Even warriors need to feel loved (Spot taken)

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  1. Sebastrian looked down at Erexia running beside him, he was breathing heavily due to having to sprint at his full speed. He knew Erexia wasn't even trying, due to her minimal electric powers her normal speed was about twice as fast as Seb could ever run. He looked behind him to see that the guards had slowly stopped chasing them to catch their own breath.
    "I think we can stop running now Rex!" He said to his friend, Erexias' ears pricked up slightly and she looked up at him, loosing concentration and tripping over her left hand and fell into a dive roll before sliding to a stop on her back. She looked up at Seb with a glare, Seb smiled and chuckled nervously, he then looked around, noticing they had ran into a forest-like area. Erexia stood up and was ready to punch Seb hard in the arm before she also noticed, her tail twitching.
  2. The musical symphony of the forest lulled and rose with the wonder of the day, birds singing there passing tunes in hopes to draw others out into joining, the insects in the bushes buzzing along making the world around them seem all the more brilliant with each passing glance.

    She on the other hand could easily dispute this!

    Large brown padded feet mooshed against the soft mossy ground, brushing his fingers against some of the foliage attempting to get a better look at the veins that coursed through the leaf itself. She on the other hand had perched herself up on a large boulder, she wouldn't call it a rock cause it wasn't. Elbows rested on her knees as she was desperately trying not to doze off.
    It was early. Too early for her.

    "You're nodding off again." the strong call of his voice jostled her mind, causing a single two tone eye to peer out through a slit. "Certainly difficult to find hired help theses days." he was teasing her, she could just hear it in tone of his usually tempered tone.

    "I am still adjusting to this weird habit you mortal creatures like to call day,"
    a hand cuffed out making a dramatic point towards the sun through the knitted canopies. "That large golden ball in the sky is my night, you are forcing me out of my native habits."

    Brilliantly vibrant gaze turned enough to consider her, dark painted lines cascading down the tapered cheeks of his gaze, his grin was wily and wide making her frown in return. "You'd think after four years out of the great cavern city, that you would have adjusted on your one Lady Rhelic."

    Formality, something she just couldn't seem to break him of. Even in the last month of being his hired hand, he was still cordial at calling her by a title. One that she knew she didn't even earn!

    Deciding not to argue the latter with this one, tapered ears flicked back and forth taking in the subtle noises that would be passed over by mere humans, he pulled the leather bound book out from the comfort of his belt, checking information that had been written down previously.

    Though the hum that came up from him, managed to get her attention; feet lunged forward to drop on the spongy ground. The lithe body was light and nimble making a quick spring to usher up close to the slightly older male; her fingers twitching readying themselves to draw her katar's if needed. Rather she found his hand holding up before her face. "Locke?" she questioned uncertainly.

    "No need for violence yet Lady Rhelic,"
    he calmed, the large frills of feathers behind his ears expanding making a short jaunt towards the splendor of a massive fern specimen. "I just noticed this plant here, can you imagine-"

    Catching herself from falling right over with the stupidity of his own statement, shoulders heaved up into a tight prowl. She wanted to throw something at him but reserved that for a later date, oh this damn scholars... they could be a real pain in the ass.

    Huffing, her body turned rigid as ears flicked idly back and forth, though her gaze widened. Something didn't seem right... even if Locke didn't seem to pick up on it. Damn bird brain he was. Feet moved slightly to back herself up, eyes moving the boundary of the forest opening they were currently occupying, "Something is... off?" she mused to herself. She was more acute with the surroundings that Locke would have been even if he was a humanoid cross breed. She was still trained in the five spirits of nature, and now they were seeming to numb her insides. Something was approaching? Or leaving... either way, she suddenly didn't feel as if they were alone.
  3. Sebastrian looked around slightly, "Erexia... What ever you do stay on the ground in this forest...."
    Erexia looked down at him, he had already disobayed him, she was sitting in a tree on a low tree branch, her tail twitching slowly. "Oops.." She said, looking around and staying firmly planted on the branch. Seb sighed, listening to the forest around him, his hair bristled slightly as he picked the wind up and spun it around to have a better idea of how big the forest is. Erexia started to climb the tree playfully before jumping down onto the ground to look around. Sebastrian looked back at her with a small smile, "Remember Rex. The guards are after us here, so be careful. We're still not hidden in the forest..." He said with a small frown. Erexia looked up at him and nodded, "Okay. But really, you're the reason they're after us. YOU were the one to cause that scene. That guard just accused you of a little thing. Then what do you do? You beat him up."
    Seb sighed and shook his head, "It wasn't me damnit. You know he tried to take the necklace. Which in turn let Lydran into control...."
  4. Ears jerked upwards, "Locke?" letting her belly fall hard to the ground, she could feel the slime fresh from the trail of a snail or at least she was hoping a slug against the open mid rift, barely catching the thin dart shooting across the span of the area sinking hard into the tree away from her.

    Seeming to take note of the sudden urgency, Locke body turned rigid slowly it began to turn right around as she was cursing quite foully. "Such a tongue for a young lady." he disapproved shaking his head, though his attention was hardly on her.

    Daring to stand up, her fingers worked in the slime, mud and moss stopping to look upwards to the sentry bodies coming out of the forest like drones. Polished gleaming armour tarnished with speckles of mud, smudges of leaf strains only furthered to stain their usual regal appearance.

    Guards. Pulling her lips tight together, Rhelic had little inclination to start worming around while the four of the massive beasts of men converged on them. The one who seemed to be the leader had waltz so calming over to the dart that had just been shot at them, pulling it out of the wood and waggled it around.

    Locked adjusted the hat on his blonde hair, trying to look presentable. "That yours?" he pointed to the dart.

    Piercing a dark glare to that of Locke, she even flinched! Locke laughed humbly, his hands expanding to show he meant no offensive, she lifted her brow to peer upwards to the looming men. More like drones than anything, none spoke but all were looking directly at Locke. Or staring through him, which she was not sure and wasn't keen on finding out. Guards and here weren't always on the best of terms, especially with her hired profession. It was best she stayed down here, with the bugs.

    "Pardon my brashness good sir," Locke grinned slowly, letting the crooked smile spread to warm in his cheeks, "It's just... you nearly killed my escort here." Rhelic waved some in the dirt, cringing away when all of them peered at her at the same time. Talk about tremendously eerie! "Perhaps... is there something we can help with?"

    A thick meaty hand jabbed out at Locke pointing directly between his eyes with a stabbing motion; "You, bird creature. We are looking for fugitives, have you seen a man and a woman scuttling in this forest."

    If he wasn't sweating before, he was now and possibly thinking of wetting himself, Locke lifted his hands up in a defense swing trying to clear the air around him. "Only myself and Lady Windcall." oh he was going to use her surname now too, what sort of game was he trying to play! "We've only been out here looking for genus of some plant life, purely study I assure you, sir."

    The man grunted hard in his throat, stuffing the dart down into his armor not really sure where it was going, his hand lifted again motioning for the other beasts of armour to move out. "It would be wise if you both retire back to whence you came. This area is under survey, if you are caught here again, the law will not be responsible for whatever outcome happens." he tipped his head some, "Good day sir, madam."

    She sat straight up; "Did he just call me-" she felt his hands across her mouth, she hated it when he did that! Moving startling fast for short spurts, Locke laughed nervously.

    "We will just do that sir, thank you sir. Good day sir." The leader of the quad again nodded, turned about face and walked back into the dense forest like a creature that had been born from the dark.

    Shoving him away with a stern push, Rhelic wiped her palm across her face. "Don't touch me."

    "Did you want to be killed today Lady Rhelic?" he dared to her pointing to where the men had disappeared. "They would have been happy to oblige."

    Fingers flicked out to hit him in the center of his nose. "Don't. Touch. Me!" she punctuated every word making it more important than the last. "And hell, they would haven't thought twice to kill me if they had known you were having a assassin toting you around for your;" Fingers quoted, "Genus of Plant life. What a load of slag that was!"

    Straightening himself as he didn't think about offering her a hand up, he cuffed off some dirt from his shoulder. "I do not have to disclose the real truth behind why we are out here those tin cans. What they don't know won't hurt them."

    "Yeah but they'll hurt you next time." Giving herself a brunt push from the ground, wiggling her toes in the dirt again, fingers combed against the long white curtain of hair. "You heard what they said, they are looking for fugitives, we should make ourselves scarce."

    Locke grinned genuinely, "I am harbouring a fugitive, what does it matter to me that they are combing the forest for another two? We have work to do here and I am not so concerned with leaving until I find what I need."

    Huffing out a heated breath she shook her head idly, "You nearly wet your pants when they were here and now you're saying you're not afraid. Yeah okay, believable."

    Wrinkling his nose at her, he rolled his eyes shortly after making a shooing motion at her. "Why don't you then play look out Lady Rhelic? Surely it could prove you some entertainment."

    "Is that a suggestion or a an order?" she smirked trying him a little, not overly convinced he was wanting to send her off quite yet. But she could be wrong.

    "Order." he lifted his brow daring her to dispute his words again. She thought about it carefully, she knew she could get some words in edge wise before he lost his temper but deciding with the latter, shoulders lifted to shrug. "Thank you, it should not be long."

    "As long as I get paid, you can roll around in the dirt for all I care."
    Adjusting her jacket around her frame, her gaze closed walking along the spongy ground. "Just scream if you're in need."
  5. Sebastrian watched as he saw the guards move to a different entrance and smiled down at Erexia, "Well, it seems we're able to stay in the open for a bit longer~!" He said with a smile, Erexia looked up at him and her tail twitched. She then paused, her wings flicking slightly as she looked in the direction that Locke is in and crouched, growling playfully and quickly bounding in their direction.
    "R-REX!" He said, following after her quickly, sighing slightly.
  6. Her body froze, shoulders straightened into a tight perch as the entirely of her core turned right around in mid spot whirling back to strife back to Locke. She had heard the voice yelling out the name, enough that her senses came slapping her hard in the face.

    Pulling the thin ebony katars by the rings of their hilts, she lunged forward taking up a defensive stance before the man who was her current mission.

    Surprised by her sudden change in attitude, direction and demeanour, Locke stood up more out of fear that something was about to come to eat them this time, peering around her shoulder as she narrowed her gaze to the bounding thing moving through the grass.

    "What is that?" Locke raised his brow speaking softly.

    "Trouble." she muttered as she darkened her two tone stare to peer against the canopies that shadowed out some of the forest below. "Stand down creature," she hissed through teeth and fangs alike, her shoulders lowering to show her threat now readying for a strike if this one continued. "I will not be held accountable if you are slain if you do not desist in your advance."
  7. Erexia skidded to a stop and sniffed the air, then looked up and spotted Locke and Rhelic. She froze, ears drooped down to show she had no intention in hurting them and her tail twitched slightly. Sebastrian stopped at Erexia, nearly breathless due to how much he's had to run that day.
    "R-Rex.... P-Please quit running so fast... I can't keep up with you that easily..." He said panting slightly, he looked up at the two other figures and froze, hoping on his own life they were not guards or any of the kings men. His ocean blue hair sparkled nearly like water in the small patches of light that trickled through the leaves.
  8. The feathers behind his ears spread out, fanning wide enough to show the innate curiosity prickling behind those eyes. She was really starting to get a hate out for scholars. "Stand down." he muttered close to her, keeping his voice neutral and giving her a sideways push. Blinking at such a thing, shoulders rose up as hands clenched tighter around her katars.

    "What in the nine hell's is the matter with you?" shoving the katar's down into their proper resting place, arms crossed beneath her bosom turning hard on her heels to look away from the pair. "Why am I here then? Why do I receive a pay if you are just planning on letting whatever happen around you! Would you at least tell me what my job is here other than being your little toting along lackey." she snorted hard at him, especially when he waved her off without a thought.

    His attention was sewn to the pair lurking in the brush, curiosity and wonder bright eyed and blushy tail as it were. His hands expanded outwards, "Greetings fellow wanders, I assume you are the pair those brilliant men were just looking for," he stated loudly and clearly making her want to thump her hand on the topside of his head. Did he just figure that out? They had been all alone for how long and now they were suddenly being greeted by more people than a parade! "Best move quick, they only have recently left our sights."
  9. Sebastrian nodded, "Yes. That we are..." He said, wary of the two new figures, hoping they wouldn't turn them in. Erexia had her eyes on both of them and watched them carefully. Sebastrian looked to the direction of the guards and hand his hand on his dragons tooth dagger, having it ready for any type of attack.
    Erexia was about to say something before Sebastrian looked down at her to keep her quiet.
  10. She tsked her tongue at Locke to lift her chin giving the man a very deep disapproving look. She was all for living on the wrong side of the law but that didn't mean she was ready to go having her head chopped off due to running into some other criminals. It didn't look good in any rate and the fact they had castle guards on them was another complete story! Everything didn't bode well.

    Locke on the other hand straightened his back out, his hands clapped in front of his body in a welcoming fashion seeming rather pleased with himself to this entire thing. "Best make haste out of the forest while the coast is clear then," she felt him turning to look at her, "Lady Rhelic, would you-"

    "No." Flat toned and firm, her nose tipped upwards.

    "You haven't even heard what I was going to say." he protested swiftly, his nose wrinkling at her.

    A thin smile pressed against her lips, "Oh I am terribly sorry my lord, what was it you were going to say?" she lied, feigning out a elegant hand to stoop and bow before Locke mockingly.

    He seemed to be able to pick that up, his own frown turning to sour his lips but that didn't stop him. "Perhaps we should also make ourselves scarce currently, I am thinking we should offer our services and help to these wanderers." he lied through his teeth now. What was his game.

    Humming a little, a finger tapped momentarily against the curve of her chin before she turned her face away from him. "No." again it was firm and flat.

    "Lady Rhelic it-"


    Laughing nervously, Locke rubbed a hand against the back of his head. "My apologizes for my gruff unyeilding hired hand here, she is a bit stubborn today. Perhaps, we can escort the pair of you out of the gruff of the forest. Having the run in once with those guards was enough for myself and I would personally feel better if left no one behind." he was hinting that to her, she stick had her back facing the other two this time shaking her head. "Lady Rhelic."

    "I don't get paid enough for this,"
    she served to remind him, "And they have two feet and a heartbeat. Let the little theives or whatever they are get out on their own. I am not a personal tour guide or a huntsmen. I am just here for some unknown reason with you wondering what the hell I have done wrong in a prior life to be stuck here with you."

    Locke hummed, shook his head and laughed again trying to keep composure. "My apologizes for Lady Rhelic's behavior." What as his deal? Why the sudden importance with theses two weirdoes? Why was she involved, why!
  11. Sebastrian couldn't help but chuckle at Rhelic calling them thieves. "Us.. Thieves? Well, No. Not really. We're Warriors from King Petreis, here to over throw his father." Sebastrian said with a small smile, Erexia looked over at him and snarled slightly.
    "Sure, You just go tell them about our mission? Come on, I knew your breed wasn't good at holding secrets but I never thought a Royal Shifter would tell a whole plan to someone..." She grumbled, her tail twitching. Sebastrian chuckled slightly and patted Erexia's head.
    "And I never thought a Balverikon could be so... Titchy..." Sebastrian said before looking back up at Locke, "It's a pretty big forestry line, and we could you some assistance, I am willing to pay you for your duties."
  12. A slow smirk spread over her lips listening to the other female stating the obvious of her companion voicing exactly their plot.

    Her gaze opened to peer across her shoulder, Locke was smirking some watching the interaction between them before she shook her head. "We aren't the ones who are being chased by guards," Rhelic turned slowly to address the pair of them, "Why would we require any assistance from two criminals who just stating in the same breath that they are trying to over throw a king that is sitting in the throne. We would be held accountable for actions we did not have any-"

    "You'll only have to pay Lady Rhelic, she is the one in it for the coin."
    she had been cut off, her lips closed as she stared blankly at Locke. "Four heads are better than one," he smirked. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Locke Destern and this lovely lady is Lady Rhelic Windcall."

    "I am going to kill you!"
  13. Sebastrian smiled and bowed politely. "Well, I'm Sebastrian Alveri Prince. I am a Kings Light Warrior funnily enough, except not for Xavier..." He cursed the name slightly, with a small frown. Erexias ears twitched as she looked over at Locke, seeing he was partly bird before bowing with a smile.
    "I'm Erexia. I'm also a Kings Light Warrior. We both work for King Petreis." She said with a huge smile on her face. "And to be honest, we're not really criminals due to being warriors, King Xavier really just doesn't like us... It might have something to do with us being able to spread the word about his dark ways..."
  14. Grinning widely to the introductions of the pair, he hardly expected to be grabbed by the scruff of his collar, his nose pressed within inches of hers. "You didn't say anything about helping anyone else but yourself, not only that but light warriors." She was hissing low through her teeth at him, "Are you daft!"

    "Lady Rhelic please please," he patted a hand to hers that slowly released his collar allowing him to stand correctly again, he began to brush himself off. "Think of the pay you can receive from this." he winked to her, though she threw her hands up in the air sprouting off a rambling of words that he could surmise was from her drow dialect. "Such curious professions I must admit," he began looking at the pair before them. "But the longer we dwell in this forest the more chance you will have to be caught by those men." he pointed out, "Lady Rhelic would you be so kind to point us in the direction of say..." he hummed, she was looking at him from across her shoulder - "Eathkar?"

    Rolling her hand in a mock gesture of stating that he was high and mighty, feet shuffled through the underbrush before extending her hand towards the south east, "Eathkar about a hour's walk from here."

    "Thank you," he tipped his head to her before leaning more towards Sebby and Rex, "Don't mind her, she's not accustom to dealing with people in the day time. Not to mention warriors for the king." He extended his hand outwards, "Shall we my good fellow and Lady?"
  15. Seb held back the urge to giggle at these two, but he knew how it felt. He had to fight a lot with Erexia once they were paired up. "After you then friend," Seb said with a smile, reaching out and shaking Lockes hand.
    Erexia looked up at Rhelic, tail twitching happily. She was admiring this new person, slightly envy of her courage to stand up against her partner. Erexia would try it, but she knew Seb wouldn't listen to her. She then paused, her ears drooping slightly.
    "I don't think I've been in Eathkar...." She said quietly, tail twitching with a small frown.
  16. Crossing her arms beneath the rise of her bosom, lips parted to let out a slight sigh as the vivid pink hue eyes dare a look to the female who made the comment about Eathkar. "It is a rebel sort of city. It does not fall under the rule of any kings known to the earth side, easily why Locke is suggesting why it would be a good place for us to escort you... both." she responded flatly, lifting a foot to make her way through the brush.

    Nodding firmly Locke figured she would be smart enough to see the logic in his suggestion. "Aye she is correct. While it may sound like it has no laws and people do as they please, the place is actually run under the vigilant eyes of the Fade elves, exactly as the name states. They are there but no one ever sees them." Rhelic wrinkled her nose keeping her mouth still to his statement, "It is quite the marvel of a city I must admit. I dare say it could rival that of the king's realm but then again who am I to say." His hands expanded as they began to walk behind Rhelic as she was seeming to lead the way, "It is more commonly known for the guild that resides there, the prestigious Magi Council Guild."

    "You give them too much credit." she muttered, not overly impressed with the idea that the city was held such a guild.

    Locke chuckled, "She's a bit bitter to them, for reasons." Rhelic huffed making it clear she was not about to go speaking about it, "It should be a safe haven for the pair of rogue light warriors to regroup and gather their senses. It may be possible that we could offer you a place to stay even to recoup from the run in with those guards."

    "Locke." she warned, though he seemed to disregard it with ease.

    "Surely it is within a citizen's duty to help the Light Warriors, Lady Rhelic. Wouldn't you agree."

    "No." she responded quickly, causing Locke to laugh it off and wave it to the side.
  17. Sebastrian paused slightly, slightly confused on what the two started to bickering about. "So, then. Shall we go?" He asked with a small smile, looking at Erexia. Erexia looked up at Sebastrian, then went back to watching Locke carefully. She was interested in this strange Bird-man, her tail twitched slightly with a small smile. She then looked over at Rhelic with a small smile.
  18. Nodding along with the clear tone of Sebastrian, Locke sidled up not exactly beside that of Rhelic silently afraid that she might try to strangle him for his prior words, he was still close enough to act as a second in command. Though after a moment of feeling a sort of glancing stare graze over him, the feathers that perched behind his ears frilled and widened causing him to pause a step so he could fall back a pace. More so he could not be stared at firstly and secondly to address the new pair that had been on the run from the guards.

    Irises glinted under the short brim hat, fingers touching to adjust it as he smiled gently to that of Exeria when he caught it. Rhelic was less than happy to the moment, which actually had managed to surprise him. While she was clearly less than impressed to be acting like a guard to the three, she was generally a jovial sort. He had to chalk it up that these two newly acquired companions were on the side of the law and she was... not usually.

    "Pardon my rudeness Lady Exeria," rolling a hand out in front of him in a quaint gesture meaning to gather her attention, he grinned a bit wider. "I cannot help but stare at your unusual appearance, please I do not mean to come off trite or piggish if you think I have, I am merely awestruck by you. I have never seen such a marvel of a humanoid type such as yourself." he lifted his gaze some to Sebastrian, his finger dappling between the two. "Are you two married?"

    Rhelic snorted under her breath clearly catching something he hadn't as she lifted a hand to cover her mouth from giggling out right.
  19. Erexia looked up at Sebastrian then over at Locke. She shook her head, ears drooped sideways slightly. Seb couldn't help but smile, "No, We are... We're like family, I've cared for her since she was young, after her parents had been murdered." He said with a bigger smile, rubbing Erexia's head. "I care for her like a sister~"
    Erexia looked at Locke, blushing slightly and her tail twitched, "Oh, my species is very very rare. I am a Balverikon, an ancient black-blooded animal, We think I possibly am the last one left." She said, looking at Locke, "And you're species?"
  20. He nodded slightly to their explanation, mild curiosity sparking to understand what all had transpired between them but he kept his mouth shut as they continued to follow Rhelic. "I can see that you are a rare species, very intriguing." he rubbed a hand down his chin with a thought before he found his attention sparking back down to Exeria.

    Smiling some, he shrugged in turn. "I am a Ramis - a falcon humanoid creature. Very simple and plain but we are usually a breed that dwell in the deserts. My type of people rarely like to be in the form you see before you, rather just think of us as-"

    "Gigantic falcons." Rhelic put flatly, "He is a good mode of transportation when it is convenient for him." she reminded him causing a chuckle to be expanded.