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    Melinda sighed as she stared out of her new case, seated on a little chair. She’d been trying to get away from this creepy collector for a while now but had so far been unsuccessful. He knew just enough magic to keep her from getting too far. Of course, magic was somewhat of a rarity these days, though Melinda was unaware of it. She couldn’t exactly outrun him even if she did get out again so she was stuck in the showcase for now. If she had access to her full power she wouldn’t have to worry about being in a store like this, but being stuffed in a doll’s body meant she had limits. Years had been spent just sitting as an immobile doll before she could even move, then she had to learn to talk again. It was frustrating, she’d once been the most powerful golem creator and a prodigy when it came to magic during her time. Yet her hunger for power had gotten the better of her and now she was there alone.
    This strange man, named Charles Motesque, only opened his store at night and had strange customers who would ask to see her move and, unlike the other dolls and sculptures in the store she would remain absolutely still just to spite them. This evening was no different, the store was opened and her slightly hateful eyes stared dead ahead of her. Because of her reluctance to move and high price tag she’d yet to be purchased. This man was a decedent of the one who had trapped her in the first place. She wanted so badly to break the glass and run but Charles was now behind the counter which was right across from her case.
  2. Boris entered the store. He was told that a little store had a doll made into a golem, and that the spirit had possesed it to the point it would move.
    Boris was extremelly sceptic, but if it was true, it could have confirmes the existence of the human soul.

    Spirits were sure to exist, nobody denied that, but human soul, split from the spirit of mankind, was yet to be proven to exist. That was what Boris had been working on to, and this was his chance to prove it.

    Mister Montesquieu, a french man radicated in Tokyo, was a disgusting pervert, one of the lowlest of beings Boris has had to dealt with, but was the owner. Dispensing of the least possible words, he asked the man to show him the doll, and so he did.

    Boris had kind of a Lordly stature, and strong looks, wich made him look imposing.
    Move. Now. Ordered him, with a strong voice that could be hated or respected, but not ignored.
  3. Charles Montesquieu was hesitant to show Boris his pride and joy, after all the two rarely got along. He showed the young man to the bulletproof case where Melinda sat motionless. However his commanding voice made her slowly tip her head up to look at him. Her movements were small, and she tried to act as if she were nothing more than a golem though such a feat would be difficult. After a few moments she decided it would be better to listen to him and slowly the creaking of her joints could be heard as she stood herself up. Her actual height was a little over half of his own height so she was at about eye level with him now thanks to the podium in the case.

    "This is the first time she's moved in front of a customer," He remarked, "She must like you."

    "Silence you cur!" The doll snapped as she suddenly stared at him. When angered she seemed to move faster or perhaps it was simply because she forgot her own role as a doll.

    Charles chuckled a bit, "Now now, no need to get upset. See? I told you she moves, and she speaks. Her name is Mel."

    "That is LADY MELINDA to you!" She growled at the man.
  4. Hmn, no lungs... That means that she's using magic to talk... Boris knew the doll disn't like him. Nobody did, but they actually knew what was better for them.

    Excuse me, Lady Melinda. I'm Lord Boris Velour. It's a fine delicacy to make your acquaitance. Said Boris bowing and taking her tiny hand into his own. Then, he got closer and kissed it softly, looking at her in the eye.
    Although his words were gentle, his eyes were simply... Curious.
    Pardon my ruthlesness, but i couldn't be playing around if you weren't going to move. May i have the honor of knowing more about you?
  5. Melinda was glad to hear Boris speak so politely. It was a refreshing change and when he took her tiny hand to kiss it she couldn't help but have a little gleam in her eye. The doll's expression turned from contempt to more relaxed, even a slight smile on her lips. He was imposing, but that simply meant he had confidence in her eyes. That was a thing she missed dearly, people who held themselves high without the ego.

    "It is a pleasure to meed you Lord Velour, you may call me Melinda. You seem.....familiar......But I digress," She gave him a small bow in return now, "I am afraid my story is a strange one. One that is best saved for a time when you may be comfortably seated."

    Charles couldn't help but grin. "Well Lord Boris, what do you think? Exactly what I promised. A possessed doll that can move and speak. For you I'll even throw in a little discount."
  6. Do you sell slaves, mister Montesquieu? Asked Boris, with a dark grin in his lips.
    When a person's concience is trapped in a golem, it has the same rights as a person. Law is very accurate about this, so i feel that i actually need to report this. He had a severe look in his eyes.
    But that would be a nuisance to get to Lady Melinda, right? So... How can we settle this matter...? Boris faked thinking and got close to him.
    I'll write you a check for 500.000 yen, you will take it and we are forgetting this. ¿What about that? Else, i'll have to report this to the Inquisition...
  7. Charles looked a bit surprised and backed away.
    "N-No! I would never do such a thing! Y-You are quite right....Very well. that will be fine," He said sheepishly. He never thought anyone would bother with those laws. And he'd had Melinda for so long he'd never thought about what someone would say upon actually discovering that she just might be a human soul in a golem. "P-please...just don't report me!"

    Melinda smiled a little, this man was bright and knew how to get what he wanted. She watched him quietly and stood on her little pedestal. Charles took the payment, making sure to write him a proper receipt, writing the purchase off as a doll and only a doll. He knew that now Boris had something on him so he'd have to watch his step. Unlike his predecessors he was not good with magic nor was he very honorable. Instead he made his living on....acquiring golems and things for those who made golems.
  8. Great. Jackes was asking 5 million yens, so it was 10 percent of what he asked in the beginning.
    Lady Melinda, would you like to walk or do i call a car to pick us up? Gently, Boris took her to the ground.
    It was a masterwork, so at plain sight it could have passed as a little girl.
  9. Melinda was glad to be on the ground for once. She gazed up at him with a slightly puzzled expression. She'd heard the word car before but didn't quite understand it. She'd only managed to escape for a few moments and even then she was baffled by what she saw.
    "I am more than fine walking Lord Velour," She said with a small nod, "It would do these joints some good to have them moving again."
    She took hold of his hand, so as not to get separated or stolen. She was a very light object so it wouldn't exactly be hard for someone to run off with her, though they would certainly be in for a nasty surprise if they tried such a feat. So far, Boris seemed like a decent man and there was something so familiar about him that she couldn't put her finger on. Until she was certain on where she'd met him before she decided to herself that she would take his lead and return with him to his abode. There was little anyone could do to a body like hers so she wasn't terribly worried about any sort of danger.
  10. Exquisite. Said Boris.
    He lead you through the door to a place full of lights and noises. Boris didn't seem to like it mich, jugding by the way he clicked his tongue.
    What is your history, then?
  11. Melinda followed him and didn't care much for the noise. The lights hardly bothered her since she was used to having lights shined in her face fairly often. She gave a sigh-like sound when he asked about her history.
    "I did promise that didn't I? Once, a very long time ago, I was a very powerful sorceress. I had almost everything I could have wanted....but I always yearned for more. I wanted more tomes, more magic, more power. It led to a fateful encounter the details of which I shall leave for a better time. I was sealed within this doll's body and am trapped as such. I started out just locked away in a cellar, unable to move and alone in my thoughts. It was maddening. I wanted to scream, to call out for someone, anyone to help me. It took years for me to even begin to move and even longer to begin walking. Then I was tied up and put in an attic. I learned to untie myself and tie myself back up. I worked on movement and eventually.... after many, many painful years of silence I learned to project my voice once more. It has been so long ....that I cannot be sure that this was what my voice once sounded like," She spoke plainly though with some sorrow as she walked by his side, "I lost everything when I was sealed inside this.......body."
  12. Who sealed you and why didn't he put charms on you to sleep your soul, or simply destroy it. It's ridiculous. Why would somebody seal you inside this body and put you in an attic and not in a cell or any place safer? He looked confused for a moment, but his expression was stone.
  13. "My memory is fuzzy but I believe it was a Montesque. I am guessing he wanted my knowledge or simply did not know the proper charms to deal with my soul. As for why I was in an attic....well....a doll cannot do much on its own Lord Velour. It took great effort to learn to use this body. He probably believed that I could not gather the strength to pull off such a feat. Tell me Lord Velour...... What year is it? I am afraid no one has told me the year. I can only guess by seasons and I hope that I am over-estimating," Her voice was softer now, as if she had some reluctance to speak but she had little choice. There was just something spurning her to continue to speak with him. She hoped they would arrive at his abode soon, speaking so openly in public was not something she was fond of.
  14. Hmn, have they all been Asholes since the begining of time? Boris Sighted wth a grin It's 2014, Lady. Do you mind if i study you more deeply? I' interested in proving that human soul exists, and you seem to be a full prove.
  15. "That.....I cannot recall," Melinda answered before a frown creased her face, "I see..... Very well then. It matters little to me. If that is your desire then that is fine."
    Her grip seemed to loosen as her eyes turned to the ground. 2014, it seemed like the world had changed greatly which meant her love was long since gone. She continued to walk though a touch slower than before. She hated the thought of being alone but at least now she had more reign over her own movement. She no longer felt like talking, despite not having had good conversation like this for some time. She would need a bit more time to adjust to the fact that she was very, very old.
  16. They walked rapidly for a couple of minutes that turned eternal to her, and they reached a Mansion with 3 or four wings and a beautiful garden.
    Please, come in. he said opening for her. Just don't make it bleed. Make yourelf confortable, i'm comming. Said Boris with a little grin that pretended to be a smile.
    He took out his clothes and his shoes and entered.
    Come, you'll see your room.
  17. Melinda followed him still and was a bit surprised when she finally saw his house. It was very strange and when he mentioned not making it bleed she frowned. This was certainly an odd house and instead of removing her shoes she simply lifted herself off the ground. He was a strange man, that was for sure. It made her miss simpler times when people actually lived in real houses. She didn't care much for...this thing he called home. When he finally entered after her she found it a little strange, why would he be bothering to give her a room? She couldn't eat, didn't need sleep, and certainly didn't need any sort of privacy. She was a doll, she had nothing to hide other than her own sorrows. In a body that can't cry that is an easy thing to accomplish. She kept her silence as she followed him.
  18. He took you to a room in the second floor. Interesting. You can use your magic in that body... the door opened for them and he let you see the proper room for a lady, with a veiled bed, a dresser, a bathroom, etc.
    Let me know if you need anything else.
  19. Melinda looked at him, a slightly confused look on her face. "You.....You do realize I am a doll yes Lord Velour?" She said finally, "I have no need for any of this. I cannot sleep nor do I need food or privacy. I have the anatomy of a doll, just as one would expect. And... I learned to pick myself up like this first as it was easier than moving the joints as fluidly as a human can walk." She felt a little odd getting a room when she didn't need one. "And....I do still owe you more of my story."
  20. i Know. but i must attend to the school and i thought that it would be appropiate for you to have a room, although you don't need it. Was i mistaken?
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