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Hi I'm Meghan,
I am a regular here on Iwaku, and I love it. Lately I've been having some serious cravings. Now fair warning I love fluff, and romance. I don't get enough of it in my daily life, and I need more. I have a few plots in mind. All I'm hoping for is some long term Rps that are able to post once, maybe twice a day.
I can RP anything, not a huge fan of smut without a decent plot.
Other fair warning is I am one of those people who is a meaty writer, I can write upwards of six to twelve paragraphs if I let myself so I would love it if my partners would be willing to do the same.

Some plot ideas in mind:

Country boy meets city boy
Two friends from high school
A human boy finds a merman in an the aquarium where he works as a marine biologist and breaks him out
Vampire boyfriend ends up finding his once human boyfriend out in the woods and he's been changed into a werewolf
One hits the other with his car on accident

Two men whom are already dating end up falling for the same woman and try to get a three way relationship to work.

If you have anything you want to rp just let me know :)
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You do not need another do not...oh what the heck!

Hello there! I would love to the human boyxMerman roleplay!
I have always wanted to play as a merman...

Unfortunately...I am nothing but a bluestar which rules out smut entirely! D: So, I'd understand if you wouldn't want to roleplay with me...



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I'm interested in Country boy meets city boy
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