Forgotten gods

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  1. It's Sunday day, late January. Its cold and there's snow on the ground, a big busy city lies next to a lonely mountain. A large ocean covers the whole left side.
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  2. Jenny was cold, she was alone. Monster after monster have followed her, attacked her, she was scared. She walked the busy city streets, hoping some one would help, she had no coat, or hat or anything. She was in her dirty pink tank top, and her not so much blue, blue jeans. She needed a ride to the top of the mountain, or atleast as close as she can get.


    Trevors car putted as it came to a stop, it was stolen of course, so he didn't care to leave it at the bottom of the mountain. He was almost all the way up the mountain, he could almost see the tip. Trevor ran away from home, he been alone now for acouple of years. He new of his powers, he used them often. He also talked to spirts often. he was ready to find out if the greeks where right, he had to meet the gods.
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  3. A long haired girl sat quietly in the shadows of the same city, her knees pulled against her chest. She was dressed in black slightly tight pants, a silverish tank top under a simple black leather jacket. She had a naturally pretty face with delicate features that didn't convey much emotion at all. Bright silver eyes made it rather unnerving to look her straight in the eye. Her hair was silky and a mane of it hung down behind her, looking as if it hadn't been cut in a long time.

    She slowly pushed herself to her feet, a long thin bag slung across her back. She was heading toward the mountain as well and there was no sign that she was unhappy with the length she'd have to walk to reach it. Then again, there weren't many signs to absolutely anything she felt. She'd been alone for a long time, traveling from place to place. She didn't even know why she was going to this mountain. It felt like something was...pulling. Pulling at her mind, body and soul.
  4. Jennys walk slowed, Her long black hair sat on her shoulder, her arms where crossed against her chest, she needed heat as much as she could get. Her blue sea eyes fell upon a sliver haired girl, so she followed her.


    Trevor made it, to the top of the mountain, to the very tip. Mount Olympus stood there, steps formed from the tip, leading to the sky. Step after step Trevor took, until his eyes landed on Olympus. The place was ruins, The tower pillers where destroyed, blood spots covers the floor, One body laid on the floor
  5. The girl could feel eyes fall upon her and hear acutely well as someone began to follow. She didn't bother to glance back. It didn't feel like a monster. So, to her, it didn't really matter all that much. Despite her relatively light clothing there were no signs of being cold coming from her. Instead, she continued through the town, keeping her silver grey eyes set on the mountain before her.
  6. Jennys heart raced with every step, Jenny knew nothing of this girl, yet had the feeling to follow her, Jenny was lost among where they were, Jenny have just recently came to the city.


    Unknowingly the harpie followed the demigods, The mist was hiding her true form to the mortals, the harpie was ready to kill, so she followed untill the public would out of sight and it would be her and the two weak demigods.
  7. Scarletta stood at the bottom of the mountain glaring at the snow on the ground, she hated the cold wearing her black duster, black turtleneck, and combat boots keeping her fingerless gloved hands in her pockets to keep them from freezing she shrugs and starts walking up the mountain not minding the hike, her katana sheathed in its scabbard at her hip. She had to know what was at the top she couldnt shake this feeling.


    Luka looks up at the sky already half way up the mountain sighing as he feels the winds blowing around him comforted by it the cold not effecting him much. He continues to walk up the mountain wearing a long sleeve dark blue collared button up shirt his first 2 buttons open, a black overcoat, black slacks, black boots, and his piercing in his upper left ear. He rubs his hands together breathing into them a cloud coming from his breath from the frigid air wondering what could be nagging him to climb this mountain to get to the top.
  8. Trevor was alone in the huge room, It once beautiful art work was covered in dust, the body was bone. Then he felt it, the power of Stheno.
  9. Something in her sensed a monster however. Although she wasn't sure. Maybe it wasn't a monster...

    Soon enough, she'd come to the edge of town, starting down the rather abandoned road that headed toward the giant mountain that seemed to draw her. She was glad to get out of the city. It was a bit over whelming for her at times, having to deal with everyone and everything that came with it.
  10. Scarletta starts to run up the mountain trying to warm her body up and getting impatient her boots crunching in the snow


    Luka looks up at the last 200 ft he has to walk and shrugs summoning the winds under him he floats himself up the rest of the way landing at the top of the mountain he sees the stairs and starts to climb them keeping an eye out for any unexpected visitors weary of enemies
  11. Trevors back met with claws, with intense pain he was forced to his knees. His sword was kicked from his reach, then stheno spoke, "You small of death demigod. The gods have fled mount Olympus, you should do the same" her voice was harsh, deadly. With quickness Trevor dove for his sword but was caught by Stheno claws, he was thrown back, Trevor laid on his side, claw scratches on his back and chest. "Don't you know anything, you father lives in the underworld, maybe I should send you there" Stheno smile turned to a grin.
    The harpie was ready for her pary, with a take off she was in the air, wings flaping. Her eyes where set on posidons child, with fast pace the harpie had Jenny, her claws Doug into her wrists, her legs dalling.

    "Why is so going out of town" was the only words mumbled by Jenny before she was forcelly picked off the ground, with intense pain she screamed for help, "Help! Help me!"
  12. The girl turned, hair swirling, as she heard the noise. The person who was tailing her was... Being lifted into the air by a monster. She knew it was a harpy. But sometimes she didn't want to think into the specifics. In one quick movement, she yanked out a long slender pole that in a flash turned three times it's length, an elegant blade appearing at the head of it.

    Dark clouds gathered within moments high in the sky. Flickers of lightning flashed above as she raised it straight up and a knife of electricity cut down, connecting with the tip. She whirled it forward sending the power straight toward the harpy, careful not to hit the other girl who she still was rather confused about. Her expression hardly flickered as she assessed the situation within a split second and summoned her power.
  13. As Luka came into the Olympus ruins he was surprised to see another guy there with a monster in front of him, he quickly calls on the winds taking a defensive stance the winds circling around him blowing his hair and clothes around. Luka moves his arm in a quick stroke aiming at the monster and a large line of wind rushes toward it slicing the monsters left arm off


    Scarletta continues to run up the mountain getting closer to the top as she feels other demigods powers and senses monsters her breath coming fast and hard in the frigid air
  14. Trevor had never expected to see anyone else, alone another demigod. Winds hit stheno with great force, only to see dust flying around. Slowly trevor made his way to his sword.


    Stheno was still standing, the boys aim was off, much of the wind hit the floor before her, blood ran down her left arm, the boy did indeed hit her. Stheno hair hissed at the sight of zeuses son. "Boy I have faced your father, You are nothing compared to him." Stheno hald her hands up, "I only wish to speak"

    Jenny fell from 30 ft, smashing her leg, and breaking it. "Ugh! My leg!" She screamed, After struggleing to get up, jenny made her way to thank the girl, limping on her right leg. "Thank you" was the only words jenny could speak though the pain.
  15. Luka glares frustrated at his lack of control "What does Stheno want with demigods?" he stays on guard slowly moving toward the other demigod not taking his eyes off Stheno, he glances at the demigod "are you okay?"


    Scarletta reaches the stairs panting she starts to climb up them a hand resting on the hilt of her katana watching for any danger
  16. The girl watched as she fell, lacking the time to re-summon her power to stop the other girl from falling enough to injure herself. She watched warily as she approached, wondering if she was like her. Able to see the monsters...She assumed she could... She slowly put her weapon to her side quietly pulling out a small black notebook, writing briefly in it before holding it up toward her.

    'Do you see them too?'
  17. Trevors breath was havey, his wounds burned. "Im fine, who are you?" with his grip of his sword he stood, waiting for Stheno to make a move.
    Stheno laughed, her snakes where relaxed, and so was she. "I want nothing form you, everything i ever wanted happen, the gods have fallen!" Her laughter filled the empty halls. "The gods now know what mortality is" Athenian hands ran over the old gods map. "Demigods are rare now a days, tell me, where are you two from?"
    Jennys eyes filled with tears as she shook her hand yes, She couldn't stand now, she sat on the cold earth, looking for water. "Why are you out here?"
  18. The white haired girl lowered the notebook shutting it quietly before turning quietly, pointing toward the mountain behind her. She slowly looks back to the girl on the ground in front of her, watching silently with her unchanging expression.
  19. She was wearing make up, a pink tank top and blue jeans, her hair fell perfectly down on her shoulders, she's been watching grigori for awhile, she was ready. She was the strongest empousai, surely every male hero will fall to her.
  20. Jenny was out of options, it was a 4 hour walk back to the city, and no idea of how long till the top of the mouatin, but she would be safe, with that girl "Can I come with you?"
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