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  1. From the Torchbearer roleplaying game, which this is inspired by.

    So in this roleplay, we're taking on the roles of adventurers, though not really in the heroic sense of the word. Adventuring isn't exactly your dream job, and you're mostly doing it because you're desperate. Maybe your family had too many kids and left you to fend to yourself, maybe they're dead, maybe it's something else. The point is, you're not the most well-off fellow. You don't want to be the slave of some nobleman, and the churches might've given you a holy symbol and some bread before telling you to go out and preach or something. You scrounged together what little money you could and bought some gear: rations, weapons, armor, tools, supplies. Here you are at the town gates after meeting in the local inn, ready to head out.

    For now, let's start off with the basic fantasy races (humans, elves, dwarves, halflings, etc. Stuff you'd find in a Tolkien novel or a D&D Rulebook.)), though there may be opportunities for other races later. Remember that you're by no means rich, so you'll have some pretty crappy starting equipment, even a warrior will probably have leather armor at best. Anyways, jump in and Have fun!

    You can find the IC thread over here.

    ~The Party~

    Inquisitor DustMarkusMale19Fighter
    Blue jayColetteFemale20White Mage
    Boss FrostTomaMale19Thief
    Adventure #1: Fort Hendrei
    Our band of adventurers, fresh from whatever life they've lived in the City, are preparing to visit an old fort at the edge of the woods. Supposedly there is an untouched stash of treasure beneath the fort. What dangers could possibly await them?
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  2. PlayerNameGenderAgeClass
    Inquisitor DustMarkusMale19Fighter
    Phi ChisymTraeMale16Drow
    Phi ChisymVivianFemale17Illusionist
    Damien NyrUnknownMaleAdultHumanoid
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  3. Summary Page
    Maintained by Phi Chisym & Damien Nyr

    We Are Still Taking New Characters!
    It's a Great Time To Jump-In NOW!

    Our charries are about to leave a small down, traveling on foot to Fort Hendrei. If you want to be a charrie they befriend on the road, or one that brings trouble at their feet and altering their destination plans, then let us know! We'll be happy to play with your twisted plot bunnies!

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  4. Ok, I wasn't really expecting this many people. :p

    Just so the current party doesn't get bloated, maybe additional people end up in a rival group?

    Edit: Oh, and thanks for the character list AAB! I'm gonna go ahead and drop it into the first post, if you don't mind.

    Edit 2: Oh, and for Trae... I'm used to Drow being hostile for the most part, so Markus' reaction probably won't be all that friendly.
  5. I don't mind. I like to keep track of characters with a spreadsheet.
  6. @ Inquisitor: That's no problem for me. Would it be alright if my charrie enters at an odd time, later on in the story? I'm reading and watching, similar to what my charrie will be doing at this point. There's enough intros going on right now, so adding another at the beginning will just feel far too redundant.

    Also, sending a PM.
  7. Is this a steady moving post? :) I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, but moving rather slowly due to some IRL demands. Don't want to get ahead of myself if it's moving quickly - but it looks so awesome and I'm just dying to make a charrie. x

    Edit: I don't want to be part of the main city though - more like an onlooking bystander for the most part.. I'd like to be a solely rogue character. Pretty sure most of you know the special aspects of a rogue, but if not.. I'd like to be able to sneak, hide, follow/spy, lock-pick, pick-pocket, and use charismatic 'seduction' (if that's an appropriate word) to persuade, etc... Basically, slick tongued. I think for weapons I'd like to use daggers mainly... Possibly dabble in a bit of alchemy? :) But I'd like to follow you guys in a bit further into maybe a foresty/fieldy environment.. My charrie will be from a camp miles out from the city, with a tribe who left long ago and travelled to avoid getting caught ever since.
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  8. It hasn't been moving for a while now. 'Tis sad.
  9. I might make a move early just to keep this going, but it all depends on what our mighty GM decides to do upon his return. Anywho, whatever I do, it's going to move things up a bit.
    But, until then, the other players can do some sort of interaction as the group moves down the road. Character interaction is what keeps an RP moving.
  10. I wanted to interact, but it would have been out-of-character for him to start a conversation with someone he didn't know. I don't remember ever making such a long post with no speaking.
  11. Sorry guys, busy weekend (well, busy Friday/Saturday). Anyways, it does seem that this is dying down a bit :( We could just continue and have the other characters just kind of 'fade out'.
  12. Okay with me. If they don't post, we assume they stayed behind at the town.
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  13. Is my character okay then? :) Do I need a CS?
  14. Naw, no CS needed. Just post and go!

    I'm gonna go ahead and remove the other characters who haven't posted again.

    And thanks for the summary Phi!
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  15. My postie is coming, but I just realized there's already a healer in the group. So, I'm reinventing my charrie to bring into the picture someone different.
  16. Note to self, always check the ooc, also if you guys ever need me to post just shoot me a pm and I'll try to post as soon as possible.
  17. Ah! Go to sleep and wake up with a whole buncha posts. I'll get my post up later, I've got to take a 6 hour bus ride D:
  18. Adjusted:
    Inquisitor DustMarkusMale19Fighter
    Blue jayColetteFemale20White Mage
    Phi ChisymVivianFemale22Illusionist
  19. I love how my class is drow.
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  20. I'm waiting for Inquisitor to post.
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