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    Cerultoamna [Heavenfall]

    NOTE: This RP has moved to a Moderated Group. This post has all of the information you need to get the general idea of the story and create a character. Please PM me if you have any questions or concerns.


    • [tab=Geography]

    • Magic exists in the world. Some creatures, items and places may contain magic but no person can wield it.

    • There is a common language which is something of a camp dialect developed over time when members of the different races would cross paths in favorable situations. Each race has its own language and usually several different dialects.

      The four races rarely enter into open conflict with one another and peace has been present for many years. The world of Cerultoamna is large enough to allow for all of the peoples to coincide in their own space. Because there is so much more water than land, game and fish are plentiful enough to provide for the four races.

      But things never stay the same for long…something is coming.

    • Where ever one travels on Cerultoamna there is water. It is no surprise that all four races have ancient drawings and stories about the great sea. Every race has lore on a mysterious race of sea people. In the common tongue, they are called Nervure. It is said they have massive tails like snakes that allow them to swim and slide but have torsos like men with arms that can wield weapons and cast spells. This race of aquatic people is tied to the great sea serpents whom they attend and worship. There is also a story in every tongue about a serpent so large and terrifying that he can swallow islands. This beast is known as Mare Devouratorul [the Great Devourer]. It should be noted that the greatest hazard to riders and mounts comes from the serpents. Some linger near the surface among kelp forests or feign death to attract schools of fish. These beasts attack the fishermen and harvesters with their jaws. Some spit poison and some have needle-like projectiles that they can fling which will stun creatures allowing the monsters to feast.

      1. Follow all Iwaku rules.
      2. Have fun!
      3. I am the GM and you will respect my authoritah!
      4. No god-moding.
      5. No hijacking/autoing.
      6. One post a week is expected.
      7. Post quality should fall in the realm of Intermediate or above.
      8. If you have ideas about the RP, please share!
      9. Please keep me apprised of any situation that may result in a hiatus or departure.
      10. If you are interacting with other player characters; respect the posting order.
      11. I am hopeful that this RP could grow into something great. It might end up as a group. Who knows?! At any rate, with larger RPs, they do tend to move at a slower pace. Do not harass people for posts. That’s my job.
      12. Let me know if I missed anything.
      1. Be descriptive. Vague posts may result in character injury or death.
      2. I will settle all disputes.
      3. Real life physics and physiology apply to everyone and everything. If you think your character can double backflip while flying on his/her mount and throw daggers with precise accuracy; you’re wrong.
      4. No hijacking/autoing.
      5. If you are having problems or would like some help, I will gladly help you.

      Until the RP fills up with players, we will not know where the line will be for content rating. This will involve the type of violence allowed and the depth of intimacy. I will update this before the RP goes live.


    • In the north are a handful of very tall islands that float together. This is the home of the Albita. They are an industrious race that can claim to be the most unique of all the cultures on Cerultoamna. The structure of the islands does not appear to support any life on the surface but it is what’s inside the rock that matters. The huge behemoths of hovering stone are home to an intricate system of caves and catacombs and it is here where the Albita make their homes. The entire race is subject to one ruler; their Queen who resides in the largest island. The smaller satellite islands each have a Zarin that handles day to day operations but each of these women answer to the Queen. The general culture is ordered and strict but Albita desire power above all else. Their society is ruled completely by women. They are the leaders of state, trade and military as well as in the home. The Albita have a unique advantage over the other races in their ability to mine ore and convert it into armor and weapons that surpass everything created by the other races. The main focus of Albita society is blacksmithing and fishing which also includes harvesting kelp since they cannot grow food in their caves.

      Albita are the most industrious of all the races and they are a nocturnal group. There are two main reasons for this. First and foremost is that they worship the three moons. Odd to think of cave dwellers worshipping anything in the sky but they have taken great pains to bore holes from the outside and use precisely placed mirrors to illuminate shrines. Each moon represents a goddess. The white moon is Nevinovat, goddess of life and power. The blue moon is Invineti, goddess of emotion and healing. Finally, the red moon is Purpuriu, the Goddess of war and death. Each moon has a priestess called a Preot and two assistants to the Preot called Maicas. Though smaller than ever other race, the Albita are feared for their strange ways and rigid society…their fine blades definitely help that stigma.
      The second reason for the Albita being people of the night is the nature of their mounts. Lilieci are in essence, giant bats. The creatures are very intelligent but prefer to travel in groups. They are graceful in flight and since the Albita live so long, they have mastered many techniques that allow them to train their mounts in ways no other race can. The have a tradition where adolescents (around 80 years old) fast and pray for two days in solitude before choosing a mount. This is only done once. Should a mount die or fall in combat, another one is simply selected by a handler. Abita riders are called Ajutor.

    • At the southern end of the great ocean exists a truly marvelous spectacle. Twelve islands hover in a cluster that is as beautiful as it is mystifying. The islands are all the same basic block shape and connect by multiple series of heavy vines. As the chunks of rock ascend higher into the sky, they diminish in size but that is not the most incredible part. The arrangement is what makes the view so amazing. When one looks down from above at the islands, it becomes obvious that they follow a fractal spiral downward. When the wind blows just right and the sun is setting, the islands appear to be spinning. This is the glorious home of the Cenusiu[sin-yu-swee]. They are a hearty people known by their strong axes, roaring fires and wonderful stories. The higher islands are of a cool temperate climate with long winters and blustery wind while the lower islands have four equal seasons. Cenusiu are notably the race that discovered all others and believe themselves to be the oldest on Cerultoamna.

      The Cenusiu love adventure and seek to find glory in the name of their Thane and their god, Sfant. They believe Sfant made all things and controls all things. They seek his guidance and blessing in everything they do. Sfant is a benevolent god but also one who craves tribute and loyalty from his subjects. The Cenusiu believe that triumph over an enemy or hardship is the best way to honor Sfant. Their religion is strict in the ceremonial sense but flexible in how one connects in private. In their temples, de Scriere or priests run the services and ceremonies. Of course, there are such things as gods among men and the High Thane would certainly qualify. He is the leader of the Cenusiu. Only first born males from one of three families may become Thane. These are the oldest families and because of what’s at stake, they always have competing young men. House Egida [line of the current Thane; means Shield], House Baltag [axe] and House Cantec [song] are the three most powerful families and their politics are treacherous.
      High in the elegant order of islands fly giant birds of prey known as Pajura. These massive hawks are the favored mount of the Cenusiu. They are vicious when cornered and see better than the mounts of other races. Part of that is necessity because Pajura can fly higher and faster than any other creature on the planet. Their call is sharp but their talons are so much more. These beats have the strength to rip trees from the ground or throw boulders. Their riders, or Iertare, are revered as some of the most deadly and talented soldiers in the world.
    The Erodate [air-o-dah-tee] can be found on the west end of the world where the floating islands are more exposed. This allows the wind to be arid and fierce, thus their lands are best described as plains. The Erodate exist in tribes which are directed by Vrajitors. Vrajitors are like shamans or medicine men and are deeply in touch with the Spirit world. The Erodate have no formal religion but believe that all things have a soul or spirit. They are worshippers of nature and respect the land more than any other race.

    In Erodate tribes, men and women are equal as far as professions are concerned though a man rules the house and women cannot be Vrajitors. Their society focuses on right action, honor, loyalty and preservation. Every tribe has a leader and when times of great need arise, these leaders converge on sacred ground in what is called Sodatemahinul. These gatherings are rare but it is a brilliant example of democracy as no Vrajitor is higher than the next and a vote is used to decide everything. The Erodate are the best archers, fishers and herbalists. They hunt small herds of buffalo and rabbits using the fur for clothes and the leather for armor, saddles and tents. The Erodate are also the most peaceful race on Cerultoamna. They seek to be one with the world and all of the creatures in it. Do not take them lightly for there is no greater wrath than that which comes from a pure heart.
    In Erodate lands resides a creature that has allowed itself to be tamed for their riders. Among the tribes, riders are known as Barbatesc and their mounts are called Balaur [bah-lore]. These creatures are the most agile mounts of any race and bear incredible stamina in flight. The bond Balaur share with their riders is intense. The Erodate have a ritual called Cadea which is performed when young riders turn ten. It is in this ritual where they chose their mounts. The rider and the creature each drink a small amount of the other’s blood to solidify their lifelong partnership.

  2. The eastern side of the great sea hides something rare. These are the only islands that are not in the sky. They chain forms a tooth in the water with an active volcano at the tip. These islands are swampy and hot. The water is murky and the air is dense and the creatures that roam here are some of the deadliest in the world. This environment makes a perfect home for Otravit; large humanoids with green skin, tusks and more muscles than brains. They crave war, death and all of the sinful things. Deception is a trait to be respected. Disrespect is an offense worthy of a fight to the death (or the cost of a knife in the back).

    While these games are permissible by campfires and tents, the Otravit are governed by a War Council that do not tolerate any challenge to their laws or traditions. Order is mandated in the central areas where the Warchief and his advisors gather. It is also essential in the stables and around the other professional buildings. While it seems that chaos reigns, Otravit society is deeply rooted in the occult. The men and women who serve the occult are known as Indraznet. They make sacrifices (sometimes one another), hold vigils and séances, read bones and write runes. The Otravit believe that the volcano is a cage that holds a great demon and one day that demon will be set free upon the world. The name given to the volcano is the same as the name of the demon it is said to confine; Sfarsitul.
    The Otravit are brutal and violent and the beasts they ride are no different. Grifonul are frightful creatures. Think of a lion with the tail of a scorpion and the wings of a bat and that’ll get you close. While the grifonul do not have powerful front legs like a lion, they have razor-sharp claws on their wings and hind legs to match the jagged teeth inside its huge mouth. No one gives much thought to the tail but it’s the deadliest of all. The poison inside the barb can kill anything… well, everything they’ve found thus far. The riders are called Cosciug and they milk the poison from their mounts and dip their weapons in it.[/SIZE]
{td=center}Height [M]{/td}
{td=center}Height [F]{/td}
{td=center}Terminal Age{/td}
{td=left} Albita{/td}
{td=left} 60-67”{/td}
{td=left} 56-64"{/td}
{td=left} Pale Grey{/td}
{td} 400{/td}
{td=left} Thin, Lithe Muscle{/td}
{td=left} Cenusiu{/td}
{td=left} 60-74"{/td}
{td=left} 56-67”{/td}
{td=left} Caucasian{/td}
{td} 300{/td}
{td=left} Stocky, Sturdy{/td}
{td=left} Otravit{/td}
{td=left} 76-85”{/td}
{td=left} 69-78”{/td}
{td=left} Green{/td}
{td} 200{/td}
{td=left} Very Muscular, Large{/td}
{td=left} Erodate{/td}
{td=left} 70-78”{/td}
{td=left} 66-74”{/td}
{td=left} Tanned{/td}
{td} 100{/td}
{td=left} Extremely Athletic{/td}

  • [tab=Riders]
Animal handlers are crucial to every race’s survival. Equal to a rider as far as status, honor. Selection for animal handler is more rigid than a rider simply because there are far more riders than any other profession. Handlers see to every aspect of care for the mounts from birth, feeding, grooming, breeding, first aid and more.

  • Riders form the backbone of society and I encourage most of you to create one. I am allowing one handler for each race unless we get a huge response. If you wish to be anything other than a rider, please ask me about it. I have outlined several key members in each society and feel that given enough interest, we can fill some of these roles as well. When in doubt; ASK!

  • RaceHandlerRider

  • [ tabs ][ tab=Character ]
    Appearance: You may provide a description (be thorough) or use a pic or both!
    Personality: Use a few sentences to describe your character’s…character.
    History: Include whatever you wish; family ties, political agenda, a blast from the past or a coming of age tale that will make your peers weep!
    Other: Anything else you want to include.
    [ /tab ][ tab=Mount ]
    Relationship: Use this to describe the personality of your mount and how rider and beast coincide.
    [ /tab ][ /tabs ]

    Remove the spaces inside the brackets for the Tabs to work.

  • [xtable=skin1]
    {td} Steorra Wiglic{/td}
    {td}Yuna Stormbrew{/td}
    {td} Din Dae{/td}
    {td} x{/td}
    {td} x{/td}
    {td=center} x{/td}

    Players may make 2 characters.
    Erodate are on a temporary hold until we get more Cenusiu and Otravit.

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  • I'm interested for sure. I need to read more but fighting a kid to sleep.
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  • I'm interested. Lemme make a character tomorrow.
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  • Iiiiiii can go ahead and get off that serious RP hiatus and try this out. Would be a nice thing to come back to. Put me on the list with a big ass maybe.
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  • I shall try
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  • The Handler for the Erodate has been claimed!!!

    All yours, @Pretty Turtle.
  • Consider me interested. What kind of plot do you think you'll have for this?
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  • I'm gonna have some fun with this

    Claiming a rider for the Otravit
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  • I have some tricks up my sleeve. As the 'History' eludes; "something is coming."

    However, at the onset I plan on everyone getting a taste of every day life; make some friends, fly around on your mount, fish, pray... whatever.

    I have no intention of rushing through one plot to get to the next.
  • Oooh nice a shiny, truly the epicest (totally just made that up) of epic rps here Warr. I shall clear a spot in my busy schedule of puppy wrangling and Friends watching to join this epic tale.

    Still deciding on what character ill make though. Btw how many characters per person is allowed?
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  • 1. Is it still open?
    and 2. How do you make such fancy boxes? D:
  • [​IMG] [​IMG]

    • Name:
      Steorra Wíglic




      Steorra Wíglic looks very nearly like a young doppelganger of her mother. Her straight, white hair extends just past her shoulder blades with sideswept bangs to create an asymmetrical frame for her face. Her brows are thin and white, but they are nearly impossible to see against her ashy, grey skin. Her nose is small and very straight, and while her lips are incredibly full, her mouth is relatively small.

      Purple tattoos extend over her forehead, around her brows, and sweep down over her high cheekbones and around her icy blue eyes to emphasize her features. In addition to the upper half of her face, the tattoos also mark the slope of her chin. At the nape of her neck, Steorra has a tattoo depicting the triple moons that represent the three goddesses to begin the sharp designs that extend along her spinal cord on her back.

      At five feet and three inches, the one hundred and eleven pound Albita is relatively slender, but she has honed her body to make it strong and agile.

      Ajutor; Maica

      • Boots - black, sturdy leather edged with silver
      • Chest Plat - black leather edged with silver
      • Pauldrons - black leather edged with silver
      • Vambraces - black leather edged with silver

      • Fletched Arrows
      • Quiver
      • Recurve Bow
      • Short Sword

      Steorra comes across as abrasive and blunt, but this doesn't mean she's cruel. She won't point out flaws a person cannot change, but when someone requests her advice, she isn't prone to sugarcoating things. When it's time to deliver difficult news, she isn't one to beat around the bush.

      Perhaps because she understands the effect her harsh-sounding words have on others, she prefers to keep quiet and simply listen to those around her. She has a lot of difficulty knowing how to properly interact with her peers though she craves their companionship. Unfortunately, being the "strong, silent type" combined with her generally dour facial expression does win her many friends. Many feel she is unsettling and unfriendly which aren't altogether unfair descriptors. Sometimes, her attempts to counteract this stigma have left her and those in the vicinity feeling distinctly awkward.

      Though socializing may not be her best skill, Steorra is incredibly serious about her work and about perfecting what she does. She wants to become the best archer to have ever existed among the Albita.

      Steorra is the second of three children. Once she and her older sister reached one hundred years of age, respectively, they served as Maicas to their Preot mother. They worshiped under the White Moon, Nevinovat. The intent was always that the two would become Preot of Nevinovat themselves. To show her devotion to the Three Moons, she and her sister each underwent their own form of sacrifice. To show resilience in the face of pain and to sacrifice her natural beauty, Steorra's act was to have her face and body tattooed with thick, purple knotwork. The technique was accomplished through a cutting technique wherein bone chisels (first a sharp edged one to slice the flesh then an ink-dipped, tooth-edged one to apply the color) were repeatedly struck with a mallet to apply the designs. The process was incredibly painful, but she managed to accomplish it with no sign of the agony just as she had vowed.

      While her older sister desired nothing more than to be an exceptional Preot, Steorra had never had the same drive to worship. She wanted to do more, to be more.She couldn't understand why she couldn't be both an up-and-coming Preot and the greatest archer to ever soar the skies. Her mother tried to stifle her youngest daughter's increasing drive to become a warrior, worried that the young woman's ambitions to become a Preot would fade into nothing.

      Instead, Steorra trained in secret for a very long time, choosing to conceal her growing skills and her waning desire to be a Preot. It wasn't that she no longer wished to worship the Moons. In fact, it seemed like her faith grew stronger whenever she took up her bow or her short sword because she felt that she was fulfilling a truer purpose in her life. Even so, her mother would never abide by it, and her sister would never keep the secret. She has told only her younger brother who sometimes trains with her.

      Her life has consisted of improving her skills while pretending she still wishes to be a Preot when in fact she feels she'd be better suited to becoming a Huntress or a Soldier - both of which are of a lower status than Preot. Eventually, she confessed her feelings to her mother who promptly threatened to disown her. Should she remain in her lofty position but stifle her true nature, or should she fulfill what she feels is her destiny and lose both her family and her social standing at the same time? Steorra has battled with the potential decision ever since.


      • Feorlyn Wíglic | Female | 313 | Living | Mother
      • Léotwen Wíglic | Female | 225 | Living | Half-Sister
      • Hlehhan Wíglic | Male | 187 | Living | Half-Brother

    • Name:


      Bryttar is a mid-sized Lilieci with a body that appears relatively small compared to his huge, translucent wings. His tail has the same look and texture of his wings and even appears to connect to them between his legs. His body is round with silky-soft, tarnished-gold fur along his back and buff colored fur along his underside. His ears are remarkably wide and long, so much so that they extend to the middle of his body when laid back flat. When he is roosting, they curl to resemble horns, and when he is flying, they point forward and stand completely upright. He can rapidly extend and contract his ears to better hear things around him. His deep-set eyes are small, black, and beady, and his nose is broad and squashed looking with two glandular lumps on either side of it.

      Bryttar is rather intelligent and fiercely protective of his Albita. Even so, he's very playful in a direct opposition to Steorra's normally stoic demeanor. He loves to cuddle and to be groomed, and he loves to play games with his rider. His favorite thing to do is to learn new things with her.

      Bryttar is less of a simple mount and more of a familiar to Steorra. While he is the second mount she's ever had, she specifically requested him because he is a direct descendent of the mount that she'd fasted and prayed to find. She knew in her heart that Bryttar was the one for her as she was the one for him, and she lost no time in doing whatever she could to convince his handler that she should be chosen for him.

      She has so closely bonded to him that it feels as if a piece of her soul resides within him and a piece of his soul lives within her. Their relationship is rather intuitive. He's learned how to move through the air with only the slightest movement from her muscles even if that movement comes before the thought is fully formed in her mind. She is very affectionate with him, often bringing him treats and playing with him. She will even take over grooming duties frequently, much to the frustration of his handler. It isn't that Steorra doesn't trust the handler so much as it serves as a way to keep her bond with Bryttar strong.

      He is one of the few beings who can bring a smile to her face, and he can do so consistently.
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    • elf 3.jpg elf.jpg
      Name: Yuna Stormbrew
      Race: Albita/Cenusui
      Age: 234
      Gender: Female
      Role: Rider - Iertare
      Gear: (Shown in the pics above)
      Dark Maroon Red|Medium Leather with Bronze lining|Chest
      Dark Maroon Red|Medium Leather with Bronze lining|Leggings
      Black|Light Leather with Silver lining|Gloves
      Black|Medium Leather with Silver lining|Boots
      Dark Maroon Red|Heavy Leather with Bronze lining|Shoulders
      Black|Light Leather |Cloak
      A small pouch with medical herbs, ointment, and bandages.

      Arsenal: Custom Longbow with a Quiver of approx 60 Steel tip arrows. Twin Daggers and Hidden blades in her boots.
      Personality: Yuna is very independent, never relying on others unless its absolutely necessary, or someone forces her. Despite her cold looking appearance, she actually has a warm heart. Shes compassionate, kind, and protective, much like a mamma bear with her cubs. But when it comes to showing these feelings, she has trouble. After being rejected both by her race (Albita & Cenusui) for being a half-breed, and by men that took advantage of her good nature, she finds it hard to trust anyone. Yuna is a naturally calm person but if you threaten her friends/family she can be a ferocious sheila. Shes also very stubborn when it comes to her view on things.

      History: Yuna's parents met while out hunting, her mom for Albita, her father for Cenusui. Everything was going well, until they were overtaken by a storm. They ended up on the same island seeking refuge. From there they bonded and eventually a relationship brewed.

      9 months later the Albita showed up at her fathers homestead and dropped off a baby girl. Her mother died during childbirth they suspect due to her larger size from being half Cenusui, and was sent to live with her father. Her father was Lord of House Cantec so this left him in quite the predicament, half-breeds were looked down on and thought of as polluted, or lesser beings compared to purebloods. But her father - Orus Stormbrew took her in and raised her well, though he never quite treated her the same has his pureblood children. Her older twin brother and sister always picked on her, saying she was a stain on their family and should just disappear.

      Eventually Yuna proved herself a strong spirit despite all the negativity surrounding her, she grew up to be a skilled rider with deadly aim. When she turned 30 she visited Albita in hopes of learning from her mothers heritage. But she was turned away as soon as they learned of her identity, unwilling to accept a half-breed, especially one raised by another race.

      Other: Half brother and sister - Dianna and Rignik
      Likes music, exploring, and dancing.

    • Name: Venir (Ven-eer)
      Gender: Male
      Appearance: [​IMG]
      Relationship: Venir and Yuna have been together for close to 40 years now, their as close as Rider and Pajura can get. They completely trust each other with their lives, and their limbs (lol). Yuna and Venir have gotten out of many sticky situations which has strengthened both their skill and their bond. Venir hates seeing Yuna sad so she often acts happy around him even if she doesnt feel it.

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  • I'm sorry, I'll have to decline this awesome, epic tale. Don't have enough time to follow everything T^T *Goes to cry in a corner*
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  • I really have no business adding a new RP just a few days before School starts but this looks epic and I've been missing group dynamics in a big way. It seems the post expectations (once a week) are do-able even being busy so count me in! I'm so excited to slip out of my 1x1 corner and wade into groups. Thanks for keeping me in mind.

    I'll peruse through more of your lovely information later today and start dreaming up a character.

    Edit: I'm leaning towards something from the Erodate at this point. Does that work? I see handler's been taken.
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  • @WhisperingWillows It just opened up so feel free to join in the mayhem!

    In regards to the fancy boxes the code is [ tabs ][ tab=title ]stuff[ /tab ][ tab=title2 ]more stuff[ /tab ][ /tabs ]. Just remove the spaces inside the brackets. Be warned... they can be tricky.

    @Thought Manifest Outstanding! Age needs adjusted down a bit. I will fix the chart in the 'Stats'. The ages listed are terminal. I like her backstory; black sheep rule!

    @*~Nightjade~* I will wait to see the finished but know that I have been... piqued by your concept. Understand for a crossbreed, your history is going to have to be exceptional.

    @Adelaide There are unlimited spots for riders of every tribe. Welcome aboard!

    @Nay'ar Hakuna matata! Everyone understands being very busy.
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  • If there is still room in this I'd very much like to join as it looks truly interesting.
  • @WarriorHeart, I think I completely missed the age in the stats. I was more focused on the physical attributes that late at night, and the only thing I caught was that they go through puberty in their eighties. That's my bad. I fixed it. I also plan on adjusting some information and adding more detail later. I just wanted to get what I had down before I forgot.

    I have a few other questions, but I was tired last night after working up my first draft of my CS, and wanted to hold off on questions until my brain space was less foggy.

    1. What is the average lifespan of the Lilieci?

    2. Does having giant bats mean there are also giant insects since that's what real-world bats tend to eat?

    3. How old does an Albita have to be in order to become a Maica or a Preot?

    4. Are warriors strictly found in the military, or are there some in other roles such as a warrior Preot or a warrior fisherman or whatever else?

    5. Are the roles of Preot and Maica limited to women, or can men also take those roles?

    6. What kinds of roles are men allowed to have among the Albita?

    I feel like I had more, but I'll likely remember them later, so I'll let it stand at this.

    Are the four races allied with one another in any way? Are there tensions between any of the races that could erupt into animosity despite the relative peace the land has for now?
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  • I have a few questions as well. I would like to ask before I finish the character sheet. :)
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