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  1. Okay basically title states as is, I decided to make this thread because I was hoping to go more into fantasy stuff and not slice of life genres! I have a few plots in my mind and also some pairings. I would prefer to be the male in all these RPs. So if you're interested in any you see send me a PM my way!

    Plots (Empty for now) (open)

    All plots I have are currently taken! I will update this if I come up with more ideas!

    Pairings (open)

    Role I prefer is on the left unless it's in italic, then I don't care. Most of these can vary with setting in modern, past, or fantasy world. If it's struck out it's taken.

    Human x Demon
    Butler x Mistress
    Watchman x Bandit
    Insane person x doctor/normal person
    Guard x Royalty
    Hunter x Fugitive
    Assassin x Target
    Assassin x Assassin
    Vampire x Hunter/Human

    Human/Hunter x Monster Girl
    Human/Hunter x Succubus
    Human/Hunter x Other Supernatural Beings (Neko, vamp, etc.)

    Fandom Stuff (open)

    I don't have much in here but these can be used as settings and pairings. I would prefer OC x OC for all of these.

    Game of Thrones
    Star Wars
    Dead Space
    Dead by Daylight

    So yeah that's all I have for now I'll try and keep this updated! If you're interested send me a PM!
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  2. Are you still looking? I like the human x human trapped in a cave type idea.
  3. Yup still looking! Send me a PM so we can discuss further!
  4. Updated, and still searching!
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