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  1. Welcome to Eaton's Home for Orphaned Children. In this orphanage, children of all ages will receive the therapeutic care they need. Depending on their level of traumatization, children may or may not see therapists daily, however all children are required to go to group therapy which is organized by ages.

    Therapists are required to come to the orphanage.

    Also, children will undergo weekly check ups to ensure their health and recovery.

    Children also can be adopted at any point in their stay, unless the people who want to adopt them are deemed unfit by social services.

    The types of children who arrive at The O'Donnelly home are often either, Physically, sexually or mentally abused in some way, and employees are expected to treat the children with the best care as possible.

    1. As far as Smexy times are concerned, fade out. Or take it to inbox.

    2. This RP is rated M for Child abuse, not for smut.

    3. Drama, please oh please DRAMA. Teen Pregnancy, drugs, ptsd, disabilities. I DON'T CARE.

    4. No One Liners. I'll die If you do a one liner.

    5. Be creative. Don't be afraid to make an infant or maybe a 5 year old or even an ADULT *Gasp*.

    6. Have Fun

    7. The RPG will be set during the summer meaning no School.

    8. Time in the RPG Will go by the Eastern Time Zone. Meaning when it's 1:55 in the morning in New York it's 1:55 in the morning in the RPG.

    for the children please no more than 4 teenagers for both genders (4 boys+4 girls total maximum) teenagers being 13+ years of age. Same goes for children younger than 13
    *with the exception of siblings. Siblings will be the only reason I give leeway for the #of kids.

    picture of house attached

    Skeleton Format for children is as Follows;

    Full Name:

    Age (under 18 please):


    Date Of Birth:

    Looks(Picture or face claim):

    Disabilities if any (Optional) :

    Type of abuse you've undergone:

    How you ended up here/Backstory:

    Secrets you have:

    Crushes (Optional) :

    Fun Facts:


    Skeleton Format for Employees is as follows:
    *Note Only three spots open for this: therapist, doctor, and nurse.


    Age (over 21 please):



    Job History:

    Job Applying for:

    Do you have a criminal history?:

    Name: Loenzo & Magnus Blakthorn

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Looks: Dylan Schmid

    DOB: August 13

    Disabilities: Lorenzo struggles to read and write; he's on a 1st grade reading Level, but Magnus does as well just not as bad. They both have night terrors and panic attacks.

    Abuse you've undergone: Lorenzo and Magnus have been verbally abuse since the day they were born by Their father and mother, as well as minor physical abuse but mainly Sexual abuse. Their father started molesting them when they were 13, taking pictures of them and recording video's of the abuse. He advertised them as prostitutes when they were 14 and sold them for 10 Grand. They've been living in a basement ever since, and have grown unnaturally close due to the environment.

    That's right, twincest. ;x

    Backstory: After being sold into sexual slavery at 14 they lived in a dark basement chained to the wall, their captor did horrible things to them and essentially brainwashed them. They were raped and abused daily only fed bread and water and forced to relieve themselves on the floor they slept on.

    One day the FBI raided the home of their captors and found them.

    - They sleep together
    -Terrified of the dark


    Fun Facts
    -Lorenzo is ashamed of his body
    -Magnus likes to draw
    -Lorenzo loves animals.

    Personality: Lorenzo; - Hates anything to do with reading or writing. -Doesn't like looking in the mirror. -Loves his twin brother. -Very jumpy and nervous 80 percent of the time. Gay with a chance at bi or eventually stright Magnus; -Loves animals. -Sweethearted -Often pretends that he's okay when he really isn't. Just gay

    face claim- saying your character looks like a specific famous person in the real world

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  2. Full Name: Shae Winston

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Looks: Jenna McDougall

    DOB: October 31

    Disabilities: Shae has depression and is bulimic, sometimes hears things that aren't there. She's slightly sadistic and struggles with trusting others. Has panic attacks and night terrors causing her to stay up so she won't sleep.

    Abuse You've Undergone: Sexually and physically abused by her stepfather and verbally abused by her mother.

    Backstory:Shae grew up with a prostitute mother and a gang banger stepfather. Her mother use to verbally abuse her while her stepfather sexually and sometimes physically abused her. When she was around 13 her mother made Shae 'go to work' with her because the family needed more money. Shae got fed up with it at 14 and started running away, only to return home when one of her fathers friends found her. Shae continued to act up so she wouldn't be a prostitute, doing drugs, sleeping at friends, partying. One day her stepdad got fed up and took her to the back room where he often raped her and Shae was terrified and managed to bring a knife with her. She stabbed her stepfather in the arm and ran out to the street where she got hit by a car. She went to the hospital but her injuries weren't serious and that was when she told the doctors what happened and the police came and took her away.

    Secrets:-She loves horror movies and halloween
    -Feeds and cares for a abandon baby cat down the road daily.
    -Has an old stuffed rabbit hidden under her bed.

    Crushes: None

    Fun Facts: -She loves photography.
    -Often cross dresses.
    -Loves animals

    Personality: Shae is rather shy and mean at first. She loves to be intimidating mostly because people leave her alone when there afraid of her. Once she allows people to get close to her she's often kind and very loyal or her friends. She hates when people comment on her past and often starts fights because of it. She's bisexual and also a thing she hates people commenting on unless it's something positive.

    Jenna McDougall (open)

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  3. yay there is life here!
  4. looking for at least two more players before im willing to start the rp
  5. Hey, I'd be interested in joining. Though I'm on my phone now and it's getting late so I'll probably post a CS tomorrow. :3

    By the way, I'm on a whole different time zone, will that be a problem?
  6. nope no problem the time will just be different in the rp for you
  7. I will Join if i can be a therapist , not intrested in really being an Orphan, I can be the nurse and therapist that attend the children at group. As well as the head of the orphanage.
  8. i was going to be head of the orphnage i just didnt fill out a cs for them yet but you can be anything else you want to be :)
  9. Cool , Awesome as long as i dont have to be an orphan I shall Join you :) I Shall Have a CS Up by tonight or by tommorow morning.
  10. Full Name: Ben Vinna

    Age (under 18 please):16


    Date Of Birth:January 1st

    Looks(Picture or face claim):[​IMG]

    Disabilities if any (Optional) :Anorexic also smokes

    Type of abuse you've undergone:Physical by his father and mental by his sister

    How you ended up here/Backstory: His father physically abused him starting at the age of 5, after his mother died. His sister blamed him for their fathers drinking since he had been with the mother when she died. He would be beat everyday and so he started smoking as to release some of the pain. He was told everyday that he was fat and ugly, so he stopped eating and no one noticed. He was able to do this for several weeks before he collapsed during his gym class and they found out everything
    Secrets you have:
    -He's a virgin
    -He actually loves the dark and the silence it holds
    -He wants to be loved

    Crushes (Optional) :

    Fun Facts:
    -He loves to make movies
    -He has a journal that he keeps under his pillow
    -He can play piano

    Personality:He is shy and quite. Doesn't talk about his past and doesn't like others to ask about it so he will just ignore any questions about it. He likes alone time but if he finds someone he clicks with, he will open up to them. He's bisexual and doesn't really care what others think about it.
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  11. Alright, finally got this done. :p

    Full Name: Jonathan Lee

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Date Of Birth: October 14th

    Looks(Picture or face claim): [​IMG]

    Disabilities if any (Optional): Depression and mood swings. Insomnia caused by paranoia.

    Type of abuse you've undergone: Manipulation and brainwashing. Also some sexual abuse even though he never said "No". His thoughts and words were twisted and he was made to believe refusing such acts was seriously wrong.

    How you ended up here/Backstory: Jonathan was born to a quite large family, he had seven siblings and being the third oldest, little Jonathan got almost to none attention from his parents. He got used to looking after himself and his younger siblings. Even though he didn't voice it, he was desperate for someone to pay attention to him. Which is why he was happy when an older teenage boy told him he wanted to be his friend when he was playing at the nearby park at he age of five. Jonathan thought the older boy, David, was cool and tried hard to be just like him so David would want to stay as his friend. As Jonathan grew up, he became closer with David and when the older boy told him he loved him when he was nine, the boy was all smiles. No one had said that to him before. Jonathan did everything David asked him to since he was afraid if he'd upset the other boy, he'd leave. Besides, David loved him, he would never hurt him on purpose, right?
    Soon David started asking him to do other things like distracting an old lady while he took her wallet. Jonathan wasn't too sure whether it was right or not but he still did it. Because David asked him to. As time went by and Jonathan gained more age, the favors he did for David grew as well. Sometimes he'd pose as a hungry homeless kid to get money and sometimes he'd help David break into a store. When he was 11, David told him he had to move, Jonathan was heartbroken. Until David told him he could go with him. Despite loving his family, the little boy went with the man who had turned 18 three years past.
    Jonathan's family did look for him but they gave up after six months of dead ends a Jonathan Lee was presumed dead. Meanwhile, Jonathan carried on to live by David's side and by his rules. He had no one else left anyway and he'd end up all alone if he said "No". They continued living by stealing and moved around a lot over the years. Jonathan knew no other life outside David. However, four years after Jonathan left his home behind, one of their robberies went wrong and the two were separated. Jonathan returned to the current apartment they were crashing in, only to find out David had already bolted. Without him. After he was done weeping, the now 15-year-old took off to find his love. He did after a year of searching but the outcome was far from what he had expected. David had found another kid whose head he could screw with and Jonathan got a fist to his face as a welcome home -present.
    Broken and nowhere to go, Jonathan wandered around the streets with no idea what he was supposed to do. He was eventually picked up by the police and ended up at the orphanage.

    Secrets you have:
    -He still loves David and believes he will come pick him up some day.
    -Loves bunnies.

    Crushes (Optional): Only David.

    Fun Facts:
    -Jonathan's used to being called Johnny-boy and doesn't even remember his last name
    -Occasionally steals random objects out of habit.

    Personality: Reserved and wary. Jonathan hardly trusts anyone due to the recent betrayal and for some reason thinks almost everyone is plotting against him and trying to keep him away from David. He also seems to have mood swings quite often, Jonathan might be sad and depressed one moment and slash out a second later. However, he's also pretty naive and jumps into conclusions too soon.
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  12. Cool almost ready to start just need whoever else posted before this to post their character and I'll put up the Eaton family as soon as I get home from chruch

    Tobias Eaton:
    Age: 29
    Birthday: August 5
    Looks: Theo James

    Lilly Eaton:
    Age: 17
    Birthday: July 13
    Looks: Shailene Woodley

    Chase Eaton:
    Age: 7
    Birthday: October 31
    Looks: (
    young) Haley Jole Osment

    Family Background:
    From the day of his birth until he was 14 years old Tobias Eaton lived in the ghetto of downtown L.A. in a rundown apartment complex run by a vicious pimp with his drug addled whore of a mother and a baby sister named Lilly who was 2 years old on the date of their rescue. There were more siblings before Lilly came along, all of whom did not live past their 3rd year because of the living conditions. Tobias now has a tattoo for each of his 5 younger siblings that didn’t make it.

    When he was 7 Tobias was forced into whoring himself out by his mother’s pimp and his mother never lifted a hand to stop it from happening. Both Tobias and Lilly suffered from the effects of the heroine that was forced on them by their mother and her pimp and both had to be put through rehab when they were rescued because of it. On the day that the two of them were rescued social services got a tip about a male child prostitute and the siblings were taken away and put into the system where after they graduated rehab they were only considered a meal ticket by their foster parents.

    When he was 16 Tobias started working and when he turned 18 he adopted his sister and put her through school. When he was 20 he designed the computer software called Dragon and that made him a millionaire. At 21 he started up his own orphanage specifically for abused children.

    Out of curiosity, on Tobias’ 25th birthday he went to see what had become of his mother and found her dead on her living room floor from a drug overdose and a three year old boy, Chase, crying in the corner. Soon after that the apartment complex was condemned and Tobias successfully adopted his baby brother.

    Four years later in present day the three of them are as close as can be and they all pitch in in careing for the orphans in their home.

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  14. one more male teen orphan spot, four child male spots, three teen female spots, foue child female spots open. signup will be open until friday august 15 but the roleplay will start as soon as our theripist/doctor/nurse makes a CS for their character :)
  15. Full Name:Kenneth R. Anderson

    Age (therapist):25


    Date Of Birth ((bad at math over here)):august 29 1993

    Looks(Picture or face claim):[​IMG]

    Disabilities if any (Optional) :He Tend to be a bit to open minded about things, It can get annoying, its more of a personality Flaw he has had since he was young then a mental Disability.

    Type of abuse you've undergone: He had gone Under no types of abuse.. his mother dated a bad selection of guys but he often never met them, if he did he would let them buy him things. As long as his mama was happy he did not mind if she was gone for long amount of time, his Nanny was there though and basically raised him, So his childhood was rather grand. he never really wanted or needed a father, his real dad died when he was still in his mother womb, his dad was an army seal. This never affected him really growing up he was quite content with what he had and still is.

    How you ended up here/Backstory: Ever since he was young he had always been Interested in the damaged, the misunderstood, the mentally impaired. he Knew that no one was perfect, that everyone had their demons to fight, and he wanted to be one of those people , that gave the mentally ill the tools they need, to fight those inner demons. His interest in the disturbed grew the older he got. He read alot of Stephen King Novels, His favorite being the book, Misey due to the Mentally Disturbed Character Annie wilkes. He was interested in why this Character had the ticks, and went searching on the internet , he began to read about multiple mental Disorders His Goals began to get clearly as he dived into more king novels as well as non-fiction books about real Killers. He also watched alot of Philological thrillers and reality Tv shows, such as Into the mind of a School rage Killer. or other tittles such as Silence of the Lambs. The character Hannibal lector also Peaked His interest. In His last two years of high school ,he went into A magnet school and entered the medical, Early childhood, and Psychology classes. He worked very very hard, and got into University of M, a great school with a fantastic Program. he spend years studying, and another year and half being an Intern, finally he landed a Job at the orphanage and now he is a proud worker there.

    Secrets you have:
    -He is a Broonie and is Obsessed with the my little Pony show.
    -Is a closet gay, his mother and nanny are strictly catholic and he is scared to come out and tell them
    -has a crush on the big boss.

    Crushes (Optional) :Tobias eaton

    Fun Facts:
    Goes to Convention for my Little Pony and Takes off time for work to go see his family that lives out of state, his sister married a guy all the way in vegas so once in a while he will fly out to see them.
    Has a video game and puzzle Obession, once he start them its hard to stop till he is completely finished.
    Reads at least a Book a month if he can, he loved to read.

    Personality:he enjoys his time around the kids the most , he is a bit Childish himself and is easy to get along with. he is Creepily optimistic at time, so much that he gets stares in certain situations. he tries hard to make everyone Luagh and does his best to be serious when he is needed. He can get a bit emotional and over Involved with his patients,Ken never plans to have kids so he considers this Orphans Almost like his own kids after to Much time passes.
    he Likes to Play fun game and like everyone else dread the akward group therapy Thing, so he has his own style of bonding and group therapy. Also he tend to break a few rules here and there like bring the orphans out for ice cream, things like that, but if he is swift and does not get cuaght then what's the harm.
    Loves to have fun, Likes to live in the Momment. Has little luck in his romantic life due to how involved he is at work.
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  16. Lol I had a sepera
    lol I had a separate sheet for the staff characters but since this looks great your fine

    I'll put up the link to the role-play as soon as I make it something today :)
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