Glowing Tree (The Roleplay!)


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Romance, Supernatural, Fantasy, Thriller, Space Exploration, Slice of Life

Plant it here,
your soul,
my dear,
at the roots of Yggdrasil

Seek it out,
with your hands,
and shout!
at the base of Yggdrasil

Eternal life,
no pain,
no strife,
climbing the trunk of Yggdrasil

Reach the top,
but beware,
of the drop,
you stand in the branches of Yggdrasil

It's now all yours,
the fruits
of your labors,
enjoy the shade of Yggdrasil.

Game Master: Diana
Accepting New Characters: NO Cast List is currently full. D:
Posting Expectations: Once a day to A few times a week. This is a large cast and we will be pushing plot forward.
Rating: R
Genre: Post Apocalyptic Fantasy
Atmosphere/Mood: Action & Adventure
Basic Plot: A group of people are in search for Yggdrasil, the World Tree with hopes of fulfilling wishes and revitalizing the world.

Once Feldagard was a land of prosperity and beauty. Rolling plains, deep forests, ice capped mountains. Kingdoms containing rich cultures and long history ruled the continents. But no great kingdom can last forever. Jealousy and greed became the starting points of war. Countries at peace turned against each other. Tools that once made the world a better place became weapons. In the end, what Feldagard's heroes thought would save the world became it's doom.

A hundred years later, Feldagard is barely crawling out of it's Neo Stone Age. The Kingdoms of Old are gone, nothing but ruins and forgotten history. New clans and tribes have popped up, trying to scrape by a living in small areas safe from the beasts that now roam the world.

Yet, hope is not entirely lost. Not all history destroyed. Pulled from the hands of an Elven Knight's bones is a book. Within it's pages are the stories of Feldagard's beginnings. How the world was made and filled with life. Most particularly of Yggdrasil, the World Tee. Where within it's leaves is the power to shape the world.

A questing party has pulled together under the command of a woman known only as Zahra. In her possession is this fabled book, and with it she has deciphered what she claims to be a map to Yggdrasil. Her dream is to ask the Glowing Tree to restore the lands of Feldagard and take back the monsters that have been ravaging the world since the End War.

Yet, the questing party are not the only ones in search of this legendary glowing tree. Evil is afoot, with a desire to claim the one power that can change the shape of the world.

First imagine your typical rich fantasy world with all of it's amazing races, magics and locations. Then imagine magical warfare so devastating that the landscape looked like it was hit by bombs, and now demons or other monsters are lurking in every shadow. Feldagard suffered it's fate at the hands of conceited Mages who could not admit their limits or when they were wrong. Being hundreds of years after the End War, the landscape is healing, but the cultures of people are not quite there yet. A races usually remain in small scattered villages. There's rarely travel across the world, as the monsters are fearsome. A lot of craft and skill has been lost, so finding anyone with an advanced talent in -anything- is very difficult to come by. Villages that are close to each other often have to deal with waning resources or fussing with each other who controls them.

Step One: Post a character bio. You can use whatever format you like best. This IS a high fantasy world, so you can play any race you want or use any sort of magics you like. BUT, remember that technology and SKILL in many things has been thrown back very badly. It exists, but it's hard to come by.

Character bios don't need to approved before you start posting. If there's a problem, I'll just let you know. :D

I will start the OOC where everyone has already met, and they're on their way. So I highly encourage you to connect with other players and form some bonds or acquaintances. >:]

Below is a list of the approved character bios and a quick info blurb about them. Characters that are itallics are inactive players, and striked means the character has died.

Zahra: ??/F Quest Leader. She holds The Book of Beginnings which contains the legend of Yggdrasil, as well as a special map. Her dream is to find the Glowing Tree and repair Feldagard.
Darius Castablane: Early 40s/M A Paladin who is seeking a pure cause to pledge himself too.
Lahras: 15/M A strange boy who appeared suddenly to join the quest. Zahra has not explained why she allowed someone so young to join them.
John of Ravens: Early 20s/M A monster slayer that seeks a way to destroy The Great Wyrm, a dangerous creature he has yet to defeat.
Arothi: 20s-30s/F Centaur fighter, sharing the dream to repair the world.
Alla Jéjé: 53/F Dragonkin woman who is not the nicest person, and seems to be on this quest to increase her own power.
Jair : 50+/F A wolf woman seeking to restore the balance of things to the world.

Lirin: ??/F A cat-beast that was specially requested by Zahra herself, to join the expedition. -NPC-
Annalaey: ??/F A rabbity girl who has had her village destroyed by the monsters of Feldagard and wishes to see them gone. -NPC-
Rovan "The Roving Tooth" Tamillin: ??/M A former warrior who has become a bard, and must follow adventure simply to retell it's story. -NPC-
Rethil: ??/M A small martal dragon who wishes to show that he is useful and has value! -NPC-
Knut Sturluson: Early 30s/M A skald here by a King's request to record the adventures... and something more?
this actually sounds interesting...

I'll write a character for sure...
Darius Castablane

Profession: Paladin (no longer affiliated with any order). Sells his services as a healer in return for food and lodging.

Strengths: Magical and surgical healing. Proficient with falchion sword, mace and shield. Experience in fighting the Undead. Ability to detect and inflict greater damage upon creatures of incarnate evil. Knowledge of diplomacy and politics.

Weaknesses: He is in his early 40s and is not as fast as he used to be. Though he can hold his own in combat, he takes longer to recover and often has strains and injuries. At present he is out of shape and suffers from low stamina.

In Brief: Darius was born of noble blood but as a teen became spoilt and unruly. After the sexual assault of a household maid, he joined a band of travelling paladins and for 20 years travelled with them, adhering to a higher code and vowing to protect the wronged. He was reborn a pious man, but in that time watched the slow erosion of the order. Gradually, friends compromised their ethics, travesties were permitted, losses were suffered and the decay of the order became inevitable. Those who were not killed disbanded, and despite Darius's best efforts to keep the brotherhood together, he was left alone.

Now he seeks a cause. A pure quest. He seeks the knowledge that he is doing the right thing.
*Leaves it that way just to watch Asmo tear to pieces.* >:D

--- Doo doo dee dooo! Character Bio! ---

<b>Character Name:</b> Zahra
<b>Gender:</b> Female
<b>Job/Role:</b> She hasn't mentioned what she did before the Quest. But she does seem to have a knack for translating languages.
<b>Age:</b> She hasn't mentioned this either, but looks to be mid 20s.

<b>General Appearance:</b> Long curly brown hair, light blue eyes. She often looks to have dark circles, or seem very weary. Average figure.
<b>Current Goal/Purpose:</b> Find Yggdrasil.
<b>General Personality:</b> Reserved, withdrawn and completely inapproachable. At least, on a first impression. Zahra offers very little information about herself, but is more than willing to talk about her quest, or any other topic that might be brought up. She's very secretive. People are kept at an arms length. She will, however, take complete charge of a situation with a surprising amount of capability.

<b>General History:</b> Everything about Zahra before she appeared asking people to join her quest is a complete mystery.
Fuck yeah World Tees! 8D
Golf, vikings, and the end of worlds. Just what I wanted.
Character Name: Lahras
Gender: Male
Age: 15
Job/Role: Lahras doesn't seem fit for ANY kind of job

General Appearance: A slender lad with straw blond hair and awkward looking limbs. His blue eyes always seem half closed or glazed over as if he's daydreaming. He has a wooden pendant hanging around his neck, and a sturdy stick he always seems to be carrying with him. His clothes look as if he's been sleeping on the streets for a long while.

Current Goal/Purpose: To find Yggdrasil

General Personality: Lahras is a simpleminded lad. Most of the time he'll just be staring in to space, not interfering with the people around him, and seemingly listening to something others can't hear. When he does talk his words come slowly, but are melodic as if following a musical rhythm. Though he's usually very calm and relaxed, he can be fiercely protective of things he cares about. One of these things is the amulet around his neck. He also seems unwilling to let go of his stick, and he'll hit people with it if it looks like people want to take either of them.

General History: Not much is known about Lahras' past. Most people doubt the boy himself even remembers. He's known by the townspeople of his hometown though, for having the rare talent of predicting danger before it happens. Lately, people have heard him mumbling about strange songs and a wooden friend, and he's been disappearing for days before coming back, covered in bruises and scratches from some unknown 'adventure'. He's joined the party after he heard Zahra talking about yggdrasil, saying he too wanted to find the tree. Even though the party originally saw no use for him he refused to be left behind, saying he would follow them on his own if he had to. The party relented in the end and let him join, under the condition that he'd make himself useful somehow eventually. Lahras consented to that, but how he intends to make himself useful remains to be seen.

Special powers:
-Danger Sense: Lahras for some reason knows when danger approaches, he says he feels it in his head.
-Supernatural Intuition: Much like his danger sense, Lahras has an uncanny intuition bordering on magical. Lahras himself says he's just listening to the songs and the songs show him the way. Most townspeople think he's mad and just has the devils luck.

What do you think Diana? because I'm a nice guy and you're the GM, I'm going to leave the significance of his amulet and stick all up to you...I bet you could turn them into awesome plot elements!
/me goes to check a few things on Norse legends before making a bio.
[size=+3]JOHN OF RAVENS[/size]​

Loud bays Garm​
Before Gnipa cave;​
The bonds shall break,​
The Wolf run free!​
Hidden things I know:​
Still onward I see​
The Doom of the Powers,​
the Gods of war.​
— Völuspá​

Character Name: John of Ravens
Gender: Male
Job/Role: God-Spawn, Monster-Slayer
Age: Early 20's

General Appearance: Young and with a look of perhaps overbearing confidence upon his face most of the time, John travels in an old military jacket, comfortable clothing and a pair of large boots. His hair is cut short and he's clean-shaven, two features that really seem to show just how young he is. He travels via horse, whose saddle bags hold most of his supplies, and wields a huge spear in battle. He is almost always accompanied by two ravens, who he refers to as Huginn and Muninn, giving rise to his name.
Current Goal/Purpose: To succeed in slaying the Great Wyrm, to find Yggdrasil
General Personality: One cannot accuse John of lacking confidence; proud, ambitious and borderline cocky, he gives off the general impression that he always knows what he's doing and that he's capable of just about anything should he put his mind to it. Bravery and honour are two qualities he admires most; he still feels fear yet believes that true bravery can only be achieved when one fights through his fears and does what scares him regardless.

He's not nearly as charismatic and confident as he likes to act, however; privately John fears he's in way over his head and that this quest to find the Tree of Life is going to finally get him killed. He's not about to leave his new companions, however; he made an Oath, after all.
Skills/Abilities: John's at the peak of human physicality, perhaps even beyond this. He's incredibly strong and agile, well-trained with his weapons and knows how to manouever himself in a fight. He's not entirely stupid, either, but tends to throw himself into things without thinking of the consequences. He can survive in the wilds should he need to, capable of foraging and trapping animals for food, but these are not his greatest skills.

Aside from his unusual physical prowess, John has two supernatural twists to him; the birthrights handed down to him by his Godly ancestor. The first are the two ravens that accompany him, Huginn and Muninn. Though no-one else seems to be able to hear them, John claims that they can communicate with him, and he certainly seems to be capable of extracting tasks from them such as advice or scouting... if they feel like complying with his orders, which they often don't. He also carries Gungnir, the ancient spear his ancestor wielded during the Great War. It's a truly dangerous weapon, with ancient runes carved down it's shaft that glisten at his touch.
General History: John claims to be a mortal descendant of one of the Gods who died in the Great War a century ago; it is from this, he says, that he gains his abilities. He also claims that the two ravens who accompany him belonged to his Godly ancestor.

He's made a living as a slayer of monsters and other such creatures that plague the remains of the society, offering his services to villages and settlements in return for shelter and food. After one village he was tasked to defend was destroyed by the Great Wyrm, an ancient bio-organic weapon that has gained some predatory sentience in the century since it was unleashed, John vowed to track the beast down and put an end to it. Quite how he plans to slay the gargantuan monstrosity he doesn't know; he plans on making it up when the time comes.

Whilst travelling, John came across Zhara and her group at the early stage of their travels; she told him of her quest to locate the World Tree, which John deemed to be a suitably worthy venture and agreed to join. He sees himself as the group's defender, and will happily jostle with others for that role, having made an Oath to defend Zhara on her mission. His word is his bond; John's now quite prepared to lay down his life to see this thing through.
Some nice bios so far! >:D I'll give another day or two for more bios before I start the IC thread.
Name: Rethil "the Gardener"
Gender: Male
Race: Mortal Dragon (Rude slang: "Mere-Dragon")
Role/Job: Botamancer, Healer

Goal: Restore the world using Yggdrasil's power, live long enough to give his father a lasting memorial.

Appearance: The legendary dragons of old had been enormous creatures... Rethil is about the size of a horse. His scales are a pale white color matching that of an untanned human, and have the feel of human flesh. Lacking horns, Rethil instead has a long mane of huma-like hair, which leads in a line down to his tail - ending in a tuft at the tip of his tail. Said tail is long, and at least the length of his body, if not longer. Under his scales ripple the muscle of a young dragon: compared to his immortal kin, a pathetic looking specimen, but it seems he's "dragon" enough for some monster-slayers anyway: his soft flesh is scarred, even burnt in some places, from previous encounters.

Skills/Abilities: Rethil lacks the magic of his forebears, having to learn magic on his own rather than having it naturally within him. While hr can fly, he certainly isn't big enough to carry more than a single person with him. He's not that much of a fighter (he's squeamish around blood) and often uses nonlethal measures to defend himself... His magic is that of healing and restoration, life and mercy. One of the more interesting spells he has slowly turns wasteland into lush, rich soil, or sprouts a single young fruit-bearing tree. So far, he has not been able to do this time and energy-inefficemt spell often. His draconic breath weapon is not fire or any sort of instantly damaging weapon: he breathes out a relaxing gas similar to nitrus oxide (laughing gas).

History: The life of a mere-dragon is a lot harder when the individual takes more after their dragon parent than their human parent, as Rethil did. Originally created to combine the strength of the bio-engineered weapons with human minds, the result was hideous and weak to his dragon parent, monstrous and frightning to his human parent, the project was abandoned soon after starting. One specimen hatched after the destruction of the world... His mewling cries convinced a nearby village that ghosts were on the prowl. Only a single brave holy man went out in an attempt to appease the ghosts... He only found the newborn Rethil.

The holy man had never married (never having that much love for the opposite gender), and took the draconic Rethil as his own, raising him in the woods far away from the superstitous townsfolk. Rethil was taught manners, courtesy, and how to read and write. He surprised his adoptive father in growing at about the same rate as a human child, and having a similar mentality. Rethil chafed at not having others to play with, and wanted to go into town. He would never get the chance.

A housewife with more interest in the holy man than her husband eventually followed him out there, jealously thinking he was seeing some woman. Finding instead the adopted "son" and father, she ran back into the village. A mob started, and was the doom of the holy man. Dragon and human blood stirred, and the rage that followed brought the world to life around the townsfolk, roots pulling folks up to their heads in the ground, sand quaking and sinking homes... The roars of Rethil's sorrow and rage could be heard for miles as he breathed his gas breath, overdosing many of his targets: killing them. He flew off to be alone.

Once more, however, he would be followed. The roar of rage and sorrow was heard, and imvestigators found survivors among the ruins of a town. They told of a pale demonic entity that corrupted their holy man, killing him and then going after the town. They then pointed up at the mountain where Rethil had flown towards... Several monster-hunters climbed the mountain to slay "The White Demon".

They did not find what they had expected. The bottom of the mountain had become lush and green, fruit and flowers appearing that had been thought lost to time. Moss and grass grew, trees sprouted in a path up the mountain - in a cave filled with these wonders, the slayers found Rethil... Crying as he moved his claws over a stone wall, engraving the image of his lost "father". The slayers then set upon the mere-dragon, hoping to slay him. He wimped and groveled, pleading for them just to leave him alone.

Two of them saw that they had made a grave error, and turned to persuade the others of this: Rethil escaped in the ensuing fight. He stumbled upon Zhara's group as they were starting out, gravely injured, and managed to persuade them that he was not an evil creature trying to get in their way, but someone who needed their help. He demonstrated his healing magic (on himself) and joined the group.
COME ON! THIS IS HIGH FANTASY PEOPLE!!! HAVE A LITTLE CREATIVITY!!! D8< All you humans mucking up the place....*grumbles and mumbles*


Character Name: Arothi


Herbalist, Cook and Ranged Fighter

Looks to be in her mid-twenties but is more than likely in her late thirties.
Current Goal/Purpose: Find Yggdrasil.

General Personality:
Motherly and caring she keeps her eye out for everyone in the group, no matter their age. More often than not she is the one that will listen to the personal feelings and problems of the group, acting as the medium if there is ever a fight. She can get quite vicious however when angry and will more than likely rip someone a new one if they try to go up against her.

Arothi has a massive knowledge of all types of plants and herbs, having traveled from place to place and learning and much as she could. She uses most of her knowledge for healing purposes but she can also mix up something quite toxic if it were ever necessary. She also is able to cook rather well, knowing what plants are great for reviving energy and being a rather skilled hunter. Fighting wise she stays back and fights from a distance, being quite deadly with her bow and arrows. She is also very quick footed and can dodge most attacks without much of a problem. She devils in a little magic, most of it just simple aiding spells such as illuminating spells and small fire incantations.

General History:
Born and raised in a herd of Centaurs, she spent her childhood mastering herbalism and healing tonics, that being the main trade that the heard provided for any passerby. As she grew older she learned how to fight, hunt, and use bits of magic. For the longest while she traveled from place to place with her herd, trading their herbalist skills for supplies and food.

While in a small town trading one day she heard of Zahra and her quest and became quite interested, having grown tired of her dull life of travel and trade. After consulting the alpha for permission she approached Zahar and offered her skills to the group, even going so far as to offer herself as a supply carrier since her body was built for it. Since then she has been with the group, carrying much supplies for her may jobs and taking care of her fellow travel companions.

Items: She carries a harness full of supplies such as dried food, medical equipment and other items the other members of the group are unable to carry on their person. On her back she has a large quiver filled with arrows along with a large hand carved bow.
Character Name: Rovan "The Roving Tooth" Tamillin

Gender: Male

Occupation/Way of life: Formerly a warrior of some repute, Rovan decided he wanted to follow his dream of being a bard.

General Appearance: Though Rovan is now technically a bard, he still prefers to dress as a warrior would. His left arm, side, and leg are heavily armored in overlapping plated mail. His right side is adorned only in light leather armor for speed. Uncharacteristically, he also packs a well made, if slightly beaten up lute, slung across his back. Lastly, he carries a stout spear with a pointed counter weight at the opposite end.

General Personality: Friendly and warm, Rovan made fast friends as a warrior, often entering a pub a stranger, but leaving knowing everyone by name. He has even been known to become friends with people he has bested in combat or whom have bested him. Though this friendly nature shouldn't be mistaken for a lack of battle skills, Rovan is strong and fast with years of training.

As a Bard, Rovan is eager to learn new stories and songs, his friendly nature helps him gain access to knowledge and places normally blocked off from common folk. Additionally, he isn't very skilled with his lute, instead he tries to compensate by telling more stories or speaking songs. Despite his disadvantages Rovan continually tries and tries, drawing from a large well of perseverance and determination gained through his warrior training.

General History: Having been trained in the arts of war since barely out of his childhood, Rovan is an excellent example of your typical warrior. Fighting hard and laughing harder, he's been across many lands and seen much, experienced more, and fought the entire way through. After a particularly large battle that ended with few living on either side, Rovan decided he wanted more. Having found a dead bard in the field
he felt a sudden urge to become a man of music, song, and mirth... but he still kept his spear. Now as a bard, his travels have lead him to a rumor of Yggdrasil, the Life Tree, and like any good bard, he must seek the adventure!
OKAY! :D Everyone's characters get a thumbs up so far. I am still accepting characters should anyone else wish to join.

I have started the IC! This is Chapter One.
In this mini chapter, I want everyone to take the opportunity to introduce their character and how the interact/get along with the other characters. Because all of the characters have already met, this is a very good moment to display a quirk, or vital "plot bunny" that you'd like to become important later in the game. Foreshadowing, if you will. >:D

Anyone who joins after Chapter One is -finished- will be introduced as a new person they've not yet met. I'll wrap up this chapter when most of the peeps have an opportunity to display something interesting about their character -OR- if it's taking too long to move. XD Whichever happens first.

I'll be doing scenes as chapters!
I have a flexible "chapter plan" written up, and each of MY scene ideas will focus on certain characters so everyone has an opportunity to do something badass. >:D However, if YOU have a particular scene or moment you plot up and really really want to do, let me know and I will make sure it happens. I'm going to be adjusting the chapter plan based on what characters do In-game. There are "fifteen" chapters, the last chapter being the finale and the only chapter that is set in stone.

So shoo shoo, go post!

Also...I'm welcoming any interaction with Lahras, but for the most part, you'll likely have to come to him. He's not a very social person by nature and very to himself.
Name: Lirin

Age: Unknown

Race/Gender: Cat/Female

Job/Role: Scout. She sometimes breaks away from the rest of the party to scout ahead. Any discoveries she reports back to Zahra.

Current Purpose/Goal: To find the Glowing Tree


To put it simply she's a black cat (yes, none of that pesky human curves you call breasts) with golden eyes standing about 6'0" and about 145 lbs. Her tail is about two and a half feet long, prehensile and usually worn as a belt when she wants to mimimize the risk of it being stepped on. She's capable of standing, walking, running on her hindlegs but prefers being on all fours. She wears knee-high black boots and no, she doesn't need to wear clothes and she detests armor.


  • Hand to hand combat: She uses her retractable claws.
  • Stealth: She can move quickly and silently in the dark.
  • Shifting: She can shift to a smaller housecat-sized version of herself.
  • Inhuman senses: She can see, taste, smell, hear and touch better than any normal human.
  • Other mysterious abilities ... [Added just for you, Asmo. You're so special!]
History: Lirin never talks about her history ...
Diana is so Asmodesque. <3
My Character Sheet:-

Name: Annalaey

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Although has plum coloured hair with the same shaded eyes.

Personality: Quite, keeps to herself, speaks only when it's needed but has a habit of speaking to herself, has an odd accent slurring in her speech. Very patient and calm, always thinks with a clear mind even when angered she recovers fast and composes herself.

Skills: Annalaey is a natural born survivor, she was cast in the warrior class of her tribe. Is expert in long range shots like with spears and bow and arrows but is very good in close range fighting as well and prefers blades and daggers in such cases. She carries a bow and arrow, two daggers, a belt of blades and a whip with split ends having hooked blades.

Other Talents: She knows a few spells, concerning memory loss and gain and healing tonics.

Bio: Annalaey belongs to the Vierr race, people of her race tend to live in small colonies in form of villages and tribes but as of recent many of the Vierr tribes which reside in the woods have encountered demons wrecking their homes,worse, those demons started devouring the villagers. Annalaey had heard of the legendary Yggdrasil and seeks to find it and restore her peoples life. Annalaey heard of this person named Zahra who had a band of people questing for the same purpose and so she decided to join.