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  1. Hello! My name is Diana, and I am admin #2. My job is organizing the community, public relations, and CHAAAAAAAAARPS. I was hired for a temp job many years ago, and then Rory changed me to a desk and I never left. Luckily this is my favorite thing in the world to do, next to roleplaying! <3

    In real life I am a married House Elf that lives with a bunch of men! I am also a real Disney Princess. I am super girly, am surrounded by cats, love glitter and rainbows, and I break in to song about everything. Everything. I sang half of that sentence in my head while typing it. >>

    In roleplay, I am an IMMERSIVE player! Meaning, I step in to the life of my characters completely and get super in to it. I never blur the line between me and my characters, though. That would be weird. I love playing in silly Teen roleplays! I also love playing the damsel that gets kidnapped all the time. >:3 Romance is a delicious candy for me and the perfect way to trap me in to a roleplay. I play mary sues and mary sue plots and I LOVE IT!

    I can't get through a day without listening to music! I love to paint, I enjoy tarot, astrology, pretty stones. I go to a renfest once a year cause it gives me an excuse to dress up in costume. I collect dvds. I have a fondness for owls and kittens and animals in general! And I don't like babies, spiders, papaya, or when people ask "Hi, How are you?"

    My dream for Iwaku is PLAAAAAAY! All roleplay! Everywhere roleplay! Roleplay in different styles and methods and genres!


    Or maybe just the things you think I need to know. <3
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  2. I AM WHAT I AM~

    I'm the god damn Batman.

    I am all of me.

    I'm the man who's gonna burn your house down! With the lemons!

    I am credit to team.

    I am the Doctor.

    I don't actually have anything interesting to say about myself. Tends to be a running theme when you get out so little the mere mention of the sun is enough to make you burst into flames.
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  3. Hi, Diana! I'm Madyline. ^-^ in real life, I'm a girl trying to work her way into and through college. What little spare time I do have I spend on here! Lately that spare time has been quite a bit less due to our German Shepard puppy we've been trying to train these last three weeks. She's a little terror sometimes, but she makes up for it in adorableness.

    I love music, especially Yiruma, and while I don't know how to play piano yet, I will soon!

    I will be honest, I find role plays about just romance to be somewhat boring. I'm a fan of lots of drama and morbid endings. >:D horror and apocalyptic are my favorite genres.

    I can't really think of anything else to say, so I guess that's me!
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  4. I work in a factory. Going to school to major in physics/quantum mechanics. I love reading, and writing. And watching movies and anime. And above all else, I love science. I love how the more that we understand only leaves that many more questions to be answered.

    I also love food, despite my habit for not eating a day or two at times; choosing sleep over the major faculties of life. Mexican food is my favorite. Fajitas, enchiladas, pretty much anything that ends in "as". And salsa. OMG salsa!

    Diana, you seem to be an awesome person. Doing what you love is a rare thing for people to do these days.
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    I DM in real life for table tops, mostly horror ones using the White Wolf NWOD system.

    I love horror games and psychological films.

    I have a super boring job in law.

    I am a musician.

    I am from Scotland.

    @Porg is one of my housemates.
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  6. Hi there! Im an excells language arts student who pretty much writes novels just for the heck of it, and Hate stupid people. Yes, you stupid people who live down the street from me =.= most anoying thin in the world... But asside from that hate, I love love love icecream and my goats (three of them) and my chickens (7) and my doggies, and the neighbor's kitties, and the peacocks down the street and the horses and the cows *continues rambling* But no, i dont live on a farm. xD I live just outside two of the main cities in my area that i am quite sure that no one has ever heard of because the are stupid and boring u~u But i have my ways of being entertained.

    Mainly ROLEPLAY! Its the best story in my view because you never know what the plot will turn into! You hardly ever have complete control over any situation becaue theres more than one person to be dealing with, and thus it gives me a constant literary challenge (something i never get in school -.-' ) I started roleplaying with my best friend only a day after we met in the second grade, but of course, that was LARPing. I, however, would go home and write about everything we did, creating a massive universe that we all lived in and had our own lives for. And yet, the lore on this world is still developing! My friend and i took up written role play in the sixth grade, but really got into it in the eighth grade, and then it all spirals into play-craze from there.

    I'm not the most girly of girls out there, but hey, i like who i am and it helps me with my writing! I have a severe emotional disturbance that keeps me from showing or expressing my emotions properly, but i am extrememly attatched to my roleplay characters, feeling what they feel and thinking what they think. I cry a lot due to roleplay, and yet in real life i rarely ever cry xD (unless mom says i cant have more animals T~T) I love really descriptive roleplays that i can ump into just like a book, and would love to give the same expirience to others ^^

    (please excuse any typing errors, still getting used to my new keyboard)
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  7. For you, Diana, anything.

    Hey, everyone. I'm Peregrine. And I really, really, suck at writing these. If you go back to my very first post on this site, back when I was fleeing from the crashed Roleplayer Guild, you will see that. But, honestly, better you don't. For your sake, as well as mine.

    But I am lucky, because one thing I can talk about is my stories. I've been an obsessive storyteller since I was a tiny thing, and while I haven't always consciously realized that is what I want to do, I've always subconsciously known that, so long as I got to spend all day every day telling stories, I would be deliciously happy. I've always been motivated to do things by stories. Or, rather, I've always been interested in filling in the gaps between stories, where I see potential and the people who were writing the stories didn't fill that potential.

    Roleplay is my step while I'm still in school. I spend a ridiculous amount of time on this site, usually writing, but just as often refreshing the page to see if I have anything new to write.

    If I'm not on this site, I'm probably somewhere that doesn't have internet access. Which generally means hiking, but occasionally means I simply have to do something that keeps me out of arms reach from my computer or phone. I love going backpacking, if only because knowing that you can survive for a period of time with nothing but the materials you have on your back is incredibly exhilarating. I participate in a Kung Fu class twice a week, although I'm going to have to stop now because I'm going to be traveling for the summer, and then moving to a new state for the coming school year.

    Umm... I really like the color orange. I like birds and wolves and whales. And I'm very glad that there are people out there who care enough to actually read all that.
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  8. Just to annoy Diana, HI, HOW ARE YOU? I am Lewi and I am your average role player here on iwaku. I was blessed enough to find this place years ago on the ultimate list. Before that I role played over email (which I still do but iwaku is now my primary source XD) and I had a very ill regard for forums for rp in general. I absolutely loathed them because everywhere I went was far too restricting for my taste and they were all mean to me. T-T I am proud to say iwaku was the force that turned my mind around on that!

    In real life I am deaf and mute. I am also kokopelli Native American by my raising and through my grandma. Me being deaf and mute is a thing I try not to reveal to many people because it always made me feel awkward. I've learned by watching how other people act and react and I do not think that it effects my role playing very much. It makes for some very funny stories later on. Like the time I nearly got arrested for stealing because I left walmart with a shirt they forgot to take the buzzer thingy off of and I couldn't hear the alarm...... Anyway! I am now sure that my iwaku friends will not think any different of me for admitting this.

    My role play style doesn't change very much. I much like Diana prefer to play the damsel in distress characters. But lately I find myself and my picky tastes as well as a lack of creativity making me come up dry in ideas for new rps. I've used the same plots I have had from years ago lol

    I love sassafras tea which grows native in my area, I love the outdoors and my animals. My favorite animals would probably be big cats or my pet dogs. I also love children. At one point in time I had an aspiration to teach. I greatly dislike grapefruit.

    THERE DIANA! I told you my secrets. Lol
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  9. Salutations! My forum name is Accelerator, which is really close to my actual name and is my all time favorite character in the Anime/Manga/Light Novel To Aru Majutsu no index/ To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. I'm still a student, an aspiring writer who took an engineering course (yeah I am very complicated), and I love making stories. In fact, whenever I watch an anime show I like, I tend to create fanfics in my head all the t8me. Recently, I have been writing one of those fanfics, a fan fiction about To Aru Majutsu no index. I have been having trouble with writer's block as of late but I have already written a prologue and two chapters. Also, I am the story writer for a manga me and two of my friends are making. It hasn't been a total success since we are just amateurs in the trade though.

    I can safely say that I interact better with people online than in real life. I'm not that much of a social person in real life but I am not completely unapproachable. In fact, I'm quite friendly. I enjoy roleplaying a lot since it lets me immerse myself into the different worlds of the different characters I play in. In addition to that, I get to hone my grammatical skills.

    It has only been a few years since I discovered roleplaying. It started first when a certain anime streaming site's forum introduced the concept of roleplaying to that site. The rp died quickly but it fueled something in me, a dormant sense of writing, creating and becoming.

    Since then, I have joined two more sites before I came upon Iwaku. One site was not that good of a roleplaying environment while the other was filled with too much bias and drama. The reason I love this site the most is because everything is done strictly professionally. No Drama whatsoever(or at least from what I have observed anyway.) The members are really friendly and Oh my Glob everyone is so good at it that sometimes I wanna lie down, do the fetal position and ponder how I can get my roleplaying skills to level up.

    I have to thank Akashi for introducing the site to me. Without him I would have never known the existence of this wonderful site. I do apologize if my introduction was not very satisfactory.
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  10. I have no profession but have been referred to as the Jack of all Trades, Master of None.

    Psychology interests me. As does genetics, writing, drawing/sketching, and coding.

    Noctis is my favorite original character and was featured in my first ever profile avatar on Iwaku.

    I've drawn all of my avatars thus far.

    My original character, Adora Salvatrix, is my current avatar.

    Noctis the Devious was given to me by a Roleplay buddy of mine. Long story that one, and one I cannot seem to live down v.v

    I used to be known as Exprimere/Spri

    I am socially awkward and suck at chatting but the more I talk to someone the easier it gets to respond. I still struggle with social cues though v.v

    I am not a very wordy person and that frustrates some people?

    I listen to a variety of music and this somehow confuses my friends?

    Despite popular belief, I actually have more male characters than female.

    I edit my posts a lot.

    I have an inconsistent Roleplay style that varies from one Roleplay to the next.

    I prefer to play characters that know some form of martial arts/have a way to defend themselves. I don't play damsels in distress very well but I'm working on it...

    I played Scotty.
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  11. I'm That Butler, college graduate with a degree in Biology. I'm looking to get into graduate school in some kind of animal behavior kind of program. In the meantime, I volunteer with a bunch of reptiles, birds, and some dolphins. (Yes, I'm a dolphin trainer on a volunteer basis. Which basically means that I do a lot of cleaning buckets, but I do get to work with the animals as well.)

    I've been roleplaying for...about eight years now. I love it. It's my creative outlet, along with DnD and other games of that sort. I was a theatre arts minor in college, and I see roleplaying as a way to practice my acting skills (by getting into a character's head and embracing the role).

    My other interests include reading, video games, anime, horseback riding, fencing, archery, cosplay, collecting swords, skeet shooting, visiting Medieval Times (a lot), playing Go, and many other things.
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  12. I chained you to the desk and introduced you to your antithesis, Vay. That's all you need to know.
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  13. I decided to post here just because Diana used that fancy ad banner thing and I saw my user name in it.

    I also think I've already told Diana all the fun stuff in her other getting to know you threads. :P
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  14. HEY! I am extremely weird and crazy. (If you haven't noticed already.)
    I am a student in middle school but I really want to get into singing or music career. Or an art career.
    I love drawing people.
    I love Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time, Disney movies and lots of other things!
    I love roleplaying deep characters with interesting back-stories!
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  15. I am heliacalRebirth, although many may know me as Seiyr or Emma.

    My life is ironic. I act stupid to deal with the stupidity around me. So yes, I'm usually in the deans office for "throwing plastic spoons over the railing and hitting a teacher on the head at a pep rally" or "making disruptive noises in the hallway". The funny thing is is that I'm also in the top 20 for class ranking ;)

    I enjoy finding joy in small, silly things like making funny faces or rick rolling passerbys. Oversimplification is my means of coping, and I see nothing wrong with it- being philosophical makes you cynical, and being cynical makes you quite the grump. Besides, who has time contemplating the world when they could be listening to sweet music or playing sweet instruments or listening to music and listening to music????

    I like music. I like talking about music. I like music exchanges. I like poetry, writing, TED, and science. I plan on going to college for regenerative biology, with a side job as a novelist and poet. I want to be the one that is pushing at the front lines, finally cracking to code to artificial organs and my own theorized "forced genetics"- collapsing genes into reality A or reality B using a the environment as a measuring device. So... quantum theory.

    Anyway, if you must know more about me I will allow you all to stalk my profile, and well as add me on skype (hazekit). I will let you know that I can make blatantly offensive jokes and you will most likely not get along with me because I am a violent serial killer who eats the souls of children. Good day~
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  16. Ah, let's see, I'm Rat. (My username comes from the xbox live account I got a couple years back; it gave me UpscaleRat followed by some numbers and I was like 'what a crazy coincidence' so I used my one free name change to get rid of the numbers and it's stuck since.)
    I'm 17 now, been roleplaying on and off for 5 years. I started on neopets, then went to magistream, and a few months back I had an urge to roleplay again so I joined Iwaku, and RoleplayerGuild and Coloholics.
    I'll be a high school senior come fall, so, that's a thing. College is a thing. It terrifies me. I do all I can to procrastinate, particularity when stressed, so I'll be here a LOT next... Year. Whole year.
    I'm not fantastic at talking to people, I never really know what to say or do, but that doesn't seem to be nearly as much of a problem when I'm roleplaying.
    I love baking, I'm mathmatically inclined, I'm really shy (on and offline) but I generally do wanna talk to people and whatnot.
    When it comes to roleplaying, I can do a lot, but I don't like fandom- not that I have anything against it, I always just think that I'll do something wrong- or historical, because I don't know enough about history. I also can not stand finding someone with a good plot who's all like "okay I'm going to play this role" if they don't make that clear when searching for partners.
    Typically, I prefer onexone roleplays, because I'm bad at managing all of the interactions going on, but I'm branching out.
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  17. Well, where shall I begin? The insanity? The depression? The sudden lapses of boredom that make me seem drugged? Well, that's a bit, but my top perk would probably be the fact that at my young age, I already found my significant other. Damn, I don't know why she stays with me, I'm crazy, hard to understand, and a lot of the time, an accidental downer.
    Anyways, onto likes, I love anime. And yes I am a dude, so all you people that think anime is some girly thing that you have to be gay to watch, let me steal every fragment of your soul, and I will enjoy watching you writhe in pain...........SAO is my favorite anime, because I love gaming. I've watched SAO and Fullmetal, and have a list of others on my laptop that I need to get to. I like to write when I get bored, and I try to write down my dreams.
    Dislikes, would be outdoors, a few hours outside and my face starts to blister, and I hate people who think that, 'I'm in sports, so that makes me better than you'. Steal their souls, then give them to Havoc, and oooo, that will get ugly. He hates them too.
    I have many names, Cabob(7), Caleb, Cabobbles, Bracknoporet, Coroneth, Cabbs, and Death. I think that's all. Well, hopefully, my pffering pleases the stalker lady. I see her as a nice person, I'd hate to sense her near me and be forced to take her soul. Iwaku would be worse off if that happened.
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  18. Hmm, let's see.

    I've been married for 13 years, which happens to be the age of my oldest daughter. -Coughs-
    I'm a mommy before anything else.
    I have a Bachelor's degree in psychology.
    I have two dogs, one was abandoned in my yard a little over a month ago who we named Rigby (Yes, after the character in Regular Show), and yes, he is as weird as the character on the show.
    I have an obsession with iced tea and french vanilla iced coffee.
    I have read the Dark Tower series four times, all 8 books. (I've read The Wind through the Keyhole the most though)
    I don't like to admit it to my kids, but I secretly like Adventure Time.
    I've been roleplay since 2001 and started out on MSN chats.
    My first character was an angel/fairy who adopted any orphaned kid and was a hopeless romantic.
    I tend to write obnoxiously long posts that intimidate people.
    And that's all I can think of. :P
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  19. How can I not post when my name is on the lovely banner directing me here. I want another, please, it's cool.
    Despite my avatar, name, generic information I'm a girl living somewhere in the United States enjoying sleep when it is possible. That as well as sweet and sour chicken not burned to where it's more hazard on my teeth than anything.

    I'm hoping to focus more on publishing my stories on the side of working in the not so wonderful world of retail. Roleplaying helps me write. I tend to play both roles, male and female, capable with strengths as well as weakness. I CANNOT write without music though. I MUST write to music to set up the scene. Battle scenes must have epic music because that is how I roll, flop, tumble, all that good stuff.

    I lurk on here sometimes. Seeing mostly all like a road Ninja who wishes to see the world one day when it is possible.
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  20. I am......a major Whovian, Matt Smith is my favorite Doctor, but I don't think any of them are better than the others. I am in love with both Arthur and Merlin from Merlin, but I DO NOT ship Merther. However, I do ship Mergana, they could've done wonders together! I am currently sucked into Once Upon a Time (as you can tell by my RP The Curse of Ellismire), and OUTLAW QUEEN FTW! XD

    But outside of my multiple fandoms, I am a very strong Christian. I am Reformed Presbyterian, and don't ask, it'll be a LONG LONG debate that I've been through many times. I do believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that he died for us. My church has become part of my family, and I love it. I am His instrument, and He may use me as He wishes :)

    Also, STALKER. It was weird seeing my name in the banner :P

    @AngelFire1 AAGHH Who's your favorite Doctor?
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