Games you dislike that everyone loves

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  1. It seems that in the gaming industry, some games are forbidden to be disliked or else you'll be public enemy #1.

    What are some games you dislike that everyone else seems to love? Also keep in mind that there's a difference between disliking a game and disliking a fanbase. I like Super Smash Bros and FNAF but I don't like their fanbases very much. Although I will agree that a fanbase can make you dislike a game.

    Here are some of my choices:

    The Last Of Us
    Any game made by Bethesda (I find them a bit boring more than anything and their programming is rather flawed. I'll still play one from time to time)
    Uncharted (I'm more of a Tomb Raider fan)
    God of War
    Grand Theft Auto
  2. Grand Theft Auto.

    I'm not too well versed with games of today tbh. Fanbases I am though, and there are a few I dislike, which make me not even want to look at the games.
  3. I am probably the only person alive who had fun playing Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    I know it's exactly the opposite of what you asked, but I wanted to throw that in there.

    Fallout 3 was a hugely acclaimed game I couldn't get into. Rise of Nations was also really popular, but I just found it tedious. I wanted to love FTL, but I never really played it for more than a couple hours.

    The big one for me, though, is Dishonored. The setting is neat (if bleak and depressing as fuck), and the art direction is superb, but I find myself just getting annoyed at it. Seemingly simple solutions to do something without killing guards (which I try to avoid in stealth games on principle) just never pan out for me, no matter how many things I try.

    Street Fighter is another big one. I live the character designs and what not, but trying to learn and even use the combos is just such a colossal pain in the ass, it makes me super thankful for games like Mortal Kombat where it's only a few inputs rather than half of the bible and some Kama Sutra thumbstick manipulation to do some basic shit.
  4. Try playing Virtua Fighter and SF will feel like a cakewalk XD LOL those comparisons were funny!
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  5. How... how dare you?


    It's extremely rare for me to even touch games nowadays, but I can't seem to not return to Dishonored every once in awhile. Too infatuated with especially the lore and ambience — I must have a few hundred hours.
  6. Dark Souls.

    I'm sure this is the part where I get tomatoes thrown at my head, but I honestly don't enjoy it. It has a pretty world, but it embodies all the fucking garbage that I miss the least from the Nintendo Hard era.
    • Buggy as fuck PC ports that basically require a controller to be properly playable--one of which was never fixed and charged 60 dollars. (Yes I am aware a community patch fixed it. No, I don't think that's something I'm just gonna ignore.)
    • Combat so fucking hilariously broken that you need to exploit invincibility frames to properly play the game.
    • Getting hit half of the time in spite of not being touched at all, or avoiding damage in spite of seeing a meat cleaver travel straight through me. (Also see: Shittily programmed hitboxes.)
    • A delay on the control inputs no matter whether I use a controller or keyboard/mouse. This makes it nearly impossible to do split-second decisions without inherently knowing every single move a boss has off by heart. This is apparently a feature. Because fuck you.
    • A community so toxic, that at one point I had to disable the multiplayer functionality of the original so high level players would stop camping low level player zones and murdering me so often, that I couldn't progress the fucking game.
    • A story that is trumped up to be far more meaningful and in-depth than it really is. (Seriously, the story basically exists just to give you boss fights. Which is fine, but it is so highly overblown that it fucking blows my mind that people think this is a great story. It's clever at points, it uses visual cues which is good, but most of it is just "look, an excuse for a boss fight!")
    • "Praise the Sun" meme being so necrotic that it hijacked a Sunny-D joke I made a long while back. Then beat the ever loving life out of it because this is one of the few memorable phrases actually in the game, so people repeat it to try and make themselves feel better that the dialogue in the games ranges from non-existent to nonsensical.
    • An AI that is just... I'm fucking dumbstruck by how dumb it is. From Demon's Souls to Bloodborne, every single fucking game this company has made in this line of brutalhardmurdersimulators, comes complete with a potato AI. In Bloodborne, ranged enemy units will just stand in one spot and shoot at you. If an obstruction is in the way, they just shoot the obstruction. They're literally only programmed to stand in place and shoot at you, that's it. They didn't even program them to walk around a wall to shoot at you. Do you know how fucking lazy that is? I have actually designed a better AI in a Computer Science class... And they charge 60 dollars for this. Fuck.
    • Areas that are designed just to murder you if you don't know what's coming, thus artificially inflating the length of the game by murdering you without warning. Granted, some areas do actually leave visual cues to warn you, and you can sometimes listen for danger--which is fine. But then you have other shit, like in the original Dark Souls, when a dragon swoops down and burns an entire bridge in an undodgeable attack of fuck you unless you know it's coming. (For jokers that want to go "but death is part of the game!" I'm aware. I don't object to dying to bosses I don't understand, so long as I know they're fucking there. Just straight up murdering you by designing a murder trap without warning is lazy design, it shouldn't be cheered on.)
    • A "balance" team. That has no idea how to balance anything. Some things are just straight up, blatantly better than others. Between games, they'll then arbitrarily nerf, add, or remove entire sections of the game, because fuck you. (Like how Bloodborne removed shields. Because... Fuck you, now dodging and exploiting invincibility frames is the only way to play.)
    • There are no ferrets. >: |
    Seriously though. I actually dislike this game. I don't enjoy it. I don't get how they can release the same game with features arbitrarily added or missing, not address some of the most critical errors in the entire series (delayed controls, buggy hitboxes, et cetera) and people... Praise them for it. Yet, other developers--even indie developers--would get shit on for having an AI this fucking badly designed, or for having arbitrary murder rooms that murder you because... Fuck you, artificial inflation of game time. People not only give this game a pass for its terrible design practices, but they embrace it. Under the idea that it's... "Nintendo Hard." Which, granted, it is. Unfortunately, it makes no effort to fix why the Nintendo Hard genre died out. For those who weren't around for Nintendo Hard (or who wear pink sunglasses remembering it), there was a lot of fucking awful design in the Nintendo Hard era. It was hard because there was no other way of making a quality product that people would remember, so it had to be hard. That was the one thing games could really sell at that point.

    Unfortunately, this usually meant that a lot of games turned into Simon Says, where you would just memorize the order the game wanted you to do to avoid dying so you could progress. Dark Souls does this and adds delayed controls and fuckawful hitboxes.

    Having that design mentality in a game released now? Are... Are you fucking kidding? Remember, these guys aren't indie devs. They're ultimately owned by Kadakawa Dwango which holds 20 billion yen in assets alone, and they're published by Namco Bandai. They've had three games (if you don't count any of the DLC or Demon's Souls or Bloodborne) to fix some of the worst aspects of their design.

    Instead they've doubled down on it.

    And people want it.

    This is forever an example that the consumer base is indeed fucking stupid and will buy anything on brand recognition alone. I just... I don't get it.

    That being said, if anybody reading this is busily typing an angry comment telling me how dumb I am for not sharing your obviously inferior taste in video games (snerk), understand that this doesn't mean that my tastes are the be-all end-all. One day, my tastes my change and I might finally enjoy Dark Souls. It's all subjective. Just because you enjoy it and I don't doesn't mean you're an inferior person or that I'm a superior person. It just means we have a difference of opinion and a difference of taste. Maybe you like the design, maybe you think it's not flawed. I don't. You can argue all day otherwise, you likely won't change my mind, because this is a purely subjective matter.

    Maybe one day, they'll actually release a game that doesn't have input lag in the year 2016.

    I doubt it.

    But I can dream.
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  7. I agree. I always thought that most of its difficulty was a result of bad game design and you just proved it.
  8. The Witcher. I wanted to like it, I really did. I've heard so many good things about the story and the lore and the characters and I went into it hoping only for gameplay that would be tolerable for the 40+ hours it'd take to play through while exploring side shit.

    Instead I got combat mechanics made of pure ass. I absolutely hate the lame action-RPG trend that rose in the last decade or so, the crap that tries to mix the timed button press action combat with RPG elements like having a chance to miss your attacks even when you get the timing right because the invisible dice roll of your dexterity versus their dodge didn't go in your favor. I like action combat where the challenge to hit things comes from having to avoid enemy attacks and use proper timing. I like turn-based RPG combat where stats determine how successful your chosen actions actually are. Mixing the two together is terrible in most cases, and in The Witcher it's absolutely awful because it ends up feeling like you're playing a really shitty rhythm game with only one button that you're trying to hit with the right timing.

    The combat is tedious and just not fun in any way. I only played through about an hour and a half of the game before dropping it. The story stuff I saw was neat, but not worth the pain of dealing with that combat. -_-
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  9. Kingdom Hearts welcomes you :D
  10. Games that simply aren't my taste that other people love
    1. Legend of Zelda (Practically all of them other than Orcarina of Time)
    2. DOOM
    3. Team Fortress 2/Overwatch
    4. League of Legends
    5. Guns of Icarus
    6. Rocket League
    Games I seriously can't comprehend why people like them
    1. Everything Mario (Except for Paper Mario and Smash games)
    2. World of Warcraft (Not so much WoW itself. But why people are so attached to it when so many superior and cheaper MMO's have now been released)
    3. Kingdom Hearts (I get why it's good at the core... But I don't get how people tolerate all the ham fisted Disney content)
    4. The Majority of Platformers
    5. Any of 343's Halo Content
    6. The practically non-existant change of Pokemon Games (The games themselves are fine. But it's minute change per title at best, and the removal of features at worst. And then the players willingness to ignore it completely cause Nostalgia boggles my mind).
    Sounds like you need to... Get Gud. :P
    Seriously though, I know how cheap the design of the game is. Game theory's Deadlock had a good video explaining why. But at the same time... It's just part of the charm. Then again, I play Dark Souls majority co-op so I likely have it easier than most people do.
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  11. Because being charged microtransactions in a 60 dollar product is what people are asking for these days, right?
  12. Assassin's Creed Unity -_-
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  13. Undertale.


    Why do you people like it?

    I like repetitive tasks but good grief!

    Not even the story makes up for the sheer amount of soul-numbing boring that is the 'combat' because I couldn't even get into the story either.

    That's cool if everyone else likes it but I just don't get the appeal. x__x
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  14. Knights of the Old Republic - I mean I don't dislike to the point I won't play it? I really enjoy the story and the character interactions, but the combat just bores my mind to death. Jade Empire imo is the best Bioware game.

    Legend of Zelda - I think it's the most overrated Fantasy RPG of all time honestly.

    Super Mario 64 - The game's controls are clunky as hell and it looks really outdated and plays outdated too. Don't get me wrong it was great at the time, but now? it has not aged well.

    Tomb Raider - Yeah, I don't like them, don't know why. Just ain't my cup of tea.

    Final Fantasy 7 - Overrated Villain, holy fuck is he overrated as all living hell. it's my least favourite none 10s FF games. Aside from the combat and magic system(Apparently people had a problem with it? I didn't imo) I prefer and think Final Fantasy 8 is superior.

    Tekken 3/Soul Calibur/Street Fighter 2/King of Fighters - These fighting games specifically. I think Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag 2 are the best Tekken games honestly. Street Fighter 3 Third Strike is my favourite SF game, SF 2 to me...eeehhh. I personally prefer Soul Calibur 2, 3 and 4, but hey, I'm wrong right? :p. I never liked the King of Fighters game series.

    Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 - Chaos was a great Monster Villain, but with that said? Those two games don't play any better than Sonic 06, if only less buggy.
  15. I don't really play a lot of new games so my selection is pretty limited.

    Tomb Raider - The 2nd game came to me from an "omg, you need to play it" sort of exchange. Tried it, got bored. I also got annoyed at the game logic that there are lit torches in abandoned ruins.
    EA Sports Games - Super non-interesting to me.
  16. Halo and Call of Duty. I played both rather extensively and I never got the hype.
  17. Ok, so, I hate to be that guy who jumps into a thread just to argue with you, but, I've actually put a lot of thought recently into the benefits of the unchanging nature of the main series Pokemon games, why it works and why people like it -- and why I personally had never even considered the series to be stale or unchanging until I heard other people say that it was. And, the point is, I'd say that there are actually a lot of reasons why it works well for them, and that nostalgia has very little to do with it (again, based on how I see it, anyway). In fact, I'd say that the non-changing nature of Pokemon is actually one of the reasons why it did so much better than competing series like Digimon. O_O

    So if you're really that curious as to why Pokemon's formula works so well for them, I'd be happy to shed some light on the topic. :P But, again, I'll only go on if you really do want to know what I think.
  18. Kingdom Hearts series. Disney just totally ruins for me. I can't do it. Believe me, I've tried.

    Probably some other shit idk
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  19. Yeah, I can definitely see that, in comparison to Digimon honestly.

    I think another reason is essentially Pokemon has never had a true competitor that threatened to steal away fans and such from Pokemon. I mean there's a bunch of "Poke" clones out there. Digimon kinda went a different way with their stuff, so I really can't consider that a true competitor.

    Dynasty Warriors is essentially the same; No true competitor to spark that drive to add a bunch of stuff, but instead take a snail's pace approach to added mechanics. Not saying this is why they are bad though. I mean this is all speculation, but it wouldn't surprise if this reasoning is at least half way why Pokemon gets a scarce amount of mechanics.
  20. Oh, I was mostly referring to the consistency of the Pokemon games compared to Digimon games. o3o

    As far as the main series games are concerned, Pokemon always play by the same rules. Aside from a few exceptions, a Pokemon's typing doesn't change. The requirements for their existing evolutions don't change (although new ones are sometimes added). The general way that Pokemon level up and learn new moves doesn't change. Breeding mechanics don't really change. Type advantages don't change. Etc. Some moves are nerfed or buffed over time, but, in general, the power/accuracy/effects of most moves remain very consistent. Same with a Pokemon's stats. New Pokemon moves, species, etc are continuously added, but the old ones stay mostly the same.

    This means it's easy for knowledge from one game to transfer into another. You can memorize types and type advantages, evolution requirements, etc, and be rewarded for it. Instead of really enjoying one Pokemon game, you can really enjoy the Pokemon series as a whole -- because, if you know how to play one main series game, you essentially know how to play all of them. Players can still enjoy exploring new regions, and seeing new Pokemon species, etc, but they don't need to re-learn the core gameplay, because that's something that players already know and love.

    Digimon, on the other hand? It's all over the place. Sure, you usually have an Agumon that can digivolve into a Greymon at some point in time, but, Digimon's equivalents of type categories, moves, evolution lines... much of it is completely re-made with every game. And the core gameplay is often so different that it's hard to really compare requirements for things like evolutions, as well. Nothing is consistent. This makes it hard to get a feel for the games like you can with Pokemon, where, once you become familiar with the rules for a species, those rules will hardly ever change. In Digimon, not only do the rules change, but those rules can actually confuse you from game to game, and make it more difficult to remember certain aspects of the game -- unlike in Pokemon, where it becomes real easy to remember things like starters because it's just such a tried and true formula.

    Digimon's an easy example to compare with, but, really, I see this as a strength for Pokemon in general -- especially since, outside of the main series games, Pokemon does have titles that are more experimental and do play with the rules in order to change up the gameplay -- things like Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon XD, Stadium, and even Pokemon Go all fall into this category. The side games are there if you want something different -- the main series games are there so that you have something familiar to come back to.

    Of course, I totally understand if this sort of thing doesn't match someone's personal tastes -- but, I still think there's good reason why, in general, this repetitiveness works out fairly well for the series.
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