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    The kingdom of Soneillon was a force to be reckoned with. Tyrannical in the views of their sister kingdom, Forneous, they were an ever expanding influence. Local villages and towns around the kingdom were burdened with heavy taxes and even forced to do the labor of slaves. They truly did not have an easy life, and those who were ever caught trying to escape were met by a certain penalty immediately - death. Only the bravest of souls that resided in Soneillon dared to escape, and most never even survived past the outskirts of the vampire domain. There were two prolific figures in the kingdom of Soneillon. King Daltus and Queen Irene were worshiped as gods. The two central figures basked in wealth as they watched those of their nation wallow in despair and suffering.

    This caused the kingdom of Forneous to retaliate for their awful ways, and those of Soneillon were not going down without a fight. Even the prince of Soneillon, Blaine, was sent in as a spy to the masquerade ball that night in Forneous to capture the enemy princess. She would be used as leverage for the war, and also as bait. He would retrieve her from the angel kingdom before exporting her secretly. The angels would have nothing else to do but surrender or risk losing the life of their beloved princess.

    "All going to plan..."

    He looked around, seeing if there was anyone suspicious of him before grinning. His cold, blue eyes looked around. A rather flashy gown adorned his body, complete with a red mask covering his face. Only some of his pale skin would be shown, but that should not be that much of a problem. An envoy was waiting in the forest close to the outskirts of Forneous. Right now he would be on a solo mission. If he screwed this up, there would be no one else but himself to blame. Blaine waited at the doors of the ball room. He would go in the cover of the other angels, before seeking out his target.

    They would take Forneous as their own, and oppress the angels until they had no fighting spirit left.​
  2. Princess Isabel was wearing a light blue corset dress with a pretty white and blue mask. She had a tiara. She walked through the halls as she was heading towards the ball. She gulped nervously before she saw the guy " come sir over here " she smiled. She went to go to the throne before she glanced around. Watching everybody dance. The king smiled " to our soldiers.. we are so for winning" the princesswas happy she nodded and helped them before tje music started abd every one was dancing. She crossed her legs as she watched with her faMily
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    Blaine felt like the time was right, and decided to enter the ball room. It was truly a place fit for royalty. Amazing banners and columns adorned the area inside, and it was all for those wretched angels. He looked around, seeing if there was anyone free to dance with him while also contemplating how he would approach them. He saw an angel woman standing off by herself, and he decided that he would go and approach her. Blaine attempted to walk in a gentlemen like manner so no others would suspect him of anything. He bowed before the girl and she curtseyed back to him, before adjoining hands. The two dance around in a circle, and Blaine gave a smile to the girl. The response she gave was great. She turned her head to the side, blushing. He was perfectly fitting in with these nasty creatures. The vampire took a look up to the throne, giving a nod in the direction of the princess.

    She was going to be next.​
  4. The PrinCess was watching to make she there was no trouble. She then felt like she sensed a vampire in here. She grabbed onto her chair arms as she watched this one person. She looked over at her father who smiled. Isabella sighed and leaned back seeing a nod. She nodded as if to accept. He was wanting to dance with her. She didnt even want to speak. Sbe thought that maybe it was him.
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    Seeing that he was approved, he ended the dance with his current partner. He lifted up her arm before spinning the angelic girl and then stopping by pulling her in. His cold blue eyes looked into the girls before releasing her and bowing. She curtseyed once more before heading off to a group of her friends, describing the experience that she had just had. While the girl went off, Blaine walked up the stairs to the throne, looking at his real target. He gave the king a nod before looking at Isabella and bowing to her. Blaine then took a hold of the princess' hand before kissing the top, trying to flatter her. He kept his head down, showing that he would be submissive to her and to the rulers of the angel kingdom, for now.​
  6. The princess smIled as she saw him move. She looked at her father whispering that she was going to dance and he just nodded. The princess had an odd feeling She had. Shesighed as she thought. She then stood up as she went to the male offering her hand after he bowed. She smiled lightly before letting him take her hand after she curtseyed. She smiled letting him lead her to the dance floor. She was glad to have a dancing partner. She dod feel the coldness inhis skin. She eyed the guard who was at the doors.
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    As he lead her to the dance floor, Blaine eyed the guards at the entrance. Actually, guards were posted at more areas than just the main entrance. There were some by the hallway doors, the main entrance, and even the stairs. Getting the princess out of this place would not be that easy. He decided that he would try to get close to her while he had this time. He gave her a sly smile before placing his left hand on her hip, his other hand interlocking with her free one. He then began to spin her around the ballroom. Many other angels and attendees of the ballroom stopped to watch the two dance. Ladies were talking about how pretty the princess was and men were just cursing at Blaine, but he did not care. He would not see their faces for a while.

    He stepped with his left foot and let his left hand drop lower so that the princess leaned back. Blaine brought her back up, before twirling her around as he did with the previous girl. Feeling rather extravagant, Blaine placed both of his hands on her hips before lifting the princess into the air, spinning her around. A rather odd move, but he didn't care. Cheers from the angels filled the room as he flashed the rather unique move. Blaine then placed her down before pulling her in and getting his faces inches apart from hers. He gave her a smile before his cold eyes looked deep into hers, and brought his lips to hers. Right before their lips touched, he stopped before laughing slightly.

    "How will you react to that, pulchra?"

    (Pulchra is latin for beautiful. I thought I would incorporate a foreign language into this too.)
  8. Isabella smiled as she was dancing with him. She glanced aRound softly before she looked at him with a light smile that approved. She was glad to have this dance with this guy but as soon a s she looked into his eyes she noticed thst he was a vampire. She tensed as she did realized this. Wait there was angels that were cold and with eyes like that. She then smiled as she was bending down. She then gasped he went to kiss her " my father would kick you out if you did" she said " ths t-shirt who you'd worry about and my lovely guards..."
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    Blaine certainly did not want to get kicked out and decided that he would bow and apologize. The recent move he just made was also not very well in the eyes of others. He would have to kick himself later for his foolish behavior. Seeing the guards around visibly tense up and some getting angry, he reeled back a bit. The vampire prince looked up to the throne, seeing the king have a rather angry facial expression upon his face. Turning his face away, he took a deep breath in and let it out, increasing his heart rate. He then turned back to the princess.

    "Sorry princess, but your beauty was too much for me. I could not help but teasing you a little. You understand, no?"

    His right hand wrapped around her wrist before pressing it to his heart. She could have felt his now racing heart. This was an attempt to flatter her, and the angels around the ballroom were just shocked that he was being so romantic with her. He looked around the room, seeing that the guards had lightened up a bit. Even the king sighed in relief. Blaine smiled at the countless people before turning back to Isabella, waiting for her response.​
  10. The princess smiled as she saw how he was reacting. She placed her hand up towards her father nodding at him basically saying it was okay. She smiled lightly before she watched him grab her and put it on his chest. She just smiled and nodded " I understand, sir " she felt a little nervous herself. She blinked before she smiled and went to raise an eyebrow still wanting to dance with this man." Still want to dance, sir?" She smiled before she looked into his eyes. She thought he was a vampire but he had a beating heart. She blinked a few times before she says " where did you learn how to dance like that?"
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    The princess had said that she had understood, and he slightly rejoiced in the fact that his bluff worked. He watched her also signal to her father, probably a sign to him saying that she was OK. Blaine looked into her eyes as she faced him, listening to her ask for another dance. He looked up to the chandelier in the ballroom, thinking if he should continue on with the dance or just try to lead her to a more secluded place. He gave her a grin before taking hold of her hand and going on one knee, kissing it once more. It wasn't the right time to lead her out yet. He still had to gain more favor in the eyes of the folk around him.

    "Of course! But I may have used all of my dance moves right there. Are you sure you would like to dance again? I may just bore you with the same thing..."
  12. The Princess, Isabella smiled at him and she watched him. She was happy. She then watched him before hearing him after going onto his knee. She smiled lightly. " Oh, of course I would love to dance with you. I would never get bored with your moves." She smiled lightly at him, before she glanced over at him. She grabbed onto his hand and smiled," You are a great dancer, sir." She smiled seeing how pleased her father was as everyone was basically watching them, she was used to the attention. She looked into his eyes as she was wanting to pull him up but she just felt how he kissed her hand, she smiled sweetly at him.
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    Blaine was gaining the favor of all those around him. This was the first time he had every felt anything like that. Most of the people back in Soneillon hated him just for being the blood of the vampire king and queen, but what could he say to that? He knew that he was a conniving and backstabbing individual who only worked for himself, and he enjoyed having that type of manner. Blaine stood up, still having hold of her hand. The music had stopped during their seemingly romantic moment, and he gave a nod to the orchestra to play once more.

    The symphony continued on as Blaine had one of his hands around her waist and another holding her hand, this time his fingers were entwined with hers. The other couples decided that they would continue with their fun as well, and soon all within the ballroom were in a cheery and happy mood. The hand that was holding her waist slightly ran up and down her side, but they were striding along the room to quickly for anyone to take notice of his flirtatious matter. His hand then moved down right above her buttocks, and he leaned in to coo in her ear.

    "Do I have permission?"

    It was obviously meant as a flirty comment, but he didn't know how she would take it.​
  14. The princess smiled softly as she looked at Blaine. She tilted her head softly, he seemed really nice. She was glad to have such a great moment. She smiled as she held onto him as she went to continue dancing with the male. She was still a little iffy about him because she wanted to figure out who he was. She never saw him before. She smiled and felt how they were ow into a room. She giggled and nodded. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she went to kiss his lips. " Of course you do." She said as she let her lips touch his as she spoke. She smiled lightly. She giggled and went to let them stride back out because the guards were starting to go towards the closet opening where they were. She smiled lightly.
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    Blaine was rather shocked by the abruptness of the kiss, but he still took it in nonetheless. A slightly higher self feeling was absorbed into his soul as his lips had met with hers. He would have to keep this moment to himself, for there was no way that his parents would ever approve of an angel... And he wouldn't either. Hearing her giggle slightly made his cheeks go pink. He was so infatuated, and had never been this close to a woman before. The kiss was obviously met by some rowdy behavior from the other males. Even the guards looked in awe, but the moment was only for a second. They probably thought that their eyes were deceiving them. He lifted her arm up before spinning her around as they traveled around the room in a circle yet again. He eventually pulled himself in for another kiss. His lips met hers before his tongue tried to get some action as well. It explored the inside of her cheeks before fully meeting the princess. Some guards steadied their lances but then realized that they shouldn't ruin the princess' moment. He kept his lips locked on hers while his tongue did some work. His hand that held her waist traveled down, before he grasped her buttock. He released his kiss, looking around to see the effort of his display.​
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  16. Isabel smiled softly.She then felt how their kiss was. She Lived this kiss. She never have kissed before. She grinned as she felt their lips lock. She loved this moment. She smIled as she felt him spun her after they let go. She looked at him. Once she felt how she was spun then bhai raced. She let her lips lock in with his. She wrapped her arns around his neck as she kissed. This felt like it was never going to end. She smiled letting theor tongues explore each others mouths as she stayed closer.
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    Hearing that the orchestral music was soon reaching its climax. Knowing that he needed to impress her one last time, he pushed his arms up with a twist, throwing the girl into the air with a spinning motion. He watched her fly up, before coming down soon. Blaine adjusted his position and reached up for her. The princess had fallen into his arms in a cradled position, similar to the ones that mothers would do with their babies. The sounds of the instruments boomed at that moment before he looked around at the crowd with his cold eyes. The individuals within could obviously not sense his hatred for them or his dark intentions, and they all clapped. He didn't need the clapping of wretched vermin such as the angels, but he took it in with a fake smile. He placed the princess down on her feet before grabbing both of her hands, looking deep into her eyes.

    "Would you care to join me outside, my beauty? It seems as if the orchestra was playing their last song right there."
  18. Isabel smiled as she looked at him she then guided as she was thrown up high in the air. Her skirt of her dress twirled. She then looked into his eyes as she was caught. She smiled sweetly before she went to hold onto his hands as he set her on her feet. She looked at her father as she glanced at the orchestra. She smiled at him and nodded " yeah " she smiled and said " hang on " she went to go to lead him to outside.
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    Blaine followed her from behind closely, a mischievous smile on his face. His mind came to a mental fork in the road, wondering if he should take the path which involved him being more intimate, or the one that involved him talking about the angel kingdom. His mental version walked down the path of intimacy, and Blaine came back to reality as he followed the princess. He extended his fingers behind her, stretching them out before slapping them upon her buttocks in a playful manner. He was unsure if this was the right move or not, but the two had already shared a kiss. The two even had a second kiss that involved quite a lot of tongue movements. She would not reject him at that moment.​
  20. Isabel smiled as she walked out they were on the balcony. She Looked at the view " isn't it pretty?" She wondered if they wanted to go take the walk. She smiled as she felther butt being smacked. She glanced at him before she walked to him. WrApping her arns around him before she kissed his lips " so am I going to be able to know your name?" She asked. She then looked over at the stairs going down from the balcony " want to go for a walk?" She asked
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