Gaurdian: The Witch of Bacarra

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  2. Abraxas strolls down the street with a light fog on the road, strangely quiet for a night at the end of the work week. As he walked abraxas could have sworn this road was following him, hunting witches and sorcorers was rough which in turn made anyone who has encountered them very paranoid along with being a very edgy person. A few people in the road were huddled around a fire trying to stay warm abraxas walked by trying to find out why this witch was so hard to find and I mean its Bacarra the capital of mankind. Just when he felt the familiar aura of magic something skid across the road and snatched up someone that was in the distance.
  3. The fog swirled around the woman's feet, leather boots hardly making a sound on the path. It was quiet out, a little too quiet in her opinion. Even in a new place, she felt something strange lingering in the air. But, she pushed the thought aside and continued down the path, keeping the black velvet cloak wrapped around her, hood pulled up to hide her face in darkness. Only the faint glow of purple could be seen from her eyes.
    She stopped long enough as she saw the faint glow of a fire not too far head of her. Blurry blobs of bodies could be seen huddled around it through the fog. Smirking, she began to make her way to the fire, wanting to hear the whispers of others. As she placed her foot down, she saw something dark race across the road. It was close, but through the thick fog she could barely make it out. It snatched up someone, then disappeared into the shadows all too quickly. She stood there, wondering whether or not to follow, before she shook her head and returned to making her way down the road, her warm breath catching on the chilly night air as it blew out from her nose, billowing behind her.
  4. Bolting after the creature with his two swords on his back and two revolvers Abraxas was happy he decided on wearing his light agility gear tonight. Passing by a stranger with a purple glow he knew it was a magical creature but decided not to bother but to growl out "Move witch!" Jumping onto a wall he extended his claws scaling it with ease onto the roof top following the scent of this creature "an older ghoul by this stench of death" jumping down to the next street Abraxas knew that he was getting close his glowing green eyes allowing him to follow it's tracks until it was trapped in an alley trying to open a sewer grate. Turning the corner chuckling he draws his silver blade "I thought you would be smarter than this ghoul"
  5. She moved aside as this stranger flew past her, growling out 'witch' as he did. She turned her head slightly, watching as he scaled the walls and followed the other creature. Curiosity got the best of her at this point. Shrugging, she simply followed the movements of the man, climbing up the same wall he had, running quietly and softly over the rooftops before dropping down to the ground. She was far enough away to not be disturbance, but close enough she could make out the creature from before. A ghoul. How could she have not noticed? It had been too long away from this world, she has lost her touch. She leaned against the nearby building, folding her arms over her chest, watching, waiting.
  6. Walking slowly to it the ghoul back to the wall shrieking with its claws out Abraxas asks in a cheery tone "so I take it you won't die easy eh lad?" The ghoul lunged at Abraxas but he was toon slow for Abraxas had spin cutting his stomach open but not deep enough to kill. The flesh burning from the silver the ghoul tried to crawl back up but the sword stabbed through his chest coughing up blood until it died "sorry friend but it looks like this world is done having your kind trying to eat everything." Looking for the person it grabbed Abraxas moved a metal crate with ease revealing the body of a young man with the vertibre snapped. Abraxas looked for any signs of identification finding only a ring belonging to one of the most wealthy churches in the city to which he pocketed the ring walking off smelling the witch causing him to growl "witches are against the law and considered abominations. What makes you think I won't turn you in for a reward!?"
  7. She watched, hearing the burning flesh from the ghoul as the man's blade cut it's skin. As the wretched creature perished, she pushed herself from the wall, making her way over to him. She spotted the dead man the creature had snatched moments ago. When the man turned to confront her, she could only smile, raising her hands from within the shadows of her cloak, revealing leather gloved hands, a variety of small jewels inlaid along the hem.
    "You could, I suppose. I wouldn't blame you, it is the law.." she said, her voice trailing off for a moment. "But I am not here to start war with anyone, unlike others. I know magic is a thing of the past," she muttered, looking around herself now. She could remember a time when homes were simple, people were rich in any possible way. Now things became industrialized, homes were built by steam power, and the suffering of people followed with. Many without homes now because they couldn't afford it, or food, or clothing. Sighing, she looked back at the man, pulling the hood of her cloak off. Black hair fell down her shoulders, stopping at her waist. Blood red lips were pulled up into a soft subtle smile, pale skin seemed to glow under the faint moonlight. "But I would truly hate to put you in the position of even having to touch someone like myself, so I won't."
    Bending at the waist, she waved a hand in a small circle, a dark blue cloud seeming to surround her, before vanishing with a bright flash, herself included.
  8. Growling in the sense that how calmly a witch would speak to a notorious monster hunter but realizing the inhuman noise stopped. How would a hunter explain being a werewolf? He would be shunned along with being hunted himself, taking his mask off Abraxas let his black hair with silver highlights fall to his shoulders taking a deep breath he missed the former clean air instead of this smoke and dirt filled breaths. The scars on his face from the wolf that changed him down his cheek along to his jaw line, the pale skin showed in the night but he walked down the road pondering on what to make of this witch. Witches were not of his concern lately given of the aggressive moves of other races and the humans grabbing every bit of power they could.
  9. She stayed near this man, but well out of sight. He was interesting, and something about him made him different. Sure, her life in was in danger for the fact he was a hunter, but she was still alive. Most others wouldn't even give her the chance to speak. Shrugging, she paused and looked down at her stomach as it let out a low growling sound. "I know," she said softly, patting her stomach as she looked around. Most places were locked up for the night, but perhaps there was a tavern somewhere, the one place she could count on always being open for travelers, drunks, and the more less cleaner sorts of people.
    Her questions were answered as she rounded a corner, waving a cloud of smoke from her face she could see the faint flickering lights up ahead, followed by the sounds of laughter and music. She pulled the hood of her cloak back up around her head, concealing her face in shadow once more, before stepping through the heavy wooden doors, greeted by the warmth of a fire place and the noise of the occupants. Keeping her head down, she wandered up to the bar, ordering herself a small meal and drink.
    She wondered if she would ever see the man again. There was just something about him she couldn't quite put a finger on, and it was a puzzle she wanted to solve.
  10. Bursting into the door of his home Abraxas shouted "Eli get down here!" Hearing noise upstairs then seeing the young man run down the stairs to Abraxas he asked "are you alright? Are we to be attacked again?" The man was in a panic because he never yelled unless it was urgent "tell me why there is a witch in this city? Because the ghouls, wraiths and vampires weren't enough." Tossing his swords on the table along with guns he sat heavily on a stool grabbing a bottle of rum to which Eli said "you need to eat not drink your...tempered side tends to come out if you are hungry enough." With that he put a plate in front of Abraxas with a big side of raw ribs. Nodding Abraxas thanked him digging in like a starving wolf
    Until it was gone "I feel better already thank you Eli" the lad smiled and went back upstairs saying "I muse get back to tracking these monsters and I will also find out more about this witch"
  11. Sitting alone, the woman looked over her shoulder, her eyes faintly glowing under her hood as she watched the occupants. Smirking as she watched a few of the drunken men challenge each other in some sort of fight, all because of a spilled beer, she turned back to her plate of food, nibbling on a piece of bread. It was a little stale, but probably the best she had in a long time. When the food was gone from her plate, she picked up the heavy mug and brought it to her lips, drinking down the golden liquid. It burned on the way down, spreading a warm tingling feeling to her toes and fingers and lips. Smiling, she turned in her chair now, leaning back on her elbows a little as she continued watching. A part of her wondered if she would ever meet that man again, there was just something about him that she couldn't quite figure out. And, as dangerous as it could be, she wanted to know more.
  12. Picking up his swords Abraxas fastened them onto his back once more he looked in the mirror grumbling at the grey in his hair. Walking out locking the door behind him Abraxas started down the road to his favorite pit to have drinks at this time of night sometimes even found a monster disguised as a human to kill but instead would most likely settle for a few drinks tonight. Walking past a guard post one of the corporal nodded stating "Hunter" to which Abraxas replied "watchman" a brisk pace was set after he passed the post due to the fact that wraiths tended not to like the guards that killed them in the mortal life. But once the pit was in siget he felt better, opening the door slowly as he walked in there was already a fight breaking out which brought a chuckle out of him while he strolled to the bar. Now dressed in much more casual light armor wear as to be more comfortable.
  13. Just as she was beginning to get bored, she noticed another person walking inside. It was him, the man from earlier. She sat still, glancing over at him as he walked to the bar. A smirk came to her face, grabbing the attention of a waitress that would come check drinks. She ordered another. She sat back, waiting, and once the drink was placed upon the table, she took it in her hands and stood up slowly. Keeping to the perimeter of the room, she made her way towards the bar. Keeping her face hidden, she slid into a stool just a spot down from him. "Evening," she said, her voice soft, but somehow it carried to his ears.
  14. A sharp but somehow friendly "to you as well miss, what brings such a fair being out on such a grim night?" Waiting for her response he took one large drink finishing the tankard in one breath he kept looking down feeling the warm tingling in his arms that he craved so much. The world's vices making him feel...something that wasn't of a gaurdian.
  15. She smiled softly to herself, wondering if he knew who she was. "Oh, hardly a fair being, but thank you," she said, bringing her drink to her lips, taking a long drink, before setting the mug down on the bar. "Besides, if it is such a grim night, why are you out and about?" she asked him innocently, running her finger along the brim of the mug, shifting just enough to catch a glimpse of him through the curtain of hair.
  16. Her words making him smile slightly with a hint of a chuckle "grim is my life miss." With that three watchmen came into the building obviously just looking for a drink but their presence made everyone feel uneasy. "I may not have a problem with you but they will" ordering two more for them Abraxas looked at the witch with one eye "so it's best we act as accomplices. However I'm not much better in their eyes"
  17. She glanced over her shoulder as the men bullied their way through the room towards them. Turning back to Abraxas, she leaned in a little closer, close to touching him. "Don't worry, I doubt they'd bother you as long as they saw a woman clinging to your every word," she said with a wink, bringing her drink to her lips. "At least pretend you like me until we can get a chance to leave here," she whispered to him, giggling lightly after.
    Even as the men neared them, they looked over at the two, rolling their eyes some as they ordered their drinks and sat down on the bar stools.
  18. Smirking at the witches little quip he said "I doubt I am that good of at pretending"finishing his drink but holding out his arm Abraxas nodded at her trying to appear as if they were meant to leave together. The guards were distracted enough with their drinks and tales of witch hunting, once they were walking out he growled "why do you still practice magic? The whole world has outlawed it and cities like this are everywhere!" His tone harsh but quiet as the wind around them picked up.
  19. She polished off her drink, setting the empty mug back on the counter before wrapping her arm around his. She could feel him tense at her touch. She followed him outside, and once out of sight of others, let his arm go and took a step away from him. At his question, she smiled softly, her head slightly lopped over to one side. "I'm only me, I see no crime in what I do. I do not harm others unless necessary, and only then do I harm those who are evil. Telling me not to do magic is like telling the wind to be quiet, the rivers to run dry, the sun to never rise... It's not going to happen." She shrugged lightly, pulling the hood of her cloak closer to her face as her eyes peered out at him. "Why are you so against it?"
  20. Her question making him reel a bit so that he looked away "it only does harm in the bigger picture, magic has already been around way to long." The wind starting to blow harder made him realize that a storm was coming "it's not that I dislike magic it's just got to go in order for things to go right."
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