Fire and Water

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    Hasira walked around the Training Center aimlessly, observing the new students as she walked by the rooms. She wanted to get out of there, and be free of the ruling of the Gods. Very unlikely. She walked up to one of the officials and asked politely, "Why must we wait until twenty to leave this place?" He looked at her, hiding a very faint smile and said, "About that... The Master would like to see you." Hasira walked to the large doors of his office and knocked. The Master replied, "Come in," and she entered and sat down across from his desk. "You wanted me, sir?" He looked at her, his grim expression never changing whether the news was good or bad, and spoke in an official tone. "Yes, there has been an... Exception for you. We are releaing you from the Training Center at your early age due to some complications. The Guards will escort you. Run along, now!" Hasira couldn't believe it. She was finally free of this place! After being taken out, she rushed straight to the battlefield...
    Vesi was tired of fighting. He was still healing from his wounds in the Resting Center. His caretaker walked in, and Vesi grumbled quietly something that sounded like, "Rawr-garr-grrrr! Ness-no-koo!" This roughly translated to "Get out of here, woman! I'm tired..." Of course she didn't understand him, but the caretaker got the message and left swiftly to care for other patients. Vesi looked out to the battlefield, blurred in the distance, and observed the fighters. "RAL-NAY-TOO! NEE QA LATA!" I would rather not translate... Quite explicit.
  2. Violet sat back in her chair as she thought about what to do next. She was starting to get tired from doing this obstacle course, and she didn't know of what else to do.
  3. Beirul grunted into his morning mug of beer, attempting to stay awake, as he glanced down at the papers on the stone before him, the roar of battle in the background. His hand gripped the long, thick handle to the hammer on his hilt before glaring at the officer beside him. The creature had been avoiding his gaze but had directed his look upon his half-naked body riddled with hot, magma lines. “Something you’d like to say?” He growled. The fire giant wasn’t a creature of morning, not when there had been no sleep for days.

    With no reply, Beirul looked down at the enlivening work ahead. A new recruit was suppose to be coming sometime, he noted. He shuffled through more of the papers before heading out the entrance of the tent. “Take care of it.” He called to the officer as he saddled the white war-horse outside the tent and reached for his weapon. The giant grinned. “I’m gonna knock some heads.”


    Mina giggled as she cleaned another wound. She was gathered around a few resting soldier and another priestess, her mentor and an angel, Kay. The soldiers were telling stories of their childhood, when they were in the training center, and the pranks they played on their mates. It was good to hear laughter; it was so seldom heard that it made her heart ache sometimes. The war had been going on for…Mina paused a moment; she tried to think how long it had been, but she couldn’t remember. A long time, she thought. Mina said good-bye to the soldiers as she finished. Her mentor followed her out, a hand on her arm.

    “Kay, how long has the war been going on?” The angel stopped at the question, surprised. Mina wondered if she had said the wrong thing. “I didn’t mean – I – just forget I said anything.” Kay waved her hand, shaking her head lightly.

    “No, no. It’s fine, Mina. To be answer your question, I don’t really know. Long before you and I were born.” With a twinkle in the old woman’s eyes, she said, “and before you ask, I am much, much older than you.”

    The young genasi giggled at that, kissing her mentor’s cheek. “I would never call you old.” Kay just smiled at Mina. Oh, she had much growing up to do. Mina had never seen the true war, true battle. Sure, she was a healer and she tended to the soldiers’ wounds like no other could, but she was a child – still too young to know a life outside of these tents.

    Mina had left the angel for the rest of the day, talking and healing with such enthusiasm it was hard not to smile in her presence. She felt at ease here; in this crowded tent, to her, it was home.
  4. He stepped into the training room and found a girl sitting in a chair, he already knew who she was, and what she was good at which is the only reason he is hear. He still wanted to make sure the information he got from the training center was correct however so he would ask anyways "You there." He said pointing at the young girl, "Your Violet, am I correct." It was more of a statement than a questions and without her answer he continued. "You seem a little board." He glided over to her and landed in a chair just next to her, "Don't suppose you want to head for the front lines."
  5. She heard her name and looked up. "Hmm. Depends. How dangerous?" A small smirk on her face showed she didn't really care about the dangers, she just wanted out of here.
  6. "I'm not sure if I can answer that. Anywhere from easy little things to no possible chance of survival." He said lazily as he leaned back in the chair, his wings seemingly disappearing but in reality they were just folded down.
  7. She nodded. "Ok. Sounds like fun."
  8. "Lets go then." He said flying to the exit, "Don't worry about the guard, just follow me." He said flying hire into the air and over the gate having the guards open it for her.

    Cadmar was flying just above a small girl, as far as he knew her name was Violate had never been outside of the training grounds until now. Naturally she was the easiest one to trick into helping him with his mission. He told her they were going to give support on the front lines but really he had something completely different planned. For this mission he required someone sly, and possibly good at assassinations, according to the records at the training center that was her skill set. Still he would test her before that happened. They would kill something he couldn't talk down... of coarse he needed an excuse for why he was trying to talk down an enemy but that would be something for him to think about later. He started to fly upside down, letting himself relax a little while his front torso became warmed by the sun. He could see his dragon flying higher up in the sky, almost out of sight.
  9. She followed him outside the gate and looked around. It seemed different outside the gates... more open. She watched as he flew above her. She debated whether to call her dragon or not, then decided against it. She might need him for protection later, if anything should happen, and she didn't want to wear him out.
  10. It was kind of embarrassing, still being here at the age of twenty-one. Sure, he was just barely into his twenties, but that didn't change the fact that he was still a late bloomer. Had he even really bloomed yet? Not really. He could defend himself well, but god forbid he was attacked in the dead of winter - that would be certain death. But, hey ho, he probably wasn't going to last all that long anyway. Calder did his best not to think about any of his failings, past, present or future, instead focusing on the fact that today he was finally a fully fledged warrior. He was barely ready for such a step up in the world, but he supposed he had no choice.

    His pale blue hair shimmered slightly in the sun as the young man moved about the training centre, saying his goodbyes to the buildings and the few people that cared to know him. He wasn't the most popular of fellows, partly due to his slow development, but mostly because of the creature that thundered behind him, halting about half a foot after hitting the poor guy. Calder went flying, sprawling on the ground, pale palms and a cheek becoming nastily grazed. His teeth hurt too - if that was possible.

    "Pooka! What the hell?!" Calder snapped, feeling like a child again. He always did when The Pooka was about. The pony offered only a derisive whinny, almost grinning as he leered over his friend - well, sort of friend. Calder soon got to his feet, glaring at the animal, although there was little animosity between the two. They were two sides to the same coin, and complimented eachother well.
  11. She paused for a second after they had been traveling for a while. She would swear something didn't feel right. It was just a haunch, but she felt it in the back of her head. She shook off the feeling and continued on.
  12. "Everything ok down there?" He asked as he slowly flew overhead. "You seem a bit unsure of something."
  13. "Huh, oh, yeah. I just feel like I'm missing something...Or that something's just not right." She felt a bit uneasy about sharing her haunch, but she decided to anyway. She felt more, open, then she usually was.

  14. "Hmm... well your in a strange land with a man you just met." He said flipping over and looking down at her as he flapped his wings slightly to stay in the air. "Its a normal to feel like somethings wrong, you most likely are missing something from the training center." He suggested as they went. "I doubt its anything too important but it happens to a lot of people when they go to the front lines for the first time... just give it some time, K?"
  15. "Umm, ok." She then felt a little less suspicious. "Would you mind if I called my dragon?" Her hand was already hovering over the silent whistle.
  16. Riven only looked at the water before him, watching Pawn swimming and washing the blood away from that days fight. Riven looked at his own stained hands and rinsed them off, shaking his head slowly. He'd been called many things, but if anyone bothered to keep count, he'd never killed anyone. He'd left all of them breathing. He was cruel and cold but not merciless. Pawn sprayed him with water and he smirked, splashing the small sized dragon in return.
    Raven snorted, stomping a black hoof impatiently, wings twitching. Mask patted the creature softly, looking around from his place on Raven's back; the war zone looked no better today then the day before. Not that Mask seemed to care; it was all the same to him.
  17. "Be my guest, its a lonely work without a companion." He said still flying slow enough so she could keep up with a walking pace.
  18. She nodded and used the whistle. No noise could be heard from the whistle. Jay, the dragon, landed right in front of her. Violet pet his head and climber onto his back as he lifted into the air. She'd only practiced once or twice, so she kept her place between two spikes on his back. "Meet Jay." She said to Cadmar.
  19. "Yes, and my dragon." He said as he signaled with his hand and if flew down from the air. He didn't mount it because it was only used for speed, he could fly on his own and wasn't in a rush. "I don't think I ever got his name though, I guess he never told me." Cadmar said patting the dragons snout before it flew off. "Were almost there."
  20. She nodded again. "Ok." She was leaning forward on Jay, whispering an old language into his ear. "Aser Crau Far See." (means almost there, good boy.)