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  1. There was once a universe filled with peace, magic, and perfection.
    Every-one with in it had magic of some sort, and used it for fun in their easy lives.
    But a group of these beings were bored with their way of life.
    They wanted to create something, actually working for once.
    They decided to form a group called Genesis.Original.Deitys.
    There were sixteen of them in total, each with a different power.
    Together they spent a week creating a planet named Thera in another universe.
    It was full of opportunities, life, and chance- something the group knew little of.
    While they enjoyed looking after this planet for a while, they soon wanted to return to their home universe.
    But they knew the planet needed looking after.
    So each member of the group bestowed part of their powers upon a being on Thera.
    They gave their magic in the form of small jewels.
    Now Thera had its own sixteen magical beings, so G.O.D. could leave.
    Sixteen beings each with their own unique, magic jewel, only they could use.
    This new group of sixteen became known as the blessed ones.
    They ruled peacefully for many years, all meeting up once a month to discuss important matters.
    Yet the peace did not last.
    It never would have, when sixteen imperfect beings are given godly powers.
    Wars spread across the lands, and Thera was slowly being destroyed.
    G.O.D. came to check on Thera when they were bored once again.
    Seeing the corruption they hid the jewels away and left once more, never returning.
    The jewels hidden away on Thera were supposed to never emerge again.
    These jewel were attracted to strong auras though.
    They flew across the world to corresponding auras of new born children.
    The jewel stayed embedded in the children skin, only to come out when they were 16.
    The jewels left a wing like mark on each of the children when they emerged.
    The marks made the new generation of blessed ones easily recognizable.
    So now it's your turn to take on the role of a blessed one.
    Will your stone corrupt you, like the first generation?
    Will you be killed by those after your jewels immense power?
    Will you manage to bring a new era of peace once more?
    Find out by becoming of the elementally winged.

    The point of this role play will be discovered in the RP from a legend. You will be playing one of the winged elements. Problems you will face are conflicts with the other elements, trying to survive (since people will try and kill you for the jewels and wings), and trying not to become corrupt with power. And actually completing the goal.

    Important notes:
    -I'm having problems posting at the moment, so I'll be posting slower.
    -You can use spells other than the ones on your character sheets, I'd like those 3 to be your main ones.
    -I don't think there will be character deaths, but there might be. If there are, you can apply for a new character with a different element.
    -I may or may not have said this before, but there are 'normal' animals, and mythical creatures in this.
    -No swearing or bad language please.


    Tsuki was inside and inn, where she had free lodging for slaying the baby chimera eating the farmers crops. She was in front of a roaring fire telling younger children stories of far off lands, and making (bad) shadow puppets in glowing light. She enjoyed playing with young children, they were so cute and fun. She decided to take a break to relax though, so she went outside for some fresh air. As soon as she stepped out the oak door, the freezing night bit at her bare skin. She was about to go back inside, when she thought she saw a movement from the shadows. She would have dismissed it, if she'd seen it three months ago. But ever since three months ago- around the time she believed to be her birthday- Tsuki had been seeing strange things. She'd already been attacked several times since the citrine type gem had come out of her. She didn't she what the fuss was a about. It had been ****ing painful. And as far as she knew, the jewel didn't do any good. Sure, she had weird powers, but she'd had those even when she'd lost the tiny gem. Which was a nightmare to find in tall grass. The only amazing thing it had ever done since coming out of her, was give her a terrible burn when she'd dropped on the wing marks around her belly button. Tsuki seriously wanted to get rid of the stupid jewel, but it was so shiny! She loved it's glow too much to just throw it away. So here she was, drawing her dual blades, ready for what ever might be in the shadows of the night.
  2. Another day, another client. Day after day it was all the same when the dark haired child cloaked in white bestowed peace on the troubled. Like a princess living the dream locked away in a prison so deep, a dove locked in its cage never to fly again....

    Venita sighed, closed her journal and tucked it away underneath a floorboard under her rounded bed. Blinking away tears that threatened to emerge, she turned her attention away from a memory of her once beloved family. A fragile hand gently grasped the pendant which lay underneath her white garments.

    A thick white hood covered her features so she wouldn’t be seen, for seeing her would be impure and would mean their death. Anyone wishing to see the Empath risked their lives. Fortunately for most, they don’t dare let curiosity be their folly.

    Looking around her extravagant room, making sure she was alone, she pulled out a red heart-shaped jewel from her garments. The beautiful sparkle and sheen of this gem was far from what it appeared to be.
    But she couldn’t be sure. Was it a sign of her salvation? Or is it a sign of an omen yet to surface?
    Venita’s mouth firmed under her hood memories ripped through her mind.

    Agony and pain seared through her heart, at least that’s where the source of her pain seemed to come from. And yet, every emotion poured through her like a fountain. She thought she would die, if that’s what dying felt like. The next thing she remembered was a figure. Not human, but through her blurry vision it looked similar to a white tiger.
    Then nothing after that.

    When she came to, there was the heart shaped jewel attached to thin golden chain just inches away from where she lay on the floor.
    Thankfully that happened when she was done acting as an Empath for the day and was safely alone, locked in her room.

    Tears pricked her eyes. She couldn’t push them away any longer and let them fall where her hand gripped – her hope. Or her undoing.

    Someone... anyone....
    Help me.
  3. removed character from rp, due to lack of interest and communication
  4. Golden eyes moved across aged pages, full of suspense. Rather than shiver at the cold grass, he smiled at the words on a page, flipping quickly to the next when the end of a page was met. He seemed in a strange hypnotic state, like the words gripped at him, trying to suck him in.

    And although he seemed to be filled with joy from the book, he read out of sadness. Not even a week ago, his last grandmother died, leaving him with his parents. No siblings, no aunts or uncles, just a mother and father. He read through the book rather quickly, trying to ease the sadness from a shrinking family.

    His fingers rolled around a gleaming jewel, shining as light peered through the branches above and touched it. More than a week ago, the stone had left the literal body of Caleb. He had made sure to keep it, tell no one about it, however he did write in that battle-journal of his. Somehow, he felt that he should protect it with his life, as if it was the thing that kept him alive. But he read on, despite the thoughts that loomed around him.
  5. Arvil walked into the inn, eager to get out of the cold. He wasn't even transformed, and still the chill bothered him. He noticed the young girl outside of the inn in passing. She appeared cold, too, but she wasn't paying any attention to him; she was paying attention to something else, what he wasn't sure. He turned briefly, but didn't see anything, and frankly, was too cold to care.

    He walked in and was thankful that no eyes fell on him. Lately in his travels, everywhere he went seemed to bring trouble. Maybe this place would be different. Maybe he could resist touching someone's weapon and discovering a murderer. He wanted more than anything to avoid that; their faces haunted him at night. Perhaps he could even sell his gem there. Unlikely, as it only appeared to be a piece of metal. He knew it was a jewel, but couldn't place the reason for his certainty. After it grew out of his chest and his strange metal abilities manifested, he considered throwing it away, but couldn't. The gem was somehow connected to his abilities, and he wondered if he could find someone to take them away, so he could finally be normal again.

    He sat down on the floor as near to the fire as he could get. He had grown into somewhat of a pessimist, and wanted to be properly thawed in case something went wrong.
  6. It been three years snits her mother died and she had no where to go. She lived on pick pocketing only the rich never the poor. She was silent using every thing she had. She never killed any one and hops to never. all the nobles are after her head.

    She walks in to a village with her black/blue cloak hunger and tried. She was more use to the woods then near people. When she got in to a inn she notice there was not many people there. She smirked and walked up to the men who worked here for a room. He took her to her room and she payed him as a thank you. She pulled out two books. One a book, the other a book she trying to wright but got nothing. She read her book two times then gives up on writing. There was nothing in the book for three years. She fell a sleep after an hour. she was dreaming of many things mostly her mother. she never loved her first mother.
  7. Arvil noticed the girl enter, aquire a room, and leave for it. He thought perhaps he should look into getting a room, too, along with something to drink and eat. He walked up to the bar, and asked for a glass of water and something to eat. Something in his appearance or behavior must have put off the bar keep, because after a few minutes he was served a bowl of stale bread and dried meat, along with some of the snow from outside in a glass. Arvil simply thanked him and and fumbled in his cloak for the few coins he had on him.

    Upon touching one, the inn suddenly vanished around him, replaced by a mugger brandishing a knife. There were screams, a jingling sound, and then the thief could no longer be seen. There was only a woman on the ground, a small pool of blood forming by her.

    Arvil shuddered and compulsively threw the coins at the barkeep. Things had gotten very quiet all around him. People had noticed his strange behavior, but he couldn't help it. The coins he was holding had been stolen, and he had just witnessed the moment. He had gotten a good look at the thief's scraggly face, but there was no chance of bringing him to justice.

    Besides, at the moment he was more concerned with the sudden unwanted attention. He looked at everyone with great unease, and slowly made his way back to the fire, so he could be warm while he ate, and hopefully not be bothered.
  8. Tsuki glanced up at the starry sky, wishing upon a shooting star that the movement may have just been her imagination. After seeing nothing else for a few minutes, Tsuki decided to go back inside the Inn, to be greeted with all but a few whispers. The inn had been bumbling with motion and sound when she'd last been in there, but now it was the complete opposite. It was as if everybody had become statues. Tsuki went to sit back near the fire, where she'd been telling stories. She couldn't tell stories now though, since all the children were cowering behind their parents. Only a few people seemed to be at the slightest ease, and one of those people were asleep. Tsuki stuck out her hand hand out to a boy also by the fire. "Hey, i'm Tsuki! What's your name?"
  9. Arvil looked at the young girl curiously. She must not have seen the incident at the bar. He wished the children hadn't gotten up and cowered away. He wasn't a bad man, just a strange one. He doubted anyone here would understand. But here was this girl, smiling sweetly and offering her hand in introduction and friendship. Tsuki, she said her name was.

    Hesitantly, he put down the bread he'd been trying to tear apart and shook her hand. He felt the need to apologize for the change in the atmosphere, so he said, "I'm Arvil. Sorry about...everyone. I got a little spooked by something, you see - " he wanted to tell her what he'd seen, what had happened. He felt that she might understand. But he dared not risk it." - It was nothing, honest. I just...startled everybody, I guess."
  10. Raven wakes up hearing someone screaming. a fire. she ran down outside and ran to the house. there was a kid in the house. she ran in with out thinking. she ran up stairs the hole hallway was on fire. she ran throug it. she found the kid standing in the middle of the room. the kid looks at her and there she screamed. she saw a boy with no eyes. she close her eyes

    everything change. she was in a raiver she hears something comeing. she try to run out of the way but it was to late they where here. horse she thought why? she fell to the ground and stomped on. but when she hit the water she felt like nothing like the river where take in her undered. she close her eyes.

    she was back in the room screaming still.
  11. "I'm Arvil. Sorry about...everyone. I got a little spooked by something, you see - " the boy by the fire, Arvil, replied," - It was nothing, honest. I just...startled everybody, I guess." Arvil seemed to be hiding something. Tsuki was about to ask him his star sign, to use magic, to find out, when she heard a piercing scream from up stairs. Tsuki leapt to her feet, startled. The room started to come to life again, after the extensive silence. "So Arvil, wanna go check out who was screaming?" Tsuki called over her shoulder, as she skipped to the stair case, dodging panicking villagers. Tsuki waited for a reply at the bottom of the stair case.
  12. Alone in her secluded corner of the 'training arena' behind the inn, really just a barren area with a few battered weapons and dummies, Madi was working hard to counter and defeat her opponent; a combat dummy. Her heavy spear was in her right hand and a dagger in her left. She worked smoothly, her limbs flowing as she battled. The head of her sharpened spear struck the dummy in the face, causing it to lean back. As quickly as it moved back, it shot forward. Swiftly, Madi sidestepped the 'attack' and jabbed at it with her dagger. She withdrew the blade and twirled away on one foot, panting. Her brows were set low on her eyes and she lunged forward, brandishing her spear. A satisfied smile replaced her scowl as the spearhead went straight through the straw belly of the dummy. Thoroughly pleased with herself, she sheathed her dagger and removed her spear from the dummy, who was now bleeding moldy straw. The girl drew a hardened leather spear sheath from her belt and fastened it to the end of the spear. Once the sheath was secure, she entered the inn through the back door, spear in hand. Luckily for her, she had barely broken a sweat. It would be easy to slip through the throngs of the inn crowd without being singled out. She was ready to escape into the city beyond to purchase a new breastplate; hers was close to falling apart.
  13. Arvil looked at the strange girl, already at the top of the stairs. This Tsuki was so willing to discover the source of the scream. In truth, he was curious, too. He never liked the idea of someone being in trouble when he could help them. But if he exposed what he could do, what would happen then? Did he dare risk himself for a stranger?

    Before he could resolve his inner dilemma his body made up his mind for him and stood up. He followed Tsuki up the staircase, willing his arms to turn to metal as he climbed. It was best to be armed, though he hoped no one had seen the change. Tsuki's attention was ahead of her, so he was sure she hadn't seen the armor materialize onto his skin. They ran up the stairs together, quickly finding the door where the screaming came from. This sound was far worse than that of someone being attacked. Arvil heard pure terror, and it made him hesitant to open the door. He looked at Tsuki, gesturing with his metal hand, forgetting he'd changed it.

    "Ladies first?"
  14. Kyy wakes up at the bar in the inn from a scream. "Wha~?" He yawns and picks up his trusted spear, Hokurok Shimon, before following the scream.
  15. "Ladies first?" Arvil offered, holding the door to the screaming open. Tsuki giggled replying "Of course!" Tsuki stepped past Arvil, with a glint in her eye. Something seemed strange about this guy, and Tsuki was prepared to curse him if she didnt find out what it was soon...if she discovered his star sign, that is. Once inside the room, Tsuki saw a distressed girl in bed, with heavy beads of sweat rolling off her forehead. Tsuki rushed to her side, kneeling by the bed. "Are you alright? What's happened? There wasnt a pedo in here or something, was there?" Tsuki glanced around for evidence to what may have happened.
  16. Kyy gets to the door and sees Tsuki talking to the girl. "She's... beautiful..." He shakes it off. "Is everything okay up here?"
  17. Madi froze when she heard a scream. She turned and saw people running upstairs and decided to tag along. She ducked through the busy inn, spear held tightly in her hand, and took the stairs two at a time. Her senses were alert; she was ready to fight if need be. Truth be told, she longed for the excitement of battle, real blood spurting from real wounds, not lifeless dummies that couldn't even put up a real fight.
  18. Raven stops screaming but still scared out of her mind. she looks at the person next to her. she moves away from her. She was going crazy she need to get out. "It..... it.... was..." it was heard for her to speak and it was more like a whisper. "need......... water." she didn't want to talk to the girl but she needed help. that when she notice other people.
  19. Zeth walked up to where the screaming came from, looked through the door, everything seemed fine. But he decided to observe from a distance, watching the group of people.
  20. She was getting more scared. when more and more people came. she wanted her book. she gets up slowly and walk to the desk and looked for her book to fined it gone. "my.....book." she looked at the crowed with an evil glare and half of them left.