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  1. Hello, this a reboot thread of the of the now dead Elemental Children RP. The maker never got to make an IC so the RP died (Also he was on a guest account and was very vague with everything). Here I tag the people that had created characters, in hope of sparking up new interest in the Roleplay to new players and old players alike

    In New York City 1987, there were 14 children who were chosen at birth to be a part an experiment. This experiment gave them powers over the Elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Metal, Electric, Air, Spirit. Each element had a male and female experiment. The children were locked up and obverse closed off to the rest of the world. The Government later implemented them into a private school, which went horribly leading the school's destruction killing most facility members, but no one knows what happened to the 14 children.

    In 2000, the project was rebooted (hehe get it) and another 14 children were chosen at birth. The school has been rebuilt, this time, ready to handle and "accidents" that might happen with the children. Now the students are heading to the new building in 2016.

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    @Fallen Star
    @Scorpio Queen
  2. Yo... you tagged Scorpion twice.
  3. Oops didnt see that
  4. I'm down. (And yes I am cats. My mother deleted my account because she doesn't want me to role play but I just moved in with my dad and he doesn't care what I do, so I made a new account.)
  5. Cool I will tag some of my other friends on Iwaku see if they are interested. We need some more plot, though. A conflict, Its hard for to me do Slice of Life.
  6. How about one of the kids get's tired of being the government's guinea pig and starts a revolution. Some kids decide to join him and the other kids decide to stop him.
  7. I think that's a pretty problematic idea... Even with magical powers, there's no chance that an absolute maximum of 28 people would be able to overthrow the entire government. They would be grateful just that they were allowed to live instead of being killed at the end of the experiment. Then factor in that most of the children would realise this and persuade the rebels to just give up...

    Personally, for a plot, I'd think about the reason the scientists needed to develop magical children, and perhaps the method through which they did too. Likely, there was a great threat to the nation, and the children were attempts at harnessing destructive forces in a less limited manner. Since 1987, the original experiment, is slap bang in the middle of America's Cold War with Russia, this sounds pretty plausible. In 2000, they decided to make a new batch to deal with the rising threat of terrorism, and this 'new facility' they've been transferred to would be one designed to instil a burning hatred of terrorists into them. The kind that would make them voluntarily fly to Syria and kill a whole bunch of people. This kind of setting would allow for psychological exploration, and also facilitate a more realistic kind of resistance, if that's what people really wanted.
  8. Ya, good idea prohaps. The children are forced to go. Then they run away and have to trivera the war torn landscape. They they meet some syranans tryign to leave to europe and they come along. I think the creator orginally met for this to be more of a school rp from the original, may the first act can revolve sround a school
  9. This actually looks pretty interesting. I wouldn't mind joining ouo
  10. I think a school RP would die pretty quickly though if there were only 14 students... including NPCs.

    lol though, Syranans XD I think what I'd do for the plot would be to have the characters start on a battlefield in Syria, skipping the pointless stagnating introduction bit. That way, people can instantly show off their powers and we should be able to keep the more combat-oriented players sticking around. At some point, I would have them encounter "a problem" whatever that may be, that forces them off the battlefield and into the world of dodging 4+ different armies while trying to get to Europe.
  11. That sounds awesome.
    Welcome, I dont recall tagging you. Great to see other interested.
  12. maybe see how my life is going when this ooc is up.
  13. This looks interesting. I do agree with @Karakui though. The plot needs to pointed at a more specific area.

    We can use the school as a jumping off point to the war.


    Investigating the reason they were given the power. And once they find out they either join the cause or revolt against their creators.
  14. I'm more a fan of the forcing them into the war and having them escape through opportunity. It makes no sense for them to be investigating the reason for having powers. How would they get the freedom to do that?
  15. Maybe during after or during they escape to europe the rp can take a turn their in that direction to find out why they powers.
  16. But they already know why they have powers since they've been sent to Syria and told to kill people... Maybe investigate 'how', then? Like, go back to find the laboratory, discover that <something evil> is going on, then get pissed and burn it to the ground?
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  17. I am interested in this. I'll try to make a character sheet soon.
  18. Seems cool
  19. I'll keep my eye on this.​
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