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  1. "Officer Adney, step into my office," said the young man's Commanding Officer, a decent man with a wife and child who knew what it was like being a simple officer.

    "Yes, sir," Niko replied, stepping into his C.O.'s modest office. It was nice, especially for his rank, and he wondered again how he was able to secure one with so many windows. It had many floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked the streets, and some nights you could see the lights of the city for miles.

    Noticing his C.O.'s gesture for him to sit, he did, watching as he sat down across the desk from him, setting down a large file in front of him. "The Republic has decided it's time for you to get promoted, but they want to make sure you've got the skills for it. After all, I know how much you've wanted to settle down..." he trails off, glancing towards him with a light smile on his face. Niko couldn't argue, it was true. One of the things he longed for most was to get a wife and possibly have children, though he couldn't even look at most girls without his C.O. or some other superior asking about it.

    "But...they want you to find our master thief, and only then will they promote you. I'm sure you'll--"

    Niko cut him off, "I'll do it. Just give me the file."

    His C.O. smiled. "I knew you would want it," he said, pushing the file closer to him.
  2. "Mistress Anne!" A child's call came from behind the girl, and she whipped around. A breathless child ran up to her, handing her a note before racing away again. Annabel raised her eyebrow. Normally the only reason a child would approach her was if a job for the infirmary came to her. They were, after all, fighting The Republic and injuries did occur.

    Annabel grinned, sweeping her black hair behind her ears. She opened the note and grinned. The latest job was for medicine, but also for some weapons....the best part....taking them right from under The Republic's nose. Her green eyes glittered dangerously and she headed along the slums towards her den so she could gear up for the job.
  3. Niko went home first. There, he changed out of his uniform, knowing that the quickest way to find a thief was to pretend to be one. Reviewing the file notes on the elusive "Annabel" so he wouldn't be completely lost, he pulled on an older shirt, one that looked like it had seen the city's streets. Messing up his hair from its usual uniform straight, making it look wild in some places, he looked himself over. He looked rather decent, and if he was aiming to look like a poorer person, which he was, he had it spot on.

    Leaving his house, hiding his phone, in case he needed backup at any time, in his pocket, he began walking towards the poorer district. Gradually, the niceness of the houses went down, and fewer and fewer cars were seen. Keeping his eyes open, looking for anything out of the ordinary that might lead him to Annabel.
  4. Annabel crouched in her rundown den. She did not have much for herself...just a bed and a few nice odds and ends from the richer district. She could not afford to keep her nicer stuff out in the slums. Yes, most people respected her in the slums and stayed out of her business, but there was always the chance that some youngster would try to steal from the thief to show they could best her. Annabel dug around under a floorboard she had pried up, grabbing a Republic Uniform she had taken from one of the stupid recruits. She put it on, brushing out her hair with a hairbrush she kept under her bed, and washing her face very carefully. Luckily, she had allies in the slums that would help her to move unnoticed towards the officer's district.

    Annabel finished with her disguise and stood. Walking carefully towards the entrance to her little hovel, she gave a piercing whistle. One of the children had agreed to sacrifice their safety and allow her to "take them in" so she could gain access to the compound. A small boy raced around and Annabel grabbed him by the shirt, winking at him when he started, not recognizing her. She grinned, her plan was set in motion.
  5. A ways down the street, Niko could see a soldier walking down the street, holding a child by the shirt. Furrowing his brows, he thought, That's not right, is it? With children, soldiers were told to be very careful. Only use handcuffs, don't make them too tight, and be gentle with them. This woman seemed to be doing none of the three. Frowning, he quickened his pace, wondering what this officer was playing at.

    Running so that he was in front of her, he asked, trying to be nonchalantly polite, "Excuse me, where are you taking this child?" Giving her a slight smile in order to establish human familiarity, he also made sure to block her path.
  6. Annabel allowed her features to be schooled. "To my commanding officer." She relaxed with the child, ignoring the look of "uhoh" that the young boy shot her. She felt a tendril of alarm shoot up her spine. This was not part of the plan...she should have packed those handcuffs and brought them with her, but she had left them at the second point of the plan.
  7. "And why?" Niko asked, unsure if he should use the code word officers were supposed to know that said he was an undercover. "Republic Officers' code states children are supposed to be treated better than how officers treat adult counterparts," he stated, reciting nearly verbatim the section on child criminals. "This is enough for a court martial if words of it get out." He knew of that firsthand. One of the men in his battalion had been seen mistreating a young boy who had evidently killed his father. The entire thing got out to the public and created a huge mess for everyone to clean up.
  8. "This boy was in the midst of creating a riot, sir." Annabel said and she saluted. "Plus, I seem to have misplaced my 'cuffs....I was attempting to get him out of a dangerous situation." She remembered she was in a recruits uniform and she figured that misplacing 'cuffs for a recruit wasn't too much of a surprise. The boy glared at the officer and Annabel hoped that this would not put a wrench in her plans. The slums really needed that medicine and the weapons to help defend themselves.
  9. Niko wondered why the officer was saluting to him, he wasn't in uniform. Dropping it, he stated, "Recruits aren't supposed to make arrests unless one of their superior officers are at hand. Besides," he paused for a moment, looking at the child, "I doubt that a child that size could actually incite a riot unless they had help. And it's nearly common knowledge that the US refuses to use children in their work." Stepping closer to the woman, he asks, "Are you lying to a civilian, madam? Because if so, that is also grounds for court martial."
  10. "With all due respect, sir," Annabel began, attempting another strategy. This man was beginning to get on her nerves. He was acting as arrogant and commanding as an officer, however, he was trying to tell her he was a civilian? Something wasn't right... "I don't believe you understand how the slums work, sir. Children are forced to work, just not when we are watching. You also underestimate the power one child has here in the slums."
  11. "I understand perfectly well," he states, "but you seem to fail to understand the Officers' Code. Are you unaware that it is the equivalent to law?" Taking note of the badge on her uniform's breast, clocking her unit and battalion number, so that he could make a phone call later, he said, "You also don't seem to notice what every civilian knows: the Republic Army cannot afford another law suit against it, especially not during war. By doing this, you are basically setting them up for it."
  12. Annabel gave up. "Yes, sir." She dropped the child and held out her hand instead. The child grasped it and she smiled at the man. "I have a duty to perform, sir." She turned as if to walk away. He had quickly grown on her nerves and she frowned. She had not taken into account the fact that there may be someone in the slums that would mess with her. Most of the people there would protect her instead, even offer her assistance. She couldn't give up, not now....she HAD to have the medicine and weapons for her people.
  13. Niko tried to wipe off the smirk he knew was coming on. It came with the territory, when one worked with the recruitment team once in a while. Turning away, he sighed, thinking, The recruits aren't being taught properly anymore, a sentence that made him feel much older than he was. However, as he was walking away, he realized most civilians wouldn't know half of what he had said when scolding her. Cursing himself for being a terrible undercover, he continues on his way, looking for anyone that looks like they would fit.
  14. Annabel continued walking towards the military district, leading the boy by the hand. "Mistress?" the boy, Annabel now remembered his name was Kenny, asked in a small voice.

    "Yes?" Annabel bent down towards the boy.
    "Are we in trouble?" He asked his big brown eyes imploring.
    "No, not anymore." Annabel looked behind her to see the man walking away. She tucked her black hair further into her hat, glad that someone who was obviously not from the slums did not recognize her.
  15. Figuring that the quickest way to get some information was to go to the bar, he went to just there. Trying to fit into the general populace of the people of the slims, he sat down at a table in the back, his back to the wall, and a good view of the entrance and anyone who chose to come in. Making light conversation with the waitress he had, he simply got water, knowing that he didn't want to go blowing his money on food just now. There would be time for that later.
  16. Annabel continued walking, feeling uneasy. Anything could go wrong with this plan...she thought and she wondered if she had taken the right approach. Shrugging she stopped at the entrance to the military compound.
  17. Trying to get information from the people, he asked his waitress, "Hey, um, I've got something important to tell someone, I was wondering if you knew her?"

    "Sure, I know nearly everyone in this area of the city, who are you looking for?" she asks, smiling at him.

    "Uh, her name's Annabel. Know her?"
  18. Annabel was shown in by another officer and she and Kenny were separated, as per the plan. She slipped into a side passage, keeping her uniform on but bringing out a map of the complex. The warehouses were on the other side of the complex and that was were the medicine and weapons were being stored. She carefully folded the map and stuck it in her breast pocket. Annabel walked casually towards the warehouses, ticking down the time until Kenny would provide a distraction.
  19. After his question, the waitress seemed to clam up, and wouldn't tell him anything. On top of that, she didn't attempt to make polite conversation anymore. Leaving, he left money on the table, before taking out his phone. Calling a partner, he was told to go back to his home in the military district. Returning home, he changed back into his uniform, which thankfully didn't wrinkle so it wouldn't look too bad. Leaving home, he is told by his CO to pick up a new cell phone from the warehouse area, so that if Annabel was tracking cellphones, she wouldn't get his.
  20. Annabel snuck into the warehouse, quickly taking off the uniform to reveal her black khakis and tight-fitting top. She put her hair back into a ponytail to keep it from getting in her way before scavenging amongst the boxes. Spying the medicine, she grabbed a box shoving it in a pack she had found. She heard shouts as people rushed past towards where Kenny was making a fuss. She smiled, knowing that her plan was working. She grabbed a pistol from a nearby rack and stuck it into her boot. She decided that even though being swift here was the key, she needed to find what she could.