Dust and Steam

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    The Grimm are said to have first appeared not long after the dawn of mankind. They set their sights on the early humans and sought only to destroy them and all of their creations. For awhile, it seemed as though they would succeed as humans did not have the strength to fight them. However, humans discovered the power of Dust and with it, the Grimm were driven back. During this time, humans enjoyed a time of peace and soon the humans formed their own kingdoms, which grew to survive and prosper.
    Although the old kingdoms eventually faded, the world currently still enjoys a time of peace. But this time won't last forever, as in the absence of light, darkness can return and the Grimm will soon make a resurgence.

    Huntsmen and Huntresses are warriors in the world who slay monsters and whose duty is to "uphold the peace" of their world.

    Humanity has now made quite some progress in their history and managed to get into the modern age of High tech, giving them access to flying ships, deadly weapons, data technologies and even more. One of these things are the Academies to train Humans with special potential into Huntsmen and Huntresses. Today begins the new school year. The Airship was now send to the airport and waited for the new students.
    Each of them got a letter which not only confirmed that they are invited to beacon, but also a ticket with todays date. Now all they had to do is pack their things and board the giant steel bird to begin their Training.

    Encountered Characters (open)

    The Stranger (Airship)
    Has shown to be hiding something and escaped through an Air vent before Areiz and Ren could catch and question him.
    -The Instructor?
    The same person as above. For the initiation, the person wears another robe, which will allow him to move around faster and more comfortable.

    The Teacher
    Gave Areiz, a Communicator with some extras as she and the others arrived.
    Seems to be nice and did not scold her and her companion for not going to the speech.
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  2. Mia sighed as she looked out the window of the Airship. She was pissed. No, she was beyond pissed. She was furious. How dare he not tell her that Beacon was a boarding school until the last minute! He knew how she felt about not having him around. She always got nervous around the others, getting into fights often. She ran a hand through her red hair, tapping her foot nervously. What was going to happen? Were they going to have to sit in boring classes? Would she ever get to see him? Damn it, now she was missing him. She growled. Damn that man for making her feel this way! Couldn't he have just taught her? Why'd he have to send her to some school?
  3. Kyra looked down at the stuffed bear in her hands. It was dressed up like an old western sheriff. The twins had shoved it into her hand at the same time her dad had plopped a black cowboy hat on her head. A smirk played at her lips, the entire family kept taking the Quick Draw joke too seriously. Pulling the hat from atop her head she went to find herself a wall to lean on. She settled on one near a window, or close enough to be able to glance out it every now and then. She idly wished that the luggage wasn't being stored, or that she'd had the sense to keep at least one bag with her. An amused glimmer entered pale lavender eyes. It looked like she was going to be holding a teddy bear and a cowboy hat all the way to Beacon.
  4. It's Ren's birthday. He could have been partying by going on a hunting spree but he found himself in an airship. On my birthday! He thought, mentally protesting. His parents' word was absolute and that didn't feel like a cute family rule thing, it was law in their clan.

    He guessed there was trouble with the main family as always, they've always been uptight and arrogant little-turdpiles.

    "Oi," he hollered aloud to no one in particular. "Are we landing yet?"
  5. Kyra nearly rolled her eyes at the very loud question. Pushing off from the wall, she prowled towards the guy and pointed out the window with the same hand that was holding the little sheriff bear when she reached him.
    "Beg pardon, but wouldn't it just be easier to look out the window instead of demanding an answer from a room?" She asked him with a half smile. "There's no need to yell, I assure you, it's not like there's an entire stadium of us here." She spoke glancing around at the gathered students.
  6. "God damn it, do you have to yell?!" Mia yelled back at the man hollering. She sighed as she muttered to herself. "Stupid people..." She wanted him back with her. He was so being ignored for three months for this. She crossed her arm across her chest and tapped her foot. Couldn't they just land and let her leave?
  7. Areiz stared out the window, watching the landscape pass with silent alertness, her concentration only broken by the sudden yell of a man. She turned in time to hear two responses, one from a calm young girl and the other from someone..who seems quite agitated.. she thought to herself, moving towards Mia. "Hi." she said in a soft voice, calming, yet curious.
  8. Mia jumped at the voice. She looked to see a girl talking to her. She froze and looked down. Stuttering, she managed out a small "Hi..." If only he was here. Then she wouldn't have to deal with people. She kept her eyes to the floor, waiting for the person to leave. Her red bangs helped hide her eyes.
  9. Areiz tilted her head a little. "Are you okay?" she asked softly, curious. She crossed her arms, wondering if the girl would answer or just ignore her. Her backpack shifted slightly on her shoulders, making her lean more on one foot to center her balance. She packed very little, but Air added to the weight.
  10. "Yeah. I'm fine." Mia said quickly, looking away. She shuffled one of her feet, wanting to just go home. She wasn't sure how to talk with the girl without fighting in some way. She bit the inside of her cheek and played with one of her braids. God damn it, Ethan. She thought. Why couldn't I have just stayed with you? You are so being ignored!
  11. Another figure walked around, covered completely by a long robe which made identifying impossible.
    The stranger (open)

    This person walked away from the students after looking at them, and was probably spotted by many. Whoever it is is a bit suspicious, but has not made any hostile movements. S/he walked around the corner and up to the main deck.
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  12. Areiz narrowed her eyes a little, but forced herself to stay calming. "I'm Areiz, and..." She noticed someone else and sighed. "And if you need me come after me." She touched the girl's shoulder. "For anything." Then, she stepped away towards the suspicious character.
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  13. Mia flinched away from the touch. "Thanks... but I won't need it." She said, a bit creeped out by the 'Areiz' girl. "Why the fuck would she say that?" She wondered aloud quietly, looking out at the scenery.
  14. The figure turned around when he noticed that someone began to follow him. Although Areiz was still around the corner, he could sense her there.
    "You're not supposed to be here young lady"
    The voice gave away that it was a mature man. Probably around 30. And since he was able to tell that he was followed, he was probably a aura user.
  15. Areiz came around the corner and crossed her arms. "Who are you?" she asked, narrowing her eyes and her tone questioning. She didn't look scary, but it wasn't too smart to get to close. She didn't seem very happy with someone sneaking around like that..well, acting like they where at least.
  16. "That is none of your concern."
    The man gave a simple answer, obviously hiding something.
    "Return to your seat. The Airship will arrive soon, and you should rest as much as you can."
    He turned around again and kept walking.
  17. "Geez just asking." Ren scoffed. Women. Always so friggin' moody, those things. He eyed the hooded man-he can tell it was a man from his feet, shoulders and manner of walking- and the dark haired girl who followed him. Is something finally going to happen now?

    He slouched even lower in his seat as if relaxed, but he observed the hooded one. Probably staff, he thought.
  18. One of Kyra's eyebrows rose. She thought she'd handled that quite well, but whatever. With a simple shrug of a shoulder she turned and crossed back to her spot on the wall to watch the surroundings pass by below them. After a moment, her eyes went back down to the bear and the hat she clutched in her hands. She reached up and dropped the hat back onto her head for lack of anywhere else to put it before she began to examine the bear in further detail.
  19. Areiz rolled her eyes and still followed the man, trying to see his face. "Helloo. Why is it none of my concern? You're on this ship, so I think I have a right to at least know who you are, if nothing else." She said, crossed arms falling to her side as she watched the man, waiting for a response. She wouldn't give up until a, she knew, b, they got to the location.
  20. "Just being on the same transport doesn't give you any authority you lady. After all, you're not asking passengers of the same train what they are doing ether, are you?"
    It didn't look like he had any interest of telling her his motives. Instead he remained in his defensive nature.
    "Now if you'll excuse me, i have business to take care of."
    With that said, he turned around again and kept walking. It looks like he was now walking to the cargo room.

    //Now what will you do? Keep following him?
    You could also attack him, but are you ready to take such a risk?
    Another idea would be to let him go.
    And by the way, you could also ask for some others for help and get him together
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