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  1. (Out of character thread:

    Kimika walked out of the apartment building with her school bag in hand. The cool early morning air brushed against her skin making her shiver. She sighed and started on her way to school. As she walked, she glanced up at the sky, watching the birds fly from tree to tree. A small smile appeared on her lips as she listened to them sing. There weren't a lot of people out yet, since it was still very early. Personally, she liked the peace and quiet that came with the early morning and usually got up much earlier then she needed to so that she could enjoy it as she made her way to school. Walking at a leisurely pace, she watched the sun rise above the horizon and listened to the sounds of people as they started their day.
  2. Avice was woken by his mom early in the morning to get ready for school. His blonde hair was messy and his eyes were sleepy. He reaches up rubbing his eye before standing up and moving around the small room to get on his school uniform. He pulls on his blue blazer over his white button up shirt before starting to tie his tie. He wasn't to good at tieing ties, his mom would fix it for him. He walks out of his room to the smell of chocolate chip pancakes and bacon.
  3. Alvan blinked at the a blaring alarm sound. His hand flies through the air and slams down on the button. He rubs the sleep out of his eyes trying to figure out why it was there. His eyes widened, remembering that today was the first day of school, Durran had set the alarm for him, but not much else.

    Al sat up in bed, a wide grin on his face as he ran to the closet, throwing his shirt on and buttoning it up messily. He fussed around with the tie for a little bit until it was decent enough. He grabbed his bag and hoisted it on his shoulders. Once he finished he walked into the kitchen to grab a pastry and go. As usual, the house was empty, and he was on his own.

    Al ran outside into the brisk quietness of the morning, laughing for no apparent reason but sheer excitement. Today would be an awesome school day! It would be a change of pace from the lonely days he'd had in the house.

    Well except the neighbors, who'd berated him for his antics, but they were nice people. He reminded himself to keep quiet this morning so as not to rouse them from their sleep.

    Still, he kicked a rock as he walked, a skip in his step as his excitement grew.
  4. Shion woke up early so she could go for a jog before school. She through her hair in a ponytail and put on some jeans and a T-shirt before leaving.

    Sion woke up just as she left. "She's crazy." He gets ready, throwing on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt too. He locks the door as he heads to school.

    Saki woke up late. She yawns and throws on black skinny jeans and her favorite band shirt. She stops as she passes a picture of her parents. She bows then heads to school. "Today's gunna suck."
  5. Avice eats breakfast before high fiving his mom as he leaves for school. It was the first day of school and he was happy about it. He was kind of shy so he had problems making friend. And the curse on top of it didnt make it any eaiser. Avice walks down the street with a small smile.
  6. Al absentmindedly kicks the rock, making a game of it to kick it ahead of him everytime he reached it. He kicked the rock farther away, looking up and seeing it had rolled in front of a boy. He grinned, maybe this kid was going to his school. He ran ahead, catching up with him.

    "Hi there! Are you going to my school?" He blurted out excitedly to the blonde boy. "I'm Alvan! But you can call me Al" He laughed for no reason "Today is going to be so cool!"
  7. "Hmm~" Niki hugged her pillow and turned over to face her window. "I'm so sleepy~" There was no one there to wake her up, no one there to ruin her dreams or hopes and aspirations. There was just Niki and her clock. She turned back over to look at the item in question and sighed. "Time to get up," she yawned. She tossed the covers aside and rolled out of bed, pausing a moment to stretch her sleepy limbs. She went into her closet and pulled out her uniform: a formal black skirt, short sleeved, white collared shirt and black flats for the sake of comfort. There was no way she was going to be walking around all day in heels. She quickly dressed then pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Breakfast was no big deal, she made an egg and cheese sandwich with on toast then headed out.

    The walk to the restaurant wasn't very long, about thirty minutes. On even the hottest days she refused to take the bus. Under no circumstances would she ever take the bus. Niki jogged up to the door and found someone already inside cleaning up for the morning customers. She glared the the dark haired boy on the other side of the door. Why did he have to be here so early?! Eww~ She reluctantly knocked on the door to get his attention. Hideki looked up from setting down chairs and wiping off the tables. He waved back with a friendly smile. Niki's eye twitched.

    "Good morning," he greeted her as he opened the door.

    Niki paid him no mind and ran to the back of the restaurant to grab her apron. Hideki only shook his head then went back to setting up the tables. "Maybe she'll actually talk to me today~?" He hummed happily as he set up the rest of the tables.
  8. Little Lulu got up that morning late for her frist day at school. she was a little scared. because this is really her first time going to school. it was her choise and now she starting to think it was a bad idea. Lulu put her White hair into a high pony tail then her red cap. then she when to look for her fingerless glove(red), wich was under her bed. once she found it her put it on and looked in the mirror to she if anything was worng. she was waering a tank top wich was green and a white tank jaket. she was also waering a brown very short shorts wich had, dont worry, leggings that where blue and black. and she shoes where black combat.

    Lulu ran down stairts to see that she was going to be late for school. she grabbed her school baghe house but not with out her lunch and an apple for the road to eat. as she was runing she passed by two boy one that look younger(alvan) then her and one older maybe then her (Avice). "you guys are going to be late if you dont hurry your butts" she yelled at them. Lulu is normaly the slinet type when she wants to be but they were going to be late if they dont hurry so thats why she told them to hurry.
  9. Al yelled back "Don't worry! We have plenty of time!" He stuck his tongue out at her jokingly. He turned to the boy beside him "We probably should hurry though, she might be right" with that he took off in a run. He thought to himself 'I hope I see them in some of my classes today'.
  10. Avice blinks at the boy and looks down, "I'm Avice. But I go by Vice. And yeah we probably should!" He says starting to run as well. Everything might go well this year for Avice. He catches up to Al, "Nice to meet you!"
  11. The prying fingers of solar rays forced their golden digits under the heavy lids of dull, sad, and very sleepy violet eyes. Ame let a groan slip from the barriers of her tight lipped frown as she turned away from the single window in her small, square room. The others would be getting up, and going to school by now. She knew this simply by the way the birds let their musical songs chime in the morning air. It was fairly early. Far too early for the little dog to even think about rolling out of bed, and going about her own daily routine. Ame didnt attend elementary school like much of the other, younger Zodiac members. She didnt trust herself, or even many of the other children that would be there...even if she would isolate herself from all others. Much like she did even here at Sohma house.

    The little girl huffed, her legs being pulled up against her stomach so that her knees met her chest. Curled in a ball, she felt safe, secure. None could touch her, or harm her while she was like that, curled in the fetal position behind the walls of her sanctuary, her room. She'd stay there for a good amount of the day, deep, violet eyes gazing blankly out of her single window as her small body laid under the comfort, and warmth of her comforter. To many of the Sohma families surprise, the small girl found joy in solitude, and much liked to be on her own. Some didnt much see it her way though. She knew that, eventually today, either Lucky, Tori or both would come to pester her. If she was lucky, Kimika would stop by....she truly did adore that cat. Many became full of curiosity, and wonderment at this as well. How could the dog get along so well with such a filthy feline? Gah! She really did hate when the Sohma Estate residents talked about Kimi like that....she was so strong. So independent.

    Ame grumbled more, and pulled her blanket up over her head as she heard the loud voices that were rather familiar. Shrill voices that called out to each other for the school day. She'd seen the other Zodiac children, watched them play during the Summer break, knew the sound of their voice, but Ame had only truly met maybe three, or four of the members in person. It was sad really...even when she had the chance to talk, speak to, and play with people whom she had no reason to fear, she still remained in her little room. Shut away from the world. Sometimes she wondered if the others even knew she existed. Did they know that the little dog who stayed at the Sohma House was around their age? Did most of them know what she looked like, how she was...that she was disowned, and tossed out because of what she was cursed with?

    Probably not. So, Ame closed her eyes, let her curtain of medium length, raven colored tresses to cover her face, and the dog drifted off once more, letting the beautiful melodies of the bird's morning songs lull her back to sleep. Just as a delightful, soothing, summer breeze danced, and tugged at the pretty pink cherry blossom petals of the tree outside of her singular, circle window.
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  12. Akihito had been up all night, but it didn't really show, he walked past the gardens, the birds twittering in their tree's. A soft breeze made everything so calm on the Sohma estate. But, that didn't matter to him really, not right now at least. He was on a mission, well, not really a mission, but something he had to do. This sweet little girl was locking herself up in her room, it was needless. But she had a mentality about herself and he knew that. That's why he was going to do all he could o make her feel like she belonged.

    Little miss Ame was in her room as always, resting sweetly. The poor girl, disowned by her parents he knocked on the door lightly. His voice was a little deep, naturally, and he spoke low to not scare her. "Ame? May I come in?"

    Lucky was up and about, she'd had a decent breakfast, yummy waffles with fruit and whipped cream on top, and a tall glass of water. She wasn't really one for milk, water was just so pure and sweet. She loved it. Things have been tough lately. Her mother and her step father have gone on a long trip. Some kind of second honey moon. So she was left here at the Sohma estate. It was nice enough here, no one was really unhappy with her, she was free to be herself. Plus she was closer to Ame. Such a sweet little girl, she was so cute and so fun to play with.

    Which made her think to go to the little girls room. On her way though, master Sohma appeared in her path. She was surprised, what was the master of the housed doing here, going to her friends room? She followed him and hears him ask to come in. So she decides to join in. She runs up to the door and was loud and boisterous. "HEEEYY, Ame! Let us in, I want to play!!!!"

    Akihito was slightly surprised about Lucky popping up like this. But this might make his interaction with Ame a little simpler. He smiled at Lucky and nodded at her. She might have just saved him from a long wait.
  13. The morning continued on just the same as any other. The dog continued to lay there, curled up in her small, comfortable bed while the rest of the people who lived here at Sohma House went about their business. She let her mind draw up little pictures of what the clouds looked like when she gazed out of the window, and she listened to the birds as they chirped, and sang to each other. It was peaceful, and thats all her solitude needed to be. Peaceful. Little Ame was just about to roll over, and let dull, royal purple eyes gaze out of the window to do just that, but a few light raps at her door caused her ears to prick, and her body to stop mid roll. Hmm? This was new. Master Sohma has come to greet her with his presence, and she didnt much care for the idea. Lovely lips became tight in a line as she rolled back over, and looked at the door. Her brows furrowed, and she was just about to tell him she didnt want any visitors as she usually told others, but then that boisterous voice popped up out of nowhere, and demanded entrance into her sanctuary.​
    Wouldnt that pretty much ruin the purpose of her Sanctuary? Her solitude? She thought yes.​
    Nonetheless, she knew that no matter what she said, Lucky would let herself in, and she would drag in The Maser Sohma himself right behind her. So, Little Ame stretched out her limbs, satisfied with the joints that protested against this action by popping, and then rose from under her comforter so that she may stand to the left of her bed. The girl was short, about 4'6", and didnt much look her age, but younger. Small, child like digits smoothed out the fabric of her light colored, lavender night gown, and then she walked over to her door, let those same two hands curl around the doorknob, twist, and then pull to open the door just enough that her small form appeared to them both. She lifted a hand so that she may rub sleep from her tired, lackluster eyes, and then peered up at them with a blank gaze.​
    "Neh, Ame doesnt wanna play, Lu-chan. What did you bring Aki-Sama here for?"​
    The little girl peered up at the older blonde, and tilted her head as she gazed. Was he miserable being dragged here? Did he even want to deal with the pitiful dog before him? Naturally she would blame his presence here on Lucky. And that would be the way it stayed, even if she was told otherwise. Ame stepped away from the door, and walked back to her bed where she sat. The door was left open indicating that she allowed them access to her room. A room which she kept very plain, and very simple. A single window adorned the opposite side of the room, and a small lamp stood in a far corner. She never really used the thing, but it was a nice touch. Her bed sat directly in the middle of the room, and conveniently, she had three chairs lined against the far wall. That was it, all she really needed, and all she ever allowed to be put in her room. And so, she welcomed them both into her room as she sat on her bed, and awaited the conversation that she knew would soon follow.​
  14. Niki looked in the mirror of the women's bathroom. She glared at her reflection and bare her teeth. It was sort of a ritual every morning before the crowd got too thick and she could prepare herself for the coming events. It hadn't happened yet but there was no guarantee it would not happen that day. There was always a risk when working within such close quarters with others. More specifically with men. She was always careful to keep distance between her and any of them. She had explained her "problem" to the owner and put it off as something less intense. There was no way to completely avoid them, however; she just had to careful.

    She could hear the bustle of the people already there. "Well, there's no more time for this now," she sighed. Niki put on a brave face then went out to serve the customers. The restaurant wasn't packed but it was pretty full. "I just have to focus." She took a tray of plates for one of her tables and hoisted it up with one hand. She smiled at the couple of friends that had come in for breakfast and served their plates. "Here you go! two stacks of pancakes and two breakfast platters, nice and hot. Enjoy your meal!"

    "Thanks, this looks great!" one of the friends, which happened to be a guy, said.

    "Please make sure to eat carefully, choking is always a possibility." Niki smiled, though it looked very forced and almost like a grimace...

    The customers stared after her when she walked back up to the counter. Niki hummed a cheery little tune a she picked up another tray to take out more plates. She ignored the whispers from the other waitresses with ease. They didn't know what she was going through. No one knew.
  15. "Oh sunshine, what a wonderfully terrible thing!" Relexis cracked her green eyes and moaned from her bed. The sunlight at which she directed her comment was now filtering strongly through her window and was happily making her bed feel like a furnace. Unable to take the heat anymore she decided she might as well get ready for school, today was the first day and all. She stood and fumbled around the room trying to find the different pieces of her uniform, but was having trouble staying quiet. Downstairs she heard her stupid mutt begin to bark. In turn her mother shouted for the dog to shut up.
    "Well crap..." Relexis thought, "Mom's already in a bad mood..." After finally finding all the different pieces of her uniform she proceeded down the stairs and to the kitchen. She slung her bag over her shoulder and pulled on her shoes. Just before she could sink her teeth into some breakfast...she glanced at the clock.
    "OH CRAP!" She jumped from the kitchen table and ran out the door, she was going to be late on her first day. The only thought that Relexis had when she ran down the street towards the school yard was, "This is going to be interesting."
  16. Akihito saw the little girl, sleepy, and cute in her little nightgown and he actually allowed himself to smile. She was so young, and she seemed to misunderstand what was going on but tat was fine by him. She looked at them and gave them a small answer, that seemed very uninviting, but she left her door open when she went back to her bed. So he pushed the door open a little more. The little girl was siting on her bed, in her little night gown in the bare room. It was such a serene sight. She looked so small in her empty room. Then Lucky ran into the room smiling and giggling an jumping on the bed, practically tackling the little girl.

    Lucky looked at the little frame of Ame's body and just felt obligated to cheer her up. She put on a big smile and ran at Ame, giving her a tackle hug. "No play!? NO PLAY?!" She started to try and tickled Ame on her bed. "No way you don't want to play!" she giggled and pulled little Ame into a hug. She whispered into the little girls ear, "Come on, Akihito-sama came here on his own. I think he's worried about you and thought maybe a little play would be good for you. Let's play with Akihito huh?" She smirked and poked Ame's side with a chuckle. Lucky really was worried about Ame, but she also knew that the girl was having a hard time, but that was also why Lucky felt close to Ame.

    Akihito saw this scene and smiled even more as he walked in. And though he didn't know what Lucky said, he hoped it was something good. He stood next to the bed and waited.
  17. (Jillian Marks: Hello and welcome to Iwaku! You are more then welcome to join this thread, but you need to put your character sheet in the out of character thread first, please. The link to it is in the first post of this thread.)

    Kimika continued to walk down the sidewalk, ignoring the shrill shrieks of children as they made their way to school. 'Thank god this is my last year,' she thought as a young boy rammed into her side. He apologized and went back to chasing his friends. She shook her head with a sigh before looking up at the large building that loomed in the distance. There it was. The school that thought is was a good idea to combine all the grades from kindergarden through high school. Her eyes narrowed as she starred at it. Before she could reach it however, there was one last obstacle that she had to get passed: the Sohma estate.

    She quickened her pace as she neared it. She really hated having to pass everyday just to get to school. Most of the people there saw her as a mistake. Even her own mother saw her that way. Her eyes dropped to the ground and she tightened her grip on her bag. Feeling disapproving eyes on her back she fought the urge to run. Standing up straight, she shifted her gaze to the people glaring at her from the entrance. She forced a smile and then turned away from them, keeping her pace until she reached the cover of the school.

    She walked to where the Seniors were gathering, getting a few weird looks from the kids around her. She knew that she was young to be a Senior. She hadn't even turned seventeen, yet, but she was in fact starting her Senior year at this school. She had skipped fourth grade and so from fifth grade on she had always been the youngest in her class. Not that she really cared. Whether they were her age or not there wasn't much of a chance that she would make friends because, well, she didn't want friends. At least, that's what she told herself.

    She listen as the teacher assigned classes with a bored expression on he face. Her bright blue eyes wandered around the room, examining her soon-to-be classmates. She brushed her dark gray hair behind her ear. Her attention was brought back to the teacher as she said her name. "Kimika Sohma, Class A," the teacher called out and then continued down the list. She moved to the group that contained the previously called Class A students. A few of the other students in her class glanced her way, but she just ignored them. Shifting the grip on her school bag, she stood and waited for the rest of the students to be placed in their classes.
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  19. Saki walked in and listened for her class, keeping quiet. Some students nearby starts talking about her. "Look, there's the freak. I heard she's the reason her parents are dead."

    Shion met up with her brother at the school entrance and entered together. "Hey, sis? You gunna join any teams this year?" Shion nods. "Kendo, Archery, and Track. You?" Sion nods. "Kendo and Track."

    The teacher mentioned Saki being in Class A and Shion and Sion in Class B.
  20. Alvan grinned when Avice introduced himself "Hey Vice! We should definitely sit together at lunch if we don't get any classes together!" Al made his way inside, listening to the class assignments. He kicked his feet impatiently as the teacher droned on, calling name after name. He accidentally kicked the chair in front of him, the girl yelped and gave him a death glare "Hey! Watch it!" Al smiled apologetically, "Heh, sorry". The teacher finally called his name, he immediately raised his hand "HERE!!!", on whim so as to not miss his name called. A few students snickered at his eagerness. The teacher dully looked down at her list, "Alvan, you'll be in Class C". Alvan nodded, and the teacher droned on again. So far, it was pretty boring, he sighed. He looked around the room, trying to see if he could find any familiar faces.
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