Emeralds of Chaos

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  1. It had been three days since Veronica had started the case. A missing chaos emerald and the master emerald broken into almost unfixable shards. It was sending some of the mobians into a complete fit. They were losing their source of protection from Dr. Robotnik, otherwise known as Dr. Eggman by their hero, Sonic. Veronica sighed and pulled out a pack of cigarettes, taking one and smoking it. She blew a bit of smoke into the air, trying to figure out how to solve this case. No one was paying her to do it. If they were she wouldn't be taking odd jobs just to get enough for some food. Yet, she still tried to help find the emerald and the culprit.

    The fox sighed as she scratched the back of her head. What was she going to do? She was stuck in a circle since Knuckles wouldn't let her close enough to the master emerald to check for fingerprints. She couldn't go asking around since most mobians weren't there or refused to answer. So here she was, walking down the streets of some deserted town, stuck.

    A large bar was open that time of night and Veronica had earned enough money for a hot meal. She shrugged, pulling her trench coat closer to her body as she walked into the bar, not noticing the blue cat that was sitting near the counter.
  2. Frost was sitting at the counter of the local bar, taking shots and downing them like a pro. She giggled then sighed and looked around, knowing about the deal with the emerald. She silently wondered who was working the case since she honestly wanted to try out some of her newest inventions but alas she had no one willing to try them since her inventions not only work but if they're untested they tend to explode in the user's face. After scanning the room she noticed a fox whom was sitting a lone then a smirk came to her face. Maybe she could get her to use them instead so she got up and walked over to her then took a seat at her table.

    "Hi there." she says then smiles as innocently as possible.
  3. Veronica raised an eyebrow, studying the cat. She snuffed out her cigarette and took a cup from the waitress, nodding a thanks. "Hi." She replied, seeing through the innocent look right away. She wanted something. What she wanted though, Veronica didn't know.
  4. "Hi there. I was wondering...are you like a detective by any chance?" she asked with a hopeful look in her eye. "I ask this because of how you dress. It just screams detective to be honest." she says with a grin.
  5. "And if I am a detective? What does that give you?" Veronica, or Ronnie as she preferred to be called, asked. She looked tired and frustrated, not wanting to deal with anyone trying to trick her into giving them money or some other type of payment. She was goddamn broke anyway.
  6. "Oh no no no, don't get me wrong. I don't need anything from you personally, just someone to test my new invention for me. What do you say? Will you do it?" Frost stated then asked almost as if she was actually begging for the fox to be her test dummy for her newer, latest and greatest inventions.
  7. Ronnie hesitated. "Depends. How much are you willing to pay?" She asked, looking over the blue cat with interest. She got her meal and began to tuck in, even though it was only a sandwich since that was the best hot meal she could afford in the place. It tasted heavenly to the technically 'homeless' fox.
  8. "How about a place to stay and three hot meals a day. That sound like a good enough payment to you?" Frost offered. Sure she could've actually paid her but why waste her money if she dies when testing one of her inventions. Sure they had a 60/40 explosion rate with the possibility of an explosion being 40% but lately nothing bad has happened so she was hoping to keep that streak going.
  9. Ronnie looked Frost over for a bit before sighing. "I'm going to regret this... fine. It's a deal." She said, holding her hand out. She downed the rest of her beer as she waited for the blue cat to shake her hand.
  10. Frost took her hand and shook it gratefully. "You won't regret it...unless you somehow die in the testing process..." sh muttered then stood up and stretched out, her tail doing the same. "By the way,lovely coat." she added since it did look like hers in a way but of course Frost was a bit ore open with herself since she was wearing nothing underneath, finding it to be a bother in case she spilled oil or something while working.
  11. "At least I'll die spectacularly." Ronnie muttered as she stood up. "When do I start?" She would rather not sleep in the alleys that night, but if need be she would do what she had to do.
  12. "Tonight. I want to get this one thing tested before the next day. It's essential and I think it can help you with your detective work since you seem to be in a bit of a slump." Frost assures her then walks up to the counter and pays for her shots then walks out of the bar first, waiting on her new live test dummy.
  13. Ronnie sighed as she followed the cat. "Alright, do I get the decency of knowing your name? Or should I just call you the 'mad scientist' since I'm your test dummy." She pulled on her braid, her long bushy tail swishing from side to side.
  14. Frost's tail straightened up after realizing she had forgotten to give her name. "I'm Frost, your new boss when it comes to testing those inventions. What might yours be?"
  15. "I bet we'd both like to know that, wouldn't we?" Ronnie commented, grabbing a cigarette and smoking it. Her tail relaxed as her ears twitched, enjoying the calm sensation the cancer stick gave her.
  16. Frost looked at her with a raised eyebrow then grabbed the cigarette from her and pressed the lit part on her Ronnie's cheek. "Yes we would or would you rather stay out here for the rest of the night?" she says with a serious look in her eyes.
  17. Ronnie winced and stared at Frost before sighing. "Ronnie. You can call me Ronnie." She took another cigarette out, lighting it with her old lighter. She ignored the burn that was caused from the lit ciggie, just focusing on how much she needed to calm down.
  18. Frost continued to watch her and simply had to ask "Why're you smoking like a chimney on a cold winter day?" since she wasn't going to allow the fox to do that in her place. There was usually enough smoke as it is and she didn't need tobacco smoke making it worse.
  19. "Relaxes me." Ronnie said. "Besides, no use quitting now. Already in too deep." She blew some smoke into the air, thinking of how she got when she couldn't get a pack of cigarettes.
  20. "Well there's a no smoking rule in my home. There already tends to be enough smoke there as it is and I don't need you making it worse because you have a bad habit." Frost says then flicks the butt in her hand, making her drop it then stomps on it to prove that she wasn't kidding.