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  1. Living in a small, peaceful village, not much happened to Hexania. Daily life was just chores, errands, chatting with people she knew...the usual. Day after day. Occasionally something happened; some little boy fell into a well and had to be rescued, or some old man discovered a small diamond out in a field, random things. But nothing extraordinary...

    Until one day, there was something odd in the town square. First of all, there was someone she didn't know, which in and of itself was fairly unusual. Foreigners or outsiders rarely came to the town; it wasn't worth coming to except as a resting point mid-journey. He wore odd garments that looked completely out of place, several pendants, and some other jewelry, which, while it didn't give him an effeminate look and did not, in fact, appear to be arranged decoratively at all, was most certainly very weird.

    And most peculiarly, he didn't seem to pay very much attention to the people around him at all. He paid much more attention to something in his hand, which she couldn't quite make out, and looked distraught. He seemed to be mumbling to himself, but she wasn't close enough to make out words. Several of the townsfolk were watching him suspiciously from a distance, not looking like they planned on going to meet him.
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  2. Hex glanced around at the townsfolk with slight disappointment; she had hoped they would show at least some interest in their guest. Hex took a deep breath and walked towards the stranger.
    "Hello" she said with a smile, tilting her head to the side a little with a smile. "Welcome to our village. My name is Hexania. Who might you be?' she inquired in a soft tone.
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  3. Just before she came upon him, the young man closed his hand and shoved it into one of the pockets on his robe. He looked up before noticing her, and jumped in surprise a little, seeing her standing right in front of her. "Ah! Um...hello." He smoothed his robes down, even though they didn't seem very rumpled or wrinkled.

    "I'm, um...my name is Legion..." he said, a bit nervously. He took a slow breath and exhaled, and afterwards seemed much more relaxed. After a slight pause, he continued. "I know, before you say it. It's an odd name." He gave a slightly embarrassed, but mostly understanding and friendly, smile. "I get that a lot."
  4. Hex laughed a little at the man's nervousness. "No, no. It isn't odd at all" she replied, amused. "Hexania isn't your everyday name either." Hex absently fidgeted her fingers as she began speaking again; "So what brings you to our little village? I apologize for the people being so... Standoff-ish. We don't get very many visitors here" Hex couldn't help but smile at Legion's odd clothing and jewelry; it all seemed so lavish and different from what she was use to in her day-to-day life
  5. A flicker of some negative emotion passed over Legion's face before it returned to a friendly smile, slightly more pained than before.

    "Ah...well...yes...I suppose I'm just wandering. No particular reason for me to be here...or anywhere, really." He seemed a little sad. "I suppose you could say I'm running from my past..." He laughed, though not quite in a happy fashion, and removed the hood of his cloak, uncovering short, brown hair. "Yes, that's a very good way of putting it." He was obviously avoiding giving any details.

    He turned his bright green eyes towards her and seemed to study her, not coldly or in an inappropriate manner, but impersonally."So, Hexania," he said, seeming to toy with the name as he said it, testing how it sounded, "What do you do for fun? Do you have any special interests?"
  6. She watched his reactions closely as he explained his reasoning for coming into the village. She couldn't help but want to know why he looked so sad but didn't want to pry just yet.

    "Well... You are welcome to stay here for as long as you please" she said with smile though still unsure whether or not to fully trust this new-comer.

    Hex chuckled lightly, "there isn't very much to do around here... Most of my time is spent with chores and whatnot. Usually in my free time I sit on that hill over there-" she gestured to a hill off in the distance-"and watch the townsfolk go about their daily lives." Hex sighed lightly, she hated never having anything to do. "Occasionally I sing to some of the children before they go back to their parents for the evening but that is as exciting as life gets" she continued with a laugh.

    Her ice-blue eyes flickered a little as she finally had a chance to inquire a little more about this stranger. "What about you, Legion? What is it that you do other than travel?"
  7. "Um...well..." He hesitates, then answers. "I do, ah...know some magic...I try not to make it public when I visit small towns like this one, since the villagers are often superstitious and, well...you understand? I sometime help people out when they need it, when I come to one city or another..."

    He looks at her for a bit longer, and seems like he's going to say something else, but then changes his mind and holds the thought for the moment. "That's...about it, I guess. I'm not much of a story teller..." he smiles apologetically.
  8. Her eyes light up and she gives a huge smile, "Magic? Oh my... I've never seen anyone do magic before!" She exclaims.

    Hex grins at him and asks gently "Can you... Can you show me your magic? I have to admit my curiosity is a little overwhelming at the moment" she takes his and points in the direction of her favorite hill, "Since you don't want village people to see... We can go over there! No one can see on the other side of that hill and since that is where I go to think, the villagers never bother me." She looks at him with pleading eyes, "please?" she asks.
  9. The oddly dressed young man seems reluctant, but caves after a few seconds. "All right...I can show you some." He gives her a glance of indiscernible meaning, and squeezes her hand, ready to follow her lead.

    "Um...what kind of magic were you thinking you wanted me to show you?" he asks a little curiously as she pulls him towards her private hideaway, of sorts.
  10. Hex, still beaming, walks quickly towards her favorite spot. She ignores the looks of villagers and she walks by. "I don't really know... Any kind I suppose. Do you have something with fire? I love the way fire dances" she replied quickly, "but anything will do, really". She continued walking faster, her waist-long auburn hair dancing around her until they reached the other side of the mountain.

    She let go of his hand and sat down on the side of the hill and looked up at him with hopeful eyes, her faded black skirt fanned out around her as she absently played with her hands. She was so excited to meet someone who could do magic she couldn't contain herself. This was the kind of excitement that she had been wanting as she grew bored of the day-to-day life she had lived until now.
  11. Legion blushes at the attention she's giving him; he's used to talking to people but not being such an object of interest. "Ah...I guess I can do a little bit of fire...now, uh, let me see..."

    He thinks for a moment, then mumbles two words and holds out his hand. A small, inch-long flame appears in his hand, leaping about hungily about two seconds before it disappeared. "I can't do much more variety than that in terms of fire," he admits, apologizing. "It's not really my area of expertise. I can pretty much just set things on fire if they're flammable enough, or provide a dim candle flame, not much else..."
  12. Hex gazes at the flame as it appears in his hand and gasps in awe. "Wow..." she whispered more to herself than anything.

    She clapped a little and leaned forward, staring up at him adoringly. "That was amazing! What IS your specialty?" she asked as she crossed her legs and propped her head on one hand, resting the other hand to the side of her.
  13. He blushes more at the praise and attention, getting a little flustered.

    "I um...I mostly studied magic that um...I'm a Chronomancer...that is..."

    He sits down opposite her, and takes another slow breath.

    "I um, specialize in time magic," he says shyly after calming himself. He seems embarrassed at having gotten so upset.

    "I'm sorry that I seem so nervous... it's just most of the time I don't uh, you know...people don't pay so much attention to me. I'm not used to it. I guess in a smaller town that's harder to avoid, but even then they usually just avoid me...you are very odd, do you know that?" he says in a way such that it might be considered a complement.
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  14. She laughs a little at his getting flustered.

    "Time magic? Wow... That's so amazing!" She looks over at him sitting next to her and smiles as she studies his face, he still didn't seem fully comfortable with her but she didn't care.

    "It's okay that you're nervous... But I honestly can't fathom why people wouldn't like you. Isn't magic something to be interested in? No one here can do it and you're the first person I have met that could."
    She snickered at his comment about her being weird, "Yeah you could say I'm a little odd. I look forward to new and exciting things.. I hate the routine here" she said softly as she looked down.
    "So tell me, Legion," she continued, trying to perk back up, "there are so many things I want to know... How old are you? Where do you come from? Do you have family? What exactly is Time Magic?" Hex couldn't contain herself. There is so much she wanted to know, she couldn't hold back anymore.
  15. Legion's expression sobered within seconds of her questions, his face becoming more neutral, and he pressed his lips together before answering. "Well. Um. Time Magic is just using magic to change time around. Some simpler spells are accelerating or slowing time, which are useful for many, many things, from rendering a normally quick opponent vulnerable in battle, to baking a pie in seconds."

    He seems more silent than before, and seems to pretend that was the only question she asked.
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  16. Hex sighed and looked at him with a hurt expression, hoping he would have answered her about everything. She smiled at him though, she had a feeling it was too soon to ask but figured it was worth a shot.

    "Time magic sounds interesting... It must have been hard to learn." she replies, trying to get him to talk again.

    "You know... Legion..." Hex started, hesitant as she didn't really know what to say, "I'm sorry for prying... I just can't help but be intrigued by you... You're pretty odd yourself" she said with a smile as she nudged his shoulder gently with her own.
  17. He frowned. "I'm...sorry," he says. "I didn't mean to be so..." he took a while to find the word. "Offensive in manner. You simply found the wrong questions to ask me." He thinks, and silence reigns for several moments. Finally he makes his decision and speaks.

    "My family is...not around anymore. The place I am from is not what it once was. And...I am older than I look." He says all of this without looking up at her.
  18. Hex couldn't help but smile, proud of herself for getting to open up even a little. "Its okay... I'm just a curious person. I apologize for pressing you into an uncomfortable situation like this."

    "I'm sorry to hear about your family... Mine isn't around either. I was told my family was killed when I was very young so I was raised by an older couple in the village most of my life and now I am on my own. As for your home... I am sorry. I bet it isn't easy for you." Hex lightly patted his back as she leans to look at his face, "your age isn't of importance I suppose" she assured him.

    "So... You mentioned pie... Now I'm hungry. How about you?" she asked as she stood up and ruffled his hair playfully.
  19. He smiled, though it still had a bit of a sad air around it. "That sounds good," he says, standing with her. He seemed relieved that that was over with.

    "At this rate, I'm going to get a full tour of your village today," he said. "Where are we headed to?"
  20. She stood there for a moment thinking. "Well... There is a little place in town that offers great home-cooked meals. They have great food!" she said as she brushed herself off.

    Hex smiled wide and grabbed his hand again, leading him back to the village. Humming quietly as the walked along to the little place where all the locals went when they didn't want to cook.
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