much just for a final test of his father's. That said, he must have been a sight for the incoming pair, but he did his best to look less...trigger happy. The introductions were made between him and the pair - Lilieth and Ava. He nodded at the pair, dipping his head somewhat while giving them an uncertain half wave. But then, as noted, came the Goddess and Matron of the school - Hera. Queen of the Gods. Where Troy had been uncertain and perhaps a touch indifferent toward the students and the Pegasus, the Goddess herself was an entirely different story. A rather severe degree of respect had been hammered into the young man through his life. His father might be an uncaring scumbag fit only to burn in Hades someday...but Duty and Respect were all a part of war in a sense.

So it was that when the Goddess appeared, Troy broke from the group and fell immediately to one knee, one fist crossing his chest to his heart in a salute while bowing his head before standing again. Every motion was clean, precise, obviously practiced and used several times before he stood and backed off three steps to stand at attention, hands folded behind his back, chin up, brick-red eyes leveled at the Goddess, voice unwavering and rigid "Troy, Ares-son. Severe apologies for my tardiness."

And then, in a second, the wear and tear was gone. The exhaustion, the grime, and the persistent stink gone with the wave of a hand. It would be shocking to many, but the discipline set in - Troy remained still, bowing his head again in thanks before taking the cue. ​"I'd rather not be late again....lead the way, Amaya?"
Lilieth looked over Hera with a surprised look on her face. "It seems we have interrupted something important. I think its best if we take our leave. Tis was a pleasure meeting all of you." She spoke while taking a few steps back. Ava had already caught the hint and was already making her escape as well. Lilieth quickly turned on her heel, her gaze shifting to Ava. The look on her face was priceless, Lady Hera always had a way of sneaking up on everyone. She tried to keep her mind blank as she walked in a hurriedly manner, "Come on Ava we don't want to be late." Lilieth kept nodding her head to the left, trying to get them out of sight. You know what they say out of sight, out of mind.

Once behind a very thick hedge of bushes Lilieth's steps came to a stop. "Woah! that woman is S-N-E-A-K-Y...." Her words turning into drawn out letters. Though a bright smile pulled at her lips, "That was to close for comfort I must say." Lilieth stood on her tippy toes to look over the foliage at the group. Watching every move they made, still she felt Ava and herself weren't out of the woods just yet. Hera could still catch them in their foul ditching act.
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