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Sooo, I'm bored as heck right now, and It's been quite a while since I've done some fandom related roleplaying ,especially on here. I'd be very interested in meeting up with some like-minded folks on here to come throw some plots at me, and hopefully start up some rps that we can have fun with an rp together ! :goodvibes:

I'm also in the search for some crossovers of the aforementioned fandoms featured down below

AUs are also very welcome to feature in any possible rps. This includes Canon Divergent rps for anyone not interested in altering canon too much

In terms of both AUs and crossovers, I actually have a few ideas in mind, so feel free to ask me about them should the interest arise. It's very likely I'll talk your ear off though, so fair warning there XD

Now that that's out of the way, let's get to the fandoms and rules, which I'm listing down below 👇

The Fandoms I RP:
(I'll add a * for interest check, the more *s the more i want to rp in the mentioned fandom~ :jump: )

-Ben 10 ****
-Avatar : The Last Airbender *****
-Tokyo ghoul
-Gravity Falls
-Five Nights At Freddy's
-JoJo's Bizarre Adventures
-Marvel Universe [Both Comics and Cinema]
-Ultimate Spiderman
- Percy Jackson
-Guardians of the galaxy vol 1 & 2
-Voltron Legendary Defenders
-Young Justice *
-Tangled : The Series
-Generator Rex ***
-Danny Phantom
-Critical Role
-Steven Universe
-Warrior Cats
-My Hero Academia
-Legend Of Korra
-Danny Phantom *
-Undertale ***
-Deltarune **
-SCP foundation **
-Teen Titans **
-Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood ***
-Miraculous LadyBug
-Transformers *
-Welcome To Night Vale
-The DC universe [also both comics and animated universe]
-Sally Face ***
-Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of the Wild ***
-A Hat In Time **
-HLVRAI : Half Life but the ai is self aware ***
-The Magnus Archives ****
- Smile For Me
-Animorphs ***
-Elder Scrolls
-The Outer Worlds
-Little Nightmares
-The Secret Saturdays
-X-men Evolution

[Add in : If you have a specific request for a fandom, I can definitely check it out, and If i like it, we can rp it ! ]

Fandoms I will not RP:
Hetalia : Axis Powers



Harry potter

Attack On Titan

Rick And Morty [Or any adult swim cartoon tbh]


South Park


Rules to follow:

{ In regards to the rules, I will be following a three strike system. Basically, you have three chances to keep to the rules, after three warnings I'm ending the rp/discussion and blocking. This includes Reporting depending on which rule was broken. No warning rules will be labelled and these will guarantee a report]

-No God-Modding, trying to completely run the rp or take control of my character's actions.

-Please use proper grammar when rping, also no text speak. I don't require your writing to be totally perfect, but I do expect it to at least be understandable

-No NSFW, as in no sexual acts between characters. This includes fetishes and kinks, my rps are strictly sfw as I'm a very sex-repulsed person. If it gets it that kind of point in our character's relationship, I'm willing to do a fade to black type of scene, but that's it.

-I'm open to gore, body horror, blood and other related things, but don't go killing or seriously maiming my character without asking for my permission first. I'm very likely to be open if asked, but I won't tolerate it if don't without consent.

-Swear words are perfectly fine, just try not to get too carried away with your character swearing. Especially if the swears take up every sentence, it can get just a little bit annoying if it goes on for too long.

-No incest, pedophilia, rape, beastiality or other illegal sexual acts allowed in my rps, EVER. [No Warning & Report]

- If you can help it, please don't drop an rp if it's only recently started, especially without giving me a heads-up. Same goes for if you drop a plotting conversation. Both just feel like you're getting my hopes up, and i don't really appreciate having my time wasted like that

-No slurs. [No Warning & Report]

- Nothing Descrimatory, such as racism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and etc [No Warning & Report]

-No toilet stuff like, especially if it's being used as a kink. [No Warning & Report]

-While I lean more to using canon characters in rps, I'm open to using ocs should some info on them be given for me to search through. It's mostly just a precaution, as I've rped with people's ocs who've acted in a way that's made me quite uncomfortable

-If Something I'm doing in an rp is making you upset or uncomfortable, you don't need to hesitate to point it out for me. I likely am not doing it on purpose, and will absolutely cease if you point out the problem. I want our rps to be both fun and comfortable for the both of us !

-If i haven't replied in past a week, feel free to shoot me a message as a reminder. I might very well likely do the same if the rp has been stalled too long

Hope to rp with you all soon!

If not then thanks for checking me out at least and have a wonderful day! :wave:

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