Faraway Castle

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  1. In a castle far off from any town lives a queen and her family. They live with all the comforts they would ever need. Here in the castle they live by the queen's rules. With great wealth and influence many come here from other kingdoms and estates to visit. The princes and princesses are successors to the queen and only one will gain all her power when she passes. So welcome to my humble adobe, for I am the queen.

    So the rules here are that I am queen, and what I say goes. Not many live in this secluded castle. The only ones here are in fact are, I, the queen, my daughters and sons, servants, guards, and a few guests from other kingdoms.

    You maybe any one of these. And you don't have to like me, none of you do, but I just might make you like me.*Insert evil laugh* If you are a prince or princess you have rule over the servants and are free to go nearly anywhere and may even one day own this palace. Now I may or may not have illegitimate children, this I’ll leave up to you. As a bastard child you are a step lower than real princes and princesses,but still above servants, you will not be as honored and have no chance of getting the throne. The king may as well have bastards. They are even lower,just because I say so. Next are the guests of honor, they may come at any time.You will be able to stay as long as you please, and may even have the chance to snatch a prince or princess for a lover. Guards serve as our protectors, and must obey orders. And last, at the bottom are the servants who must obey what we say.

    And here we all live together, so happy are we, as long as you listen to me.
    I want no more the five legit princesses and princes and three bastards to either the king or I, countless guest that may come and go, and many servants and guards.

    Now to the succession, here we do not do it by age, but by my choice. So it's all up to me, it is my fortune after all. And whoever I chose will get it after I die.
    Now hope that sums it up, need anything else just ask.
    Now fill out a sign up sheet, your queen demands it!

    Pets(if I allow them):
    Story(who are you?):

    I am hoping for a romance, medieval, fantasy, and fun role-play. Hope you like it!
    IC Link

    List of People who have Joined this Prestigious Family:
    RedWinter as Lady Grausam
    Name: Lady Grausam
    Age: 31
    Sex: Female
    Status: QUEEN
    Pets: a fluffy white cat name Madam
    Story: After her mother died, the previous queen, she became successor with her husband, who later died. Her other siblings were jealous of her and tried to take power, all failed. Lady is the last surviving member of her family; all of them met untimely deaths, most before she even became queen.(Hint hint) She now must choose a successor out of her children, and she judges them harshly.
    Other: She keeps the doors open to guests in hopes to keep her influence and even expand it. She is famous for her mascara parties she throws, people travel far to attend. Lady has also delved deep into the realm of magics . Her knowledge of the dark arts not only helped her ascend to the throne but has kept her there. No one knows of her powers.

    1Pure-Blood Princess:
    Sweetestdiva14 as Krista Grausam
    2Pure-Blood Princess:
    Moonbeam66 as Lydia Grausam
    3Pure-Blood Princess:
    Zathura Endou IX. as Evairy Grausam
    4Pure-Blood Princess:
    SilverLight as Damila Grausam
    5Pure-Blood Prince:
    E-Claire as Ellis Grausam
    1Bastard Son:
    Enezrel as Roland

    Oblivionstem as Faroh Eache from The Kingdom Hylia
    Grimm as Lady Raven from The Kingdom of Roses
    TimidJewishElf as Lady Himildis of Myrnûrsant
    Rainbow-Noodles as Cosette Metriolle the Theif

    Captain of the Guard/Queen's Personal Guard: NorwayFOO as Cadmar Regio

    Krista's Personal Guard: Kyysucara Namosaka as Sion Hakate
    Cadmar Regio's Right Hand: Blaise as Blaise
    Roland's Personal Guard: EpitaphQueen as Felicitas Venus
    Ellis's Personal Guard: Rufia as Elise Tiamdore
    Damila's Chamber Servant: Rainbow-Noodles as Tymel Clemont
    The Cook: NorwayFOO as Noah Famul

    Evairy's Chamber Maid: Zathura Endou IX. as Francine Templin
    Noah's Assistant: NorwayFOO as Rachel

    Some Ground Rules:

    Rule 1: No more than posting twice a day. If you are interacting with someone it can wait.

    Rule 2: More detailed posts. This is to help reduce clutter. Less lots of shortposts and more larger posts that may depict more than once action. I would alsolike to know your thoughts and ideals. Try to build more depth for yourcharacters.

  2. Name: Damila Grausam
    Age: 15
    Sex: female
    Status: princess
    stuff.jpg (Without wings)-click on pic to enlarge, if in different color only the black parts would be changed. With Cyan the white (other than her hair) would be black. (Her hair is waist length it's sort of hard to tell in the picture)!
    Pets(if I allow them): If allowed then a Raccoon (because I like them) named Ramire (because I like that name).
    Story(who are you?): Damila does somethings that normally men would do. She is not sweet-hearted nor really aggressive. She wishes to become the queen but not enough to kill her or wish she were dead in ways she could care less, but it would be nice to rule the kingdom.
    Other: Likes to fight (physically and with words) and hunt, also normally wears what is in pic or red/cyan dress :)
  3. Sounds great!
  4. Thanks for the heads up Silver xD.

    (Can I be head guard or a special guard of something/someone? I feel it would be more interesting then just a regular guard)
    Name:Cadmar Regio
    Age: 31
    Sex: Male
    Status: Guard
    Appearance: He wears plate legs and a sleeveless plate body that shows off his muscles. The plate armor is almost completely silver looking but has gold trimming on it. He is tall, standing almost 6'2, bald and has deep blue eyes. He had large muscles from constant training when he was younger. He has a long sword on his back that has a ribbon design edged into it and a single handed sword in a sheath on his side that [SIZE=3]has the same [SIZE=3]design. He also carrie[SIZE=3]s[SIZE=3] a [SIZE=3]necklaces with a[SIZE=3] [SIZE=3]small stone [SIZE=3]on it tha[SIZE=3]t he [SIZE=3]normally[/SIZE] doesn[SIZE=3]'t keep visible.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    Pets(if I allow them):
    Story(who are you?): When he was younger his mother died from sickness and his father died when fighting in a war. He was taken in by his uncle who was well know for his skill with the sword. Before his uncle would teach him how to use a sword he wanted his nephew to learn how to use his head first. Because of this he is not only good with a sword but also good at solving problems and quick at making split [SIZE=3]decisions[/SIZE].[SIZE=3] After a [SIZE=3]couple of [SIZE=3]years he was able to be[SIZE=3]at h[SIZE=3]is uncle when sparing an[SIZE=3]d is know to be one of the great[SIZE=3]est swor[SIZE=3]d fighters in the world.[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    He can restrain people with dark magic. He can only use it on one person and has to keep full concentration to do it.
  5. (so we can be what we want)
    Name: Lydia Grausam
    Age: 16
    Status: Princess
    Appearance: She isn't very big, maybe 5 foot 4 inches. She likes to wear comfortable clothes for horseback riding, so typically not a dress. Usually it will be red or blue, depending on the day. She's got very long blonde hair, about waist length, and leaf green eyes.
    Story (who are you?): Lydia is very free spirited and loves to go horse back riding She can be very stubborn and sometimes gets hotheaded. Her normal temperment is typically mellow and happy, unless someone does something to make her angry.
    Other: She is very talented with all types of magic, especially used for offensive abilities, and healing.
  6. Great! Great! It's all good.
    [MENTION=3464]SilverLight[/MENTION] ; The queen will not allow a raccoon, but no one said she had to know ;). [MENTION=3415]NorwayFOO[/MENTION] ; Yes you may. You could either be Captain of the Guard, or a personal guard to myself or one of my children, or even the king, if we get one.

    Thanks for joining guys!
  7. I think I'll go with Captain unless someone wants me to be their personal guard.
  8. Hum.... Cadmar could be both... After all the queen does need the best at her side. If you'd like, [MENTION=3415]NorwayFOO[/MENTION], you could be my personal guard and the captain.
  9. Deal =D

    My friend wants to know if she can join but have cat/fox ears and a tail. She wants to be a guard. If its possible she was thinking about being second highest as far as guards go and she follows me around as my right hand girl. Does that sound alright? She's going to post the app when she gets back on.
  10. Yea, I'm sure that'll be okay. I only ask for one thing; that there be a reason for the tail and ears. Such as a spell/curse, or whatever. Just some explanation.
  11. Ok I will tell her. I'm not sure when she will have the app up by but maybe sometime today.
  12. Is this ok?

    Name: Ellis Grausam

    Age: 14
    Sex: Male
    Status: Prince
    [​IMG](minus the boobs)
    [​IMG](another one dressed as a girl)
    [​IMG](ignoring the girl on the left, Ellis dressed as a boy)
    Pets: Two pet doves, named Cara and Mia (if allowed). He found them injured in the garden one day, and helped heal them so he could watch them fly in glory again. The birds are loyal to him from his care.
    Story(who are you?): Lady Grausam gave birth to several children, one of them being Ellis. Since his mother was an all powerful queen, she never really had time for him, and neither did any of the other busy royals. He amused himself by studying the world around him, silently, and learning about other people. He learnt from his observations was that women were given less work and more kindness around the castle, so he decided to 'become' a woman yo earn the same treatment. Ellis also gained a love for beautiful things, so appearance is very important to him- he can't stand imperfection. While his sitting around and watching has led to a lack of sporting development, Ellis has developed great logic skills and become a keen psychologist. Ellis does not like communicating with people, preferring the company of his loyal doves, or own imagination- he knows how to be tactful when necessary though. Ellis can be manipulative if he wants, yet he'd only be cruel with good reason- other wise it's a waste of good observation time.
    Other: If you hadn't noticed, he cross dresses (because my characters NEVER do that...). His favorite place is the observatory (how surprising).
  13. YEAH! The doves are allowed, but as long as they don't poop on the floors!
  14. I am interested. I have a question though.
    Since non of the roles of a servant has not been taken quite yet, would you mind there be a girl who tried to thieve from the castle but was caught and damned to be a faithful servant? She would be well watched and responds to anything that is asked of her. Haha ^^; If not, that's fine... I still shall try to join in the rp.
  15. If it's okay with RedWinter and you could you be my personal servant??
  16. [MENTION=3464]SilverLight[/MENTION]
    I wouldn't mind. ^^ Anything specific you wish for your servant to look like, certain age maybe, or whatever else?
  17. It's your character, please, do what you like! For age, it really doesn't matter.
  18. Could I be a guest prince or something from another Kingdom?

  19. Name: Tymel "Ty" Clemont

    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    Status: Princess Damlia's Servant
    Story: Tymel was born into a poor life style. His mother died giving birth as his father worked owning a pub. His father blames him for death of mother so he runs away. In doing so Tymel becomes a thief who steals from the rich. In course of action, he is caught by a royal guard and now has to serve as a servant for punishment. It was that or be sentenced to death. As the life continues on, Tymel serves Damila's every dying wish. He also works under everyone else just mostly Damila. Typically he was one to enjoy the casual drinking and parties. Tymel is quite talented in drawing and every so often sketches he surroundings in the castle. This includes things and even people. Tymel is a slight hot headed individual, who hates authority and is quite stubborn.
    Other: Tymel is straight. He does have a crush on someone but is so stubborn he believes it's some other feeling for hatred. Also, it wouldn't be right if he did have those feelings for royalty.

    (Sorry about the shirtless male picture.))
  20. @Rainbow-Noodles yes you may be all that! My little princes could use a chamber maid, only its a boy.... Still okay, but I'll be watching you. >.>
    and @Oblivionstem That will be just swell, I would much appreciate it!