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  4. The military camp was alive with fire, some music and the sound of excited soldiers to have some R&R.

    Corbin was watching, sitting atop Kiryu, shoulder and swaying her feet in the wind.
    "I don't like it. We don't know where we are"
    Kiryu cocked its head sideways.
    "Should I tell them about the satellite reports?" She asked.
    The cyborg let out a small shrug.
    "So much help. I wish you could send me a text message or something. It would be a bit more obvious"
  5. "look i cant tell you exactly but your universe will change in about 6 years allowing people like me to exist there do to somethings happening so you gotta believe me when i say you will beat that over grown lizard" he then walked off to find his friends
  6. Having arrived at the camp, Kay managed to overhear Corbin mention something about a report.

    "Corbin? What is this about a report we may or may not need to hear about?"
  7. Casper joined in "what report i love reports" he looked up "what are you doing up there"
  8. Layla sighed as she continued on her path. She had been walking for over a day now, and was in desperate need of contact. The last thing she remembered before she woke up in this place was staring into the Doctor's eyes as she fell, unsure of what was happening. He had been so kind to her, letting her be his assistant and all. But that was just too good to be true. Maybe fate decided she wasn't the one? Still, maybe she just had herself in for a different great adventure with different people. Just maybe...
  9. The technician shook his head.
    "That kid has NO concept of intertwined dimensions or whatever this is"


    Corbin sighed.
    "You aren't a soldier, you're free of my reign of terror so to speak. So here yah go." She handed the Mage a tablet PC, which depicted a lot of information that seemed like gibberish.
    "The satellites have successful told us that we are...nowhere near earth. And there is...nothing here, really"
  10. Lost in her thoughts, Layla stumbled upon what seemed to be a military camp. Looking around, she could see various people, who all seemed to be working in a team or something. Not sure what else to do, she shouted out to them.
    "Hey! Do you have any idea where this is?"
  11. "Oh. Sorry, but after asking to see the report I cannot really read this. Not on earth anymore? That reminds me, I met someone fairly interesting earlier. Apparently, native humans here are dead, and a sect of mages called the Death Knights rule this world. They-"

    Kay was interrupted by the sudden appearance of a girl and cat.

    "I am sorry, but we are likely just as lost as you are. I am Kay, that woman up there is Corbin, and the man with the mask is Casper. What is your name?"
  12. Casper sighed "Hey new person dont ask about the mask please " casper stuck his hands in his pocket and walked off again
  13. Kiryu grabbed Corbin and gently sat her on the ground.
    "Well, that's rather wonderful news." She said sarcastically, rolling into the ground.
    "But", she looked at the newcomer.
    "Before we can situate, random new people like this show up"
  14. "Umm... I'm Layla," she told them. Whether or not they were nice people, she didn't know. Whether or not she could trust them, she didn't know. Whether or not they would trust her, she didn't know. Huddli, Layla's cat, meowed and jumped onto her shoulder.
  15. "How is that wonderful?" Kay shot at Corbin, completely missing the sarcasm.

    "It is nice to meet you Layla. Tell me, are you a mage? You do not look like one, though you do not appear to be an army woman like Corbin nor a masked man like Casper."
  16. "M-mage? What are you talking about?" she asked. 'Twas true, she had never heard of the term 'mage'.
  17. Kay sighed, somewhat disappointed. "Well, it is a person who is capable of using spells and magic. Excuse me for my rudeness, but what exactly are you?"
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