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  1. All of the earth's defenses are gone. Your so called Avengers were spread out and terminated. Those Guardians of the Galaxy were blown up in their ship on their way to another planet. All the people that could have saved this planet were eliminated. The Darkness is coming to end all life in every universe, starting with Earth. There is one thing that the earth had made naturally to defend the earth a long time ago. The 4 natural elements that any normal people can make. Fire, Water, Air, and Earth will be the Earth's last hope.

    Biography/ How did you become your element:

    Element: Fire
    Name: Braden
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Biography: He was riding down a forest trail on his dirt bike when a man with a mask came out of the shadows and hit him on the side of his head with a bat, making him fall off the left side of his bike and rolling down the hill on the left side of the trail. He gets up, despite his now throbbing headache and tries to climb up the hill before he is stopped by a voice. He turns around to see what he thinks to be a blind seer with a gray robe. The seer speaks to him You have a very important destiny ahead of you child. You do not have a choice in the matter. You will be the savior of this world, but you cannot do this alone. You need to gather the other three elements that will assist you in this journey, than meet them at an ancient temple. You will know the three elements when you see them. Go now, as the spark to light the flame. He snaps his fingers and a ring of flames appears around them both, but the seer disappears in a breeze, making his ashes fly away. The flames close in and burn Braden, almost killing him. He goes unconscious before the flames soak into his body, making him the man he was destined to be. (from now on, fire is the one that chooses who the different elements are.)
    Personality: A natural born leader, a little rude, and very easily upset.
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  2. Element: Water

    Name: Adair Harrow

    Gender: Female

    Age: 23

    How did you become your element: Adair had always been fond of water. She would spend her time taking vacations to islands and spending her days on the beach or when in the city, she'd go to the nearest pool, or go out of the city to spend a weekend camping by the lake. On one of the nights that she had been camping with her friends, she decided to take a walk at night.

    Adair was walking on the side of the lake where the cliffs towered about 50 to 70 feet above the water. Here, she sat on the edge and let her feet dangle as she looked over the water. That's when she saw something on the shore on the other side of the lake. It was too far for her to make out what it was but behind her, she heard a terrifying sound accompanied but strange chanting. Scared, Adair tried standing up, but miscalculated her step and fell off of the cliff. Before falling, she managed to see a dark figure before having it vanish before her eyes. She then hit the water and blacked out. When she woke, she was at the shore where she had seen the strange figure. Her head hurt and there were a few sprains but nothing major.

    Personality: Adair is a kind and gentle person, who trusts others easily. She is the furthest thing from a follower but does not like to lead. She voices her opinion when it matters and sticks up for others. She is loyal until the end and can be brutally honest at times.

    Appearance: Although she likes to be dressed in casual clothes, Adair can usually be found wearing yoga pants with either a hoodie or a fitted long sleeved shirt and some running shoes. She stands at a mere 5'4" and has long, dark, flowing hair that falls to the small of her back. Her skin is fair and her eyes are a deep sapphire blue. She has ran freckles sprinkled over her nose and cheeks which she hates when people point them out. She isn't as slim as most girls are. Her body is a bit more curvy due to the many years playing volleyball and water polo.

    I hope this is alright. I saw that fire chooses the other elements and did not understand if you will choose or if we get to choose. So I made Adair water, but if you'd like to choose otherwise I'm fine with it.
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  3. Fire continues on, finding people that he sees potential in. It is good that you wrote what you did, because most of the people he finds were saved by their various elements. A fall like that would have killed Adair, but the water saved her. Thus, water is a perfect element!
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  4. Thank you! Is she accepted? Or would you like to wait until more people to post so you can decide?
  5. Oh yeah! She is accepted, and I'm sure it will be fun having you.
  6. Thank you! I can't wait to start!
  7. [​IMG]
    I have a question; How are the elements used in this rp? Like are they used like avatar the last airbender or another way? (don't really have examples XD) Just curious =3
  8. Sort of... I guess I can give you a sneak peak of a small part my character (fire) is involved in.

    The dark minion catches up faster than they can walk, with air's hurt leg slowing the elements down. Braden makes a decision then, and turns around to fight the mass of darkness. He looks behind him at the three and says,
    GO! I'll hold him off here! He runs towards the creature, clenching his hands until fireballs appear in each hand. He slides to a halt in mid charge a little ways from the now waiting beast. He puts his hands together and slams them into the ground, making a ring of fire roughly the size of a small stadium. He sprints towards the writhing mass of black, dripping tentacles with the ring making the flames on his hands even more powerful. He jumps in the air and falls like a meteor towards the creatures pure red eyes...

    There was your sneak peek, so it is sort of like a more American avatar I GUESS???
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  9. Ah I see XD sounds interesting, could I make a character sheet for earth then? and for earth is it limited to rocks like avatar or is nature included, like moving around vines, speeding plant growth, etc?
  10. I was actually going to insert something that I thought would do very well. You are limited to rocks, sand, etc.
  11. Here is a list of combinations that I made. The 4 elements are fire, water, earth, and air.
    Water + Air = Tsunami/ large waves (Knocks back and drowns enemies) Water powerup
    Water + Fire = Flaming Oil Water (Water that burns as it drowns)
    Water + Earth = Plants (All plants break away at even Earth, and their growth is exponential) Earth powerup
    Air + Fire = Floating Embers (Start small fire on enemies ONLY)
    Air + Earth = Tornado (Starts a small tornado) Air powerup
    Fire + Earth = Forest Fire (Creates a large ring of fire) Fire powerup

    Water + Air + Fire = Mist/Fog (Blinds enemies and creates illusions against enemies ONLY)
    Water + Air + Earth = Flood (COMPLETELY drowns an enemy)
    Water + Fire + Earth = Boiling Rain (creates long lasting pain where the rain touches on enemies ONLY)
    Air + Fire + Earth = Toxic Smoke (Kills enemies as well as blinding them)

    Water + Air + Fire + Earth = Light Energy (Not available until the and of the story) Creates the WEAPON
    Light Energy also acts as a supercharger towards any other element it is with. Only element that can dispel the Darkness forever.
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  12. (if anything needs to be changed I'll change it.)



    Chiana Dale



    Biography/ How did you become your element:
    Chi has always been very curious; she would always explore areas near her home growing up. She lived with her family on many acres of land away from civilization. Sadly not far enough though, and while she was traveling through a forest a few miles away from her house men with weapons started chasing her.
    She didn’t know why and she didn’t wait around to ask either.

    She spotted a cave and ran into it as fast as she could. Coincidentally the entrance caved in after her, blocking them from attacking her… And keeping her from getting out. She sat in the darkness for what seemed an eternity, when finally a voice called out from deeper in the cave. Being the extremely curious person she is she followed the voice; she really had nothing else to do. The closer she got to the voice the quicker it seemed to fade away further into the cave. Soon moonlight could be seen and she ran towards it with excitement to see the sky once more. As she left she breathed in the fresh air, but found that the cave felt more comfortable.

    After a few days she went back to the cave entrance that had fallen and smelled a horrid smell, then found that the rocks had crushed the men following her. If the rocks hadn’t gave way she would have been captured and trafficked like their many other victims.

    Chi is a quiet, kind, conscientious, and curious person. Though she is young compared to the others she is very mature for her age, her curiosity is what drives her and had led her to seek more and more knowledge. She often puts the needs of others above her own needs. She is an observer with rich inner world of observations about people, and very perceptive of other's feelings. Being private and polite were some of the traits she gained from being so far from society, along with a timid nature, socially uncomfortable, modest, and not confrontational. She’s good at finishing tasks, and is clean and organized. She’s apprehensive, guarded, avoidant, anxious, cautious, and suspicious. She also has a fear of doing the wrong thing.
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  13. Only Air's left, and guess what...

    Name: Lucas North
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Biography/ How did you become your element: Lucas's father was a pilot. Once he even took Lucas aboard. This was the very last time. The plane got shot down and the plane crashed. Out of all 60 people aboard died, except Lucas. He was then found 300 kilometers from home. When he returned there, he dedicated his life to save everyone, since he could not save all people on that plane.
    Personality: Lucas is rushing in his actions, often putting him in trouble, but he is loyal to his friends and feels a need to save everyone in need. When It's required, he can be really serious. All he loves is adventure and flying.
  14. I should probably add in what Adair looks like. Woops totally forgot.
  15. Ok! I've added a description of her appearance.
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  16. Alright, it looks like we are all ready then! Now all we need to do is list where we are in the United States and We will come and find you.
  17. What area will the story be centered around?
  18. oh snap. I don't know America well, because I'm from Poland.
  19. Mkay, Hinsdale County, Colorado, on Emerald Lake

  20. Boise, Idaho, Football Arena (not soccer, the one where you throw that ball that looks like an oval with pointed ends).
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