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    Genken Otora
    Genken Otora was on his way to check out the new group of Genin. All of them had passed the academy and it was time now for then to be assigned a team...and hopefully pass the final test of becoming a full-fledged shinobi. He lazily walked toward the classroom door. His mask was firmly placed upon his face. He looked behind him and saw the other Sensei coming to see which students they had been assigned. Genken sighed. What he hoped was to get a decent group of students. Hopefully none of his students were hard to manage, but knowing him, there was bound to be a slow kid on his team. Team 2 had a history of such luck. For when he was young, there was indeed a slow, hot-headed student on Team 2.

    Hana Momochi
    Alright! I am so pumped! I'm finally going to be assigned to a real shinobi team!! Hana thought silently to herself. She was sitting on the edge of her seat, waiting for the Hokage to walk in and assign her to a team. There was no way she could turn back now. Hana had come too far for that. Hana looked around at the other students. The sensei were supposed to be here in just seconds. All of her questions would be answered. The first thing she wanted to do was train and show off a little. She wanted to show Konoha the Sand Village's power. Hana seemed to bounce in her seat. Her eyes were burning with passion and excitement as she await for something she had wanted her whole life. She wondered what they were going to do first and who her sensei was going to be. She hoped it was Genken, but with her luck, it wouldn't be him. She desperately wanted to be on the team with Sosuke, but that wasn't going to happen either. She was willing to bet a week's worth a ramen on that.

    Sosuke Motodori
    His head was on his desk and he seriously considered sleeping. He had passed the academy's tests with ease and all he really wanted to do now was be assigned a team and finally move on with his life. Perhaps he would train a while and then go home. He wanted to sleep so badly. He ran his slender hands through his hair and sighed. What he would do for a pillow right now. Sosuke's eyes traveled lazily to the clock. The sensei would be here soon. He was secretly praying that he would not have to be on the same team as Hana. She was so loud and irritating. She just pissed him to no end. Sosuke sank even lower in his desk, his thoughts racing about in his head. He didn't even care which sensei he got. However, he too hoped for Genken, but then again, there were probably better sensei than him that Sosuke didn't even know about. Sosuke waited. And he waited. Until the moment would come and the sensei would arrive. Then of course, the Hokage would decide his fate.

    Sereza Madara
    She was following Genken towards the classrooms. She was awaiting excitedly for some new genin to torture. She loved the way they looked at the beginning. Scared and eyes full of wonder. It reminded her of the times when she was genin. Sereza was on the same team as Genken. That man was a genious and outshined her everytime. Secretly, she had made him her rival and one day she would beat him and fight by his side as an equal. If she was lucky, maybe her entire team would take down his. She was the leader of Team 4 and proud to be it. There was no doubt about that. She looked around for the Hokage. He was going to be late as usual. At least that's what it looked like. She shook her head. Did that man ever show up on time? She wondered.

    In a far away place... an enemy rises...
    A man dressed in nothing but black sat in his lair. It was underground and soon he would be a force to be reckoned with. His plans were now complete. He was powerful and soon he would destroy any village that should resist his power. He would take with him every tailed spirit and absorb its power. No one would be able to defeat him. He would be invincible. But of course, what was a villain without someone to do their dirty work? And that was when he decided to find himself a follower. One he could train and raise. A loyal follower with potential and strong enough to take down enemy lines. He would need a kid. A kid would give birth to his rise in power...
  2. Kikyo sat in her seat silently, twirling a clump of her short black hair between her fingers. She was clearly nervous about getting assigned to a team. She knew that she had a lot of hard work ahead of her and now that she was being put on a team, she had people she would slow down if she didn’t work hard enough. Her silver eyes slowly glanced around at the other students, most of them seemed so excited or relaxed, unlike her. She wished she could be more positive about moving up, but that wasn’t who she was. She was always doubting herself, yet scared to disappoint anybody. Especially her parents. Finally, Kikyo let out a quiet sigh in attempt to calm her nerves. She couldn’t let them get the best of her now.
  3. Emiko sat down impatiently. She wanted to get the listing over with and get straight to training. She was banking on having Hana and Shisuzen as teamates. In her head anyone rose would simply hold her back. To Emiko those two were the only ones worthy of her partnership. The academy was such a bore for her, even though she aces the physicals and barely slid by on the intellectual parts Emiko was noted as quite exceptional. She would only hope genin would be more of a challenge. " Hokage-sama better not give me some crappy teacher." She said slightly aggrivated. Emiko didn't care who her sensei was as long as they furthered her training. She had already made up her mind to surpass them anyway. Now she just had to wait.
  4. Hiroshi Suma had been walking behind Genken and Sereza. He had been a tad excited to meet his new students. He was leader of team three, which was also his favorite and lucky number. Once he walked into the room where all the students were held, he looked at all the students. He already knew his team, the hokage having already told the sensei. He was alright with his group, knowing them from their parents. He sighed inwardly, wishing his godson, Shisuzen had been on his team. Speaking of which, where is he? He shouldn't be late.

    Shisuzen had been running late, waking up 30 minutes later than he wanted to. He ran last many people, waving hi while they congratulated him on becoming genin. Though he barely passed, be was happy. His own jutsu was little help when it came to the exams. But luckily, he was able to pass by with minor issues in his jutsu. He may have been a good prodigy of his clan, basic replication wasn't his forte. He was used to other forms. But finally he arrived. He had hoped he would have been on his favorite "uncle's" team, Hiroshi-sensei. Of coarse with his luck, he doubted it. But he kept his holes up high, looking at the other sensei. His eyes lit up as he saw Kikyo, his crush. Shisuzen walked over to her while waving. "Kikyo!" He said once he was close enough. He waited for her response, staring into her eyes.

    Kiro Habiti had been waiting for the hokage to tell her the order of their teams. She was hoping to be on Sosuke's team. He was so dreamy and she had was head over heels for him. Of coarse she was smart and passed the exams with ease, but he was the best. Barely breaking a sweat when he trains. She let out a deep sigh as she thought of Sosuke. Then she saw Hana Momochi and wrinkled her nose. She knew Hana was after Sosuke. Even if they were friends once, they fought over him. When she saw the sensei enter, she stopped her thoughts and focused on the hokage. Waiting of coarse for the teams.
  5. Kikyo snapped out of her daze when she heard her name being called, she turned her head to look at Shisuzen and greeted him with a small smile.

    “Hi Shisuzen” she said in a soft voice, letting go of her hair and raised her hand to wave. “Are you excited?” she asked. Seeing Shisuzen seemed to calm her nerves a bit. And seeing that he was once again late, always amused her. Out of anybody in the school she hoped that she would be assigned to the same team as him. He always seemed so kind to her, so why wouldn’t she want to be on a team with the boy.
  6. Hiroshi looked over at Shisuzen as he approached his secret crush. Though, the way he treated her, you'd think she would know. But of coarse there was blind love. Where he chased after her blindly while she was oblivious. But Hiroshi admired shisuzen's persistence and never giving up hope. He sighed inwardly. He thought how much Shisuzen had grown and how far in life he'll make it. Then Hiroshi looked at the hokage, waiting for him to give the assigned teams.

    Shisuzen gave Kikyo a big smile. "Of coarse I'm excited. Today starts out our day as true Shinobi. And soon, I'll be hokage." Shisuzen gave another smile. Sharing his dreams with Kikyo made it seemed to him like it could happen. He had so much energy right now. Calm down Shisuzen. Matatabi said. You don't want to scare her away. Be polite, smile and compliment her. You'll be fine. Matatabi always talked to him, giving shisuzen advice when he was acting a fool. Which he began acting like. Giving a big smile, he said "Your bangs, they're... long." Of coarse he didn't know how to compliment a girl so he tried taking it back. "I mean .. your face, it shiny." Of coarse, not only did he talk like a fool, he was acting like one too. Rubbing his hair he gave another smile before smiling and giving up.

    Kiro looked over to Shisuzen making a fool of himself. He always acted stupid around Kikyo. "If only Sosuke was head over heels for me." She mumbled to herself. She looked back at Sosuke, watching from afar. She gave another deep meaningful sigh.
  7. Emiko was distracted by Shisuzen's late entrance. As usual he got flustered while trying to talk to kikyo. She couldn't help but get jealous whenever she saw them interact. They were so... Well cute. She wished she could be like that with someone. Boys were always hitting on her at the academy but she never had the time. Emiko was constantly engrossed in her training and sadly, she missed out if stuff like this. Now that she thought about it, since she had been transported to Konoha she hadn't really connected with anyone. Emiko could only sigh while she sat and gazed at the teens.
  8. Kikyo simply smiled as she listened to him, but whenShisuzen began his terrible commenting her cheeks flushed to a light pink. Her delicate hand reached up and brushed her bangs to the side a little when attention was drawn to them before her fingers brushed against her cheek lightly.

    “Oh?” she muttered, unsure how to take the strange comments. They sounded like insults but he grinned like they were failed attempts at compliments. Ultimately deciding he was just trying to be nice the smile returned to her face. Thinking back Shisuzen always said strange things around her to begin with anyways.

    “Well, I hope we make it on the same team” Kikyo changed the subject a little quickly. “If we do, ill do my best to work hard and not hold you back. After all you want to become Hokage as soon as possible right?” she said sweetly, her hands resting on her lap.
  9. Ryoma Utada
    Of course he was late. Ryoma was always late. He was not in the least bit ashamed that everyone had been waiting on him either. That was not his fault. Konoha had a lot of problems as of late. Though Ryoma was not worried about most of them. They were pretty minor for the most part. He was just worried about a new rumor that had been spread across the village, but he would not say what. At least not yet. The rumor didn't seem to be threatening just yet. Ryoma bowed to the students before beginning.

    "I will announce the teams to which you have been assigned. On Team 2 with Genken-sensei, we have Shisuzen Akumori, Kikyo, and Cypherion. Please greet your sensei. He is the one with the mask."

    He paused and waited for the students to get up.

    Genken Otora smiled under his mask and waited for his new student to greet him. His hands were in his pockets and his eyes scanned the room for anything unusual. For some reason he had a constant habit of doing that. It was rather annoying. He was thrilled to finally have students of his own that he could train. Of course, he was looking forward to the time when they would surpass him or fight along side him as an equal. Genken pulled out a book and started writing down their names. It would be important for what he had in store for his students and he had a final test for them to pass. The scary thing was, no one had passed his test yet. However, Genken had a good feeling about the genin this year. He might finally get a team.
  10. May was outside close to her master's lair, training to become stronger and smarter so that she could help her master in his task. May's parents died when she was 10 years old, she was affraid of what will happen with her, but that was before her master took her by his wing. From that they on her master started training her to become stronger, her training was very hard, harder then other students, blood was spilled, fatal wounds were made, but May survived evrey test, each training was harder and harder then the previous one but she passed them all growing to become a very strong shinobi that will help her master with his task.

    May was standing on a big rock close to a waterfall with many blossomed trees all over the place. May was holding her short katana that was a gift from her master in her right hand, she was readying to do her new jutsu. Making some hand seals with only her left hand and putting her wind chakra in her katana that she is holding with her right hand. When she stoped, the katana started glowing green, with only one sling with her katana she sliced all the trees into little pieces in the area that were in front and around her without even moving. May smilled and putted her katana on her back, and started to walk to her master's lair.

    A few minutes have past when she reached the lair. The lair was underground and there was a secret path that only May and her master knew how to get in. May took the path to the lair and went underground. Entering the lair you could see the dark place that she lives in with a lot of corridors and rooms in it, on the walls there were wierd painting some of different monsters and some she couldnt tell of. May started to walk to her master's throne room, the corridor to there was very long you have to walk all the way down the lair to the room. When she entered the room she saw her master sitting on his throne, walking closer to him she bowed in front of him and said "
    You wanted to see me master".
  11. Cypher was late, as always bot he did, at least, not have to cross the room embarrassingly. He could seemingly just appear in his seat.

    He never knew his parents and he had trained and worked so hard just to get into school. In fact he was mostly hated, everyone thought he was a freak because of his unnatural white hair and midnight purple eyes, he couldn't help who he was. But he didn't honestly care what the other thought, his life goal was just to survive. Not really that hard so far.

    Cypher used his power of stealth to 'blink' across the room and appear in his seat. He tried to block out the other people talking and focus. His Chackram was hooked to his back, he had sharpened it earlier this morning. "kill a man from 50 feet" People had said to him. He knew what they meant
  12. Hiroshi heard Shisuzen's name called along with his crush. This was good. To have someone you love fight alongside you. This will make him grow stronger. Of coarse, he was already strong, just in need of control. And Genken is a great teacher. Like my sensei, hard to pass, but a great teacher nonetheless. Hiroshi rubbed his hands through his black hair in a nervous attempt, knowing his team was next and hoping his students would like him. He looked at one in particular. Emiko, who, like Shisuzen has a tailed beast. But that wasn't all he noticed about her. She was shy and always training, never enjoying the things normal teenagers do. Hiroshi found this to be a flaw, to never enjoy your childhood, making it a downfall for whatever your seeking. To Hiroshi, she was the exact opposite of Shisuzen.

    Shisuzen had heard his name along with Kikyo. He was excited about having her on his team. But he really wanted Hiroshi. Then he heard the third name called. Cypher. Every casted him out as a freak, therefore making him out to be what he's not. Shisuzen liked everyone, so he grabbed Kikyo's hand and went up to cypher, who was a few chairs down, grabbed his hand and greeted his sensei with a bow, gesturing the others to do the same. Giving a smile, Shisuzen told his sensei "I'm gonna be your number 1 student and soon surpass you. Cause one day, I'm going to be hokage." He looked over at Hiroshi, giving him a thumbs up, signifying he was okay he wasn't on his team and was perfectly fine with Genken.

    Kiro looked up as he saw Shisuzen walk up, tugging Kikyo and that freak {Ooc, just to play along with your bio}. She wrinkled her nose, glad she wasn't on their team. Now she had a better chance at being with Sosuke. Only two teams left to pick. She was hoping to be one of the lucky few to be with Sosuke, and that rat Hana wasn't on the same team as him or her. She looked over to Hana, a smirk rolling across her face. Then the hokage was ready to announce another team. So she focused and looked straightforward.
  13. Kikyo blushed when she felt Shisuzen’s warm hand grab hers, but she gladly went with him. Her silver eyes took a quick glance at Cypher when they reached his row of seats. She was quite unsure as to what to think of the boy. If she had to decide on her thoughts of him now, she would probably describe him as a bit frightening. It wasn’t really his unique looks that set her off, it was the way he could blink from one place to another. It was the way he was a complete loner. He was an outcast and because of the way the others treated him she was worried about his capabilities. Not being accepted could ruin anybody’s life and make them become hateful. This is why Kikyo became a little nervous around him. She was a bit surprised at Shisuzens openness and watched as he grabbed the boys hand too, but she kept her questions to herself and simply bowed politely to their new sensei after Shisuzen.
  14. "On Team 3... Let me see... Oh right we have Suma Hiroshi as the sensei, and as the students we have Sosuke Motodori, Emiko Hatsune, and a late comer whose name I forgot. Please standby and greet your new sensei." Ryoma paused yet again, "Kyomi nai kara (forget this!) On team 4 we have Sereza Madara as sensei, and as the students we have, Shinichi Kikuchi, Hana Momochi, and Kiro Habiti! Well that's it. I'm out. Congratulations and good luck!" With that, Ryoma Utada's shadow clone disappeared.

    It figured that the real Hokage wasn't even there. He was probably doing something completely irrelevant to today's tasks. Either way, he was not here announcing the rest of what he was supposed to say. Leave it to him to be late and leave something out as usual. That was typical Ryoma Utada behavior.

    Genken bowed to his students. "Well I'm not one to stick around. Team 2, let's head to the training ground."
    He smiled through his mask before walking out of the classroom. From his disposition one could tell that he was lazy and probably didn't like getting up this early as it is. Genken's eyes seemed to stare through his students and in a way he was doing just that. He had many things on his mind. Then he realized that he needed to wish the other sensei luck with their students.
    "Good luck Hiroshi... Good luck Sereza... You're going to need it with Hana on your team. I heard she was a bit of a slow learner. You'll need to have patience and I know that is something you do not have a lot of."
    With that, Genken waited for his students in the hallway. He didn't understand why he couldn't just leave without his students. They knew where the training grounds were right.

    Sosuke didn't even flinch as his name was called. Hiroshi Suma is my new sensei huh? Sosuke thought to himself. He yawned and gave Hiroshi the usual bow. That was his version of saying hi, seeing as he was too lazy to give him the satisfation of words. He slipped his hands in his pockets and was grateful that Hana Momochi was not on his team. She would just hold him back anyway. And he was hoping that he would fight her in the chunin exams. If that were to happen, maybe she'd get turned off if he punched her hard enough. Sosuke hid a small smile at the thought of this and bowed to his new comrades as well. It had just occurred to him that he had not bothered to learn any of their names. Oh well, he was bound to figure it out eventually. It wasn't like he was the only one who hadn't learned names. he had also heard a rumor going around that the sensei usually gave their students one final test before they actually became shinobi and if they failed, they would end right back up at the academy. He was hoping his team knew what they were in for becasue he didn't.

    Hana nearly jumped out of her seat when her name was called to be apart of team for. She spoke again in her loud voice "Sereza Sensei! Aren't you the Hokage's granddaughter!! Aren't you!? I'm gonna be the Kazekage of the Sand Village one day!"
    Hana was overly excited about this whole ordeal and Sereza's reaction was nothing more than a small smile. Hana bowed to her and to her newly found comrades. "I'm Hana Momochi! Nice to meet all of you again!"
    Hana was still bouncing around and nearly drunk on the excitement that she was feeling. There was so much growing she had to do and she couldn't wait to start training and get on the field and do ninja stuff!

    Shinichi Kikuchi
    Shinichi had a dark aura about him. There were dark circles around his eyes as he watched Hana a little too closely. In fact, he watched everyone a little too closely. He was not particularly excited about being on the same team as Hana. She was a little to excited for his taste and the other kid seemed to be nothing more than a screw up. The only worthy of his talent was Sosuke Motodori. There was something about Sosuke that just made Shinichi want to fight him. It was odd, but just looking at Sosuke set his nerves on edge. And what was with that teacher Hiroshi. Was he even talented enough to train Sosuke? To make him stronger? Shinichi hoped so. He wanted Sosuke to be as strong as possible when he defeated him. So that way he would always know who was better and who would always be stronger.

    Sereza Madara
    Sereza bowed to Hana and to Shinichi. That kid was just scary beyond belief. What was with those dark circles around his eyes? It looked like he was hungry to kill something. Sereza remembered something about him being from the Sand Village like Hana. Oh god, Hana. She shook her head. Hana Momochi was going to be the hardest student to train. There was no guarantee that the team would even pass her test with Hana on the team. However, that was not necessarily the case. Hana did have her moments where she impressed everyone with some hidden skill she had been working on. It was rare that you would see her not training or eating. That seemed to be all she did. Her brother had died and she wanted to carry out his dream. There was nothing wrong with that and so Sereza managed to calm herself with the thought. She had genin to torture didn't she? Sereza bowed to Kiro as well. She seemed to be more of the quiet type which was a relief to Sereza. At least there would be moments of utter silence.

    In a far away place...
    "May, we will be on the move. It is time to move our plan into action child."
    His name had not yet been revealed to her and it would not be. In case there should be a betrayal. May would only know him as Master. However, when the time came, everyone would know his name and that would be that. There was nothing more to say. He got out of his seat and wrapped his arm around May.
    "Tonight will be special. Its the start of my reign and I believe that you are ready. I will gather more followers and we shall destroy those that defy me. And when my life's dream is complete. I shall let you kill the ones who killed your parents."
  15. "Don't touch me Shisuzen" Cypher pulled away from him. He spoke quietly in his not emotionless tone but very drained and hard to hear tone. Tiredness was evident in his voice and his long hair cast a shadow across his face making him look older than he was. He was just a kid but had never had a childhood.
    These people they're so happy and grateful, Shame I can't be like that... he thought
    "I'm in your squad, which is ok I suppose, you're both pretty good fighters, same as myself" Cypher suddenly let out a short quiet laugh.Gratitude and friendship.
    He felt people staring at him just because he looked funny. He couldn't help what he looked like, could he?
  16. Hiroshi looked at his students. All of them promising. That is, if they could pass his test. No one ever passed his test. Emiko was promising, but she wasn't a team person, usually training alone. Sosuke was a prodigy but he was lazy and had everything handed to him, girls throwing themselves at him, and usually criticizing himself. Then there was Liro, 18 and barely passed by with the minimum. Maybe Sosuke and Emiko can pick up any slack that Liro bring. Hiroshi looked at Shisuzen as he walked away with his sensei. He was hoping Genken wasn't too harsh on his students.

    Shisuzen followed Genken to the training grounds, hoping he could prove himself to everyone and possibly show off in front of Kikyo. This was his chance. He couldn't wait, a spring in his step, the smile on his face showing off how excited he was.

    Kiro's jaw dripped when she heard, not only was she not on the same team as Sosuke but that she was on the same team with Hana. Closing her mouth, she walked up to her new sensei. She was hoping that she could prove herself that not only was she better than Hana, that she had skill. Kiro got excited at the thought of beating Hana. Realizing Sereza was walking away, she snapped out of her daydream and followed.
  17. When Genken's team had arrived at the Training Grounds, he slumped on the ground in front of a tree.
    "Alright kids," He said pulling out a book, "I have a final test for you. And if you can pass it, you will become full fledged shinobi and fight beside me as a team. If you fail..."His tone was serious, "You'll be sent back to the academy and you will be forced to every test over again!"
    He looked at all of them his eyes full nothing but seriousness, emphasizing the importance of passing this test.
    "You see this mask that I am wearing? If you manage to get it off my face by before sun down, you all pass. If you fail to remove my mask, you all fail. It seems simple enough, right? Good thing it's morning right?"
    Genken buries his face in his book. It was clearly something perverted by the looks of it. It was probably even a little insulting that he was going to read while his students were going to try and come after him, but he wouldn't need to try his hardest against them just yet.

    Shinichi looked at his team member Kiro. It was obvious that she was disappointed, but he did not care. What did it matter? His team looked to be a weak one and he sighed. He was the only boy on his team. However, that wasn't why he was irritated. It was the fact that Hana was dreaming about becoming Kazekage. No one in their right mind would want Hana as a Kazekage. She was just too reckless, the Sand Village would fall victim to an enemy if she were to lead them into anything. The idea was laughable. Shinichi bowed to Kiro.
    "I am Shinichi Kikuchi," his voice was deep and seemed to have menacing undertone, "Let's work hard together."
    Shinichi smiled a rather fake smile. Though he had not really intended it to be fake. He was physically incapable of smiling for real. His emotions were a little incomplete after having been traumatized in his past and it was obvious people didn't know much about him or about why he was in the Leaf Village of all places.

    "Sereza-sensei, do I really have to work with Kiro on my team?" She complained. Hana was irritated. She did not want to work with Kiro at all. She was always gawking at Sosuke and it pissed her off.
    Kiro didn't have a chance with Sosuke in her opinion and this would be the perfect time to show off in front of him. Hana wanted to show Kiro who was the most powerful genin of them all. Even though Hana had failed the academy multiple times, she was no pushover when it came to fighting and showing off skills. Hana stuck her tongue out at Kiro before following Shinichi and Sereza out of the classroom. She had ignored the fact that Sereza had ignored her previous questions.

    "Yes, you do have to work with Kiro if you want to pass my test." Sereza said with a completely straight face. Hana's jaw had dropped, "Test? I thought we were done with that Sereza sensei!" "If you want to become a full-fledged shinobi you better pass my test too. Do you always complain this much?"
    Sereza smiled playfully at Hana. She held so much promise and her loud mouth reminded her of someone she used to have on her team when she was younger. Sereza was actually kind of fond of Hana, despite her slowness and inability to follow the simplest of directions. There was so much growing that Hana had to do, but there was no doubt in her mind that Hana could one day become Kazekage. Shinichi was a little creepy however and the air around him made her shiver. His voice was icy and it sounded a lot like a snake, if they could talk anyway.

    Sosuke followed his team out, "That mystery kid's name is Liceus Lux, Hiroshi sensei."
    Sosuke yawned looking behind him to see if Liceus was following him. Some nerve the Hokage had. Forgetting the kid's name and all. Emiko seemed to be more of a nuisance than anything, but if the rumors were true, the team would have to work together to pass whatever test Hiroshi sensei had. He had heard no students had ever passed his test. That didn't phase Sosuke in the least bit however. If his team wasn't utterly reckless, they might be able to pass before dinner time. Then he could sleep like he wanted to do all day. He yawned yet again looking at his sensei. He reminded him of someone Sosuke once knew, but he couldn't exactly think of what. Genken's team was already at the training grounds and he really wanted to see what Genken-sensei was capable of. From what Sosuke heard, Genken was a talented ninja.
    "Hiroshi sensei, are you and Genken Sensei rivals?" Sosuke asked suddenly. He was curious.
  18. Kikyo watched her new sensei as he turned his attention to his book. She looked at Hhr teammate’s nervously, completely unsure how to react to their sensei’s actions. Slowly, she moved in between the boys.

    “u-um Cypher” she said, mustering up the courage to speak to the boy, although her voice was more quiet than usual. “I think, I think you have a good shot at getting the mask, so we should make a plan revolving around your blinking ability… right?” she questioned, looking at the boys unsure if they would agree with her.
  19. "I heard every word you just said Kikyo. Good thinking!" Genken said, not even looking up from his book at all.
    It was going to take teamwork to remove his mask. The funny thing is that he had a second mask. He doesn't allow anyone to see his true face, but for anyone capable of removing his mask was an accomplishment and not easily done. On the upside, he did not expect them to remove his mask, however that did not mean they didn't pass. He was looking for something specifically along the lines of teamwork and how well they would all work together. Previous teams had failed to work together and didn't even come close to removing Genken's mask. He laughed at the thought and continued to read his book, though he wasn't really reading. It just appeared that way because deception was one of his best qualities. Genken waited for the other students' reaction to the suggestion. He loved how refreshing the young ninja were. It reminded him so much of his past.
  20. "ok... Kikyo and Shizu... distract him. ill be standing right here waiting for you to. ok? you go up behind Kikyo and Shizu you go from the side, run at him as if attacking"
    Cypher raises his hand to his face, as if loosing concentration. This will be easy... he thought

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