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  1. "Try to remember this... everything that happens to you past this point... you brought upon yourself."

    "This world devours the weak, and rewards the strong."

    "This choice will forever trap you here, & tie you to the powers you have earned."

    "And eventually... this world... it will devour you once you can no longer advance."

    "Now in the name of the Game Master REM I Ren bestow the rank of Collector upon your heart, and soul."

    "May you find the memories you wish to seek, and regain."

    (The Negative District)

    Neon lights sparked to life as every arcade game in the warehouse turned on after their long slumber. It had been a whole month since the last Game a time laps that was unheard of up to now by any Collector who had ever served the Game. Yet with that said the warehouse was still a desolate place with not a single soul to be found in any nook, or cranny. The three TV's the signature item in the Negative District started to produce a static sound before one line finally appeared on all three screens.
    Initiate Collectors Reawakening Program
    A loud static like screeching sound started to fill the building as multiple static like portals started to open up slowly relinquishing the Collectors of the Game who were all at the moment still asleep as their bodies started to reform into reality. One particular portal was releasing a woman with short gray hair with... cat ears? Her body was nearly done reentering reality before a sudden jolt of energy brought her to a conscious state. At first she took in a deep breath as her body was reanimated. Once the portal was done it let her go letting her fall to her knee's on the ground as she readjusted to being awake. This was the Collector Rika Swerch a well known Collector in the Game who had been in the Game for about twenty-eight years now.

    "Ohhh I really hate that," she mumbled as her cat tail swished about as if to verify it still worked. Once her heart rate calmed down to a normal tempo she stood up with a big stretch as she smiled. The Game was soon to begin, and soon she could begin hunting the mice that were the Fragmented. A twisted smile started to curl into existence on her rosy cheeks. The thought of the Game got her blood pumping again as she imagined what great times she would soon have, and if she was lucky... there would be a few great catches to challenge her, and quench her thirst for a particular crimson liquid to rain down all around her. She let go of those thoughts, however, as she heard a few other Collectors start to finish their reanimation into reality. She never really paid much attention to the other Collectors they were the competition for the "mice", and they greatly annoyed her more then anything else inside the Game. At least she could kill the static if they interfered with her prey, but if another Collector got to a Fragment, or to a group of Fragmented first she could not interfere unless given permission by the leading Collector. She couldn't kill a Collector either as it was on of the few rules of the Collectors placed on them by Game Master REM.

    "Stupid rules," She grumbled as she knew the penalty to killing a Collector was immediate erase from existence, and while she had never seen someone break the rule she had no doubt REM could actually do it without a thought. It wasn't to bad though a few rules kept the Game interesting she had to admit she just didn't like it during the moment they would play into effect. Her attention was then grabbed again to her left as the three TV's made a soft beeping noise as the words slowly disappeared, and were replaced by one single word.
    The woman placed a hand on her hips as she looked around. There was possibly about seventeen Collectors at the moment which meant last game they lost somewhere around seven though without knowing if their was any newbie's she could only guess. Though that was good for her... less competition to deal with. Of course when a Collector is killed by a Fragment REM would send out a message to all Collectors about even with the info of the Fragment that did it, but Rika ignored those messages. She walked over to the arcade games closes to the TV's leaning against the closes one waiting for the message that they could start hunting the Fragmented. It would be awhile though since they had to give them time to wake up, and then go through the normal "welcome to hell" introduction to the Game. Until then all she could do was wait, and mingle with her fellow Collectors a fact that really didn't interest her at all... she just wanted to start the game... to start hunting her "mice".
    (District Zero)

    District Zero the place where the Fragmented had always begun in the game. A large parking lot construct of two floors designed to house as many as fifty Fragmented at once if the need ever arise yet never in the history of the Game had their been that many though there were many a time where it was close. On this particular Game their was currently only 34 Fragments. On the second floor was one particular Fragment who was just starting to wake up in his "parking space".

    "Oh man what did I do last night," a soft groan escaped Jack's lips as he slowly started to become conscious. He found himself laying on the pavement which seems to be closed off by a line of paint similar to a parking spot. Once he pushed himself up into a sitting position he started to rub his hurting head as his brown eyes slowly opened noticing one thing immediately in front of him painted at the end of his "parking spot".
    Jack Grener
    Fragment Type: Jack In The Box
    Stickers: Gantz Gauntlet & Lightning Rounds

    "What the hell... where am I? Wasn't I heading ho...," the teen paused as he tried hat he had done the night before. Yet the moment he thought about it he couldn't remember in fact he couldn't remember anything past walking up just a moment ago. No that couldn't be right could it? Jack started to shake his head as tried to recall what he did yesterday, or anything at all he could yet no matter how hard he closed his eyes, and tried nothing came to him. Reopening his eyes as his brain started to hurt again from trying to recall anything. It was as if someone had taken a drill to his head, and drained out all of his memories. He couldn't remember anything. Looking back down to the strange label on his parking spot he read over it again. Jack Grener... that must have been his name, but what did Fragment Type, and Stickers mean?

    "Ugh maybe if I move around a bit," he thought as he stood up viewing his surroundings inside the parking lot. Well it was clear it was a parking lot that much he could tell. Yet what caused his new found confusion was that he wasn't alone every single parking spot around him had a unconscious person laying in it with the same labeling on his. Though mind you it did say different things then his, but followed the same format. Walking around would soon bring him to the stairwell door that lead to the lower floor yet when he reached for the handle he immediately jumped back as if like magic words appeared right in front of it as if to scare him off.

    "The game," Jack questioned as he puzzled over the door's meaning yet it seem until everyone woke up he could proceed no further. Yet very curious to how true those words held he reached for the handle again, and tried to twist it open. Upon realization that he could not even budge it even a little bit he sighed with a shrug of his shoulders. No use fighting what he couldn't move besides from what he could gather once everyone was up the door would open hopefully. Though not wanting to chance being locked back in the moment it opened he stood by the door leaning against the wall right next to it as the words stayed in their position to warn any other Fragmented who would try the same thing.

    "Well what the heck have I gotten myself into?"
    Minutes Before Game Start Time

    "Well then as you have wished I have prepared everything you have requested."


    "This game will go off without a hitch."
  2. "Another game..." Dark blue eyes watched on dispassionately as a young lady's body finally finished reanimating, landing on the floor on her feet. Her dark blue thigh-length skirt swished slightly, her past waist length raven hair falling down her back, sleek and silky. The lady, or more like girl, was wearing a dark blue school uniform. She looked to be about sixteen years in age. But one look in her eyes told of something terrible. The stare was blank and empty of feeling, seeing through anyone without any real concern.

    Hoshiko Kagami. One of the oldest of the Collectors and one of the longest-lived. She was known for her lack of motivation and merely acting on orders from REM. The indifference in her eyes was perpetual, and she merely glanced around the other collectors, passing over the one known as Rika Swerch, one of the younger Collectors she had seen break under the crushing pressure the game put on her. There were more like her who had come out twisted, but Rika had come out a Collector because of being broken. It wasn't any of Hoshiko's concern... And the blue-eyed girl looked across at the TV screens.

    And she waited, in silence, as mirrors started materializing around her, hovering and revolving in all shapes and sizes. The Mirror Maiden, they had called her...
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  3. Matterialization, reanimation. It was a process that would likely reoccur for the rest of his life, his life now indefinite unless ended by brutal force. Exavior gritted his teeth in a groan as he fell with one knee bent in a kneel, he looking around slowly at the other waking and worken collectors. He had the capacity to be friendly with them, but his mind was too much of a blur at the moment to bother. Slowly rising to his feet, the thirty six game old collector reached one arm across his body, pulling it taught, before doing so with the other, feeling the stretching and popping in his back and shoulders before also cracking his neck. He paid no mind to the televisions or to the other collectors for the moment, heading over to one of the arcade games, an old pinball table, and began to play, sharpening his physical reasoning, critical thinking, and reflexes in the short amount of time left before the game would start. There was no telling which collecters would be sent out at first, and he didnt want to slack if he was to be on one of the first rounds.

    Exavior looked to the side inbetween batting the mettal ball around, seeing one of the most hostile collectors that he ahd the pleasure of even attempting to get to know, Rika Swerch, leaned up against another arcade game at the end of the lineup. He muttered something under his breath about her being an idiodic brat, but did nothing more, simply playing this game. Within the game none the less.


    Within the first level of the seeming 'parking garage' laid a teen girl, seemingly asian of orgin, with her long, dark hair pulled in a ponytail. Her features remained relaxed, peaceful even, as she laid in a seeming 'sleep'. Such was abruptly disturbed, however, as she jolted awake, as if having come out of a nightmare, looking around frantically to calm herself down, though it only brought more worry and panic to the forefront of her mind. Not like there was anything else really there, her head throbbing and her whole body aching. She took a few deep breaths, trying to regain some sort of rational thinking, finally acheiving at least a small amount of calm, enough to see the lable at the end of the lane made of two white lines beside her.

    Shujo Mishana
    Fragment type: Pixel
    Stickers: Defender's Staff

    All of this brought more confusion to her mind, aliviating some of the irrational panic, but still proving puzzling. She knew that her name was Shujo, or at least, kind of knew it was something like that, but what in the world was a fragment? And what is all this fuss about stickers? She wouldnt have any stickers on her to save her life, being too tomboyish to care about girly things like that. But then rereading the name of the sticker, she thought that maybe it was a sticker tattoo that you get instead of perminant ones? That would explain her aching if she had gotten a tattoo and passed out. But then why wouldnt she remember something like that clearly? She blamed her panic and her aching head as she forced herself up to her feet, looking around her. There were at least fifteen other people around her, all with there own little slots, all asleep like she had been. Things were getting stranger and stranger, and growing all the more worrisome.
  4. As she woke up she felt the hard ground underneath her, moving her hand she felt indeed ground. Why? Had she passed out? If so, then was it because--- Her grey eyes opened as she couldn't seem to grasp the most recent memories. A concussion? Sitting up she expected a wave of nausea to hit her, but no, she only felt disoriented. Frowning lightly she tried to remember again, what had happened an hour before, a day, a month, but to no avail. The memories she found seemed out of place, either too old or just not right. Sighing softly at the worsening headache she gave up her attempt to make sense of it for now and rose. Noticing the text on the space she had been occupying she read it, hoping it had a clue to what was going on.

    Camille Ainsworth
    Fragmented type: Jigsaw
    Stickers: Deck of Cards

    Camille... That was her name, she could recall being called that but the other two made no sense. Jigsaw and Deck of Cards... She never bothered with jigsaw puzzles and her only relation with cards was that she had a few tricks to keep track of them when playing games. Finding no answers she finally paid attention to her surroundings, like her there were others who lay in similar spaces, they seemed a lot like parking spots, just with people and the script saying different things. There were some with no one occupying at all and a couple of spaces away was there another girl who had fully woken up too. She headed over and paused in front of the girl, it took a moment of pause before she found the words she needed to speak. Somehow talking to others seemed like this great feat. "Hello... Do you have any idea why we are here?" It was faintly questioning, as if her emotions were vague, but hopefully she didn't seem accusing. She hoped.
  5. It was like grasping for something and then - poof - it was out of her reach. Her hands would keep reaching out, farther and farther, but the target that they searched for - that one piece of evidence - evaded her. As she was reaching out her hand, she suddenly came to with a gasp, shooting into a sitting position with her hand still reached out. That's right... back when she was still a novice... what was it now? The memory felt smeared over, and Kyouko rubbed her palms together uncomfortably, staring down at her gloved hands. What...? What was she doing here?

    Turning around, words formed, showing something that puzzled her.

    Kyouko Kirigiri
    Fragment type: Fingerprint
    Stickers: Truth bullets and Martial Combat.

    If she knew what was going on, it was gone like half of her memories. Everything important seemed to be covered in a layer of fog.

    "So much for being a "fog-cutter"..." She mumbled to herself, getting to her feet. Her calm, indifferent purple eyes scanned the area, seeing that a few others had woken; two girls and a young man, all looking as disoriented as she felt. What was all this? Stickers? Fragmented? What did it mean? Who had transported them here? What was their purpose? Why couldn't they remember anything?

    Even so... this parking space made no sense in the first place. A bunch of sleeping kinds and no one noticed? This was definitely strange... her train of thought came to a halt and she stopped herself from turning around and whipping her head in random directions, finally looking at her fellow... captives? Could they be called that? Her shoes clacked against the floor as she made her way to the door where the boy was standing, inspecting the words on there. Looking up, she spotted a few cameras. Surveillance? Who were monitoring them?

    This kind of thing... was the worst. At times like this, where she knew nothing of anything, those were the times when she thought she'd finally lost it. Her purpose. Even if she knew who she was and what she did for a living, there was something about this that made her unsettled. She was supposed to be aware, to be in the shadows monitoring others. Why was she being put in the center of attention like this? She turned from the door and walked to the other end of the parking lot.

    Now all she could do was wait. Wait for the others to wake up.
  6. A young girl started to stir awake, something felt off to her. Like it was too quite but she couldn't figure out why that was odd. When the girl open her eyes, she saw that she was in a parking lot with a bunch of others sleeping there too. In front of her was painted words:

    Amber Fields
    Fragment type: Headphones
    Stickers: Healer's staff & Healer's touch

    Amber, that sounded right. As Amber looked around she saw that she wasn't alone, with people sleeping and walking round. Getting up Amber walked over to the young man.
    "Where are we? I can't remember how I got here."
  7. The air filled with Static as the creatures crawled from literal tears in reality, their forms shifting and distorting at the edges, fading in and out of view. Something stood beyond the ever growing horde, sitting casually as it looked down from above. Its expression was of slight amusement, lips crinkled up just a tad at the edges, and its lips moved. The discordant noise generated by the Statics’ simple existences blotted all other noise out, and his vision swam as the distortions surged forward, blocking the individual from sight.
    Faces. Nearly a dozen of them, but he recognized none of them. Features were blurred, indistinct the moment he tried to focus on them. Their voices mixed and blended with one another, making it impossible to discern who said what even on the rare cases he was able to separate the words. Closing his eyes to try and focus without the visual distractions, the conversation died down almost instantly when he did so.
    “We’ll play again soon~” A sickeningly sweet voice flitted by his ear and his eyes snapped open just in time to catch a blossom of red spray forward from his chest. Rather than any pain though, all he felt was a dull chill as he struggled faintly to touch the weapon impaling him through. Unable to summon the effort needed to raise his hand though, his vision began to fade despite his efforts to keep his eyes open.
    Nagito Shoriya
    Modern Armory and The Perfect Killer

    Nagito woke as if it wasn’t the hard floor of a parking lot that he’d slept on, but a rather hard mattress. Rubbing at his eyes slowly, he stood up and stretched, working out the knots in his body, before finally taking a glance at the immediate area around. It was rather bizarre to put mildly but at the same time somehow familiar, and for a moment he felt at a loss as to how he should feel.

    Wincing, something overlaid itself on his sight for a moment and Nagito saw not others waking up, but a busy hub of activity. Laughter and a sense of vibrancy filled the air, but the moment he blinked, things were back to “normal”. ‘A hallucination?’ He rubbed at his eyes before noticing the tattoo on his right palm, pausing as it fascinated him for a moment.

    Though rather simple in design, a circle enclosing a partially open set of doors, but it was what was mostly concealed behind that caught his eye. The contents seemed to shift as if the tattoo was alive and he caught glimpses of different weapons with each blink. Rather than freak out or anything though, like with the bizarre location he had awoken in, there was also a feeling of familiarity. Covering it as he made a fist, he looked up and towards the others who had awoken.

    Looking around, he didn’t bother with any of the still sleeping for some reason, his glance sliding over them without so much as a pause. It seemed that there were still over half that hadn’t unawakened and a quick count revealed that there were nearly three dozen individuals here. ‘Quite a lot.’ Blinking in surprise at the thought that seemed to have come out of nowhere, he tilted his head in wonder at where it had come from. There would be no overlay this time though, and eventually he was forced to give up.

    Wandering around without much direction as he waited for those still asleep to wake up, he didn’t bother any of the others already awake. Instead, he busied himself with trying to sort of what he could remember. Despite the fact that his footsteps were utterly silent despite his casual stance, the silence did nothing to help sort out much of the memories he did have. He could remember brief moments that lasted for a few minutes at most, but joining anything was near impossible. Frustrating, and it was beginning to show as his expression scrunched into one of annoyance.
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  8. Fumiko had reanimated. Or, 'rejoined', seeming to be the better word, logically of course. It was a rather odd process, but she couldn't question it. It was one of the few things that extended past her logic perimeters. She at least possessed vague knowledge of it though, and that was enough to stop her from questioning it further than she ever had.

    Fumiko let a small sigh escape her lips as she looked around the room, spotting and recalling the other collectors. Rika Swerch was the one that caught her eye most though. Rika was quite the interesting one. She was certainly not a friend, as Collectors seemed to consider such as wasteful. She was experiment. Not really, but Fumiko saw her as such. An experiment that had gone so far as to make one lose their sanity. It was quite intriguing to her, and managed to bring a psychotic smile to her lips for a few seconds, perhaps a bit longer. She then continued to review all the other Collectors that she hadn't seen or just didn't recall. Very few matched that criteria, though.​
  9. Noel Yeager
    Fragment type: Blank
    Stickers: Vector Manipulation (Corner arrow symbol)

    Noel moved a bit before waking up. The ground was hard, cold, and just uncomfortable. When he opened his eyes, and the first moments of his blurry vision turned into the usual sharp sight. He sat up and took a look around, which made a lot of questions pop up in his mind. What is this place? Why does he (and other people) seem to have been sleeping in parking lots? How did they all get here? And why the hell didn't he remember anything but his name? Even without his memory, Noel knew that this was anything but normal. But just asking himself wouldn't get him any answers. Noel got up and began to take a little walk in that floor of the building. While doing so, he tried to figure out who of these other individuals might be the most interesting ones. These tend to make progress. For now, he avoided to actually talk to one of them.

    She didn't know why she'd been expecting anything different. She gasped slightly as a shock burst through her body, bringing her back to life. She'd gone through three games now with this being her fourth and she wasn't planning on it being her last. She blinked slowly, slowly taking in her surroundings. Lina Donnelly... Collector... the cold floor brought the memories blinking back into existence. Though she'd already gone through this "re-animating" stage twice now Lina wasn't sure she'd ever fully get used to it. She took a deep breath to stabilize herself before standing up and dusting her pants off.

    The room or the "Recade", as Lina liked to call it, seemed emptier than before. Not that she'd had much time to mingle with her fellow collectors - she was pretty new to this whole deal after all. There were some who were rumored to have been with the games as long as they had been in place and her two sessions (on third now) seemed like nothing compared to them. Lina stretched her joints, making small cracking noises as she went along. As she headed on over to lounge near the TV she made note of the people standing near her.

    Though all of the people in the room had powers sufficient to kill any Fragmented, Lina made special note of the crazy cat lady along with "Mirrors." From what little she'd seen from them they had seemed the most dangerous. Lina fidgeted as she stewed in the silence. It was a bit awkward to have all the Collectors penned up in one place. A group of violent killers tasked with eradicating other humans didn't do very well in making small talk, Lina figured. They hadn't always been this way though. Well... at least she hoped so.

    Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen? It baffled her how all of these people could be so subservient towards REM. Whatever that was anyway. She thought back to when she'd first become a Collector, when she'd survived these "games". Lina often wondered if her choice had been the right one. She missed her home even though she didn't have any memories about it. She somehow knew that it'd be a warm place, unlike the cold and silent walls of the districts. Sometimes Lina cursed her own curiosity.

    There was still plenty of time left before the games officially started so Lina decided to start things off her way. Bouncing up from the floor, she headed on over to the broken down fridge. She opened it to find a few cans full of an unknown substance along with a miserable looking slice of pizza. Her mouth tightened in displeasure but it was better than nothing. She cracked open the tab, taking an experimental sniff of the drink before tasting a small sip. It was flat, dry and bitter but something about the aftertaste kept her coming back for more. The pizza tasted like it looked - miserable. Taking her food to the red couch, Lina lay down before speaking out aloud, inviting anyone listening to respond.

    "So, what do you think the Fragmented are gonna be like this time?"
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  11. Waking up into an unfamiliar ceiling with slight dizziness was decidedly familiar, though how, she couldn't put her finger on. Sharp brown eyes narrowed at the pale ceiling in thought, before the owner sat up, ignoring the wave of vertigo with practiced - what? - ease as her focus sharpened. She instinctively looked and checked herself for injuries, hands roaming her skin and over her clothes for any feeling or pain or discomfort. None... Except... What was she doing here? What were her days before this like? What was her life like? The questions filled her with a growing sense of dread as her mind uselessly projected a blank void where her memories should be. All she remembered was that she was Mitsuko Shiki, age 18, and that... Her last name carried some significance. Like it had a touch of notoriety to it, the word on her lips tasting like blood and gunpowder and steel and ash...

    Mitsuko Shiki
    Jack in the Box
    Sticker Types: Naginata, Magnetism Manipulation (Earliest Form)

    What did that mean? What did it have to do with a Jack in the Box? Was this some sort of prank? The people around her looked just as puzzled and uneasy as she felt.

    She wrinkled her nose at the clothes she was wearing - shorts that showed way too much skin of her legs and a tight black shirt. Her wavy, vividly red hair stood out against her light skin and dark clothes, tied up in a ponytail with bangs falling over her forehead and framing her face. I'm comfortable about my body, but do I want to look like this in a strange place? Mitsuko blinked at the tattoos she found on her left hand. A tattoo with a simple black circle encircling a very familiar weapon intricately drawn in ink but still so small - a naginata...

    She was suddenly feeling a familiar long wooden shape in her hands, the rod ending in a long, gleaming blade. Across from her, a man in dark robes with his arms folded in front of him suddenly listed off different stances and strikes - and with each listing, her body moved, catlike grace and flexibility, her limbs strong and limber. The dulled blade still gave a sharp sound as it cut through the air, and she lost herself in this familiar dance of parrying and striking, slicing and piercing, at an invisible enemy. By the end of it her breathing was faster and her skin prickled with a bit of sweat, but her blood pounded in her veins, her face exhilarated.

    She loved the feeling. It would only have been better if she currently had someone to practice against.

    The twelve-year old Mitsuko bowed low before her instructor and spoke up, voice questioning -

    Mitsuko let out a breath, blinking rapidly as she was back in this strange parking lot. She looked around her sharply - having noted the other people before, some unconscious and some awake - and stood up. She hid her trepidation behind an expression of boredom and impatience, looking at the few who were awake. Three boys and four girls of varying ages, but mostly teens to young adults. She approached two girls that seemed to be speaking and spoke up, voice curt. "I take it you don't remember how you got here either?"
  12. "Yes," Camille confirmed and paused before asking: "Did you also have something like 'Fragment Type' and 'Sticker' written together with your name where you woke up?" She had seen the script at the occupied spots, but a direct confirmation from someone was preferable over checking each and every spot. While being thourough was good right now it was better to be effective just in case something happened, she just didn't feel safe waking up in an unknown place.
  13. (The Negative District)
    Rika watched as every Collector broke down into their own groups, or separated themselves from all the rest which at the moment was her preference of action. It didn't take long for her to feel that annoying sense of being stared at. That look of fear, or curiosity was very commonly directed at her from her fellow Collectors. Her tail swished about in agitation from having to be around the "competition". It was then her cat like ears picked up on some lower audible sound causing her to turn in the direction of Exavior scoffing a bit at his choice of words. His kind were very common in the ranks of Collectors snotty rough type's she really didn't care about the names of, but then again every once in awhile her old personality would lightly kick in making her acknowledge such events. It was at that time that one of the nearer faces spoke up strangely trying to create a conversation with the group as a whole.

    "If I am lucky their will be fighters amongst them," she unexpectedly spoke aloud with a gleeful wanting look. It was at that moment the Three TV's started to act up again meaning only one thing... it was time for the small briefing of info that was given to the Collectors before each Game began. It also meant they were about to find out who would be allowed to start messing with the Fragmented first, and who would have to wait until the second round. Without much warning like a cat on high alert Rika dove for the couch performing a few aerial tricks before landing right next to Lina with a big plopping sound. She watched the TV's intensely as the information started to appear.




    Hoshiko Kagami
    Exavior Mishana
    Lina Donnelly

    Rika's eye's slowly twitched as neither of five names were her own. She started to scream at a low pitch as her hands went through her hand like a crazy person. Fortunately for Lina though that was as far the tantrum went as she rested her head against the couch mumbling about how it wasn't fair, and that REM was going to pay for it if she wasn't in round two. She then returned her eye's tot he TV screen as she read through the rest of the information. She raised a eyebrow at the unexpected high number.

    "Huh there are quite a few mice this... guess I can be patient," she spoke weakly before leaning back against the couch to agitated to say, or do anything else at the moment. For now she would have to imagine what future fun she would have with the Fragmented in round two. Besides there was a upside to it all, all the weak boring Fragmented would be thinned out by other people leaving her the good ones a bit easier to identify from what was left. Then again the current goal was to only erase five so that would leave about 32 for the next round... so at least the chosen Collectors wouldn't get to have to much fun with her "mice".

    (District Zero)
    Jack watched as everyone started to wake up causing him to keep a eye on the door curious of when it would open he tapped his fingers against his forearms until suddenly a young girl walked up to him. At first he was going to ignore her, but with a innocent face the girl looked at him, and asked.
    "... Your not the only one kiddo. I doubt anyone does remember anything at this point," Jack responded as he evaluated the overall reaction everyone was giving a sense of confusion. Most likely just like him they all didn't know anything besides their name's, and were they currently were felt completely wrong. He continued to tap his hand when suddenly a loud ringing sound caught everyone's attention. The sound was being projected by the door as the words on it slowly started to disappear along with the whole door itself. Jack's eyes went wide as he watched the "magic trick" of the disappearing door. At first he stood their not even sure at this time how to respond to what he was seeing. After a moment of being completely dumbfounded Jack shacked his head before slowly peering down the stairwell it revealed. Once he was sure it was all safe he looked to the young girl.

    "Well lets go see if we can figure out where we are," with that Jack started to head down the stairs, and the sight he would behold at the end... was not exactly what he was hoping for. The first floor was exactly the same as the second floor besides two differences. One was that there were fewer people, and two was that at the northern most wall was a giant solid metal door with the same exact message plastered on it that the second floor door had.


    "Alright I am starting to get really annoyed about these messages where the hell are we," Jack growled from a slow build up of agitation. However just like he had done with the first door he gave in to the fact he was going to have to wait. Maybe someone had found something out down here? No, no one had really spoken up after his little outburst so he doubted anyone on the first floor knew more then those from the second floor. That was then he started to cross his hands again, but this time his fingers tapped against a sticker he wasn't currently aware of, and the moment his fingers made contact with it.
    Jack's hands were suddenly enveloped in a swirling blue mist as two simple looking gauntlets formed into existence. Maybe people around him jumped in shock from the display, but no one was as shocked as Jack once the mist dispersed, and he was given a chance to study the strange armor around his hands. Following right in suit another sticker appeared glowing on top of the left gauntlet.

    "I think I have had enough crazy moments today," Jack quickly spoke up to himself unwilling to "activate" the second sticker. Ignoring it for a moment Jack was impressed how light they felt. Yet when he clanged them against each other a few sparks flew from impact suggesting they were very durable.

    "This day just keeps getting stranger, and stranger," he spoke to himself.
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  14. Amber flinched at the sound, when the boy started toward the stairs she followed after. This place wasn't much different from the one before, she was going to ask what they should do next, when a bunch of light came from him. When the light died down, Amber ran up to the boy
    "Are you okay? That looked scary and really pretty. How did you do that?"
  15. A loud ringing snapped her out of her thoughts, and she noticed that the door was open now. And not only was it open, it was gone. But Kyouko didn't have the willpower or want to be surprised, so in the end she just walked over, silent as a cat as she descended the stairs, eyes focused here and there. For some reason she never slipped down the stairs despite her eyes not being focused in front of her. After many years where she had been distracted by this and that, she'd managed to learn how to walk even without using her eyes to avoid bumping into things.

    "This place... gives me the creeps..." She mumbled as she watched the second odd door that day, her eyes gleaming with a sort of morbid curiousity. It felt like they were in some sort of prison. Kyouko rubbed her upper arm, accidentally touching the sticker that she had yet to see. Purple smoke enveloped her right hand, and when it faded, she felt the weight of something in her hand. It was a dark purple, almost black gun with gold streaked along the edges. It felt like glued to her hand.

    Despite the fact that this made her even more scared, and that she had never seen this gun before, it was like she knew how it worked on instinct. And with her will, it actually disappeared. She just had to tell it to inside her mind, then it would disappear. She would have to look at her arm and see what that was.
  16. Shujo jumped at the voice of another person behind her, sighing when she understood the words and took a breath to speak, only to be cut off by another person's approach. She sighed, rubbing the back of her neck and looking away, letting the two women speak, letting her quickly survey the surroundings again. There were a couple of people who had just entered the large 'parking lot', and many other people were beginning to wake for themselves. What was more captivating, however, was the sudden surge of energy and bright light coming from the boy who had come down from what must have been a second level. His hands were covered with some sort of substance that called to question what she herself could do. Shujo looked back to her parking slot, more specifically towards the sticker line. Did that have something to do with it..? She looked over both hands and rolled up her long sleeves, finding nothing on her arms, and begun to think that it was just a fluke and her wild mind was concocting things again, but as she reached to scratch her back, right between her shoulderblades, she felt a sudden rush as well as seeing bright wording in front of her


    A staff, one that seemed to be made of some sort of metal, formed in her hand, she now holding the thing behind her back before she pulled her arm back in front of her body to inspect the majesty of the item, it having beautiful engravings upon it. It was light weight, but still held enough heft to stay firmly planted in her hands as the girl now spun it in her one hand over her hand before flipping it on a vertical axis in the air, catching it with her other hand before planting one end upon the ground with a grin. Maybe this whole 'sticker' thing wasnt so bad. It was then that Shujo realized that a bit of time had already passed and many people were now awake, despite her having done very little. Maybe now that there were more people, something would happen that would aid in constructing what all had happened to get them all here.


    Exavior saw the others begin to congregate to see who would start off the first round. He himself wasnt all that interested in knowing, as he was more enveloped in beating his last high score, having already racked up quite the game. A young collector, however, one who had joined only a game or two ago, was looking over, noticing that his name wasnt on the first list, and growled under his breath, snatching Exavior up from his game and ramming him against the wall in an iron grip, looking him in the eyes for a good five seconds as his anger fumed into heat that begun to burn through the other. Exavior had had quite a few dealings with this collector before, he being a weilder of a sticker that had something to do with fire, naturally pitting him as a rival. Exavior himself was fairly laid back and would be the other collector's friend, had the man not had such a horridly furious temper. Something like that put him off right away.
    "How DARE you take my spot on first go! You little rat, I aughta-"
    "Max, calm yourself." Said Exavior calmly, he speaking in a soft tone as he lightly touched the sticker on his right side, just barely visible under his shirt. One of his signature chakrams formed in either of his hands, he pulling one over the furious 'Maxs' head and pulling it back to where he could limit the man's air access, but do nothing more.
    "Calm before you get someone hurt. Judging by your reaction, I'm on first run. I'd suggest you not have any other outbursts, else REM may not let you in on the fun for a couple more runs." The calm, collected male won, as always, Max letting go of Exavior begrudgingly, and Exavior removing his chakrams from his neck in turn. Willing the two weapons away, the male began to stretch and prepare for the ever approaching game.
  17. Hoshiko Kagami | The Mirror Maiden | The Negative District

    It will be the same as always... Hoshiko didn't speak aloud, though she did hear Lina Donelly's question, and Rika Swerch's answer. Of course there would be fighters in every run of these endless games. And in the end, these fighters would either bend and break, or come out as one of them. A Collector, the very same thing the Fragmented had hated. There was no winner. Everyone lost something in the end. Like their sanity, shattering just like the gleaming glass shards that Hoshiko wielded. Shattering into pieces. Or slowly corroding into nothing. She had seen it, she had known it, all her time here.

    She stared at her name displayed on the screen along with four others - Exavior Mishana, and Lina Donnelly among them - and her eyes glanced in Rika's direction as she heard the low, keening scream the feline woman gave out. "You... Are loud." The blue-eyed girl's voice was a low, toneless whisper, sounding out of place for such a young-sounding voice. "Too loud." Despite her words, Hoshiko looked as indifferent to her surroundings as always, as if she had only just observed Rika's outburst with a small shrug. The cat lady would have her time out breaking down the Fragmented, as always. Just as she said that, a bit later she heard one of the temperamental Collectors yell and lash out against Exavior. The one dubbed as 'Mirrors' by the other Collectors glanced at Exavior in apathy as he calmed the other down.

    Five Collectors to collect five Fragmented for the first round. Who of these thirty-seven unfortunate souls would leave alive? Who would fall to the Static and to the Collectors? All would be playing straight into REM's hand. In the end, everything always played into Ren, and REM's, hand. Hoshiko dimly wondered why her past self, that naive, assuming young girl from an eon of time long ago, even thought she could ever triumph in this game. And now she was part of these people who killed Fragmented for unknown purposes, but she had long stopped caring. It didn't matter anymore.

    Hoshiko clasped her hands, the image of a young, almost meek girl, and waited for the game to start. As she always did.

    Mitsuko Shiki | Jack in the Box | District Zero
    Nodding, Mitsuko replied to the woman, "I have two, and the words 'Jack in the Box'. You?" She glanced at the sticker on the back of her left hand thoughtfully, a frown on her face. She glanced at the other woman and spoke, "Let's take a look around the place. Nothing else to be done," the last part was muttered in a dark tone as she approached, watching one man go down the stairs.

    She followed his gaze, jaw clenched slightly as she saw the blatant words that greeted them. She wholeheartedly agreed with the man's remarks. However, she was again thrown off guard as when she saw - she fucking saw it - the man's hand tap against a sticker on his arm, something her sharp eyes caught. And then there it was, in all its damn glory as if it had a right to ignore the laws of physics - not that Mitsuko ever cared about that. Swirling blue mist, then bam, two gauntlets on the man's arms.

    "What the hell was that?" Mitsuko said in bewilderment, shaking her head furiously for a moment and narrowing her eyes in thought. She... Wasn't used to this, she realized. Even without her memories, Mitsuko was used to being aware of whatever situation she was in, and what she could do - she was used to being in control. I don't like this. Dammit, what is going on? Mitsuko shook her head and tried to focus on the situation at hand, looking around her.

    This got her thinking, as she saw some others who had also seen the spectacle try out their stickers, especially the girl who was close by her and the woman she had spoken to. When they touched a sticker in their body they seemed to materialize some sort of weapon. She glanced warily at the sticker on the back of her right hand, and taking a deep breath, touched her fingers to the sticker.


    Naginata (open)

    Mitsuko watched as something long - indeed, it was longer than her 5'7" height, probably about 8' in length overall - and sleek and black materialized in her hands. Instinctively, she positioned her hands in a way that she would hold it - this naginata, this beautiful polished thing with its deep, gleaming black pole and the golden accents. Its sheath, the saya, was just as lovely, with pale pink sakura engraved in the dark lacquer. The tsuba - the hand guard - in between the pole and the blade was a lovely white-gold, and she could admire the weapon despite how damn strange the circumstances were. The blade's length was about 2', and the pole of about 6'. She unsheathed the blade, a metallic hiss sharply sounding in the air, and stared at the glinting, sharp, sharp blade.

    Then she slowly sheathed it again. Can't exactly drool over a weapon in front of other people now, can we, Mitsuko? She sighed. It just felt so fitting in her hands, and she had started imagining how it would feel to twirl and slash with the blade, as well as lunge with it.
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  18. Nagito Shoriya / Jigsaw / Modern Armory and The Perfect Killer
    Before he could annoy himself too much over the seemingly, for now, impossible task of putting his memories in order, a loud ringing broke his concentration. Dismissing the thoughts with a click of the tongue, he turned to look at the noise’s source and found himself stopped for a moment as he watched the door fade out of view and reveal the stairwell behind it. Watching as the others that had awakened began to make their way over towards the newly revealed path, Nagito followed for a few steps before coming to a halt.

    As he watched the others file down the stairs, he looked down to glance at the shifting tattoo on the palm of his right hand. As if lost in the everchanging weapons behind the twin doors, he brought his other hand up to it without so much as thinking. Yet when he finally touched it, there was an electrifying sensation that coursed through his body for a moment and he felt more alive than ever for that instant.


    Pulling his hand away, a stream of grey smoke followed it. When it finally dissipated, he held a simple M1911 in his hand and a faint smile was made as he glanced at the weapon. There was just something comforting about holding onto the firearm that Nagito felt unable to describe. With that done, he finally made his way over to the revealed stairwells. Given the sound of conversation and surprise, he surmised that the game had, in fact, yet to begin and that everyone was still safe.

    Dropping the pistol as he descended the stairs, he noted that it faded away much more rapidly than the door had, dissipating into grey smoke completely before it hit the ground. Stepping off the stairwell, he took in the familiar environment before all the others that were experimenting with their “tattoos”. It seemed that almost everyone here at the moment had some sort of ability to summon a weapon like his own, though some certainly looked more impressive than others. He smirked as he noticed someone mesmerized by the weapon in their hands, a redhead with a naginata, but otherwise didn’t bother her. A quick glance across the lot revealed that the same text that had decorated the previous door did so for the current door too. So it seemed that there was nothing to do besides wait for the others to awaken.
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    She'd been right all along - the whole room was filled with maniacs, the whole lot of them. She hadn't expected Rika to actually respond to her question but after seeing her reaction Lina wished she never had. The TV had flickered weakly, displaying the names of the Collectors chosen to be the hunters for the round. Lina was surprised to find her own name up there and a bit wary of Rika as she went berserk. Though being as obedient to REM as any other Collector was, something about her unhinged state just screamed dangerous to Lina. "Relax." Finished with her food, she tossed the empty can aside and brushed off her hands. "Have a drink or something - it'll be your turn soon." The words had only just left her mouth when "Mirrors" also spoke... this time berating Rika. The shock at hearing her speak at last was quickly subdued by annoyance - did she have to say that when she was sitting right next to her? "Anyway, gotta get ready. See ya, I guess." As she hastily bounced off the couch it seemed Rika was not the only one upset about not being first. Two other Collectors were involved in a mini scuffle of sorts, one activating his sticker to quiet the other. It was a mess and not one Lina wished to be involved in. The sooner they were allowed to leave the "Recade" the better it would be. To pass what remaining time she had left Lina simply swayed back and forth on her feet, loosening her muscles and getting ready for the game.
  20. Fumiko let out a sigh of frustration as she saw the names that had been picked. She preferred to go first, but kept to herself as she just let her eyes close. She let herself recall previous memories of the games. The only parts she seemed to be keeping within her memory were the ones where she was engaged in the heat of battle. The memories were so clear...she felt as if she was reliving those moments. She began to let a small laugh escape as she recalled it all. The adrenaline, the tension, and then last of all, and her personal favorite, the magic energy. Being a person of logic, she would normally deny that 'magic' existed. After getting some first-hand experience though, she let it slip past her. She stopped her quiet laugh and shook her head. She simply sat down right on the floor, waiting. She knew her turn would be soon, but she didn't know how soon. And that was the fun part.​
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