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    The world from which you came has stagnated. Albedo, as the land is called, is populated by humans, but much unlike their cousins on Earth, they exhibit an impressive focus on the well-being of their lands and people. As a result, technology and medicine have bounded forward greatly, leaving little time for war or exploration. Pain and death from disease are almost unheard of. While skirmishes still break out, war on a large scale has gone all but extinct. Albedo is the scientific utopia that Earth might never be.

    Seemingly perfect as your world may be, it exists under a shadow. With progress speeding up and the quality of human lives plateauing, Albedo faces the threat of extinction. While a shortage in food has started to become a bit of a problem, even for the comparatively small population, the biggest problem comes from above. Albedo's small second moon, Jasne, has been slowly descending ever since a mysterious incident occurred nearly sixty years ago. A widespread group of eight strangers all went missing at exactly the same time, without a trace, and no links could be made between them to track their location. To make matters worse, the eight were never seen or heard from again. Besides the fact that this event seemed to have an effect on Jasne, the whole debacle hasn't mattered to you at all. Until now.

    As you wake in a grassy plain, you begin to suspect that you are no longer in Albedo. In fact, the bright sky above bears markings you have never seen, and there's much more grass spreading before you than you have ever seen in a single area. Perhaps this is where those individuals ended up so long ago in that freak disappearance. Or, maybe, this is just another fluke.

    This world, split into two continents, Voglynd and Bellerophon, is one of magic. The technology that has become commonplace in Albedo is absent here. In its stead, besides spells and swords, also exist a surprising number of "artefacts", as the locals call them. Alongside these devices and structures flows a mysterious substance, called "ancestral ore" or simply "ore" by those who come across it, and they only really know that it powers some of the artefacts. Whether these artefacts be magic or advanced technology, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that they are powerful, and perhaps you can use them to get home, or even to stop the impending cataclysm that awaits you in Albedo.


    Coming from Albedo, your characters will have experienced a life in a scientific utopia, where technology exists to satisfy almost every need. This is in stark contrast to Voglynd, where you end up, which is a world just coming into its own. As for the RP itself, it will be primarily mission-based, but there will be sandbox elements to it as well. The rules will be very straightforward:

    1. Respect the other people in this RP. This is mostly common sense stuff, meaning don't break the rules of Iwaku, don't be an ass to the other players in the game, and don't godmod, powergame, or metagame. It's fine to disagree with each other, but do so in a way that doesn't make you out to be an antagonizing whiner, and your comments will much likely be better received.
    2. Good spelling and grammar will make life much easier for all of us.
    3. The posting speed of this RP will hopefully work on a weekly basis, so you can expect a GM post every week once it gets started. If you will not be able to make it on a certain week because you will be busy or out of town, or something similar, just let me know. It's better than just vanishing for a good couple turns of gameplay.
    4. This RP will use dice (d100) in order to generate successes and failures of certain actions. I will always give you the results of the roll in the OOC, so if I forget to do that, you can feel free to ask me for them. If you have any questions about how the dice will work, you can also ask that.
    5. Character death is a possibility in this RP. If your character gets into a bad situation and ends up dead, you will be able to create another. Depending on where we are in the plot, we will be able to decide if it makes more sense for that PC to be from Albedo or one of the two continents.
    6. Posts should be a few paragraphs in length. One-liners will not be tolerated. Writers block happens, but try to keep your posts full of quality content rather than trying to fluff it up for length.
    7. This isn't much of a rule, but more of a suggestion. Be vocal with your hopes for the plot. As the GM, I want to know what you're thinking, because that can definitely influence where we go in the future.

    With that aside, let me give you some more information about the world to browse through as well as the CS:

    • [tab=CS]

    • In this strange new world, several factions exist that might guide your way and inform your decisions as you begin to discover more about Voglynd and Bellerophon. The more you come to discover about each of these groups, the more clues you might gain to help you return home. Or, perhaps, they will convince you to stay in this realm and help them in their causes rather than to go back to a world that is all but doomed.

      Alderken: A massive organization comprised of arcanists, the Alderken have several goals, including the study and understanding of magic, production of potions, and the analysis of the artefacts. They are concerned mostly with knowledge and understanding rather than raising a magical army. However, many among their ranks are powerful and effective in combat. For the moment, the travelers have found lodging with them, but who knows exactly how long this will last. The Alderken are mistrustful of technology and would prefer to eliminate it from the continents, as they see it as a threat to magic.

      Cyracic Guards: A close-knit group of knights who were formed nearly fifty years ago by the famed swordsman, Cyras, and now lead by his daughter Vysena. They have a hard-earned reputation as some of the most impressive fighters in Voglynd and they are still known as a force to be reckoned with when it comes to eliminating groups of bandits. In recent years, since Vysena took over, she has focused on changing their image to be more available for people who need assistance and cannot afford the rates and often cutthroat betrayals that come along with sellswords. The Cyracic Guard has no stake in the artefact crisis, and in fact, Vysena's blade is thought to be an artefact itself that provides its wielder with invulnerability in battle.

      Modus: Headed by the influential visionary Seighart Ross, Modus is a new organization that is focused on discovering artefacts and utilizing them, with the ultimate goal of getting in contact with the ancestors who they believe had a hand in creating the mysterious objects. Utilizers of guns and ranged weaponry, being mechanists at their cores, the Modus are unpredictable and many of them hold odd beliefs that make them interesting opponents in battle. The Modus believe that ingesting or even living near ancestral ore can give them powers. It has yet to be proven conclusively, but their faith in resurrecting the old gods and drawing back the ancestors will not be shaken.

      Whisperblades: While the Whisperblades are not the only organized band of bandits in either Voglynd or Bellerophon, they are without a doubt the most famous. Poisonings, robberies, and assassinations have all been attributed to them, and common folk live in fear of them. The group is incredibly wealthy from the loot they have stolen from all over the map and their treasures include artefacts, meaning that they and the Modus often cross paths.

    • PCs (12/15)

      Oliver "Bone Crusher" Veneer | Specialist/Soldier | Ascendant
      Aithne Glenvale | Mechanist/Savant | Ascendant

      Casea "Nova" Kalborn | Arcanist/Evoker | Hellis
      Roul | Mechanist/Sniper | Hellis

      Baldyr Keaton | Arcanist/Enchanter | Kiita
      Payton Arisov | Specialist/Scout | Kiita

      Atana Medona | Mechanist/Scavenger | Jorick
      Calira Jorros | Specialist/Tactician | Jorick

      Allereun "Al" Aruivantes | Specialist/Scout | ERode
      Margo Mya Marelle | Arcanist/Conjurer | Grif
      Christian Erhardt | Specialist/Soldier | cider
      Quinn Barristan | Mechanist/Sniper | Limeypanda


      Felix is a longstanding and high-ranking member of the Alderken, well-respected by his peers, but he notably doesn't spend much time in the field. He is a conjurer, and his domain is flowers. He'd argue that it is much more broad, moving into all of plantlife, but he excels with flowers and herbs, making him invaluable for potions makers. He is an incredibly well organized, if sometimes frantic, arcanist, and many of the day to day operations of the Alderken would simply fall to pieces if not for his presence.

      On an average day, Felix spends most of his time tied to a desk or providing rare plants for the brewers. He was the one who found the mysterious group of "travelers" from Albedo and he hopes to put them to good use within the Alderken as they become acclimated to their new surroundings. Kindly but effecient, he likes to see himself as a counselor and mentor rather than a dictator, but he will not settle for people slacking off on their deadlines. It means more work piled on his already excessive workload.

      Generally speaking, Felix feels the same way about the artefacts as the rest of the Alderken. He wishes to study them to determine whether or not they are magical. If they are in fact some sort of technology from their long-dead ancestors, he doesn't think they will be of much use to this world. While he welcomes the travelers, he is wary of tech users and fears that tech might overtake Voglynd.

      Vysena is the leader of the Cyracic Guard, and a very skilled knight. Her unique blade, the jagged and ebony-black Girahl, is well-known and feared by bandits. Under her guidance, the Cyracic Guard, which was her father's brainchild, began to reach out to help towns and cities in smaller matters, rather than taking a reserved approach to the plights of those around them. Vysena believes in being more than just an intimidating presence to scare bandits and prefers to turn her knights into men and women who are not too prideful to intercede in areas where they are really needed.

      Not much is known about this woman besides what she chooses to divulge. It is impossible to hide her parentage, so long as she continues to openly display Girahl, and those who know of her father Cyras begin to expect great things of his daughter. Vysena is one of six children of the legendary warrior and coming from such a large family, she tends to treat everyone who chooses to follow her like they are her own kin. As such, she expects the best from them, but will sacrifice just about everything for them should they fall on hard times.

      She has practiced long and hard to master the art of impartiality, trying not to treat her captains any differently than her cadets, but she is not all that succesful at the cold and calculated approach. Vysena has a lot left to learn about being in command of a group of knights that have grown used and loyal to her father.

      Something of a prodigy, Mathiel was a favorite and practically became part of Cyras' family. He was soon promoted to captain of a small squad just before the old man died. Upon reaching leadership, the mostly quiet young man revealed his true nature, and he turned out to be quite a prankster. His jocularity proved divisive, as some of the younger and more carefree members of the guard preferred his style and supported his antics, while the more traditional among them wanted to strip him of his title. However, no one could doubt his talent with his dual blades, and many of the complaints lodged against him began to sink into the shadows as he continued to prove his worth in battle.

      As he begins to win more respect in the higher ranks, he realizes he has to walk a line. While he doesn't want to revert to the quiet and unquestioningly obedient character he used to play in front of Cyras, he knows it might be necessary if he wants to avoid inciting Vysena's ire. However, he enjoys setting traps and tricks for his superior officer whenever he knows it won't affect his standing with her, and he jokes around with whatever squad he is assigned to bring out for patrols.

      Being as big a fan of laughter as he is, he is one of Vysena's strongest supporters as she tries to make Voglynd a better place for villagers and city folk alike, and he tries to keep people on her side as she moves the Guard away from being known as aloof bandit killers.

      Hailing from Bellerophon and being fascinated with artefacts from a young age, Seighart is the charismatic and enterpresing leader of the group that calls itself Modus. He personally believes that the artefacts are left behind by their technologically advanced forebearers, and that activating them and utilizing them will cause the world to resemble what it once was. In his mind, the ancestors created a world that far surpasses their own in terms of peace and comfort. For Seighart, the ancestors would also bring about the retun of the old gods, which people have all but forgotten about, even in Bellerophon, which is the more religious of the two continents.

      Once a renowned hunter, Seighart is now all but completely known as a fantatical cult leader of sorts, although he completely resents this demarcation. The way he sees it, he is simply the one who understands the secrets of the otherwise unexplained artefacts, and he wants to bring the entire population into the new age. Those who choose to follow him are simply those who share similar hopes for the world. Rumors circulate that he has drank ancestral ore in hopes of gaining some sort of greaterr insight into his quest.

      Seighart is one of a few gun users across the whole continent, as gunpowder is incredibly rare and only the wealthy can afford it. Seighart, back when he was a hunter, managed to win the hand of a noblewoman by means of his skills. The two of them wed and had a baby girl, but as he went out for what would soon become his last great hunt, a disease ravaged their manor and killed nearly all of the hired help within, and also his family. It is a common belief that Seighart wishes to call back the ancestors in hopes that they can bring his loved ones back to life.

      Heralded as "The Bandit King", Runeo is the shadowy leader of the Whisperblades. He is feared as widely as he is revered, and the Whisperblades are by far the most succesful and deadly organized bandit outfit in either land. He is known for his take no prisoners approach to business, as he calls it, and he has several artefacts in his possesion, though no one is entirely sure what they do.

      While many have run across Whisperblade agents, most people have never seen Runeo's face and even fewer know his actual name.

    • [​IMG]
      This map will be updated with locations, landmarks, and the like once places are discovered in Voglynd and Bellerophon. For current reference, Voglynd is the landmass on the right and Bellerophon is located on the left.
    • Currently a WIP, which will feature information both about Albedo and the two continents, Voglynd and Bellerophon. Anything that you want right away, you can request and I will include it here promptly.
    • This will be updated with the story so far once the IC goes up, in case of people wanting to join later, or if someone just wants to see what's transpired so far in one convenient place.

    As always, feel free to ask questions in order to get a better feel for the world. Comments and concerns are welcome and thanks for stopping by to check out the idea.
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  2. Casea (open)

    Name: Casea "Nova" Kalborn
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male

    Cesea is a Ethril. The ethril are a race of humanoids with grey skin, red or purple eyes, pointed sharp teeth and very odd, segmented horns. Each of his two horns is about 7 inches long, starting by his temple nad then curling up and towards the middle of his head. The horn has a outer layer of a charcoal black, biometallic material, with dense bone exposed underneath.

    Casea a is a handsome, downright pretty male of his species. His features are sharp. His body that of a dancer. He has a softness to him, not to uncommon within the species. He paints patterns
    underneath his eyes in the same red shade that can be observed on his horns.[/B]

    face (open)
    dancer garbs (open)

    Class: Arcanist
    Subclass: Evoker
    Humanity is not the only race facing extinction. The Eithir, a horned race from what they call the "Ether" is marooned together with humanity. They are cut off from their innate magical talents by the cold, technological world they have adopted. The Eithir adapted to the world and humans rather well, albeit they had to turn to the arts to avoid growing to depressed and despondant from the lack of innate magic. They were however, very social as beings and would strive to learn and intregrate with Human natives. A Eithir would go so far as to cast of their Eithir name, and instead take a human one, with a little Either flare.

    One such person, is Casea "Nova" Kalborn. Born to a mother who was overly fond of her children, he lived something of a coddled and pampered existence. He was a pretty child, and made the favorite of his siblings. Everyone doted on the boy, who showed talent for the dance that was custom to his species. He repayed his pampered existence by setting out to please everyone. By everyone, we mean everyone. He was a regular cherub, out to be as nice and helpful as possible.

    And then he managed to make sparks fly from his soles. Such was his talent, that he was one of the few of his race who still managed to coax some magic from the traditional magic. The boy and his contemporaries, a grand total of five dancers, became popular. Men, Women, Eithir, Humans and others would watch them perform, awed by the fluidity of their motions, the ease of which the whirled and spun and dances. The easy grace that they possed took peoples mind off the impending doom. But for Casea, something was missing. He needed something more. Something else.

    Imagine his suprise when woke on a different planet. With magic at his fingertips. To him, it feels as if he is alive for the first time.


    Flame Step; The Dance of the Ether is a old artform, native and known only to Casea's own race. It combines magic with ritualistic dancing. Flame step is the simplest of these, it creates flame where he puts his his feet and weave a small ring of fire around him, Keeping enemies at bay.
    Weaving the wind; A dancer moves his whole body, and by feeling the ether in the air, a skilled Dancer can bend the air into strong winds that originates from his arms and chest.
    Lightning Arch; By forcing ether into his body and using it to harness all the excess electricity his body generates, Casea can channel powerfull bolt of lightning.
    Ether Spiral; Trough complex movements and with concentration akin to that of a measter, Casea can call upon magic in it's most pure form, that of the Ether, and spin it around him as he dances. While doing this, all additional magic he uses is temporarily boosted.
    Dancers Agility; With the body and skills of a dancer, Casea is less of the fragile type and posses uncanny body control and agility.

    Roul (open)

    Name: Roul
    Age: 24
    Sex: Male

    Roul (open)

    Class: Mechanist
    Subclass: Sniper
    Roul was born to shoot. Of this he is certain. The moment he first picked up a gun, his life was decided for him. Rouls father is a gunsmith. A damn good one at that, and his mother was a two time regional champion in quick draw. Roul? Rouls a wannabe western hero. He loves the gun running, chain smoking boys and girls in illfitted jeans and leather chaps way to much.
    Most his life has been down at the gun range. Trying his damnest to live up to his self proclaimed destiny. The results have been... Less spectacular. He placed 14th out 20 contestants in the regionals. His quick draws were considered sluggish. He grew increasingly frustrated with his own shortcomings. The obsession grew and grew, and the boy spent more time polishing his skills. He got better, but it was never enough. Even when he placed third, he was on the verge of tears.

    And then. He was suddenly somewhere else.


    Twin Gauss Revolvers; Roul is a flashy son of a bitch. His two Gauss revovlers don't use, blackpowder yet the sound like old western revolvers. Look like it to aside from the little techie bits he cannot hide.They are capable of holding 6 bullets like a old school revolver, carrying .20 caliber bullets.
    Boomstick; His backup gun was once a very simple, sawed of shotgun. That he totally converted into a gauss model, pimped up with all sorts of different ammunition.
    Run and Gun; Roul has gotten pretty good at firing while in motion.
    Trick Shot; Roul is a giant showoff, and trickshooting is close to his heart. He is able to use ricochete to hit target from unexpected angles.
    Crackshot; With a talent for guns and a unhealthy interest in target shooting, Hassan can hit the head of a pin. A big, big pin. But still! A pin!

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      • Name: Baldyr Keaton
        Age: 17
        Sex: Male
        Appearance: Baldyr is a lanky teenage boy standing at 5'11". He does not have much muscle on his body, and as frustrating as it is for him, he has a small paunch of baby fat, all of which he tries to hide typically by wearing clothes too big on his gangly frame. His outfit he currently wears is a carefully constructed cosplay creation he had sewn himself. His hair is a light brunette with a natural cowlick at the front that makes it stick up just a bit. His face is still softer with baby fat that just won't seem to go away. His eyes are a pale hazel with brown flecks inside them. His ears are both pierced, with his left ear having two small clips upon the upper curve. He has a small, upturned button nose and his cheeks are dusted with freckles. There is a small nick of a scar upon his right eyebrow and a large burn scar along his left wrist. He wears at his waist a pair of pistols made out of old squirtguns.
        Bio: Baldyr was born to a middle-class family in a more sparse part of his country. He was the middle child, having an older sister and a younger brother. His mother (Karrin) worked as a nurse as his father (Burt) worked as a technician. They lived in an old house for the longest time with their goofy chocolate lab. Over all, the family got along well enough in most regards, though they always had their odd dysfunctional spats here and there as he grew up. He got used to being looked over and fading into the woodworks as his sister, Bailey, stole the spotlight in her academic achievements and his brother, Benjamin, became the sports all-star of the family. It seemed that the only time he really got noticed was when he was making trouble or being questioned why he was an average student and a reclusive geek. He was happy, though, to be paid no mind by no one really, save for his grandmother, Scarlet. Claim as she might to hold no favorites, it was apparent to everyone Baldyr was.

        Much of Baldyr's childhood revolved around his computer; he contented himself playing video games and reading old fictions about other worlds, both of advanced civilizations in another galaxy and those filled with magic and wonder. When he was not playing games or reading, he was typically pirating some movie or show he had never seen before. It was an introverted life, where much of his friends were on the other side of a screen.

        Upon turning 15, his father was offered a job as the head of the IT department for a major corporation in the city. His sister was already in college and decided to move out on her own while his brother cried out about having to leave his friends and team. Baldyr himself was relieved by the change of scenery, having no love for the small town life. For a time, they stayed with his grandmother Scarlet. Baldyr was happy to hear many of her superstitions and home remedies for aches, illnesses and sorrows. She was a firm believer that her good cooking and good company could lift any spirits. He struggled with a developing depression. Eventually, it got better. He was unsure if it was because of his grandmother's intervention or the myriad of medications and therapists he was cycled through.

        He was sad when they finally moved into a house of their own. However, in the time since moving, Baldyr had found himself an odd group of friends with similar interests and they began to hang out outside the house. Their favorite thing to do involved conventions for their various loves. At a film festival just a few months ago, Baldyr ended up meeting his first girlfriend, Cassandra. It lasted for a time, but something always felt off to him during the events. He chalked it up to her being quite the nutcase and split ways.

        Baldyr was going to a sci-fi convention dressed as his favorite show character when he was transported to Voglynd.

      • Class: Arcanist
        Subclass: Enchanter
        • Trick Shot: Baldyr possesses a pair of toy pistols that he can use as foci, building energy through them in order to release magical shots. Each pistol can be imbued with a different form of energy at a time, which takes time and focus to take effect. Upon setting an enchantment, their effects can be used rapidly to effect individuals at a range. These enchantments work by transferring focused energy to another individual in either a benign or malicious manner. Examples of this include: confusion, charm, stunning, enraging, manifest pain, invigorating, emboldening, strengthening, etc. Note: the targets of these devices are not actually physically damaged or healed, the effects are entirely superficial, sufficient mental will or physical conditions will strain if not undo any effects, ie) a sufficiently fatigued or injured individual, while potentially receiving a boost to their energy levels from any magic to counteract it, it will be quickly undone by sufficient strain upon the body. Effects are, by all means, temporarily and will fade after some time.
        • Healing Crystal: Baldyr's family passed down the belief of magic healing crystals through the generation. It was a strong belief that a worn crystal around the neck would promote health and heal injury faster. Upon the arrival to the new world, Baldyr's faith in the healing crystal had him unconsciously imbue the crystal around his neck with the property to heal himself and others. Channeling magical energy through the crystal, Baldyr can heal others of injury, illness and draw out toxins.
        • Awaken: Baldyr has learned to awaken inanimate objects by transferring energy into them. This magic is quite taxing and follows a strange set of laws that effect the amount of energy required. 1) The more humanoid the object in appearance, the more easily it can be awoken. The greater the detail, the easier it is. Ie) a spider is harder to awaken than a toy soldier. 2) the larger an object is, the harder it is to awaken. A palm sized object will be easier to awaken than a man-sized object. 3) The more organic the materials, the easier it will be to awaken. ie) something made of cotton or leather will be easier than stone to awaken. Metal is the hardest object to awaken. Upon being awoken, the objects will work autonomously based upon commands issued by Baldyr.
        • Runes: Baldyr always had interest in runes and symbols, learning old world symbols in the past. Upon arriving to Voglynd, Baldyr can now weave energy into these runes in order to imbue effects into an object. These enchantments take a great deal of time to imbue into an object and require the feeding of energy into them. Rune magic will linger for a great time and slowly draw upon the energy stored in them. After a time, they must be refreshed by the feeding of more energy into them. The stronger the effect and more complex it is, the more time it takes to craft and the more energy it requires. Baldyr's coat is an example or rune magic, the effects upon it being that it extra tough and protects against laceration, stabbing, shredding and the like where it covers. However, it does not protect against the force behind these attacks, as he can still quite easily be bludgeoned and broken with sufficient strength.
        • Phantasms: Baldyr is capable of constructing illusions. The simpler the illusion, the less energy taxing it is. As it grows to effect more senses and effect a greater area, the more straining it is to hold and the shorter the time he can sustain it.

      • Name: Payton Aristov
        Age: 26
        Sex: Female
        Appearance: Payton is a relatively small woman, standing at 5'1", though has a voluptuous figure, just enough in the right places to transform her well-exercised body into something feminine. She is a well-made woman, her nails perfectly done and painted a deep red, make-up done in a dark albeit alluring manner, and raven coloured hair styled and cascading down to the middle of her back. Her warm brown eyes are shadowed by long, dark eyelashes. She usually wears well-fitting clothes that highlight her assets and are relatively dark. Her hands have small scars, nicks from times of working with a blade. There are scars on her knees from nasty scrapes and tumbles taken in the past. On her right right, inside of a heart tattoo is the name Samael. On her lower back is a tribal tattoo.
        Bio: Her life began, born to a mother who was just barely an adult and a father that had left the picture before it even begun. Her mother, Lillian, was forced to quit university in order to work and provide for her as a child. It was a rough childhood, struggling to make ends meet, but the two were thick as thieves and were happy enough. There was always a steady stream of men that passed through the household. Her grandfather always called them her mother's "callers" and always had a disgusted look on his face whenever referring to them. Her grandfather was always angry, though, she did not pay it much mind until she grew older.

        Payton did well enough in school and in many cases her teachers praised her for her academic excellence. She also participated in school programs for dancing as often as she could. It was her dream to be a professional dancer. She showed promise and was invited on more than one occasion to join one various dance academy or another. In the end, though, they never had enough money for her to attend.

        Payton matured much faster than the other girls in her grade and it was not long before she captured the attention of boys older than her. She began dating young and at age 15, she found herself with a steady boyfriend, Matthew. However, as with teenage hormones, there came unexpected consequences: Payton found herself expecting. For the start of the pregnancy, Matt was there. However, as she began to struggle in the later terms physically, he grew more anxious and eventually split ways. No longer able to expect any help from the man she was certain would be with her forever, she was forced to have to quit high school and find work with the birth of Samael.

        Lillian was furious at how irresponsible her daughter was and disappointed that she would struggle much like she had. With how much she still struggled to support them, she needed Payton's help to care for Samael as well. Her first job was as an assistant to a butcher, a family friend. It panned out for awhile until she grew tired of the job, always coming home smelling of meat and covered in grime. She quit, but her mother demanded she get a new job. She found employment as a maid. In her free-time to entertain herself, she began to participate in parkour during her off-chances to get physically fit once more.

        During her time as a maid, she grew bored with the menial task and found herself picking pockets and nicking items from the rooms she cleaned in order to experience a rush. In the end, she ended up losing her job thanks to this. She was not quite able to stop her kleptomaniac behavior even despite this. It was much of a pattern for her, passing from one job to the next in various odds and ends manners. There were relationships, but they were as come-and-go as her employment. The only thing that was stable in her life was her son, whom she loved and adored and would do anything for.

        It was while she was going to pick him up from his sports practice that she found herself in Voglynd.

      • Class: Specialist
        Subclass: Scout
        • From the Shadows: Payton is talented at making herself unnoticed until she wants to be. She can be quiet as a mouse and blend into the shadows. She is more likely to fade into the background unless she wants to be seen. Attacks from stealth are more likely to be disabling, if not deadly.
        • Escape Artist: Payton is talented at finding a way out of situations. Be it talking her way past a guard, unlocking a door, or slipping out a hard to get through area, she just seems to be faster, more agile and cunning.
        • Keen Edge: Payton is skilled with edged weapons, knowing how to inflict the most pain with the least amount of effort. She is more likely to hit a critical area or enfeeble a target when she strikes out with one of these weapons.
        • Dirty Rotten Scoundrel: She is a dirty rotten scoundrel with absolutely no honor when it comes to a fight. She is not one for trading blows back and forth in some grand duel. She is unafraid of fighting dirty, so long as it increases the odds of her survival. Any underhanded tactics in battle are more likely to yield a beneficial effect for her, whether that means teaming up on one poor bastard, throwing sand in their eyes or kicking them in the family jewels, she is just going to take every advantage she can get.
        • Femme Fatale: Payton looks fine -- damn fine -- and she knows it. She will cash in on her feminine wiles in any way she possibly can. She is more likely to charm someone with her words and get people to drop their guards. Girl simply knows just what to say and how to move her body for the greatest effect.

      • Name: Atana Medona
        Age: 31
        Sex: Female
        Appearance: Image source. Minus the spurs and high-heeled boots, and let's pretend that's leather leg armor instead of metal. She's tall, about 6 feet, and the crossbow is just extremely long to counterbalance the weight of the metal up front. Atana will also usually be seen wearing a large backpack under her fur cloak.
        Class: Mechanist
        Subclass: Scavenger

        Tinker's Tools -
        Atana's first order of business in arriving in Voglynd (after pondering about the strange circumstances and finding food and shelter and so forth, at least) was to put together a toolkit that was familiar enough to be of use. It is by no means a perfect kit, but just having a set of tools to call her own is a great boon and comfort in the strange new world. Thanks to the simple fact of having these tools always in her possession, Atana is much better at creating or repairing things outside of a real workshop or forge than she would be if she only had her hands to work with.

        Ore Affinity - Through equal parts research and trial and error, Atana has found out how to work with the ore that is found near artefacts to create some things that defy conventional physics. Currently she can only reinforce objects or set them up to break in interesting ways, but that may change in time.

        Junkyard Crossbow – It isn't pretty, but it gets the job done. The long and thin stock would normally be a weakness, but Atana reinforced it at strategic points with ancestral ore to keep it sturdy. This custom built crossbow comes with an also custom built hand crank that turns the arm-wrecking chore of pulling the heavy duty string back into a matter of a few quick turns of a handle. Atana is a proponent of working smarter, not harder.

        Shatterbolts - Normal crossbow bolts are useful, but they come with the problem of only being able to hit one target at a time. Atana created her shatterbolts to fix that problem. They are made from extremely wide (for a crossbow bolt) shafts of work worked over with bits of ancestral ore to cause them to shatter into fragments shortly after being fired. The effective range is very small since the wild fragments lose momentum rather quickly, but anything within ten feet of the firing point is in for some serious hurt. Atana only carries three of these special bolts with her at any given time, since they take up so much space in her quarrel.

        Quick Wits - Working with foreign and potentially dangerous materials requires speed and good reaction times to avoid horrendous injuries. The proof of Atana's quick thinking can be found in the fact that she still has all her fingers and her hair, and that she only has a few significant burn scars on her arms. This speedy thinking translates well into other fields though, especially when one is used to quickly following thought with action. Simply put, Atana is much better than the average person at reacting to new and unexpected events.
      • History: Atana was born to a family of intellectuals, those who used their minds rather than their hands to make a living. From a young age she was quite different from her siblings: she liked to figure out how things worked for herself, often by taking them apart, rather than simply being content with a verbal explanation. She was the child who learned that touching fire was bad, then tested the limits rather than avoiding it in the future. She had little patience for reading fantastical works for children, but non-fiction works could hold her attention for hours. Her parents realized it would be pointless to try to push her toward their own interests, and so she was put onto a path toward a more technical career from an early age.

        After going through school and various training programs, Atana became a mechanical engineer. She was rather successful in this field because her aptitude for quick thinking, problem solving, and innovation made her great at the more challenging tasks that many avoided. When she wasn't at work, Atana was most likely to be found in her little workshop at home working on anything from repairs for friends and family to some of her own inventions, though her forays into inventing were more a hobby than a practical or profitable endeavor. Life was going fine for her, with little more than passing worry about the extinction nonsense people talked about because she felt confident that some intrepid mind, perhaps her own, would come up with a solution and everything would be fine.

        And then one day she woke up in a strange new land. Where others might have panicked or been unable to cope, Atana remained calm and got to work gathering supplies and tools in order to get on with her life in the new world. Truth be told, she isn't actually convinced that they are on some separate planet: she thinks it's entirely likely that she is in a coma and having a very lucid dream about this fantastical place and the potential of a miracle chance to save the world. That doesn't bother her very much though, because freaking out about it wouldn't accomplish anything. Either way, real experience or crazy fantasy, there's nothing for it but to make a new life in the land called Voglynd and hope for the best.

        Personality: Atana is rather relaxed and casual even in what should be tense situations. Some view her as being immature or lacking in seriousness, but that's not the case: she simply doesn't get stressed out by things. She has embraced a simple life philosophy of "there's no use complaining or worrying about things when you could be fixing them instead," and that is why she remains calm and level-headed even in situations such as waking up in an unfamiliar land. Atana is somewhat introverted, but it doesn't much effort to get her to warm up to someone and show her friendly and helpful self. She approaches problems with a logical mind and is not great at delicate things involving emotions, though she's got a pretty easy sense of humor such that even crappy puns can pull a grin from her.

      • Name: Calira Jorros
        Age: 26
        Sex: Female
        Appearance: Image source. Nothing of note to add.
        Class: Specialist
        Subclass: Tactician


        Commander's Orders - Calira is a natural born leader, and as such she is very effective at commanding others to do what must be done. She is so confident and decisive in her command that those so ordered find themselves working harder to achieve whatever goal Calira gave them, and as such anyone who follows her orders is more likely to succeed at that task than if they had tried it without orders.

        Powerful Presence - Achieving the posture and tone of a leader is a simple matter of practice, but having the kind of presence that can draw attention simply by entering a room or demand obedience without a single harsh word is an innate gift. Calira has this gift, and she makes use of it. Those lacking in willpower, even if they are trying to kill her at the moment, will instinctually try to follow any command she gives them. It may simply give the person pause as they decide to fight against the impulse, or it might break those especially weak of mind and force them to do as she commands.

        Warrior's Eye - Calira has experience with assessing dangerous situations, and as such she has acquired a knack for reading enemies at a glance. She can assess the general skills, intentions, and relative threat levels of up to half a dozen enemies in a brief moment, giving her some baseline information to use as she begins barking orders to her allies.

        Tactical Cooperation - To be a great commander one must be capable of following the lead of others at need and understand the finer points of cooperation. Calira is well versed in these simple but underappreciated skills. When she helps someone else with any action that she herself did not order she follows their lead and works in tandem with them, thus she is more effective at the task than she would be when doing it alone.

        Bulwark - Most fighters are trained to press the attack to control their opponents movements, but Calira was instructed in a more defensive combat philosophy. Her style of fighting is to pick her spot, stand her ground, and not give a single inch no matter what comes her way. She is capable of fighting aggressively when necessary, but she is far more comfortable and skilled when taking a defensive approach.
      • History: Although war was rare on Albedo, some families maintained a martial tradition out of a sense of pride. Calira was the sole child born to one such family, a man was was a lifelong peacekeeping officer and a woman who ran in influential social circles and was elected to various political offices over the years, and her parents drilled the strictly regimented lifestyle into her from a very young age. As she reached adolescence she realized that they had really wanted a son, another artifact of old traditions, and that a lot of their frequent marital squabbles stemmed from their inability to conceive another child after her, and that caused some rather unavoidable confusion and angst for Calira. Despite the apparent flaw of her sex, she was a source of pride for her parents as they could each see themselves in her: she inherited her father's aptitude for defensive fighting and tactics and her mother's natural presence and force of personality.

        Calira joined the peacekeeping force of her city at the age of 18, younger than most new recruits thanks to her father pulling some strings. She was put onto the officer career track soon after she turned 19, which was absolutely unheard of and caused some to mutter about nepotism. Two years later, after proving that she could more than keep up with others despite her age, she got a chance to really shine and show that her father hadn't simply been promoting his daughter for no good reason. Tensions rose with neighboring peoples and one of the very rare bouts of open fighting took place, and Calira was sent out with a squad of her own to command in real battle for the first time. They were extraordinarily successful under her leadership, coming back after the battle with no major injuries and having broken through all the way to the back of the enemy lines to assault their unsuspecting ranged forces.

        After the dust settled, Calira was awarded some medals and became the darling of the city (for a while at least, until they forgot about her deeds and moved on to the next rising star), and everyone expected her to rise to a high position of command in no time flat. Those predictions of quick advancement came true, and before she knew it she was the youngest ever captain of the peacekeeping forces. As nice as it was to have her skills recognized, she found the increasingly administrative aspects of the job and the general purposelessness of being a military officer in an era of peace to be very tiresome and longed for the simpler days of being the leader of a squad with a clear goal in mind. She ended up marrying a man from a politically powerful family when she was 24, more at the urging of her parents than by her own wishes, and as such it was a rather loveless relationship. After a couple years of the combined dissatisfaction at work and very uncomfortable life at home Calira wished another skirmish would break out so she could go out and do something that mattered, something that didn't require paperwork or awkward attempts at intimacy.

        That desire for action was more or less granted when she woke one morning to find herself transported to another world. In the new place she was no longer a bright young officer with the hopes of her parents and the expectations of many others riding on her shoulders, she was simply a woman who had some useful skills and a goal to pursue. After an initial panic at the strange situation, Calira found herself quite liking her new circumstances, and she is not at all worried about how long it might take to get home.

        Personality: Calira is very adept with the use of social masks, for an officer cannot afford to let their thoughts and feelings get in the way of a job that needs doing. When she is in a dangerous situation or performing some other vital task she dons what she likes to think of as her empress mask, the imperious ruler that cares for her subjects but demands the absolute best from them. In less intense situations that are still uncomfortable or unfamiliar she dons the queen mask, polite but formal, willing to listen to others and perhaps chat a bit but still holding others out at arm length and giving little away from herself. Around acquaintances she might drop down to the lesser version, the lady mask, which is warmer and more companionable but still holds a wall between herself and others.

        Those who become familiar enough for Calira to drop her defenses, or those adept at seeing through such facades, will find a woman wracked by an odd clash of confidence and insecurity. She is very confident of her skills of leadership and fighting, of being a commander and making sure all the human cogs in the battle machine turn smoothly. She knows her looks are generally aesthetically pleasing, she knows she is in good shape, and she knows that she comports herself with dignity and grace in public, so she has no worries at all about what strangers might think of her. On the other hand, she is extremely insecure with socializing and agonizes over every blunder, both true and perceived, and it is only through rigid exterior control with her masks that she isn't a total mess whenever socializing is required. She has a lot of sore spots that might cause her to react very negatively should someone bring them up, though of course since they're sore spots she doesn't go around telling people about them. Calira puts forth a strong front, but in truth she's just as vulnerable as anyone.
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  3. So I am the prettiest. Right?
  4. You get a gold star for beauty. Luckily this RP won't feature a beauty pageant section... oh, who am I kidding? If we get some down time between missions, I'm not going to pass up that chance. xD
  5. Name: Oliver "Bone Crusher" Veneer
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male


    An extremely well built, fair-skinned man standing 6'2" tall and rippling with muscle, Oliver is an imposing sight. Possessing a voice with enough bass to potentially cause an earthquake and a truly mighty beard, Veneer deems himself the very image of a true Man.

    Class: Specialist
    Subclass: Soldier

    Bio: Charismatic, commanding, unusually kind, and just a little bit too self-confident essentially describes Oliver. In Albedo, he was a rather well known athlete, one who participated in various sports and forms of fighting to entertain a population who had almost all their needs taken care of by technology. However, in this new world, without the crowds to please, Oliver suddenly came to the realization that he could do so much more. In taking up the sword, perhaps for once he could actually accomplish something instead of just making people cheer.


    Brute Strength: Possessing a finely built body honed with the assistance of dozens of trainers as well as natural genetic talent, Oliver is quite possibly one of the strongest humans in recent history. At least, he was in Albedo, a land with little focus on physical pursuits. His sheer strength allows him to swing a longsword around almost as if it were a dagger.

    Iron Endurance: Athletic training has also gifted Oliver with a significant amount of stamina and pain tolerance, and his extremely healthy body tends to be capable of enduring more and quickly recovering from punishment.

    Combat Natural: A lifetime of pursuing physical perfection and participating in both sports and competitive fighting has given Oliver a natural talent when it comes to combat and even killing. Learning how to fight with a new weapon takes a short period of time, though he has come to prefer a longsword.

    Innately Charismatic: A testosterone-fueled voice full of bass combined with a mountain-like physique as well as natural ambition has given Veneer a natural charisma. It also helps that the man spent long periods of time leading sports teams and rallying his men in times of distress.

    Womanizing: Of course, if a man is built like a rhino and has an inordinate amount of testosterone flowing through his veins, there is the tendency towards other pursuits. One of them is an almost insatiable desire for women, a 'skill' that Oliver has spent a long time perfecting
  6. Are multiple characters cool? How many are you looking for? And how developed is this world? Is it more something to be built as time goes on?
  7. Mulitple characters will be fine. I am hoping to get 15 characters at max, but 15 players would also be fine, so long as we don't get too far past 20 characters, just to make it easy on me for splitting up people for missions and whatnot.

    The world isn't too advanced, but I think we will be able to expand upon that as the IC goes on. It's... let's see... more advanced than a traditionally medieval fantasy setting. Still on the verge of muskets becoming widespread and such, relying a lot on older weaponry, but books and such exist, and some of the artefacts resemble space-age technology, though they might not behave in the way one would expect.

    As for you, @Hellis , get your CS finished, but it looks like your customs are totally fine.

    And @Ascendant, Oliver Veneer is accepted.
  8. And now a test. I'm in.
  9. Name: Aithne Glenvale
    Age: 22
    Sex: Female


    A lithe young woman who stands merely five feet tall, Aithne is about as far from imposing as one can get, short of being a baby, particularly when one considers her rather quiet, shy voice. She wears her flame-red hair about her shoulders when wearing casual clothing, tying it back into a ponytail when working on something.

    Class: Mechanist
    Subclass: Savant

    Bio: Born to a pair of engineers, Aithne spent nearly all her childhood playing with mechanical toys, taking apart pieces of tech her parents brought home and learning to work with new technologies. Her school life consisted of rigorous courses at private schools whose students were destined for scientific fields. One would think she would be amazing at handling technology from the old world, and that isn't entirely wrong, but her true talent lies with manipulating the artifacts of this strange new world. Unfortunately, her deep focus on the mental has led to her being rather... less capable socially. Insecure, shy, and a bit of a hermit describe Aithne pretty well. The woman would rather be in a workshop than a crowd.


    Artifact Whisperer: While Aithne is quite the capable engineer, her most remarkable trait is the sudden appearance of the ability to seem to speak to what she refers to as the "Spirit" of an artifact. Perhaps it's just insanity, but the woman is unusually good at using, manipulating and analyzing artifacts. Potentially she may even learn to disconstruct or assemble her own.

    Old World Knowledge: Well-read, Aithne brings a wealth of technical old world knowledge with her and the ability to put it to use practically. Perhaps she should've read a book about social communication too but that's in the past.

    Smarter Than Your Average Bear: A lifetime of learning combined with natural intelligence means Aithne is typically smarter than your average bear, at least when it comes to technical or thoughtful concepts.

    Engineer: Prior training combined with practical experience means that given the right materials, Aithne could potentially construct old world devices, or at least things that apply old world theories such as more advanced rifles or explosives.

    Deconstructor: When one knows how to build something, one typically also knows how to destroy it. Aithne can more easily identify and exploit structural weaknesses in buildings, armor, etc.
  10. Knowing what the Old World had technologically would also help. It sounds like it's similar to modern or better.
  11. Technologically speaking, the artefacts tend to conform to Clarke's third law: "any sufficiently advanced tech is indistinguishable from magic". They run the gamut from being pretty clearly magical (granting powers of some sort) to weapons, gateways, transportation, automatons, and such. So, I'd say it's better than modern tech, but much different.
  12. Done, I think.
  13. Sorta possibly interested in this. But a question: Is there no class or subclass that deals with medicine/poisons/etc? Or has magic made those things obsolete? I’m thinking of a healer-type character who makes potions and whatnot, but I’m not sure which class to toss that person into.
  14. Nothing dedicated to it, sure, but you can make two of the Arcanist subclasses into healers. Enchanter to imbue people/things with magical healing power, or Conjurer to magically summon healing stuff. Tempest's Enchanter character has a crystal thing enchanted with healing power, for example.
  15. The way I structured the subclasses was hoping to keep it pretty open, with the first of each three being the combat oriented one, the last being more geared towards support, and the middle being flexible towards either. That's why I decided against doing a trait list and instead let you produce all customs, so you could take any class or subclass in whatever direction you wanted.

    So, @ERode, you could do a tactician that specializes on potion making if you want, or as Jorick said, Conjurers and Enchanters would work well for that.
  16. Should I just make Vitellia 2.0?
  17. Do you want to? Haha, up to you, Oz.

  18. Name: Allereun ‘Al’ Aruivantes
    Age: 21
    Sex: Male
    Class: Specialist
    Subclass: Scout
    Appearance: 5'5 with a medium build. His fingernails are often lined with dirt, due to the fact that he hates gloves, and there's always the scent of nature around him, whether it be the aroma of flowers or the stench of fertilizer. Allereun prefers warm clothing, more sensitive to the cold than the heat, and has a particular dislike for sandals.
    His Story:
    Allereun Aruivantes had always felt like he had been born in the wrong time. It’s not like he disliked the conveniences that technology brought, nor did he particularly preferred to cast away the comforts of a large, air-conditioned, well-stocked household, but, as a child, he was always bored out of his mind. The stagnating utopia of Albedo was crushing his motivation to do anything at all, as society’s almost naïve focus on the wellbeing of every citizen made it so that one could live through life without having done a single thing. It was such a dead, pointless life, that Allereun had begun skipping school ever since he realized that he could learn everything by himself. His parents didn’t care about their son’s truancy either, and, just like that, the boy drowned himself in e-books, escaping into another world.

    It was at the end of middle school that something finally sparked his attention. It was a copy of a book on ancient history, detailing diseases and deformities that were now all but wiped out. It spoke of how, a millennium or two ago, people would use plants and wildlife to create a whole bunch of things, from poisons to medicines, glue to clothing. It taught him of a deadlier past, where a single plague could wipe out thousands, where death by unnatural causes was common. It was, frankly, really damn awesome.

    Instead of going to high school the following year, he packed up his bags and left, seeking adventure and uncertainty. What he got instead was…pretty much nothing. The countryside was a manicured field, where golems marched about, precisely and perfectly taking care of the crops. The wilderness was an orderly orchard, the animals there so complacent that they might as well have been 3D models.

    His dream was dead, and he wanted to scream until he died alongside it.

    Allereun went back home, lived the life that his parents wanted, finished high school, went onto university, and studied biology. The only thing that remained of his boyish interests was his interest in the obsolete field of herbal medicine, and the shoddy little garden he kept at home.

    Then, he woke up in an unknown, grassy field, and that dream was reborn.

    Biologist – Allereun is well-versed in the obsolete field of natural medicine, and is fairly aware of the benefits and dangers of most plants in Albedo. In a way, he could perhaps be compared to that of a fletching apothecary, someone who has lots of theoretical knowledge, but has yet to find an opportunity to apply such knowledge in the real world. It might be said that he’s even talented in this area, capable of utilizing gut instinct and previous knowledge to deduce the effects of plants, medicines, poisons, and whatever else.

    Average Joe – Despite his super cool, sexy-sounding name, and despite his elementary school days of being the cutest kid on the block, puberty had hit Allereun rather hard, and now, he looks perfectly normal. So normal, in fact, he could get through a lot of places without being noticed at all. He lacks a metric ton of presence, and this translates to one hell of an unintentionally stealthy bastard. This also means that most people that he doesn’t regularly encounter will forget him. Which is very sad.

    Snake Tongue – While it would be awesome if Allereun could actually speak to snakes, he can’t. In exchange for that, though, he is a very gifted liar, stemming from the fact that he doesn’t view lies and deception as a morally bad thing. Everything he speaks sounds like the truth, but whether they actually are or not is sorta possibly maybe up to discussion. This also happens to make him rather good with card games, because his poker face is literally a stone wall of impassiveness.

    Challenge Lover – Unfortunately, unlike in Valkyria Chronicles, this doesn’t actually increase Allereun’s attack damage with submachine guns. Instead, as someone who pretty much always wanted to live a life as uncertain and dangerous as he currently has to, Allereun is capable of surpassing his personal physical limitations, simply through an exercise of mind over matter. He can hike farther, starve longer, run farther, lift more, punch harder than he normally would, as long as he’s doing it for the sake of adventure. In a way, he might actually be insane. But hey, it’s really just courage and adrenaline and friendship power...right?

    Stomach of Steel – Allereun’s body is surprisingly adept at handling disease, poisons, and all the other nasty stuff that finds its way into his body. Perhaps it’s because he had a habit of eating weird shit as a kid, or perhaps it’s due to the fact that his own cooking is cartoonishly toxic, but somehow, he rarely suffers as much from food poisoning or actual poisoning compared to others. A strong body and a (questionably) healthy mind has seen him through many days whereas others have toppled over. Naturally, that also means that he can probably outdrink you.
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