Escape the Pack

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  1. Anthony "Tony" Denzel had read every book on wolves he could get his hands on. He watched and studied several live-webcam streamings of wolf sanctuaries, taking notes and sketching them. His goal was to work at one of these sanctuaries in hopes to bring the wolves back out off of the endangered list. When he was six, his parents agreed to adopt a dog when he had finished all the wolf books in the library, in hopes to occupy his time and prevent him from getting too bored. His parents were happy that he was so passionate about learning, but worried when they noticed he didn't have many other interests. The dog was a large breed, though she was gentle with the boy. Anthony loves his dog and takes her out on plenty of walks and to the dog park to make sure she gets her excercise. He cuts up real meat to mix in with her food to make sure she gets enough protein and nutrients.

    Tony yawned and stretched as he rolled his desk chair away from the computer desk. He was still in the boxers he had slept in, no shirt. "I'm not ready for school today, girl," he told his beloved dog, patting her head and lazily scratching behind her ear. "Wish I could just stay home," he yawned once more and stood. "I bet you'd like that, instead of being bored all day," he chuckled as he walked into the bathroom connected to his room to the right of his computer desk. He relieved himself and took a quick shower. Normally, he would have let his dog outside first, but this was the first day of the new school year. He knew she wasn't a morning dog, so it gave him time to take a shower and wake up more before he went downstairs to open the back door. "Door's open," he called to the dog upstairs and started on making breakfast. He was dressed in khaki's and a blue button-up shirt he had yet to button, with a plain white t-shirt underneith.

    Clack-clack clack-clack, he heard her claws on the hardwood floor. He chuckled and grinned back at her. "Finally up, huh? Lazy girl," he teased lightly. His dad found it annoying that he often spoke to his dog as if she could speak back. But he often ignored his dad, still speaking to his dog. His mom was worried that he would never find a girlfriend at this rate, only studying the wolves on the webcams and hanging out at the dogpark. He wasn't interested in looking, at least not at his school. His obvious love of wolves and werewolves alike had resulted in him getting picked on. The bullying had long ago faded into nothing, but no girls were interested in him, even after all the years of school. Not that he minded - the twenty-year-old was focused on college. He only worked on the weekends as a stockman for the local flea market.
  2. Lea's ear ticked as she heard her human started moving for the day, earlier than usual. She listened to him speak, but didn't really respond since she was still pretty tired. She'd been up last night late to get out with the moonlight while the humans in the house were still asleep. Tony walked away, heading downstairs, and Lea twisted to get up onto all fours, stretching out her body and giving it a full head to tail shake. With a yawn, she padded over to the room's door and heard Tony yell that the door was open so she walked downstairs to greet him and go outside.

    "Finally up, huh? Lazy girl."

    Lea woofed low and gave her body another shake before continuing outside and relieving herself before sniffing out the edges of "her" territory. Another dog had marked a post at the front, so she marked it herself. Unlike male dogs, who generally peed on everything, she just had to rub her fur against the post in an attempt to get other dogs to stop trying to mark what belonged to her. It was more instinct that necessity. It's not like the dogs that marked that post were going to actually try to take over her territory, but she still felt the need to remark it for herself.

    Done with her morning ritual as a wolf, she went back inside to see what Tony was doing, and whether he'd laid out some food for her. She had a larger appetite than most dogs, but she could survive without as much food as she should have for her kind. Still, Tony was generous enough that she was right between the two in terms of hunger.
  3. Tony chuckled and set her food down on her "table". He'd built a footstool to raise her dishes so she didn't have to stoop down so low. He know he spoiled her, but she was a good dog. He ate his bowl of cereal at the table, looking over his schedule once more for the day. The first day was a half day, so he would get home early. He thought about what he could do once he got home. Probably take Lea out to the dog park, he thought with a smile. Yes, that sounded nice. He was almost certain she'd like the idea, too. "What do you say we go to the park today after school," he asked Lea when she came back inside, lying a fresh bowl of water down on the empty space on her table. "It's not supposed to be too hot today. We could walk there, if you don't want to ride," he smiled. Yes, he did spoil her. He didn't care.

    He stood back up and washed his dishes after closing the door. She was too big for a doggie door, so Tony hadn't bothered with opening the hole the size of his precious dog's head. After resing the dripping dishes on the drying rack by the sink, he stretched again and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth and fix his mop of shaggy, brown hair. All that being done, the young man went back upstairs to get his book bag and shoes and returned to the hall outside the kitchen. "I'll be home early today, girl. If you're up, we'll go out for a bit," he smiled at her. "Be good," he said in farewell as he walked out the front door.
  4. Lea ate while Tony finished walking around and preparing to leave, and then followed him to the door to watch him go, releasing a short, low woof before he shut the door behind him. She walked back to her food and ate quickly, wanting to stretch out but knowing better than to eat more than what was placed in her bowl. It wouldn't do for her human and his family to realize that she was able to get food when they weren't home. Finished, she walked into the living room and looked around before shifting, her dark brown and black fur retracting and revealing a slightly tan skin tone. Her front paws extended and reshaped into a human hand, her back paws into human feet. Her legs stretched and reformed, bending and cracking as they straightened out a little and lengthened into legs and arms. Her muzzle shrank inward to flatten out, her head reshaping until it looked human. Her tail retracted last, leaving a nude young woman standing in the living room, her eyes still amber and her hair a dark brown that looked almost black that was only about chin length and styled so it wasn't in her face or horribly ragged.

    Stretching in her human form, Lea looked around with a new view. Her surroundings were no longer twisted and colored for her canine eyes, and instead she saw the world as most humans did. Alone with the house, she walked upstairs to shower. It wasn't often in the last few months that she had days alone without her humans around. She wanted to take advantage of this time to pamper her human form a little. It was nice to pretend she was only human for a while.
  5. Tony sat boredly as the teachers went over their sylabus'. The boring part of each class, and then introductions. He always introduced himself as such: "My name is Anthony Denzel. My hobbies include taking my dog out on walks to the dog park and drawing. I want to work at a wolf sanctuary someday." The introductions weren't Tony's favorite things to do, and they were the most tedeous and repeatitive. But, there was no stopping them. He just had to get through today and it'd be over.

    Between classes, Tony smiled at the familiar people in the hall. He caught a couple of them in short conversations, though he quickly bored them with his familiar "online wolf watch". He felt sheepish as they left, though the feeling quickly went away as he moved on to his next class. Sitting down in his next class, he enjoyed a little bit of small talk before he finally gave up on listening to the sylabus and introductions and started doodling on the packet of paper. He drew outlines of a dog or wolf in several poses and drew trees and shrubs around them, and colored the animals in with Lea's fur pattern. Startled by the student next to him watching, Tony smiled sheepishly as the girl admired his work, complimenting him on his skill. "Ah, it's nothin'," he said. "You watch something long enough, you know what it looks like at every angle."
  6. Feeling a lot more clean, Lea cleaned up the bathroom from her cleaning and took the used towels and things to the laundry. There were enough towels down there that one more never seemed to be noticeable. Her night having been long, she turned on the TV and, still nude, sprawled out on the couch to relax and maybe take a nap. After an hour and a half of television, she dropped to the floor and shifted back into the wolf form to curl up and sleep. She didn't think it would be worth the risk of being caught naked and human when Tony returned.
  7. Tony felt good as he loaded his bag into his car and started it up. He'd made a possible new friend, at the very least an aquaintence. Well, at least he wouldn't be alone in class this year. He didn't know if Lea would like a new friend or not. Oh well, he'd see. He arrived home and parked the car, locking it before he unlocked the front door to the house. "Lea, I'm home," he announced, dropping his bag on the floor by the front door. "I hope you're not still sleeping in there," he chuckled. He noticed the TV was on and laughed. "So you figured out how to turn it on, did you? I knew you were smart, but damn!"
  8. Her ear ticked when she heard the door handle and lifted her head as he came in. She pushed herself up onto all fours and shook herself before going to greet him. He mentioned the TV and she had a moment of panic flush through her; she had forgotten that she'd had it turned on. When he just laughed it off, Lea felt her entire body relax before she stepped forward and rubbed against his legs.

    You smell of other humans, she told him mentally, knowing he couldn't hear her. It made her feel almost normal when they had conversations, one-sided though they always were in the end. She licked his hand and bumped it with her nose. Asking for attention would have been considered lowly in the pack, but here she had found it was enjoyable. Especially when it was Tony who was giving her the attention.
  9. He patted her head and scratched behind her ears. "You're my good girl," he murmured fondly, stroking her fur. "I met a new friend today," he told her, going to sit on the couch and clicked the television off so he could talk to her without distraction. "She saw me drawing you and thought my drawings were good," he pet her belly. "How'd you feel about meetin' her someday," he asked her. "Or are you a selfish girl," he teased her, ruffling her fur.
  10. Lea frowned, as much as she could in this form. She wasn't sure how she felt about having to divide Tony's attention with someone else, since he was her human, but it was rare for him to speak of other humans and she knew it worried Tony's parents. She bumped his knee and woofed, trying to say that she didn't mind another human joining their group. So long as she believed that Lea was a dog, or even just a wolf, nothing could go wrong.
  11. Tony laughed and scratched under her chin. "Thatta girl," he praised her. "What do you say we go to the park now, huh," he asked, grinning. He got up and went to grab her leash and collar. "Come on, girl," he smiled. He also grabbed a water bottle and her pop-up water bowl, putting them into the travel bag along with Lea's frizbee and tennis ball. He packed an extra water bottle and his pencil and sketch pad went in a separate pocket to keep them dry.
  12. This was another demeaning activity that Lea has found that she enjoys greatly. The excitement in her yips and jumps weren't falsified to put up a front. She ran around his ankles and waited for the leash, allowing him to put it on her to keep up the front of dog and master. It wasn't like he put it on to control her or anything. He didn't mean to demean her, because he didn't know that it was demeaning for her kind to be treated like common dogs.

    With a few more yips and the leash in place, Lea practically dragged Tony outside before slowing to a gentle walk.
  13. "Alright, alright," he laughed, going at whatever speed she wanted, after he locked the door. He smiled, keeping the leash slack as he walked alongside her. The leash wasn't really needed, it was just the law. He was quick to take it off once they got to the dog park. "You'd think you hated the park," he teased her, chuckling. He did release her once they got to the dog park and went to his usual spot, pulling out his sketchpad and pencil, as well as her tennis ball and Frisbee. "Remember to be nice to the other dogs," he reminded her with a pat on her head. He tossed the tennis ball and laughed as a group of dogs chased after it, though he was sure Lea would reach it before any of them.
  14. Lea watched the ball fly, disinterested until she saw the other dogs run towards it. With a sharp bark, she took off towards the ball. There was no way she was sharing her ball with them.

    Ball! she could hear the dogs saying, chattering excitedly about the object. Luckily she pulled ahead quickly, grabbing the ball and then taking off again. Behind her, she could hear the dogs chasing after her. Grinning as much as a dog could, especially with a ball in her mouth, she dropped back a little and led them around in circles for a little while before she sped up again and ran to Tony. Dropping the ball at his feet, she grinned at him as she panted, and then flopped down at his feet to watch the other dogs for a little while. She'd get up and play again in a little bit. First, she had to make sure everyone knew this human was hers.
  15. Tony grinned, laughing, as he saw all the dogs playing. Lea seemed to tower over all the other dogs, which he found amusing. Though, he had noticed a few of the dogs' owners calling their pets back. He mentally scoffed; Lea wouldn't hurt a fly. She was his gentle giant, the big lovable girl that he'd grown up with. Tony kept the ball at his feet and reached over to stroke her fur. "You're such a silly dog, Lea," he chuckled and sat back against the tree, going back to drawing. He sketched her playing with the dogs, glancing over at the playing hounds every now and again as a reference. She was towered above the dogs with the ball in her mouth as if it were a trophy. He roughly sketched the shadows before he showed it to Lea. "What do you think, Lea," he asked her.
  16. Lea looked up at the photo and yipped. Her human was a great artist, she thought. She sat up and licked his hand, trying to show affection and appreciation of his talent. Then she yipped again and stood, shaking herself and running off again just to run. It wasn't hard to stay out of the way of the other dogs, since it was a fairly large area, but she made sure to taunt a few of them.

    Feeling the effects of her sprinting, she hurried back to Tony and jumped up to put her front paws on his shoulders, panting and woofing low before licking his face slowly. This was her human, after all. It was only right for a dog to love her master.

    And here, she was his dog.
  17. He smiled. "Glad you like it," he scruffled the top of her head and grinned as she ran off to play. While she was running and wearing herself out, he put his sketchbook and pencil back into the bag. He'd had enough drawing for today; the rest of his time would be spent enjoying his free time and playing with Lea. He stood as he watched her coming back this way, and laughed as she put her paws on his shoulders. Not surprising - she was a big dog. Still, it was shocking how tall she was on her hind legs. He laughed and pecked her cheek with a kiss and scratched behind her ears. "Love you, too, girl," he grinned. "Do you want to keep playing or go home?"
  18. Lea woofed and dropped down, turning in a circle and scooping up the ball in her jaws before sitting in front of him and grinning at him. She wanted to really play, and with him. She knew the afternoon wouldn't last much longer. They would need to be home soon enough, she knew, but being the sole focus of her human was what she wanted right now.
  19. He laughed. "Alright, we'll play. But I gotta have the ball to throw it," he teased, poking her nose playfully. He was just happy to have some time to play with her and get her out of the house. He was sure she would miss it when he really had to crack down and start studying. So, for now, he'd have as much fun with her as he could. He threw the toy as far as he could, "Go get it, girl," he grinned.
  20. Lea let him have the ball and jumped around excitedly while she waited for him to throw it. When it was finally airborn, she shot off towards where it would be landing. As she neared, though, she was surprised to catch a familiar scent and faltered. The ball fell to the ground a few feet in front of her as she sniffed the air to get a direction for the scent, and then opened her eyes to see another fairly large dog, which she was now aware was a wolf, laying down in a secluded area. Their eyes met, and Lea felt a chill go through her. Frightened, she walked up to the ball, scooped it up, and ran back to Tony. Instead of handing him the ball, she set it by his bag and dragged out the leash; she was ready to go home.