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    Amy wasn't the type of girl who you would expect to have an alcoholic parent. She was honor roll at school, has a boyfriend, and volunteers at the local homeless shelter on the weekend, but her dad was an alcoholic. She was sitting in US History, the lesson on being Prohibition. She could't help but think about what a better place the world would be if people didn't drink alcohol. Her fantasies were interrupted when the bell rang. As she was heading to her next class a group of girls were gossiping about her. "I heard that Amy's dad gets drunk on the weekends." one girl said. "Maybe Amy gets drunk too." Replied a second girl. A chorus of giggles followed. Amy knew the rumors about her getting drunk wasn't true, but she ran into her next class in tears.
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    "So what? Does it make somebody any less because of their relatives?" Cassia managed to stand up for Amy soon after she left. "Aren't you the girl who hasn't got a mum?" one girl smirked. Cassia's heart sank. Her mother had died due to a drink-driving accident when she was young, but she hadn't become bitter because of it. "So what if I am?" Cassia replied, and she got no answer. She followed Amy. They sat next to each other, but Cassia had never really wanted to have a conversation. She didn't want to say anything, because she didn't like to ramble, which she tended to do, or make people think they were friends.

    The teacher sighed as she came in, literally a minute late. "And Cassia Hart, you're late." She nodded, slipping into her seat, and she leaned over and whispered, "Are you okay?" She knew well she wasn't, but Cassia knew if she said yes that would be a cue to shut up.
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    Catherine was writing in her [BCOLOR=transparent]notebook[BCOLOR=transparent][​IMG][/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]. Writing was a way to help her deal with her emotions. Ever since she lost her sister to a fire at the local university. Life has been hard for her ever since November 7, 2004. She noticed another girl, and spoke to her. "I lost someone close to me, too."
  4. Cassia turned away from Amy as she heard the girl to the other side of her, Catherine, or maybe it was Caitlyn, Cassia could never remember, address her. She nodded slowly. "It hits everyone eventually. But we weren't as close as people think."
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    Jason peered up from his sketchbook and sighed, looking to his left and seeing Catherine. Despite his appearance he really didn't like his life. His mother was abusive to his father which caused him to run from the home they lived in. He pulled from his right ear the right Earbud and sighed as post-hardcore genre music leaked from the speaker. He left his voice soft so when he really needed it he had it ready. ''Can you guys stop talking about death.. It's like you guys can't get enough of it..''. He returned his sketchbook into his binder as he looked to the groupie.
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    Cassia leaned forward on her desk, to lock eyes with Jason, except her brunette hair fell messily in her face. "In case you didn't notice, you are not part of this conversation and we might not be talking about death," she slammed her fist on the desk, knowing well that she was with Catherine, but not with Amy. "So zip it," she snapped.

    The teacher glanced to the four pupils, raising her eyebrows before continuing with her lesson.
  7. Jason stared at Cassia, small trickles of fear being implemented into him by the girl. He scooted back a couple of centimeters then put his other earbud in. He lifted his hoodie jacket up and slammed his head on the desk, snoozing for the period.
  8. "Detention at lunchtime!" the teacher suddenly yelled. Cassia groaned, this was, in her opinion, everybody else's fault. Especially Jason's. He was the one sleeping, after all. Her fist came in contact with the desk again, creating another loud noise. It was clear this frustrated the teacher, and Cassia decided that's what she was trying to do. She hated this particular teacher anyways.
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    Jeff was a timid person, even he is seventeen. It didn't help that his Mom was in prison because she is a drug addict, and his friend was being picked on because he was gay. He had finished his notes, he looked over his shoulder to see a girl upset. She looked about fifteen, but he didn't care about age difference. "It's not your fault." He said. Amy looked up and saw a boy a bit older than her. She hugged him as if it was the most important thing in the world. When the caressing ended, there was a note on her desk reading, "Can we meet after class? -Thomas Masterson". Before she could respond, the bell rang.
  10. Cassia sighed as the bell rang. "See you around, Catherine," she said, shooting a glare at Mason before she got up, knowing that she was probably in detention, but not sure if she should go or not. She'd tried to be nice to Amy and it had been thrown back in her face. She'd tried to be tough around Catherine and Mason and that also had been thrown in her face. She didn't know why she bothered at times. She picked up her bag and was the first out of the door. It was a free period for her and she decided she'd go to her locker. The bag was killing her.
  11. Jason looked around the room, waking up startled since he slept through half of his free peruod. ''Huh?'' he could barely open his eyes. He pursed his lips and picked up his binder and ran outside, sitting on a bench and sighing. ''At least I got some rest.'', he said looking around his new surroundings. He gazed over to the quad, then the lockers, seeing Cassia at one of them. He pouted and looked away, pulling his phone from his pocket and beginning to play an app on his phone.
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    "Excuse me, is this seat taken?" Brianna asked the blonde boy as she hold her books tightly, her knuckles turning white and her face flushing red out of embarrassment. "Everywhere else is full" she added, pointing out that every bench is occupied except his. "I-I'm Brianna by the way" she introduced herself while extending her soft hand, her red hair and blue skirt slightly swaying as a soft breeze passed them.​
  13. Jason looked up at the girl and removed his hoodie, a warming welcome smile took over his face as he scooted over some for the girl. ''There's room for you here, If you'd like to sit down..''. He noticed her hand ready for a shaking and her shy features : colorless nuckles, flushed cheeks. He shook her hand lightly, and let her sit down. ''I'm Jason.. Hi Brianna.''
  14. She let out a bright smile and sat next to Jayson, smoothing her skirt before siting down. "Thanks" she muttered and opened a book to read. While she was reading, she can't help but steal a few glances at the boy, studying his features: his soft wavy blonde hair swaying every time a gentle breeze run past them but what really caught her attention is his magenta eyes. Realizing that she's staring too long, she hid her blushing face behind the book and let out a smile appear on her soft, pink lips.
  15. Jason caught her glancing at him and decided not to say anything. Around the third time he looked over to her, bright eyes and a small smile that bred two ruby lips looking towards her. ''Hello.. Can I help you, Brianna?'' he said as some of his hair flew in the breezes. His hand gently pushed towards her a bit, placing itself atop her collection of novels, or textbooks. He couldn't see them that well. ''What are you reading?'', he said, eyes full of content and puzzlement.
  16. Cassia stuffed books in her locker. She had two more classes for the day, and one the teacher had the books, so she ended up putting her bag in the locker as well. She wasn't sure how she fitted everything inside the space. She brought out the folder needed for her last class, before her phone vibrated. Cass, it's Dad, come home soon, I'm scared. She sighed, she hated to ignore her father, but the mental illness after her mother's death was sometimes distracting. Like today. "One hour. I can go home in one hour," he mumbled.
  17. Brianna blushed even more and replied stuttering "A-ah! W-what I'm r-reading? Uhm.. t-they're um..t-textbooks about j-jellyfishes" she replied while looking away from him, blushing furiously. "So, w-what were y-you playing in y-your phone? N-not that I'm s-staring at y-you or a-anything.. Ah! uhm..." she trailed off, getting even redder by the minute.
  18. Jason, puzzled by her actions, believed she was frightened by him. ''Please, calm down. I'm not going to eat you,''he giggled for a short while, then returned to speaking. ''I was playing this game.. Where you draw shapes to stop the little robot cyborg thingies from falling down and destroying the wall.'' he put the phone close to her and scooted closer to show her. He drew a shape that looked like an undetailed ankh and an enemy went plummeting to it's death, no gore shown in the process. It was more of a preteen game. ''See? Want to try?'', he said giving her the phone for her to try it out.
  19. Brianna gave him a surprised look but gingerly took the phone off his hands, their fingers gently brushing as she did so and blushed again. She had never been so flustered before and being with this boy made her think that she's going crazy. Every little detail about him makes her heart flutter and have butterflies in her stomach.She slightly shook her head, dismissing her feelings "I can never have something that I want" she thought to herself and started to play the game.

    She drew random shapes and tried to stop the zombie cyborgs, getting surprised every now and then when a zombie breached the wall. She was giggling and having a lot of fun, her nervousness around the boy going down. Noticing that she's playing too long she looked over to the boy and smiled, handing him back the phone. "Thank you." she said, a pink blush creeping up her cheeks. "Thanks for letting me play and you know...sit here and meet you.." she mumbled.
  20. Cassia scowled to herself at Mason and Brianna, but walked to detention. How long will you be? the phone vibrated again. She switched it off because it distracted her, and entered her class. She was bunking off her dad and felt pretty terrible, and her detention didn't make that much better. She sat down, and began doodling in the front of her book.
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