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  1. The emotions that we all carry have nowformed into people. They can have powersweapons, and other things that make them almost supernatural. Only they live in their own realm, they don't live with humans because that can alter the emotions in which they carry in their hearts. Some of these emotions aren't that good, and some are far too good for some. The world where they live is full of many things such as beasts, school, life, and discovering more than one emotion that they posses. Will you be an emotion as well?
  2. Character sheet:
    Name: _
    Age: _(how old do they look?)
    Gender: _
    Sexuality: _
    Appearance: _(Any details not on the image or just image )
    Emotion: _(which do they embody?)
    Personality: _
    Ability: _(assuming it's not just the one from the list)
    Flaw: (What is their weakness)

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  3. Powers for certain emotion-
    anger-fire (taken)
    Bored-telekinesis (reserved)
    courage-flight (taken)
    desire-Mimic (taken)
    guilt-able to see the future
    Envy- Wood
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  4. I think this will be useful too.
  5. Name: Zack Campbell
    Age: 18
    Gender: male
    Appearance: 6'4, long read hair, dark green eyes.
    Emotion: courage
    Personality: Zack is a very outgoing and fun loving guy. He gets along with just about everyone. He tends to be very serious, especially when it comes to people he cares about. He can be forgetful especially if he is painting. His goal is to become an artist. He has successfully sold a few paintings. He supports himself by painting murals in buildings. He is afraid of small spaces.
    Ability: flight
    Flaw: Zack doesn't take the time to think things out. He jumps in feet first.
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  6. Perfect I think I'm gonna add one more thing for the character which is a flaw for each emotion. It's up to you for what type of flaw they have.
  7. I will think of something and add it. I have a couple of ideas.
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  8. Name: Bill Mayhor
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Appearance: Approximately 2 meters; short, spiky neon-green hair; semi-muscular body; neon-green/neon-yellow eyes.
    Emotion: Anger
    Personality: Not accepted by community, Bill is introvert, loving to spend time with himself, alone. Although, most part of his life was happy: He and his family often spend memorable times together.
    But as everything good - it didn't last long.
    As Bill found out himself gay, everyone in school turned away from him, which made him turn all his feelings inside, leaving only
    Bill was unable to control himself when anger attacks happened, as he yelled hardly on everyone. Disasters started happening all along - his father died in car crash; mother fell from hill, and went in coma. He was pushed to end, as he got his "explosive" personality. But most of the times, he is calm, and even sometimes, he sits by window, happily overlooking the stars...
    His main goal, is to help people, which got same problems - basically, his goal is to become a social helper.
    Ability: Explosive Pyrokinesis -
    Pyrokinesis, naturally, is ability to manipulate heat, on level of creating flames, and burning objects. Due to specific personality of Bill, his Pyrokinesis is Explosive. It means, that besides manipulating heat, and any kind of element with heat (Magma, etc) or Element in plasma state, or just heated up - he is able to generate semi-powerful explosions, which can burst in additional amount of flames.
    Flaw: When Bill starts getting different emotion (Totally different from anger) his power level decreases to low level, or his powers can even disable for some moment. Most dangerous emotion for Bill is happiness, which can make his powers disappear for short amount of time. Other counter-emotiones are:
    Sadness [Expect Angry Sadness]
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  9. It's good
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  10. I'm blind
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  11. Name: Kasim Gear
    Age: 19
    Gender: Agender (They/Them pronouns)
    Sexuality: Asexual
    Appearance: Kasim has steel gray hair from all the stress they have accumulated to living. Their eyes are a shade of brown that is almost like red. They have nasty scars crisscrossing all over their body and marring their face, all of it from the many fights they had from those they viewed as their parents and to everyone else that he meets and fights them. They generally wear gray long sleeved shirts and ripped jeans. He also has on white tennis shoes whenever going outside.
    Emotion: Hate
    Personality: Being the embodiment of hate, he views the world in a dark light, looking down on the evil and corruption it all has. He’s never felt any love, and has learned never to give any love either, lest he be betrayed. He would’ve been a normal person if the people around him hadn’t molded him to be the being he is now. Instead, he fights with others, never making friends and closing his heart to the public.
    Ability: Ability to manipulate and excrete poison
    Flaw: Their hatred for everything has isolated them from others. Due to their hate, they tend to lash out at everything, sometimes not thinking of the consequences of doing so. They’re very destructive of their environment.
  12. @Karakui do you want to reserve an emotion?
  13. You know, i had several plot ideas:
    1. A normal human world, where is small amount of special individuals, who can extend their emotions to level of matter manipulation. One person, who can develop powers through several emotions at once, opens kind of institute, to help people achieve highest level of control over their powers. Basically, this plot is similar to X-Men franchise, expect for individuals are not mutants, but people who can develop powers through emotions.
    2. Fantasy world, with elements of Sci-Fi, where are 5 massive kingdoms. As a result of dangerous experiment, special element in gas/liquid/gas-liquid state is released in atmosphere. Gas gives small amount of kingdoms citizens powers to develop emotions to matter manipulation. But Kingdoms appear to know about this experiment, as they hunt down special individuals.
    3. Apocalypse, human world is pushed to the end. All morale and social rules are disabled. War between everyone had started. Group of chosen people are given abilities to manipulate matter through possessing emotion. And people start going around destructed earth, trying to establish peace.
    Welp, everything i could think of.
    @Anime is Life
  14. I rather keep it to what it was planned but thanks for the suggestions.
  15. @Anime is Life

    Hate to be a bother, but can you look at my app for the hate emotion to see if it's any good?
  16. I looked at it just im lazy XD
  17. I'll give you an answer when I fully read it im not in the mood for many reasons.
  18. Ah, okay. Sorry for sounding pushy and impatient.
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