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  1. Alexi
    Ghost Isle Boarding school is very... intriguing. Everyone dresses somewhat oddly, but in all it's just like any other high school. Except for the fact that cameras are everywhere and there's a cemetery for the backyard. It's in the middle of nowhere and the students are angels, witches, vampires, outcasts and almost anything else you can think of. The people here keep to themselves and most are flat out rude.

    It was the morning of September 6th and Alexiana made her way to room 106C for orientation at Ghost Isle. She rushed in the room, combing through her hair with her fingers due to being late. Why am I always freaking late? Lex thought to herself. Alexi quietly made her way to the back of the room, listening in on a manly woman talking to all the other teens about the rules of the boarding school. Almost everyone's clothing is black, except for a few "rule breakers" and as the woman speaks about some of the rules of the school, she holds out a box labeled "Hazards" and people start dropping things into it. One girl pulled out a pink Swiss Army knife and tossed it into the box. Another boy pulled out a lighter, pack of cigarettes and several books of matches then threw them in. It came to Lexi. She didn't really have anything to put into the box, and if she did she was sure she could just sneak it in, Everyone could sneak shit in. They were all supernatural. The woman nodded and went over to the next person.

    She noticed a few people that she had a few classes with last year, and she smiled to know that she would still be going to school with them a bit longer. Lexi spotted one of her best friends Jade and walked over to her, smiling. "Hey, girly! Are you excited for the new year?!" She and Jade had been friends since Kindergarten. Long before Alexiana was turned into a vampire and Jade discovered her powers.
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  2. Already comfortably seated in the orientation room, Ezekiel barely heard a word spoken by the woman as he looked around at all of the other students, ever curious. He figured he didn't need to hear what the lady had to say-- he'd heard it all before. In his idle looking about, he recognized a few people from his previous year at the school, which was nice. There were also plenty of new faces around, which was also nice.

    Ezekiel paused as his eyes were met with another's, his lips filtering into a habitual smirk as he decided to play the first prank of the year. Just a bit of temporary paralysis. Amused with his work done, the Basilisk then turned around to face the front of the room and avoid suspicion, his smirk shifting into a grin. He probably looked like a creep, grinning at nothing. If anything, it definitely only added to the suspicious factor. It was just a bit difficult to contain at times.

    This would be an entertaining year, as well.​
  3. "In this life there are two things"
    "And then there's me." Sanctuary stood on her tiptoes looking over a few people. She wasn't short or anything, in fact her wonderful heals helped with her height, even if it was an issue, but she wanted to take a look at the water, it was beautiful.

    "Isn't water the devils worst enimy?"
    "Aren't crosses a vampires?"
    "Touché! Hi Sanctuary, I didn't think you would be here, what hell got boring?"
    "Underworld, but yeah, I figured I can colelct souls AND live on earth, why not?"

    The two girls stood by the water talking to eachotehr. Sanctuary was a tall, well dressed, young almost Gothic looking girl with darkened long hair. Originally it was brown but now it was sort of an off shade of black with brown in it. Next to her stood, and also sort of Goth looking but more or less nerdy with her plaid shirt and short shorts. A blonde haired beauty that wore glasses to frame her face. They were the most unlikely of friends, where Sanctuary was Gothic, loved blood and gore, barely getting along with anyone due to her personality and all out evil aura, there was the bright bubbly, fun loving, Elisabeth. Both were beautiful but that was where their similarities seemed to end.


    Oh, and of course there was the mater of the girl's small white cat. No matter how many hell hounds, knives or star-blades Sanctuary would throw at the cat it still... lingered. He was a weird cat, also wearing glasses, but he was a wizard of sorts. Sanctuary hated the cat, but, he, was Elisabeth's only friend. Aside form herself. Elisabeth was far from friendless, everywhere she would go in a matter of moments time she would make friends. Sanctuary was the kind of creepy that even scared the biggest of blood thirsty people. Elisabeth saw passed this girl and even saved her on one and only one occasion. Sanctuary took the cat suddenly and hopped into the air spreading a huge set of dark black wings and took off across the water. The cat barely grazed the water until she turned and dive-bombed the lake. Elisabeth stared into the water shocked and surprised, fear filtered through her body until Sanctuary came straight out of the water knocking the girl back. She landed beside Elisabeth helping her up and smiled handing the scared shit less cat back to the girl.

    "Here ya' go!" She smiled even wider and then left to go into the school. Elisabeth started grooming the cat with her fingers pulling the bits of seaweed out of his fur after continuously removing his claws from inside her skin. They did not hurt her, she was a vampire so blood for her was something she sort of loved, but she did not heal like other vampires, she had no powers, it was like a curse, and this was because her former life, she was a witch.

    Sanctuary made it inside the school and looked around the grand mansion like set-up. It was beautiful, not as dark as she would have liked it to be and FAR too few candles as lighting, but it was a place to hang her head and it would do just fine. People swarmed in and around her walking to and fro doing their own thing and minding their own business. She liked it when no one messed with her, when no one talked to her or even seemed to care that she was there, because if she was, there, they would automatically know something was wrong and even more so hate her. This was not a sad story and not a sappy soppy life for her though and she wasn't going to make it like that, she just liked knowing that people feared her, her personality liked it, flocked to that and didn't seem to change, She blamed her father and moved on, to another day amongst people that time would only tell if they truly liked her or not.

    She wore a short top that cut across her stomach showing her stomach and her shorts were almost non-existent but her shoes made up for that being thigh high boots. Her wings also tucked around her neck like a scarf. Her thin and slender build was all she could use to pull off this look. As she turned around looking at everything she saw Elisabeth walking in with a huge pearly smile on her face, her skin however was covered in bleeding fresh cuts.

    "I'm going to have to go to the nurse, aren't I?"
    "Uh, well only if you want to, won't they heal if you feed?"
    "I think so, Do they look bad?"

    Her cuts were everywhere, they sort of made her look like a cutter. Sanctuary shook her head in response. "Nah, they don't look too bad," She smirked slightly. Elisabeth smacked her on the shoulder and sighed handing the girl her bag.

    "I'm going to the nurse, stay here and don't kill anyone while I'm gone?"

    Sanctuary nodded and smirked. She would do anything for her friend and as the blonde beauty trailed off though the crowd excusing herself every time she bumped into someone, she turned back to the crowd. Knowing... Elisabeth said nothing... nothing at all about torturing people.

    {And there we go, one totally unapproachable girl, and another... fully approachable girl. Perfect pair, no!? XD}
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  4. Sawyer
    Sawyer groaned softly to himself, his head slumped onto his desk as the morning settled in, students new and old filing into the medium sized room. The teacher was trying to speak about the campus rules and what not, but Sawyer easily zoned her out. He was so not ready to go back to school, and he desperately wanted to go back to his bed and call it a day. His eye lids were heavy from lack of sleep, due to his over thinking the night before, and he continuously rubbed at them to wake himself up. Sawyer finally sat up, and decided to actually socialize instead of groaning like a baby. He walked over to a group of random people, greeting them with a small smile and leaning against the wall. He was always fairly popular, though he never knew why, but he didn't have a clique. He roamed freely to whomever he pleased, and he liked it this way. It just made things...simpler. Sawyer was sure his Twenty One Pilots shirt stuck out from the rest of the classes gothic apparel, but he'd never seen any need in it. He continued to chat with the group of people, mixing in and socializing along with the new and old faces.

    Milo sat in the back of his homeroom class, looking over at every student that walked into the room. Some old, some new, but each were unique and interesting. His feet were propped up on his desk as he leaned back in the tilted chair, keeping himself perfectly balanced as he bit at his bottom lip with keen interest. His black hair was slightly messy, as always, and he was dressed in his usual dark clothing and leather jacket. Oh, and let's not forget his favorite boots. He gave a sigh of boredom, and decided to do what he did best. Milo swooped his feet down and let the chair return to it's normal stance, and swiftly made his way over to one of his friends, Alexiana. "Alexiana, my dear~" He cooed softly, giving her neck a soft nip with his teeth and laughing defiantly. "How has the year been treating you?" He cocked an eyebrow and leaned against a nearby desk, his head leaning to the side as he looked at her.
    Arron came barreling into the room as he panted heavily, is black messy hair windblown as ever. He'd decided to start the year off with his male form, and go from there, answering the questions of others if they asked. He gave a laugh as he stood on top of a nearby desk, hearing storming footsteps rushing down the hall. "Arron!!!" He gave a snicker at the yell of rage, and quickly hopped to a new desk as a teacher came into the room, slamming the door loudly. "Where is she?! Where is that troubling girl!!" Arron bit the inside of his cheek to keep from busting out in laughter, watching as the teacher walked over to the desk he was standing on. " shifter...gender swapping....thing!" The teacher obviously knew nothing, and Arron smirked down at him. "I prefer the term mutant." The teacher's face turned beet red, and he grabbed at Arron's legs. "Ah, ah, ah, catch me if you can!!" Arron barreled from desk to desk, laughing like an idiot as the teacher chased after him fruitlessly.
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  5. Alexiana
    Alexiana chuckled at Milo's start of the coversation, her attention turning from Jade to him. "Well considering it just started, pretty great. Aren't you just the affectionate one, as always." Alexi smiled at Milo. She didn't really have a problem with Milo being as seductive as he was, but sometimes he took it to the extreme.
  6. |||Geo|||
    Geo sighed as she slumped back into her chair. Classes were incredibly boring, and she had only been here for 10 minutes. The bird girl let out a yawn, stretching her wings softly that where tucked underneath her shirt. The fabric pressed tightly against her back, but there where two parallel slits cut in the back, as did all of her jackets, which were usually thin anyway. She let out a puff of air towards her bangs as she sat in the class, and the teacher stared at her expectantly. Geo just chomped on her gum, blowing a bubble before she just moved on.

    Geo smiled and kicked up her feet on the desk, looking bored as she tapped her fingers. She didn't really pick out anyone from the crowd that she wanted to hang with, though she did see some. She could hear lots of crashing though the walls and she assumed that someone was already breaking the rules. She popped her bubble gum in a bored manner, picking at her nails to pass time.
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  7. Milo
    He gave a slow nod, then grinned foolishly, "Why of course, hon. What else could I be?" Milo knew he was flirtatious and arrogant, but it was just in his nature to do so. Besides, it's not like anyone has ever died from a little nibble here and there. He sighed dramatically and pursed his lips, looking over at a male who seemed to lose the strength in his legs, in which he fell to the ground with a shocked expression. His crimson eyes trailed over to a rather suspicious looking male, and he couldn't help but smirk. "Looks like we've got another prankster in our midst~"
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  8. Before seeing Alexiana, Jade's morning was absolutely crap. Being throw out of her mother's car at the first sight of the school was horrible, realizing she left her phone charger at home was disastrous, and getting a request to see the Headmaster was life ending. If there was one person she hated at this school it would Headmaster. This was the worst start to what was supposed to be a great year. But now, she was among friends. Looking at the shifter, she laughed; this year was going to be better then expected. Focusing her attention on Alexiana and Milo she spoke, "You have to give him a little credit, he has spunk!" Glancing back at scene she smiled.
  9. Alexiana looked over at the guy Milo had pointed out, and she could tell by the look on his face that he was up to something. Alexi didn't really get along with Zeke, and he knew it. She wouldn't be surprised if she was the prankee he was after. But it wouldn't exactly be smart of him.
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  10. Though he was still trying his best to act casual, Ezekiel could feel the growing number of eyes on him, and couldn't help but turn to look. After taking a moment to put names to the faces of the two watching him, Zeke glanced towards the poor soul that had been the victim of his prank, then looked back towards the two with a shrug and a grin. Milo and Alexiana. He recalled that he'd had a few... Spats with Alexiana the previous year, but... It'd been a while, so old enemies could be given another chance... Milo, he had no problems with. His Flirty McTouchy-Feely behavior was amusing, if nothing else. Neither of them seemed like the type to call him out for his little trick, so all was well.
  11. Sanctuary
    She waited for as long as her mind would allow her to and then she saw Sawyer standing with a group that looked well.. .sort of dressed like they so happened to be Gothic as well. Her curiosity drew her closer to the man and once she came close enough to hear him talk she felt immediately like there was something wrong with her. "Ah, hi," She said swallowing her fear and a sudden urge to tell him what she told virtually every other person. Elisabeth, her shield was nowhere to be seen, her cat would surely gain her attention though. She wanted to throw the cat at Sawyer, even as it was she who approached him, and run. Instead she decided to make it to class ignoring him all together, she walked into home room and sat down in the nearest to the door empty seat. "Okay, okay, relax, not everyone needs to die and not everyone needs you to be a total a hole to. Just be nice, ride it through, it's only a few hours..." Sitting, silent and listening to her heart race like it was at a marathon, she felt almost choked. Like the air itself had been stripped from her lungs, what was this feeling, this utter fuzziness inside her? Whatever it was, she didn't like it. In fact HATED it with all her heart.


    What was left of it anyway.

    Elisabeth walked to the infirmary sitting down on one of the chairs and started to play with her cat. He chased around the floor after a small red dot, a laser to be exact. Elisabeth forced the dot back and forth across the floor and up the walls watching his long white fur start to dry. "I'm sorry Sanctuary gave you a bath, you weren't supposed to get one till tomorrow!" Her cuts weren't sever but she didn't want to change out of her cloths, plus it had been a while since she fed and regardless if lunch was four periods away, she couldn't eat human food, well she could but not without it making her severely sicker than she already looked with all her kitty's scratches. Sebastian stopped chasing the laser and started to viciously groom his paw. Elisabeth's hand jerked up and she dropped the laser. Sebastian chased after the laser pointer. ​
  12. Lucas
    Lucas was on his way into the classroom when he felt a wave of dizziness overcome him. He groaned internally, he had forgotten to charge himself up last night after he and Zeke had been sparring. Zeke had been helping him try to be able to control his powers a bit more, but there hadn't been a lot of progress lately. Sleeping had restored some of it but he needed t to get some actual electricity soon. Turning around, he made his way to the nurses office, there was already a girl there who was playing with..her cat? Lucas shrugged to himself and sat down on a nearby bed, trying to get his head to stop spinning.

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  13. |||Axel|||
    Axel was terribly and horribly lost. Once again, the space head thought he knew where he was going, but sadly he didn't. As he wandered the halls, following any sort of noise that was bouncing off the walls, he soon found the room. It was fairly easy to locate, probably because there was a lot of crashing and yelling inside before it all settled into a soft chatter. He sighed and pushed open the door, being greeted by a rush of warm air.

    He smiled as he scanned the room, his eyes finding Alexiana. She was a cool girl, very different. He liked that about her. Smiling widely, he walked over and behind her, making sure he wasn't seen. As soon as he was behind her, he closed his hands over her eyes, smiling as he made a manly voice. "Guess who?" He asked in a low tone, smiling widely as he covered her eyes.
  14. Alexiana smiled when she heard the voice of her crush behind her. He covered her eyes. "Uhm... is it Ronald McDonald? If not I give up." She giggled chewing her bottom lip. Since freshman year, she had a little crush on Axel. She tried not to make it too obvious. Of course was never gonna let anyone else know that she liked him. Well except for her best friends.
  15. Axel laughed softly, smiling as he pulled his hands back from over her eyes as he pulled his face next to hers. "Good morning." He said happily, pulling up a chair, just so he could sit on it backwards. "Looks like you and Milo are having a lovely morning." He noted.
  16. Alexiana
    Alexi giggled and shrugged. "Morning. Well I guess it's lovely. A little better now." She smiled at Axel. The morning was going alright. She didn't get any sleep last night and spent most of it getting ready for school the next day. She went through her entire closet for an outfit, just to throw on a pair of ripped jeans and a band tee.
  17. Axel laughed softly, flicking her forehead. "Well it looks like you haven't slept. You know that's not good for you right?" She asked her, his canines a little pointy as he tried to picked the extra prices of meat from his teeth.
  18. (( On mobile. ))

    A chair fell to the floor as he continued to jump from desk to desk, not even minding if he was causing a scene. Everyone was laughing, anyway, due to the teachers rage and red face. "Awe, am I too fast?" Arron smirked, hopping off the desk and dashing out into the hallway and into a different homeroom, quickly changing genders. Her hair flowed carelessly as she grinned like a wild woman, hopping into a closet near the back of the room, though before entering, she flashed everyone a glare. "Give away my hiding spot, and I will end you." She smirked again before hopping into the small closet. The teacher came barreling in a few seconds later, "Where is he?! WHERE IS HE?!" he stormed into the room, all the while Arron bit her tongue to keep from laughing.
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  19. Alexiana
    Alex nodded her head at his comment. "Yeah I know. But we can't all get the recommended 8 hours of sleep and pick out the perfect outfit." She giggled, handing Axel a toothpick.
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  20. Elisabeth
    Elisabeth yawned again and sneezed once reaching for her cat who was curious enough of the man sitting on the far end as furthest away from where she had chosen to sit. "Hi there!" Her warm pearly whites flashed a comforting smile and her eyes closed to add to her cute effect. She was good at making friends and first impressions were a key to doing just that. "I have no idea where the nurse is but, I feel a sudden energy from you, Oh! You must be an electric type! How cool!" Elisabeth finally captured her cat but her sensitive fingers felt his fur tense at end. She wondered how electric types got their energy, she couldn't simply stand the electricity when it was running through the wires, her heightened senses could practically smell it from great distences and it gave her a massive headache. It must have been where her sudden head rush came from.'

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