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  1. Plot
    War... War Never changes...

    And it's no different for you and your group. Your group was caught in the middle of a 4 Way War between the Brotherhood of Steel, The Enclave, The NCR, and the Legion. Your small Vault of 96 was destroyed as a result. Your group managed to salvage what they could and traveled away from the war zone, of which was located in New York. Along the way you picked up estranged people to join, of which could be Ex-Brotherhood, Ex-Enclave, or even a Ghoul. You traveled all the way down to New Orleans Louisiana, your only threats being the standard Mutated creatures, and Voodoo Tribal men. You've decided to build a new Vault, but yours is different. Yours will not be just underground, but above ground as well. How far will your Vault-City survive, only time will tell... But some problems are making themselves known already. Super Mutants, Mutated Animals, Insane Voodoo Tribal men, Bandits, Death Claws, and many more... And guess what, they're all gunnin' for you... Well ain't that a kick in the head?

    1. No Godlike Characters.

    2. Standard Iwaku Rules Apply.

    3. There will be Gore and Adult Themes, please do not join if you don't think you can handle it.

    4. No Sexual Acts, if you do them please do them in a separate thread or a PM.

    5. All characters will be NPC's until someone takes them.

    6. No Major Weapons at the start.

    7. New Slots will open as more people arrive and join the Vault-City.

    8. If you do not post for 1 week than your character will be turned back into an NPC. You can take control of them again when you come back, but they have a higher chance of dying as an NPC.

    9. Characters have a chance of dying, so do not complain if your character dies.

    Character List

    12/15 Characters Taken

    Overseer: Aimee Delfina (Made by @EmiHarned) (Decides everything, including what gets built and where)

    (Characters Taken from that Group/Current Amount of Characters of that Group)

    Explorers 2/2

    Scavengers 2/3

    Scribe 1/1

    Builders 3/4

    Mercenaries 1/2

    Doctor 1/1

    Surgeon 1/1

    Explosives Expert 1/1

    (this list will update as more character types and characters available join)

    Raven Daiya "The Drunken Soldier" (Scavenger, Made by @Solar✹Blitzfang43)

    Gwendolyn 'Blink' Allen (Explorer, Made by @Tac)

    Emil 'Thorn' Sarno (Builder, Made by @Ego)

    Lisa 'Techie' Basil (Scribe, Made by @thirteenorphans)

    Braum 'Sledge' McArthur (Builder, made by @Ryler Wilhelm)

    Jane 'Lady' Higgins (Mercenary, made by @Ego)

    Francesca "Yao Guai" Holdiron (Explorer, made by @Daws Combine)

    (Currently NPC) Sage Winter (Slave Doctor, Made by @Yara)

    Mark "Hacksaw" Brugger (Jinxed Mercenary Surgeon, made by @Ego)

    (Currently NPC) Marcus (Super Mutant Demolitions Expert, made by @Yonsisac)

    Aiden "Boom Boom" Jones (Builder/Guard, made by @Gateman)

    George Bywater (Scavenger, made by @Koda)

    Johnny "Pyro" Kallaham (Made by @West)


    Character Sheet


    Nickname: (Leave this blank if you don't want a nickname)


    Race: (If you are a Ghoul or a Mutant put that here. If you are a human put what race of human here.)

    Role: (Explorer, Scavenger, Ect)

    Appearance: (Pictures of any type are accepted. Descriptions are also accepted.)



    Traits: (Is your character Alcoholic? Fast? Flexible?)

    (You have 25 points to spend. The points already distributed do not count towards this.)

    Strength: 5

    Perception: 5

    Endurance: 5

    Charisma: 5

    Intelligence: 5

    Agility: 5

    Luck: 5

    (A character can have a max of 2 weapons, 2 clips of ammunition for each weapon, 300 caps max, 1 armour type (Can not be powerful armor like Power Armor unless it is very worn down), and any other miscellaneous items.)

    (I will be making 3 maps for this RP and updating them as we go. The first map will be a top view of our vault-city, the second map will be a side view, and the third will be a map of Louisiana as it get's explored and scouted by explorers.)

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  2. Name: Raven Diya

    Nickname: The Drunken Soldier

    Age: 25

    Race: Human, African/American

    Role: Scavenger

    Personality: A hardy man that always has a smile upon his face no matter what happens..although most of those times he's never sober. Thanks to being a former soldier he has a lot of combat experience which helps out quite a bit in a fire fight. Most people think him to be nothing but a drunken idiot, and they'd be right, but whenever he's given a job you can be damn well sure he'll get out there and get it done. Hates any form of bullying or people abusing their power which is the main reason why he became an outcast in the first place. You can always count on his loyalty towards the group as he was raised to never follow the many before the few, but save everyone you can while you can.

    Past: Best not to ask about this subject, but the only thing eveyone knows is that he is an ex-Brotherhood outcast.

    Traits: Alcoholic, Smoker, Fighter, and Caring


    Strength: 15

    Perception: 5


    Charisma: 5

    Intelligence: 5

    Agility: 5

    Luck: 10

    2 clips of ammunition for each weapon, 300 caps.
    Power Armor:
    Lazer Rifle:
    Lazer Pistol:
    Sargeant Kickass (Has a gun strapped to his hands):

    Character theme:
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  3. Name: Levi Wulfric

    Age: 36

    Race: English

    Role: Overseer


    Personality: Levi will lead from the front, putting himself in danger to save others. He will act violently when orders he has given are disobeyed. He has a love for pre-great war history and a disdain for mutants and ghouls. But he won't let it overcome his judgement.

    Past: When Levi emerged from his vault, he craved to adventure in the new world, with flowing grass as green as jade. Boy was he surprised with what he found, a wasteland filled with murderous maniacs everywhere. It was adapt or die in this nightmare, and that he did. He Became a crack shot with a sniper, he made a name for himself. Eventually he was sought out by Talon Company to become a mercenary, he made a lot of caps as a hit-man, but the casual murder of innocent people grated on him. He left Talon Company, violently, and made his way back to the vault. He gather supplies and companions, Then he made his way toward the south, blazing a trail to a new vault.

    Traits: Adaptable, Ambitious, Violent, Sharp-witted, Lucky.


    Strength: 5

    Perception: 7

    Endurance: 5

    Charisma: 5

    Intelligence: 13

    Agility: 5

    Luck: 20

    300 caps, 12 rounds of 7.62/54r, 2 clips for sidearm.
    Mosin Nagant M07 Carbine
    10mm Pistol
    Elite Talon Merc armor
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  4. [BCOLOR=transparent]Name: Gwendolyn Allen[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Nickname: Blink or Gwen[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Age: 17[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Race: Human, Caucasian?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Role: Explorer[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent](Ignore that little hair/fur tuft thingy near the back. It isn't apart of the character, merely the image I decided to use)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: Gwendolyn is a rather detached person, caring very little for anything save for exploring and finding new places, as well as continuing to do so. The only two things she cares for beyond that are her own survival, as well as sharing the interesting places she finds with others.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Past: Gwen never really had a home, so to say, being the strange daughter of a wandering merchant couple. She stayed with them, obviously, for the most part of her life, taking great enjoyment in the various sights and places she’d see along the way, so much so she’d often drift out on her own to explore. However, one day she merely lost track of her family, but it bothered her less than she expected, and she continued on her own, scavenging and exploring before wandering into the midst of the vault 96 remnants.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Traits: Flexible, Fast, Alert[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent](You have 25 points to spend. The points already distributed do not count towards this.)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Strength: 5[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Perception: 11[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Endurance: 9[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Charisma: 6[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Intelligence: 7[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Agility: 12[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Luck: 10[/BCOLOR]

    125 Caps
    Lightly reinforced trench coat (See character description for image)
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Polaroid Camera w/ 1 additional film pack (See character description for image of camera)[/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Glock 21 Gen 4 w/ 1 clip of .45 Auto loaded and a second magazine spare (13 in a magazine, 26 total)[/BCOLOR]

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  5. Nice character ^^. Accepted. Your character will be mapping out the area and revealing it, alongside basically being an all around scout ^^. I'll edit the world map accordingly as you discover things.
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  6. Name: Emil Sarno

    Nickname: Thorn

    Age: 32

    Race: Hooman

    Role: Builder


    Personality: Somewhat abrasive and callous character (hence the nickname), but a good friend, once ice is broken.

    Past: Most of Emil's life was centered around building shelters and extensions to existing shelters. He may not know a lot about astronomical engineering, but he can build an entire Fuhrerbunker overnight and blindfolded.* After a recent contract went sour he decided to be on his way with what little fortune he has (very little, in fact), offering his services for those still not eaten. Eventually he stumbled about this new Vault city and agreed to lend his expertise (he did not have much choice either, he was famished).

    *slight exaggeration, it would take him two nights.

    Traits: Chainsmoker, Neurotic, Hard worker


    Strength: 10

    Perception: 5

    Endurance: 15

    Charisma: 5

    Intelligence: 10

    Agility: 10

    Luck: 5


    300 caps
    10mm SMG (2x 30rd 10mm Magazines):
    Army Mechanic Jumpsuit:
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  7. Thats wonderful! And its fine, ive only just started fallout 3 and new vegas myself. Just be sure to take slot thats open, which would be a builder. Or just reserve a spot for when more future citizens show up.
  8. I was thinking of a mercenary or doctor character so far, but K, I will think of something, when I write it up.
    One question:
    Do weapons have to be Fallout canon? Or non-canon weapons can exist, so long as they are not OP?
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  9. Non-canon weapons can exist, they just cannot be OP. Unless the Scribe we have makes them later >_>
  10. Can I reserve a slot, for this? I 'm dealing with personal things right now, but am super interested in this.
  11. Yes, you can ^^. Anything specific you want to reserve?
  12. I made the first character (edited my original post) and would like to reserve a spot for a security/soldier/mercenary character. I do also add the character sheet with this post as well.

    Jane "Lady" Higgins (open)

    Name: Jane Higgins

    Nickname: Lady

    Age: 30

    Race: hooman

    Role: Mercenary

    Appearance: Blond, short-ish, blue eyes. The pic is the closest shave to her looks as I could find

    Personality: Few words, calculated, slightly avaricious (takes calculated risks, but not something batshit insane)

    Past: Jane used to lead a section of Red Point mercenary company. The company specialized in the area security in archaeological dig sites, ensuring the steady supply lines for the diggers as well as acting as the middle man for exchanging artifacts into cash. After most major dig sites have dried up, most of her section was dismissed. While she was allowed to stay in the company since she's senior staff, she decided to quit and try her luck on her own.

    Well-trained body, keen sight, quick learner, short-medium range specialist

    (You have 25 points to spend. The points already distributed do not count towards this.)

    Strength: 7

    Perception: 13

    Endurance: 10

    Charisma: 5

    Intelligence: 7

    Agility: 13

    Luck: 5

    300 caps
    Aviator sunglasses - fitted with special lenses with sight contrast adjusted in the yellow range to increase visibility in twilight and reduced light conditions. She NEVER takes them off. Slides them down, sometimes, takes them off, NEVER.
    Ranger Battle Armor:
    M4 Goldilocks Assault Carbine (2x 30rd 5.56mm magazines):
    SOMEWHAT looks like this
    M4 Goldilocks (open)
    The M4 Goldilocks is a custom built version of an M4A1 carbine. It features a reinforced, stainless steel magazine well, to make extended capacity magazines reliable with the weapon just as the standard and reduced capacity magazines are; a polygonally rifled, 10 inch, heat treated, thick barrel, with very tight rifling (1 turn in 7in); flat top receiver with front post, rear stadiametric drum sights (all important points tritium illuminated), graded from point blank to 250 meter range; extendable, two rail buttstock, which allows the end of the stock to retract just behind the recoil buffer housing and a vertical grip. To make it as light as possible, the rifle has no means to mount any additional attachments or optics, save for a suppressor, as all the surfaces that are not necessary for aiming or firing have been removed (i.e. it features no means for a claw mount or a picattiny rail on top of the receiver and the handguard is flush, without any additions that could allow attachments), however firing mode and safety controls are fully ambidextrous. This set makes the Goldilocks a perfect short range carbine, with great short range accuracy, maneuverability, ease of aim and a side-effect of very tight rifling - bullets yawing very deep inside the flesh, rather than overpenetrating and going out as it would be usually expected from a rifle cartridge. The downsides, however exist, such as the rifle losing it's lethality beyond 300 meters and comparatively lower muzzle velocity (725m/s vs typical 880m/s) makes it hard to lead targets at range, leaving it a poor choice for ranged fighting.

    Colt Delta Elite (2x 8rd 10mm Auto magazines):
  13. Not really. I'll take just about anything, if it's available.
  14. Okay, i made a general Reservation for you ^^.
  15. Name: Lisa Basil

    Nickname: "Hey You", "Techie"

    Age: 23

    Race: Human, varying degrees of European ancestry, some Chinese, and her great great great great grandfather was a native American (supposedly)

    Role: Scribe

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: More than anything, she hates when someone incompentent touches her equipment. She doesn't care if it technically belongs to the collective; she designed, she built it, it's hers. Lisa always seems focused on the next thing to design or build or repair and especially loves the first two. She loathes repairing, but understands that no matter how much TLC a piece of equipment gets that it will eventually have problems (but it is much less fun). She also studied medicine after realizing the inside of people was just like a squishy robot. The word 'mad' has been used to describe some of her previous subjects.

    Past: Lisa was born in a small BoS compound in Western New York where she basically grew up in her lab. She was actually chosen to apprentice under the head scribe and work on his pet projects; one of which was what she called the "death top" project. It was a robot that had a deconstructed minigun around it, forming a spinning top of death. Some knights who thought they knew better decided to turn it on before it was programmed for friend or foe identification... ten minutes later everyone but Lisa was dead. She began wandering around until she found the group heading to the south with a plan to build a vault. Better not to ask about what happened.

    Traits: Mechanical/Electrical genius, dedicated, sarcastic, cooky

    (You have 25 points to spend. The points already distributed do not count towards this.)
    Strength: 3
    Perception: 10
    Endurance: 3
    Charisma: 3
    Intelligence: 27
    Agility: 12
    Luck: 2

    (A character can have a max of 2 weapons, 2 clips of ammunition for each weapon, 300 caps max, 1 armour type (Can not be powerful armor like Power Armor unless it is very worn down), and any other miscellaneous items.)
    Plasma Defender with two energy cells (16 shots each)
    193 caps
    Incredibly worn down suit of Chinese Stealth Armor with stealth field that she doesn't wear, but wants to look at for reasons
  16. Alright, just need Ryler to make the last builder character, and then i can make the IC. Keep in mind the IC won't have Flavor Text, but it will have important information.
  17. Name- Braum McArthur

    Nickname- Sledge (AKA Sledgehammer)

    Age- 27

    Race- Meat Popsicle (Human)

    Role- Builder



    Personality- Boastful and Prideful, Braum is quick to anger. THough highly intelligent he finds weaker minded individuals taxing and annoying.

    Past- (Braum hands Levi a folder marked classified)

    Traits- Strong, Smoker, Valiant, Prideful,


    Strength: 20

    Perception: 3

    Endurance: 8

    Charisma: 3

    Intelligence: 17

    Agility: 3

    Luck: 7


    1 Boys AT Rifle (10 rounds)

    OUSS Shotgun (8 shells)

    300 caps

    Combat vest

    Sledge Hammer


    Improvised survival kit

    Bowie Knife

    1 Collie
  18. Sounds like an all aboard for the Fallout train.
    Wait, that does not sound like a very safe train to ride.
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  19. The best things in life never are
  20. CHOO CHOO. All aboard the crazy train
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