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  1. Norindul


    This is a world where all things fantastical that have and will happen converge. This is a world that is set in the past but will greatly effect the outcome that the future holds, and is ruled by the creature that some have only heard of in stories. The Tales of Merlin, the great sword Excalibur, and Arthur with his knights, these stories all have some place of origin, and History refuses to tell such events. History is blind sided by society, and the cultural manner that the writers and scribes have chosen to favor the expanse and progression of man kind. We fear what we do not understand and for that the world has chosen to dismiss the creatures that once shared this world with mankind. Heroes' once fought and fell too under the responsibility of cleaning the world of foul evils, so with the change; what is the reason for such a world? The reason is simple. This is where the roots of all that Man has strive for, first emerged, the beginning and the end a precipice to stand testament to the truth that the world and history attempted to hide so desperately. This the World of Norindul is a land of magic and fantasy and is the only true deciding factor in the world... for when it is all said and done and Fate has its way this is where stories are written, where they are formed. This is Norindul the land of fable, of myth, stories. This is the foundation and cornerstone of the history of our world.

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  2. University Soccer Game:


    "Number 17 rushes in! Oh it looks like that boy can't be stopped!"

    "Seriously Paul you always take a liking to number 17."

    "Well how can't I!? He never misses a beat when he is dribbling the ball down the field, and no one can steal from him!"

    "Yes, but you have to recognize the other players too!"

    It was always like this with the two announcers during the games, they bickered over players and it was almost always the same player. Number 17; Tyler Cairnsom, the young Soccer star that constantly lead the games. Sure Tyler was good at what he did but he never really considered himself a star or anything; hell the Giovani brothers were better shooters than he was, and Henderson was always ready to catch the ball and set things up for a goal. The truth was they were all a team and it didn't help that very much when the announcers only wanted to recognize Tyler. With that animostiy it was a wonder they had any chance of winning at all.

    "Hey Tyler go right and prep for the shot."

    One of his team sent him a sharp glare but he ignored it and did as he was told shooting to the right and trying to looked unsuspicious. "I never shoot, what the hell are they thinking?" Only a brief second for thought though as the ball came shooting for him, he was going to have a rough time catching this one, and it wasn't gonna feel good when it hit. Still Tyler positioned and readied himself for the impact as the ball slammed hard into his chest and nearly knocked the wind from him. It dropped to his feet and from both sides the opposing team was closing in. "damnit why leave ME with this shot!" he growled then reared his leg back before kicking the ball with all of his force towards the goal with the last few minutes of the game in toe. The crowed roared and the game ended with the sound of a Blow horn.

    "You knowww, you aren't the best shot... "

    "Yeah I know.."

    "so why take the shot?"

    Tyler grumbled under his breath as he ran some water over his light blond hair. "You know you aren't even really supposed to be in here." The girl standing around the corner only smirked as she let him finish what he was doing. "Do you really want me to leave?" She did that often, played on his desire, and chose coy words to keep him on his toes. "No I can't say I do, but its going to be extremely troublesome if you get caught in here." This was the fun part of their relationship. A more physical and desire built bond above all else and then they both vanished and lived as ghosts to the other. Tyler worked a full time job unloading truck which left him exhausted most the time, and then she had her job as well which kept them from spending a lot of time together.

    "What are you doing this weekend?"
    "working, same as always."
    "I mean after.."
    "Sleeping probably"

    "and how about now?"

    Tyler had no chance to respond before her lips found his and her arms were around him.
    "I guess that answers that."

    The Local Park:

    "Kanari, come on We have to get to the game... we are already late."

    it was sometimes hard to get her motivated but normally she listened well enough. Today she was just determined that he would find her in their game of Hide and go seek. A sigh left his lips, especially when he had business he wasn't telling her at the soccer stadium, it was not gonna look good if he was late. "Kanari if you come out Ill get you an ice cream cone on our way." This would hopefully be enough. Sure he felt horrible that he would be passing her off to one of their friends when they arrived but he didn't want her to be there for his "meeting." With the last bit of coaxing she appeared and latched onto him. She truly was a loving sister which made him that much more guilty but with how their life had gone they really were all that each other had, that and Tyler. The old crew had somewhat vanished since his friend had gotten with HER though.

    The duo traveled down the road quickly and he dropped a few coins on the stand for her to get her favorite ice cream cone. Thank god; that the school was not far at all, and if they continued they wouldn't be late.

    They arrived at the school about five minutes later and Just as he had planned he caught up with one of their old friends "Sera!" he called to the eccentric woman and rushed over to her side with Kanari. "I hate to do this but I have to 'go to the bathroom' and can you please watch Kanari for me for a second?" he didn't leave her much chance to oppose his question before he ran off. Kanari knew to be at least well behaved when he was away, even if she didn't know what he was up to.

    "Alright... Lets get this over with." he called as he ducked behind the furthest and most vacant bleachers. A trio of boys came out the opposite direction holding make shift weapons as they approached. "You actually came alone?" A smirk played on Kanari's brothers face as he looked between each of them and nodded. "Well you brought me weapons to beat your skulls in with so i felt it was only fair.."

    The Crowds and Courtyard of the University:

    "Go go Go Go!!!"

    A chime like bell voice rung out loud as the game unfolded and she cheered everyone on from her own little spot away from the crowd. She didn't join them but it was enough that she could sit near the partial brush of dark trees and watch the game. Aiden would not be happy about her doing this but sometimes.. he was just tooo booooooring to stay around.. Plus this was much more fun that just sitting around in the study where they hung out at. "Gooooo!"


    A harsh noice listed to the air to steal the red head womans attention from the game,a s she glanced over and seen a guy holding a pipe knock another upside the head. There were still two others charging the guy and one of them tackled him but it was strange to see.. Maybe it would be enough to keep her borther happy if she brought home corpses... She thought about it and partially wondered if the strike to the ones head would be enough to kill him, she doubted it, but for now popping a piece of candy into her mouth she simply sat and watched.

    "And this... is the Main arena where we hold sports and competitions here at the university."

    A young girl followed behind another suited boy and held tight to some notes. he was annoying but she bared with it, especially concerning she would be here the next four years of her life. he was pompous of course and seemed quite stuck in his rules, misplaced pride that made him that much more unbearable but she still would jot down little notes whenever she could. Finally the two circled around the bleachers just in time to see a metal bar smack into the face of another student. The Moniter instantly was on alert and yelled out to the group fighting.

    "Hey, what do you think you're doing over there!"

    More of this pompous behavior, and of course boring tedious ritual. She had already looked at the map to the place and memorized it, so this whole thing was rather pointless actually. Leaving him about his buisness she noticed a girl on the hill who had fallen into fits of giggles, a bit more interesting concerning her age and for now it would do to keep her interest. She moved to the hill not too far from this girl and pulled out one of her books to start reading.

    "Stop at once!"
    "Shit if the mini cop lets get out of here!"

    The remaining two took the chance to run and as they turned their back the one who had obviously won the fight launched the metal bar at their back knocking them down as he made a tch sound with his mouth and walked away from the situation.

    "I was saving that little girl over there.. so don't go trying to get me in trouble Moniter."

    This was a normal day... Tyler and his girl friend finding secret ways to "spend time together" His best friend in some kind of trouble. The others popping up randomly it was boring but not uneventful at least... That was always the case.
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  3. [​IMG]

    "Zeiry...You are definitely NOT in high school anymore..."

    So this was to be it. Her she was, Azeirath Tweedle , 16 and a high school graduate, entering the fray of college life after a long summer of preperation. Time had been hard and she had trained even harder, coming to all the orientations, sitting through all the boring meetings and filling out GOD KNOWS HOW MANY SCHOLARSHIPS...not that her parent didn't offer to pay for her. She just believed that she should be self reliant.

    She stood, dwarfed by the main entrance to the University, glancing at the writing on the walls.

    "A strong mind is the body's best weapon...well no shit Sherlock."

    This was Zeiry's attitude. Her parents had always been strict, instilling steely determination and ironclad feelings into her tiny, 5'0" frame. She was a wolf, hidden behind sheep's clothing, but there was one thing she could never hide. Those calculating eyes that analyzed all around her. She judged, hard and without tact, being sure to keep it to herself however. She had an obvious lack of social skills, which was sad to say the least. She was not ugly. In fact, most would go so far as to call her cute, if it were not for her terrifying eyes.

    She stepped through the gate then, dragging a large, rather expensive looking suitcase behind her. She could tell from the school colors plaguing every corner and the distance cheers in the background that there was some sort of sporting event going on today. She had never been a person of sport, preferring to sit and read about some random fantasy, rather than having to endure the drunken screams of stupid individuals.

    She noticed a group of people in the corner, more so noticed a large sign that a boy was swinging back and forth is frantic motions. Zeiry sighed and grumbled, glaring at the sign with a steely indifference. She hated monitors...and this one had created a homemade sign, her named (spelled incorrectly) crudely drawing across the white surface.

    {Azurath Tweedle}

    Zeiry sighed and walked towards the monitor, her eyes keeping the same determined stolic as she stopped before him and looked him up and down.

    *Tall...a little lanky. He looks girly and good. A square if you ask me...But at least he is cuter than the last one. The last one was Ginger, wore a button-up shirt and high waist shorts, had a pocket protector...a total Lady Killer*

    As she stared at him, she made a square shape with her fingers, pursing her lips.

    The Monitor would gaze at her for a moment before introducing himself.

    "Azurath Tweedle?"

    "Azeirath...you spelled it wrong. I am guessing that you are going to show me around the campus?"

    "Oh did I spell it wrong? I'm sorry. It's such a weird name that I just spelled it how it sounded."


    "You can call me Azel. I will be your escort for the rest of the day, Tweeds."

    "Tweeds? What kind of name is-"

    "Here is the campus map, a complimentary T-shirt, carry bag, water bottle, and a foam finger and hat!"

    Zeiry politely took all of the items, stuffing them down in the carry bag before pulling or a small notebook as Azel instantly started moving. As they moved through campus, she realized that he had much more knowledge than she had expected. He spoke a lot about the history of the university (stuff she had already read and remembered), but also gave her helpful hints of certain sections. Apparently the giant water tower was the "Doorknob to the Universe", standing ontop of the library was a rite of passage, and jumping in the fountain was mandatory. She would jot these notes down as she followed Azel through the courtyard, loud cheer still being heard from a far off soccer field. He hurried her through the courtyard then and moved her to the field, ushering her through a line of bleachers with a large smile on his face.

    "You haven't been to a univeristy soccer game, have you? We are totally creaming the other guys!"

    "So you would rather have me sit in this heat than do your job and show me where my dor-"

    Zeiry suddenly came to a halt as she bumped into the monitor, who quickly turned and ran towards a group of guys fighting, one of them using a pipe of sorts. Zeiry would shrug at this and peer at a book, moving away from the monitor and finding a spot on a nearby hill. She had already remembered the map anyways. There was a girl nearby, having a fit of giggles as she collapsed on the grass. Zeiry watched the girl with mild curiousity, wondering what had caused the fit. At least this was more interesting than being stuck with the monitor.
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  4. Red hair bounced around her shoulders as she squealed softly, her fingers clutching at the hem of her dress to pull it further down as she stared excitedly at the fight. Her eyes would rest longingly on that pipe, hoping it would be driven into the kids head. At least then she could end it and Aiden would smile at her! A dark gleam glimmered in pools of red as she settled a pale hand against her cheek with a small satisfied hum. Her excitement was ceased when the monitor decided to appear and ruin the fun! A slight slimmer of anger appeared as she groaned furiously, stomping her foot as she stuck her bottom lip out. "Booo!" She shouted in response to the monitor, hands settled upon her waist as she spun around with arms settled upon her torso.

    A figure, clad in a similar outfit only designed for the male form appeared behind the furious girl, his own red eyes staring at her with both irritation and curiousity to why she was sulking. "I think I am the one who is supposed to be mad, not you sister." He whispered, leaning over so his chin was settled upon her shoulder as his attention wandered over to the ended game. "Why are you here any way?" The eldest twin asked, standing up properly as Nadia spun around to face him, bright smiles as usual. "Big brother!" She cheered, wrapping her arms around his neck to which he hugged her in response. Even if they were twins, Aiden was born first and so Nadia tended to treat him like he was significantly older, not minutes. She paused, releasing him as her eyes wandered as her mind tried to formulate an appropriate excuse for her being here. "I..urm...urh...Wanted to see the ducks!" Nadia once again exclaimed, causing Aiden to bring his fist down upon her head. "Idiot." He groaned, pinching the bridge of his nose.

    The female twin groaned, pouting as she held her head. The pain was already fading but it was still painful! "Brother...I'm serious, I was here to see the ducks!" the whine was a whisper, causing the elder to raise a brow. It was so obvious when she lied. "This is a university...near a football field and you know there are no ducks, so why are you here?" He repeated before cocking his head. "Okay...well studying was boring so I left!" Once again, a fist bonked the youngest on the head.

    The twins, now over their usual routine peered back over to the field where they watched the players chat. "I want to go and play too..." She mumbled softly, sighing as she took a seat down upon the grass. Aiden watched carefully before following her example, sitting on the ground as he passed her one of the two books he was carrying. Their necromancy books. "Well, you could go and ask them to teach you how to play but I dont think they will. They will most likely just tell you to scram, humans are selfish." Nadia frowned, leaning over towards Aiden so her back was against his arm as she flipped open the book. "Maybe they are nice...the one that took the final goal looked normal." She murmured, looking over the first page momentarily before going to the page she was at. Aiden shook his head, flipping to his own page as he felt his sisters weight against his arm. "I doubt it...they are all the same."
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  5. [​IMG]
    Location: Field alongside the soccer field
    To: Griffin and Kanari


    The crowd roared and swelled with excitement when passes were made, when the ball was dribbled down the field by a certain blond-haired soccer star, when successful plays were made and points were scored. Somewhere off to her left, feet pounded the metal floors of the stands, and soccer fans screeched their adoration loud enough for the entire university to hear. It seemed like exhausting work, and something Sera Pierce prefered not to participate in. She was completely content lounging on the grassy hill near the field, a pair of headphones tossed lazily over her ears and blaring a dirty techno mix to drown out the unnecessary noise on her side while she watched the game. It was the start of spring, the start of her second semester in college, and Sera found herself... at a completely different university than the one she attended, watching her old friend's third soccer game of the season.

    Tyler was impressive on the field - she wasn't surprised, he'd been the same way in High School. But he hadn't gotten any better at taking shots. So when, across the field, Sera noticed the coach gesturing for him to prepare for their game-ending kick, the pink-and-purple haired girl nearly ripped her already damaged headphones clean from the kindle in her haste to stand up. She wanted to shout at him not to take it, to pass it off for someone else, but of course Sera didn't. Shouting at a player in the middle of a game was practically sin. Moreover, Tyler hadn't even known she'd be attending this game, and for simplicity sake she wanted to keep it that way. So, with an aggravated sigh, Sera clamped her mouth shut and watched him take that final shot. The horn blew, the ball blocked, the game lost. It pissed her off. Sure this had only been their third game, but one could only assume they'd been practicing for weeks before their season actually started. How had their coach not discovered Tyler's weakness for taking shots by now? It had been poor planning and decision-making on the coach's part that destroyed their chance of winning. And now Tyler would have to face blame for losing the game, and that irritated her.

    "Freaking idiot, this is why I don't play on sports teams..." Sighing heavily, Sera spilled back onto the ground, finally surveying the damage done to her abused headphones. One of the wires had snapped and she could easily bet this had been the final blow to strike them down. Oh, well. They were shitty headphones anyway. Heaving another sigh, Sera gathered up her previously cracked kindle and placed it back into its case, which was promptly dumped in a cherry-blossom printed bag along with a sketchbook and her drawing pencils. She tossed the bag over one shoulder and gathered up her remaining junk - the broken headphones, which she needed to find a trashcan for, and the box of strawberry dipped pocky she'd been munching on during the game. She stole a glance toward the soccer field, long enough to see Tyler trudging off toward the locker rooms, one particularly distasteful girl clinging to his side, and dispelled a noise of mild disgust before marching down the hill and toward the main campus center.

    Sera was just reaching a trash can near the sports field exist when one familiar voice called out from behind. Griffin. It'd been a few weeks since the two had seen each other - that's what happened when friends went to different schools, and particularly when awkward situations between mutual friends occurred. The last time Sera had seen Griffin was at Tyler's last college party weeks ago, an event she preferred not to think about much. The two of them stayed in contact through text since her and Tyler's subtle falling out, to avoid awkward situations. Griffin had actually been the reason she showed up to see Tyler's game today. He'd texted her a few nights before with the season schedule, and as it happened, the second semester at her school didn't start for another week. So she decided to come and watch, even if she planned on avoiding their blond-haired friend for the day. Sera planned to catch lunch with Griffin before heading home, which worked out perfectly because she felt starved just then.

    "Hey, does your school have any good sushi bars? I could really go for some dragon rolls and pork gyoza..." Sera turned from the trash can, headphones discarded, and caught sight of Griffin... a small girl following behind him. "Kana?" Sera was familiar with his little sister. When they had been younger, Sera, Griffin and Tyler had crashed at each other's houses often. Kanari was usually the plus-one, clinging to her brother's leg, scared of being alone. Sera loved the girl practically like her own little sister. But she'd been kind of looking forward to catching up with Griffin today, just the two of them, like they had planned.

    "I hate to do this but I have to 'go to the bathroom' and can you please watch Kanari for me for a second?" were the first words out of his mouth. Sera laughed, suddenly feeling very set up, as he thrust little Kanari onto her and took off for a place she assumed wasn't actually the bathrooms. Knowing him, Sera wasn't all that surprised that she'd been roped into babysitting. He'd done this to her a couple times in the past, so by now she wasn't all that uncomfortable watching Kanari, and she accepted it without much resistance.

    "FINE! BUT YOU OWE ME SUSHI WHEN YOU GET BACK!" She yelled to his quickly disappearing figure, huffing an over-dramatic sigh before looking down at little Kanari. "Hey sweet thing, long time no see. How have you been? Want some pockey?" Sera took two sticks out for herself and offered the rest of the box to Kanari, and began walking her toward the center of campus, acutely aware of how close they still were to the sports field and the locker rooms. It would be best, she kept telling herself, not to run into Tyler here. They hadn't talked much the last few months, not since he'd gotten with his current girlfriend and started drifting. Running into him here, especially at the risk of his girlfriend's added company, wasn't a proper place or time to fix things between them... which she'd been meaning to do for weeks but hadn't quite figured out how to, yet. Or so she told herself, because truth was, other reasons kept her from being the one to break the ice and fix things.

    "Hey, I took your advice and put some pink in my hair. The blue was getting old. I actually like it more than I expected." Sera returned her attention to Kanari as they walked, dispelling her other troubles for a later date. They were coming close to the campus square now, which was sparsely populated by other students and empty benches under the shade. She wondered how far Griffin dragged the young girl around before finding Sera and figured sitting was a good option while they waited for him to return from the "bathroom".​
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  6. [​IMG]
    "Bored...bored...booooooooooored...booooooooooooooooored," Cat groaned, staring up at the ceiling from where she was spread out on the old, barely patched together sofa. The room she was in was small but cosy, with several pieces of art she had made herself decorating the walls. The motifs of the paintings differed vastly, ranging from everything like abstract collages of broken teacups and Dali inspired melting clocks, to almost totally realistic paintings of eyes and... dismembered fingers. A few motifs were simply cliques of colors that had no form whatsoever, and Cathriné had simply sprayed onto the canvas in total boredom. Other were more anime styled- many of which had rather... ecchi illustrations or were simply extremely cutesy. Indeed, the canvases in the room were a good way to sum up her personality.
    "Boooooooooooooooored," with a thump Cat landed on the floor after having rolled off the sofa. For a while, she simply stayed there quietly, stretched out on her stomach as she sulkily glared up at one of her paintings. It was of a pink bunny devouring a mermaid zebra, and one of Catheriné's personal favorites. Well, at least it had been until about five seconds ago, when she decided that it was the ugliest piece of art she had ever made. "bored, bored, bored, bored, bored!" she whined, balling her fists and repeatedly hitting them against the floor like a little child throwing a tantrum. Once she got bored of complaining about being bored to no one, however, Cat get up, dusted off her ruffled black skirt and then strode over to the wall. "Damn it's ugly," she said with a scowl, pulling it down from the wall roughly before heading straight over to the window. Without giving it much more thought, she simply opened the window and tossed it out. Then she made a sharp turn and headed straight out of the room, a small smile present on her lips.

    "And fade out..." she purred to herself, vanishing into the shadows or her cupboard.

    ♠ ♥ ♣ ♦
    About one and half an hour later, Cat was standing in a corner of the courtyard, clutching a Hebrew dictionary in her arms (which she sure as hell didn't understand a word from), watching her fellow students pass by. She had finally decided to at least 'pay school a visit', to make sure the old building hadn't 'crumbled' or 'been invaded by espers from outer space'. Apparently the situation wasn't as critical as Cat had anticipated, and her expression was dark with disappointment. Once that one teacher she was a hundred percent sure was a troll passed by (she found him very ugly), but that was about the only excitement for the day.

    Disheartened by the fact that there hadn't been any bloodthirsty unicorns on the football field, Cat took a seat on one of the benches and placed down the Hebrew dictionary beside her, pulling out a deck of cards from her pocket. It was a very interesting mixture of sixteen normal playing cards, twenty tarot cards and four UNO cards. To make them indistinguishable from one another, Cat had painted the backside of all cards black. At one point she had decided that this was boring, however, and thus a few of them also received grotesque smilies in the colors of the rainbow. One of the UNO cards had been decorated by a yellow flower, making it stand out amongst the others. Strangely enough, the flower had been on another card three days ago.

    Cat paused and glanced up as, something, or rather someone having caught her interest. There wasn't anything special about the boy, nor could Cat put her finger on why exactly he had managed to get her attention. Then again, rarely did she understand herself so perhaps there was no use questioning this either. Before she knew it, she was behind him, wrapping her arms around his waist before snuggling into him. She didn't even know his name- nor had she seen his face. He simply seemed like a suitable target for her 'affection' or whatever it was her shenanigans should be called.

    "Please have sex with me..." she murmured into his (Griffins) back, her voice laced with boredom and desperation. Most likely he'd turn her down, but it'd still serve well as a time killer, so Catheriné. had nothing to complain about. In fact, perhaps she could bother him enough to make that boredom of hers go away. At least for a while. Never mind that he maybe already had a partner. If he does I'll just ask her to sleep with me too and then it'd be fine. She thought to herself, pleased with the solution she managed to come up with.

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  7. .:Walking to the University:.
    ~Kanari > Griffin~

    "Kanari, come on We have to get to the game... we are already late."
    I had been sulking behind and walking as slow as possible in defiance. We we suppose to spend time together today, watching the game, touring his school, I was very excited but Griffin said before we could venture around he had to go to a 'meeting' and we probably wouldn't be able to explore. This wasn't the first time he's gone to these meetings and I have yet to figure out what they were but they better be very important when they get in the way of spending quality time with my brother.
    "Kanari if you come out Ill get you an ice cream cone on our way."
    "Ice cream?" My eyes brightened and a large smile appeared on my face. I ran to him and latched onto his shirt. "Yay!" I cheered as we walked down the street. He gave me some money when we stopped at the ice cream shop. "I would like a big chocolate cone please." I opened my arms exaggerating the size of cone I wanted with a smile. After we paid and left I licked the cone as we continued walking towards the school. "Thank you brother!" I grinned up at him.

    When we finally arrived on campus we walked towards Sera, who was by a trash can. I didn't know she was going to be here, I thought she went to a different school.
    "I hate to do this but I have to 'go to the bathroom' and can you please watch Kanari for me for a second?"
    He told her then ran off without me. Bathroom? I thought he had a meeting. I huffed, but stayed with Sera obediently. Whether I liked it or not, I will respect his wishes, he's really the only one there for me, so listening to him is the least I can do.
    "FINE! BUT YOU OWE ME SUSHI WHEN YOU GET BACK!" I heard Sera yell to my brother. "Hey sweet thing, long time no see. How have you been? Want some pockey?"
    I smiled at her but didn't take the box, instead I continued licking my ice cream. I was still a bit upset so I stayed silent as we walked around.
    "Hey, I took your advice and put some pink in my hair. The blue was getting old. I actually like it more than I expected." She said breaking the silence. I hadn't noticed before due to sulking but I looked up at it and grinned.
    "It looks great! I told you that you would like it and the purple really complements the pink." I giggled. She had always been very pretty to me and her many hair colors always amazed me but I never saw he with pink hair, I thought she could pull off pink and I was right, she looks even prettier now.
    "So we're getting sushi when he comes back? Will there be Sata andagi too?" I asked, anticipation and excitement covered my face, I really liked sweets and Sata andagi was definitely the best of them all. The fluffy sugar covered fried dough spheres melted in your mouth, they went perfect with chocolate milk. A drop of drool dripped from my mouth as I thought of it but I quickly wiped my face and smiled.

    "What's brother doing? Do you know?" I curiously questioned. First he says he will be going to a meeting, then he says he's going to the bathroom, using the bathroom doesn't take this long.
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  8. [​IMG]
    Location: Uni Courtyard
    To: Kanari


    Kanari was silent as they walked through campus, and Sera could tell the little girl was upset about something. Likely the fact that she was being dumped off on Sera instead of spending time with her big brother. Sera was beginning to have the sneaking suspicion that Griffin had only invited her today so as to rope her into babysitting while he went off to do whatever it is Griffins do without the company of their little sister. Why else would he tell her they could hang out today, and tell Kana the same thing? She sighed, because it was annoying to think that their plans had been for something like this, especially given how little Sera and Griffin saw each other lately.

    Sera dropped onto one of the park benches and set her bag aside, pulling the sketchpad and drawing pencils from it. The talk of hair dye seemed to bring Kanari to life, at least a little bit, and the giggle she earned from the little girl made Sera smile. "Yeah, I definitely should have taken your advice earlier. My roommates were so psyched when they saw how it turned out." Laying back on the bench, Sera tossed her legs over the metal arm of their seat and set her head on the wood near Kana's lap. The sketchbook lay flat on her stomach as she popped a stick of pocky between her teeth and set it asside. "I was thinking of you at Uni the other day, during one of my free studio blocks, and painted something for you. Maybe you'll want it as a tattoo one day, hehe." Laughing softly around the stick of pocky, Sera rested the bottom of her sketchbook against her chest and started flipping through the pictures for Kana to see.

    The first few pages were covered in gesture sketches from Uni, followed by different things - partially finished portraits of different people, flowers, new tattoo designs, some water color paintings, 3D model sketches. Then a section of blank pages. Near the back of her book the more personal drawings began to appear. The first one was a picture of her older brother, tattoo gun in hand, leaning over some girl's shoulder and inking a rose into her skin. The drawing was nearly complete - she'd spent as much time drawing it as her brother had spent giving the girl her tattoo. It would forever be unfinished, but she didn't mind. The second drawing in that section was a pair of widespread wings, fluttering among the clouds. Several pages after that were filled with different wing styles. Those were chased by sketches and full portraits of her precious kitten, Momo, who had taken a liking to Kana on the few occasions they'd met at her brother's house.

    Finally she got to the page she'd been looking for. The drawing was made from copic markers, watercolor and fresh ink, featuring Kagamine Rin and Len in the center, back to back, in yellow and black. A microphone was clutched between their joined fingers, and around them colorful lights exploded in broad, risky strokes of ink. Candy bordered the edges of the page, falling down from the starry sky above the two vocaloid characters like fresh rain. Splatters marked the dark background like fireworks, and Rin had a look of wonder on her face, while Rin smiled toward the ground with closed, peaceful eyes. It was a cutesy anime-styled drawing, something she didn't play with often, but it had turned out pretty decently all things considered. Nibbling down the last half of her pocky stick, Sera carefully tore the page along its perforated edge from the book and handed it to Kana. "I hope you like it, Kana."

    It took her a minute to realize what had been behind that page and was now staring her straight in the face - a portrait of Tyler in his soccer uniform, one she'd started fleshing out during his game earlier that day. It was wholly unfinished but still strongly held his resemblance, and looking at it now made her sad. So she slammed the book closed with a quiet huff and dropped it on the ground, popping another stick of pocky in her mouth. "I'd be willing to bet that if there's a sushi bar around here, they have sata andagi, yeah. They probably won't have chocolate milk tho, so we can stop at a little shop first and get you some, since I know its your favorite." Sera was mostly fine with bringing Kana along for her little lunch date with Griffin. At some point she would have to snag him away for a few minutes and talk without Kana's little ears, but she wasn't about to send the girl off on her own for the day. Griffin definitely was going to pay for their food, though, that much was mandatory.

    "I haven't the slightest idea what he's doing, unfortunately. He just bribed me here with the promise of food. Knowing him, he's probably off with some girl-" Sera bit her tongue before the words "having wild sex" slipped from her lips, because that was so not an appropriate thing to say to a little girl, especially if they were talking about her older brother. "...Buying you presents. He would need a girl's opinion for that sort of thing, I'd think. Yeah." Not the best save in the world, but hey, Griffin deserved to dish out a little money given how today's plans had worked out for both Sera and Kanari.​
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  9. .:A University campus bench:.
    ~Kanari > Sera~

    As we hung out on the bench I saw her bring out a sketch pad. When she said she was think of me and that she had a painting for me my smile grew and my eyes glowed with excitement. I watched as she turned the pages of her sketch book. The artwork was truly amazing, I sat there in awe as she continued. When she got to a painting that consisted of Len and Rin Kagamine, candy, a starry night sky and fireworks, I gasped as I marveled at it. I then shook and giggled uncontrollably when she tore it out neatly and handed it to me. I calmed down and gently took it from her.

    "I hope you like it, Kana." Sera said, she was looking at a picture Tyler but I continued to stare at the painting she handed to me in amazement. I could hang it up in my room, but mom might tear it down and throw it away. I pulled out a binder from my backpack and gently put it in the pocket, I can get some plastic sleeves to put it in when I get home. The bind was very important to me, it held many important manuals and written notes on first aid and medicinal herbs, so since the painting meant so much to me as well, I thought this was the perfect place to keep it.

    After a few moments she woke me from my daze when she mentioned going to a sushi place that had sata andagi and even taking a separate trip to get chocolate milk. I squeaked with joy.
    "I haven't the slightest idea what he's doing, unfortunately. He just bribed me here with the promise of food. Knowing him, he's probably off with some girl-" Sera trailed off for a minute, which was suspicious, but. "...Buying you presents. He would need a girl's opinion for that sort of thing, I'd think. Yeah."
    "Really!" I exclaimed, then jumped up and cheered. "Ice cream, painting, sata andagi, chocolate milk, and presents! Today is amazing!" I jumped on top of Sera and hugged her. "Thank you so much for the painting, and for being here. I'm glad we ran into you." I don't think I could be any happier, though it would be even better if brother was here. I sighed quietly yet happily.
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  10. [​IMG]


    The screams and cheers from the soccer field were ringing in Zeiry's ears and giving her a MASSIVE headache. The kind of headache that she would beat the shit out of if it was one of her sparing buddies, but instead she contented herself with roughly flipping the pages of the book she had seated in her small lap. Small...everything about her was small. Small hands, small feet, small legs, small arms, small torso, and small patience. She hated being small.

    She brushed a strand of golden hair behind her ear, pursing her lips as her steely eyes gazed lazily over the page of her, rather large, book. She brushed her fingers slowly over the words, as if feeling them out and touching them, speaking softly to herself.

    "...and the Great Mage raised her staff above her head, slamming it down to the ground as waved upon waves of blue water flowed from the bottom, flooding the field with crystal colored ripples...soo cool~"

    Her eyes suddenly lit up as a blush colored her cheeks. Hugging the book to her chest, she wiggled about and sighed longingly.

    "Aiiyahhhh!~ If only this actually was possible!"

    She had actually thought about what she would do if she were to ever get magical powers. She had thought over all the possible magical beings. Witches, Socerers, Necromancers, Demonologist, but she had decided on Mage the moment she had found it.

    "What would you even do with powers like this, nerd? Geez you're so stupid sometimes."

    She sighed again and slouched over slightly, pouting. Her dreams were that of a child, not a 16 y/o high school graduate, freshman at University. She felt almost stupid for wanting to join the magical world of elemental magic, having gone to every comicon, animecon, and any other -con she could think of. She did not even care when she was teased and her parents started to crack down on her. She would always have time for magic. She had spent who knows how much money on spell books and book on Wiccan tradition.

    "We can put a man on the damn moon, but we can't conjure up fire or water from thin air? Damn shame..."

    She screamed in sudden frustration and slammed her book in her face, shuddering once she realized that it would hurt like a bitch.


    She peaked up from her book and looked around. Everyone was on the soccer field, except for a few scattered souls here and there, hurrying to different building or gathering around the university center. Another wave of cheers sounded in her ears, causing her to grimance. She could have already been snuggled up inside her dorm with the rest of her shit, unpacking and organizing. Hell, she had paid extra to have her own room, upon the heated and frantic request from her overbearing parents. God she hated her parents. They did not understand her, and she was not just being emo or suffering from teen agnst. They always had judged her, forcing her away from her passions and shoving their own down her unwilling throat. Kick boxing, fencing, mixed martial arts, Future Business Leaders of the World, Unverisal Connections...Fucking BETA Club.

    She groaned and sat her book aside, resting her head on her knees and pulling her smart phone from her pocket, flipping through her apps. She remebered Flappy Bird from a couple of years ago. Hard as hell and impossible to beat. She remembered that she had gotten to 300 and died, then broke her phone by throwing it out the car window. Now there was this nonsense game. Blinkman or something. She refused to play it, deciding to download Kpop apps and Anime apps.

    "Waste of time..."

    Another cheer sounded from the field and she glanced over her shoulder. The monitor was still busy with the 3 guys, there was a pretty girl nearby brushing her long, red hair. Zeiry wished she had red hair and blue eyes, but she had been cursed with Boring Blonde and dull brown. She sighed again and picked her book back up, rising to her feet. She dusted grass from her skirt and flipped back through her phone.

    "10 missed calls from Mom...smothering cow."

    She turned her gaze to the sun and huffed, a scowl coming to her face.

    "Welcome to college. The beginning of the end...woopty-fucking-doo..."
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  11. Heading Away from the Fight scene behind the Bleachers~
    Griffin>Cat, and anyone in eye sight.

    Griffin knew it wouldn't be enough, it hardly even made sense that he had even tried to stop them in this way; and surely Kanari would probably suffer for it. "Damn it.. so useless." he growled under his breath before turning on the thought of returning and killing the bastards. He probably wouldn't kill them, that was a lie, or at least an exaggeration but he would make sure they couldn't hurt poor innocent little Kanari. Oh well... he would have to be with her any time she left the house, that was what this was turning into unless he went to the police. Heh.. like hell he held a chance of being heard their with his family name. They were all stuck up, all of them had already predetermined their damn opinion of him and his sister, and nothing he said or did could help his case with that.

    "I better get back, no telling what kind of craziness has occurred since I left Kanari with Sera." he couldn't help but smile saying her name. Sera was a good friend, loyal beyond words, and Tyler could be but at least despite all the bullshit Sera had not once left him for the convenience of being an "icicle." Griffin was thankful for that, more than he could ever express, but he would at least try. In his pocket he dug out two tickets, and glanced them over before straightening his shoulders and huffing out a sigh. "Like hell I am gonna ask her.. " It was silly to even think about even if it made him happy for a second. Still he didn't hesitate to head back at a slight jog to where he had left Kanari and Sera. That was until..

    "Please have Sex with me!?"

    Griffin nearly fell on his face at that point as the alluring woman wound her arms around him and he found himself short of anything to say. "umm.." It was all he could manage as he broke from her grasp and turned around to look her over. It wasn't a far fetched idea with as pretty as she was, not at all but it was so freaking random, almost... well he couldn't really say but he didn't think that even professionals in the practice were that blunt. "Umm why?" it was the dumbest possible response ever, but it was all that he could think of without being outright rude and calling her a nut job. "I mean You aren't bad looking by any stretch of the imagination, but wha... I mean.. Do i even know you?"

    Luck was thus far today on his side, which meant sooner than later it would turn on him and he would end up caught in some ecchi scene with this girl, that looked far worse than it actually was; of course it would also be JUST in time for Sera and Kanari to show up too, if it wasn't then he would be pretty surprised. THANKFUL but yeah definitely surprised.

    "Ermmm I really have some place to be right now. But Ill at least do this properly. My name Is Griffin Pieriott, its nice to meet you."

    He wasn't sure who she was at all but there was no sense in dashing a young girls dreams with rudeness. So he would at least humor her and see how it went. Griffin pulled out a piece of paper and wrote on it, a number before handing it to her. "hey its my number so that you can text me, I don't think I could have sex with you, especially not knowing you but Ill atleast be your friend."

    Thats the way... Griffin let her down easy..

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  12. *Is saying something about this o - o*
  13. [​IMG]

    Location: Behind the bleachers, near the fight scene

    Still dragging her bag behind her, Zeiry had made her way back to the back of the bleachers, mild annoyance rising through her. She knew her way around campus from reading the map, but she had at least expected that the monitor would do his job. She noticed him by the bleachers, looking around with slight confusion. She almost laughed then, folding her arms over her small chest and giving a slight smirk.

    "Did you lose something, Monitor? I don't think your job was to be looking for me, nor I having to come find you."

    She would gaze over him, waiting for him to notice her. It was not until now that she noticed he was actually very...cute. His fashion was one to question, not that hers was much better (being that she was wearing a panda sweater, a black pladed skirt, kneehigh white socks, and black oxfords with a red beanie on her head.) He was wearing what looked to be...sweat pants? She pursed her lips, but didn't comment. Instead, she glanced over to a couple feet away.

    Will you have sex with me..?
    A raven haired girl stood, clinging to the back of a rather...shady-looking guy, pressed up against him and nuzzling her face into the back of his neck. The guy looked extremely uncomfortable, a large blush coming to his face as he squirmed out of the vixen's grasp and turned her down in an akward, yet...sweet? way. He gave her his phone number, speaking softly to her.

    Zeiry stared in horror. What kind of place was this!? They were not much older than her. They couldn't be! How could they speak of such indecent things in public. Zeiry's steely stare watched the scene, judging with the power and pompousness of a supreme court judge. She was shocked. Being raised in high society, she had been taught that things like this were to never be mentioned. Hell, she had not even had her first kiss yet, but here were people around her, exchanging sexual favors as if it was notes or homework. She blushed pure scarlet, but moved a little closer, hiding near a hat stand so that she could listen further. This was the most interesting thing she had ever seen!

    "So this is what college life is like...my my...very interesting!"

    Her imagination was suddenly running wild. How would they meet again? Back here in the same place where they would kiss and hold hands under the moonlight, or would they be like a Hentai and fuck like rabbits in the fieldhouse bathroom. She almost nosebled at the thought! She tried to act nonchalant, picking through the hats as she kept her eyes on them, completely forgetting about the monitor and that she was one of the only people outside the field.

    *I wonder how he will be with her? He will show up on a white horse and carry her off into the sunset...no a unicorn. Much more fashionable, but OH OH OH! What if she is just a side woman and he is just humoring her!? What if he loves another!? Her heart will be broken!!!!?*


    Fuck...she just yelled that outloud.

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  14. [​IMG]
    Location: Uni Courtyard, transitioning toward the bleachers
    To: Kanari, Griffin, Zeiry, Cat


    Kanari reacted to the drawing better than she expected. It wasn't a masterpiece or anything, and yet the little girl nearly vibrated with pure, raw happiness as she carefully opened up her binder and placed the drawing inside. Sera's heart warmed to see her so fawning over the page with such delicate adoration. It was this feeling that made her passionate about art - the ability of your creation to excite people in so many different ways. She really couldn't have asked for a better form of self-encouragement. Then again, Kanari was good at that sort of thing. She was such an adorable little girl, with such a huge heart, and it made life a little easier and more enjoyable for the people in her presence.

    "Well I'm glad you're having such a great day, sweetheart," Sera laughed softly up at the girl, and soon enough Kana was jumping on top of her, squeezing tight with her little arms. It was a little awkward hugging someone while laying on the bench, so she edged herself up carefully into a sitting position, returning the hug properly.

    "No thanks necessary, your cute company is enough~ But I'm glad we got to see each other, too." And she had been. Sera had missed the little girl greatly. She'd missed Griffin, too, and even Tyler, though that bridge was too complicated to cross at the moment. It was strange for her to miss the lives they had together when they had all been younger. Their homes had been broken and unsafe, their lives full of heartache, and yet it had been the pain that brought them all together. Now that they had grown up and broken at least partially away from their parents, Sera found that it was nearly impossible to keep the group together anymore. Past relationships just weren't enough anymore. They needed to make room for the new relationships, even if that meant letting each other go.

    Sera sighed quietly then, and busied herself with returning the discarded sketchbook to her bag, along with the half-eaten package of pocky sticks. She wondered where Griffin was run off to, and what was keeping him so long, because try as she might to ignore it her stomach ached from lack of sustenance. If he didn't show up soon, she supposed she would have to find a sushi bar herself and bring Kanari to lunch without him. Not something she preferred to do, considering how low on cash she currently happened to be...


    Somewhere not too far away a girl was shouting, and it had to be over something dramatic to earn such a loud response. Curiosity piqued her interests, and when she looked over toward Kanari, she could tell the little girl had heard it, too. "Sounds like trouble. Shall we investigate?" A playful smile tugged its way across Sera's lips as she stood up and tossed her bag over one shoulder. She waited for Kanari to gather herself and set off in the direction of the shout slowly, keeping pace with Kana's short legs. Silently as they walked, she wondered if she would find Griffin at the end of this shout. It was unlikely... the boy hadn't ever been completely skilled when it came to girls. In fact... now that she thought about it, Sera couldn't recall meeting any of his girlfriends, either. Or boyfriends. So either he was in the closet or he just really wasn't interested in the human species, which seemed to be a pretty fair assessment of the introverted guy she'd become such great friends with. Griffin and Tyler were polar opposites, both in appearance and in personality. Where Tyler was smooth and popular, Griffin was rough and awkward... but he was charming, in a way. He was genuine, and she could appreciate that more than anything.

    But so help him, if that black-haired dork was at the end of this shouting... Well, he better know how to flee quickly if he planned on outrunning Sera's sharp tongue.​
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  15. .:University Courtyard, transitioning toward the bleachers:.
    ~Kanari > Sera, anyone in the area~

    I was happy when she hugged me back, and her compliment made me smile. There were a few people that I had missed from when I was younger, Sera was one of them, along with one of Griffin's best friends, Tyler. I never really knew what happened to the little group, I don't think I understand, no one really told me why brother stopped taking me to them. The group breaking up was a horrible time, because I think they made brother happier, less lonely, and he really needed that.

    I jumped a little and looked in the direction of the scream. What was that? "Sounds like trouble. Shall we investigate?" I heard Sera say as she smirked, my smile matched hers as I jumped off "Yeah!" I cheered and grabbed my stuff and threw my pack over my shoulders. My ice cream cone had been sitting on the ground upside down, due to being dropped during my fits of excitement. I frowned as I picked the cone up, leaving a bit of chocolate ice cream that I was unable to pick up without getting my hands dirty, and dropped it into a trashcan. I then ran to catch up with Sera. I walked as fast as I could but due to tiny legs I was slow, but she was nice and walked at my pace. I smiled up at her as I grabbed onto the side of her shirt.

    The thought that Griffin was at the source of the scream never crossed my mind. He was buying presents with a girl, like Sera said, so he would be, um, at a store. Did the university have a gift store? I wondered what presents he was getting me as we walked. "Do you think he's getting me a giant teddy bear?" I asked as I skipped along side her, still attached to her shirt. "One bigger than me, like at the carnivals?" I've only been to the carnival once and when I saw it I wanted to hug it all the time. Then mom appeared in my thought, she would probably have it thrown out. I sighed, but kept a smile on my face as I ignored the thought of mom.

    My curiosity focused on the scream. "Do people usually scream like that on campus? It must be something big and interesting, why else would someone yell that loud." I said out loud as we continued forward.
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  16. University - Near the bleachers.
    The twins and anyone else in the are > Eventually Sera and Kanari

    Getting bored Nadia stood up, fingers locked around the worn and tattered spine as her opposite hands ruffled the red dress to remove any dirt before she rotated her hips, listening to the swish that occurred as the layers of the dress ruffled against one another. Aiden looked up, red eyes watching her carefully before travelling back to the book, his attention once against stuck upon the yellowing pages. Nadia would be okay...as long as she didn't attract much attention. Then again, he was once again underestimating the idiocy of his sister.

    The youngest twin peered around at the people, her eyes momentarily resting on each person, settling on the young child. "Why is a kid here..." She asked, cocking her head to one side as she hummed. She barely could understand most things but why a kid was in a university...She shrugged softly, rolling her eyes. Not that she was supposed to be here either! Nadia and Aiden were supposed to be in the next town hiding in their church. Her eyes shifted over towards her brother before she decided to do something to amuse herself.

    Bored as hell she continued to rotate her upper half, watching the skirt of the dress sway along with her as she hummed softly, red eyes long since closed. "Don't wanna be sly and defile you~ " She sung softly, distracting herself with the words that grasped her attention for the moment. "Desecrate my mind and rely on you~" She added, pausing for a moments as she yawned softly. Nadia always enjoyed singing, she enjoyed it even more when Aiden joined in with her though. Peering round over at him she felt a dark grin come to her lips as she placed her book next to him, taking a few steps back before taking a deep breath.


    Aiden's eyes shot up, narrowing with its anger as he stared at the grinning female for a moment. How he hated that song! The air was cold around the far from pissed elder twin as he felt his fingers curl around the pages, causing them to rustle. "Nadia...Dont you da-""Life in plastic, its fantastic!~""Nadi-""Imagination, life is your creation!" Aiden paused, brow twitched as he stared at his twin before tucking both books into his bag, slowly pulling himself to stand up as a grin slid onto his lips. The corners twitched as slowly they parted to reveal ivory teeth in a maniac grin. "Nadia..." He trailed off, causing said person to tilt her head innocently, smiling softly. "Yesss?~"

    "Come here..."

    Her eyes widened at the feeling she felt from her twin necromancer, causing her to squeak softly before spinning on her heels to bolt off. Luckily, Nadia was the athletic one! As she was running she peered back for a moment to see he was not moving but that did not mean he wouldn't come. She was right because two seconds later a evil chuckle parted from his lips before he ran after her. The youngest had no choice to speed up, knowing full well that if she was caught her brother was most likely going to be his sadistic self in his punishment. He had long since declared that singing that song or playing it was forbidden since the last event she caused with it.

    Nadia only stopped briefly when she ran head first into a person, causing her to stumble back slightly before grasping her head. "Ow..." She whimpered, crouching down as she tried to remove the thudding pain that suddenly occurred due to the impact. Eventually she stood up, her body having already ignored the pain due to her tolerance, her hands brushing down her skirts as she looked around. "Eh... now where am I..." She questioned nobody in particular before turning to who she ran into. It was the older girl with the child she still felt curious about. "AH! I'm sorry!" apologizing furiously she scratched her cheek. "I didn't mean it I was running from...someone..." Her eyes cast behind her as she found that her brother was closer, anger practically falling from his in waves. "Crap." Even if she ran she was caught. Groaning she slid behind the the two in an attempt to hide.

    Aiden paused in his quick steps, eye twitching as he stared at his twin who was attempting to hide and fail miserable. "Nadia...get out from behind her..." He hissed, red eyes refusing to move from the crouched form of the younger twin. He knew she would hide but there was also the issue she sang that blasted song!​
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  17. [​IMG]
    Location: Near the bleachers
    To: Kana, The Twins, Griffin, Cat, Zeiry


    Sera set her hand on the young girl's shoulder as they walked, keeping her close in case they ran into and idiots on campus that liked to roughhouse or something. Fights weren't a usual occurrence at her school, but then again her school didn't have any athletes, jocks or meat-heads to worry about. She liked the sophistication of art schools, and the relative essence of serene nerdiness that permeated the campus. Everyone there had some interest in the arts, and that usually meant they were open minded toward the things she liked. It was peaceful there... but here, well, all kinds of shenanigans were known to happen frequently. It was slightly concerning for Kana to be on campus, especially without her brother, who at least knew the layout of the school and knew which parts were safest for a little girl.

    "I'm not really sure if people usually scream like that. My school's a bad judgement of most colleges..." Sera exhaled a mildly nervous laugh, and lifted a hand to scratch her head as they continued to walk toward the direction of the noise. It looked like they were being brought back toward the bleachers, which meant toward the soccer field and locker rooms... A fact she didn't very much care for. But she wasn't going to just turn Kana around all of a sudden and whisk her off to some other random place, not when they were already so close to the commotion. A question resurfaced in her mind as she glanced toward Kana, and she smiled slightly thinking about the little girl's excitement.

    "I bet he's getting you a stuffed animal that's twice your size. Maybe three times! Or something else extremely cute." She knew very well that Griffin probably wasn't off buying her presents, and that giving Kanari more hope would just dig him into a deeper grave. And she was completely alright with that, given how their "hang out time" was shaping up to be. The nub deserved to dish out some money for his little sister's happiness. "Would you like that, a huge teddy bear? What other things do you like? Maybe I'll buy you some presents too for next time we see each other." There, that made it a little more fair, she figured. At least now she would have to spend a little money on the girl too, something she didn't really mind, just because it was Kanari-

    They had been walking, Sera's gaze fixed on little Kanari, when the body slammed into her from behind and slightly off to her side. Sera stumbled forward with a small hiss of pain and wheeled on the idiot who'd run into her, just barely able to ignore the throb in her shoulder where they collided... the same place she'd just recently got a fresh tattoo from her brother. "What the hell? Were you not looking? If I had been on the wrong side of Kana you would've plowed her down and hurt her!" Sera's voice had gone stone cold in a second, spitting toward her assailant before she ever really got a good look at the girl. She didn't usually snap on people like this, but when the safety of a child was involved, especially this child, Sera tended to be a bit direct in her accusations. She was blunt to a fault normally, but in this case her words were pretty justified. Hissing a deep sigh between her clenched teeth, Sera knelt down to Kana's eye level, looking her over quickly.

    "You alright sweet pea?" She seemed fine, but that could have been very different if she'd chosen to stand on the left side of the little girl, rather than the right. Sera blew out another irritated sigh and finally stood up again, training her gaze on the.. relatively small, doll-like girl with red hair and eyes. Weird. She didn't know people to have red eyes, unless they were severely albino, and even then it was unusual... And the red hair, well, she chocked that up to hair dye, like her own pink and purple curls. Contacts, maybe? That was probably the case, she decided, as the girl began to apologize profusely and explain that she'd been running from someone. That sent alarm bells of in her head. Sera, like all other freshmen college girls, had been given the spiel about campus safety when it came to possible predators. First instinct drove Sera to find the girl's stalker and ram him into a pole or something, but when her eyes caught sight of the incoming male with red eyes and hair, she quickly abandoned that theory for a more believable one.

    "You're running from your brother?" It seemed like a fair assessment. They looked extremely alike, almost like twins, with the same red eyes and hair... again, odd, but probably body modification like herself. Something looked off about the boy's face, mildly dangerous without being scary. Odd, but again, not extremely important at the moment. Sera looked between the boy and his twin sister, who was crouching down behind her and Kanari for whatever reason. Now she was getting impatient with the situation, and her earlier tinge of animosity returned, though she kept the irritation from her expression and voice. "Uhm... Is there something I can do for either of you? Because if not, we're just gonna go..." Sera planted her arm around Kana's shoulder firmly and started edging them away from the twins, who were staring each other down in a battle of animosity through the gap between Sera's head and shoulders. Clearly this didn't involve her or Kana, and she was still pretty curious to see what commotion had drawn attention to the bleachers, which was now in plain site. Distantly she saw two figures bunched together rather intimately, one tall and one short, and something about the lean of the guy's body seemed familiar... a fact Sera was becoming increasingly uncomfortable with.​
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  18. .:Near the bleachers:.
    ~Kanari > Sera, twins, Griffin, Cat, anyone in the area~

    I listen as Sera stated that she wasn't sure if screams like that happened a lot, I had forgotten that she went to a different school. When she explained that Griffin was probably getting me a stuffed animal twice or three times my size I jumped up. "Yay that would be amazing!" I cheered. I would carry it everywhere with me and be the happiest person in the world. I giggled.

    "Would you like that, a huge teddy bear? What other things do you like? Maybe I'll buy you some presents too for next time we see each other."
    I thought for a moment about her question, about what other thing I wanted, my thoughts turned to the painting she had made me. "I want a painting of the group before we all separated." I answered with a nostalgic voice. I could share it with brother, maybe he would feel better then. "I want to see you more. And the three of us can talk about all of the fun times we spent together." This was something that I wanted so much ever since we stopped seeing everyone, just for things to go back to back then when we were happier, even though mom was abusive back then, she still is now so going back wouldn't make a difference in our home life.

    When we continued walking all I saw was Sera being push forward. I pulled on her trying to help balance her but I wasn't much help, she really did it on her own. Sera's voice was stern and cold when she yelled at the female who had tackled her. Sera sighed when she knelt down to check if I was okay. I nodded and smiled "I'm okay." I was more worried about herwho was actually the one who was 'attacked'.

    She stood up and the girl with red hair and eyes spoke, something about running from someone? A boy who looked just like the red head ran up and the girl hid behind us. I turned my head towards her and giggled. "You're not very good at hid and seek, are you?" I said to the girl then looked back at the boy. He had the same face as the girl behind us. My smile got bigger, I had never really seen twins. Before I could speak I felt a firm grip around my shoulder, I looked up at Sera who was pushing me forward back towards the area where the yelling had previously been. I decided to go with it and leave with her. I could see 2 people in the distance, paying no mind to how close they were. "Brother!" I cheered. I could spot him from a mile away, I'm sure. "Is that the girl who's helping him with my presents?" I asked as my pace got a tad bit faster.
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  19. University -> Near the bleachers.
    Twins. > Anyone near.

    Nadia pouted as she watched the older girl shout at her, causing her to scratch her cheek. "I apologized..." She mumbled softly, hair shadowing her eyes as she cocked her head. It was an accident after all, right? Nadia herself seemed to become colder as she watched the elder inch away, red eyes narrowed with a dark glare as she did. It was almost as if death was promised in those eyes. Aiden arrived, ready to whack his sisters head but stopped at the presence the necromancer held. Damnit, she got pissed. He chuckled, having calmed down before settled a hand upon her head. Her eyes refused to move and Aiden did not take his eyes of her, in fear of what the childish twin would do in her annoyance. While occurred Nadia was stuck with memories, people shouting till she eventually felt a groan escape her lips.

    The child spoke, causing doe-like eyes to return to normal before she smiled softly. "Hehe~ I never was good at it. " She replied, her tone soft as she watched them walk off. Nadia turned to her twin who cocked a brow to her. "Mortals are mean..." She muttered, eyebrows knitting together as she puffed out her cheeks. He shook his head, running a hand through his hair. "I told you this before. They are selfish, which is why we kill them for our own gain." He pointed out, motioning to the small gem that was hung from his ear, encased by silver. After a moment or two she nodded faintly, reluctantly as she sat down on the grass randomly.

    Aiden followed as she pulled her bag off her back, turning it upside down until the contents fell on the ground. A medium sized teddy, a bunny fell along with a rubber duck, a book and some pencils and pens, colour of course. The poisons did not fall because she had them strapped down into the bag. Pushing it beside her she grabbed the duck, grin on her lips as she squeezed it mercilessly, finding the continuous squeak amusing. Aiden shook his head, irritated by the females twins child like mind before he brought his book back out, flipping it open while ignoring the poor squeak from the toy intended for the water.

    He looked up eventually, causing his twin to pause before he tilted his head. "We can target that girl later...if you want?" Normally Nadia hated it, didn't mind the killing but never allowed herself to choose. Then again she only really did when someone struck a nerve. The girl hummed, closing her eyes before shrugging. "Maybe..." Her voice was quiet for once considering its usual loudness and enthusiastic tone. He ran a hand through his hair once more, a mechanism he did when stressed or thinking. "We need to get more souls anyway."
  20. [​IMG]

    LOCATION: Near the bleachers, by the fight

    *...what did I just do?*

    Zeiry's eyes popped open suddenly, her face flushing pure scarlet at she quickly covered her mouth and ducked behind the hat stand, panic rushing over her. She peaked her eyes over the stand to watch some more, but people were gathering, possibly drawn by her bugle call. The future couple were still there, but it looked as if the boy was about to have a heart attack. 2 people had gathered...Twins both with unnaturally red hair and eyes....Their eyes were evil looking, a devious grin on both of their faces. She almost thought her heart would stop as she heardthem speak.

    mortals are mean!
    We can target the girl later if you want.
    We need more souls anyways.

    She felt more heat come to her face as she ducked down more, whispering to herself and clutching her book to her chest. What kind of place had she come to and who the heck were those guys? She scratched her head and thought over all the types of creeps she had read in her books. Possibly Necromancy??? She peaked back over the stand and watched them closely. The other two that had been walking, a little girl and another, older than Zeiry, but still young, moving slowly towards the couple. She was more interested in the Twins though, but there were so many people gathering! Zeiry felt nerves rising inside of her. Too many body, and SOULS!? The twins want souls!? Probably for their deals with the devil. She had read enough books to know that. Maybe she could test this.

    Grabbing her panda keychain, she rose up from behind the stand and chucked it at the male twin's head. It was light, so it would barely tap the back of his skull and fall to the ground. The moment she did it, however, she regretted it. She instantly ducked back down, hissing furiously to herself.

    "The fuck is wrong with you Zeiry?! You're so stupid! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! What if they have eyes in the back of their heads!? What if they do voodoo!? Your DNA is all over that damned thing....and it was my favorite...I got to get out of here."

    Slowly crawling from behind the stand, she ducked her head and got to her feet, slowly dragging her bag behind her.

    *Just blend in Zeiry...Look natural...you did nothing...Just a girl passing through...just passing-*


    Zeiry's heart almost stopped as she looked over her shoulder. The monitor was staring right at her, pointing and yelling...TWEEDS!? She glanced around, frozen in her place and clutching her book tightly to her chest. Hopefully no one else would notice her. She could feel herself shrinking down, feeling smaller and smaller, a deeper blush coming to her face as she trembled. God she hated people. She was backing away towards the student center, her eyes frantically watching the others. She needed to get out of here! There were Soul stealing necromancers for Christ's sakes! She couldn't run though, being suddenly put on spot had rooted her feet to the ground. All she could do was stare, suddenly frightened.

    *I have seen this! Crazy demons disguised as humans and hiding out in the human world, collecting souls of dumb individuals who happened to speak to them....so coool....NO not cool! so dangerous! So terrifying! so....EXCITING!!!!*

    She was almost fangirling over this! A true nerd at heart!
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