Dungeon of Solomon OOC

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  2. ((Let's see how long it takes redblood to delete these...
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  3. ((I also like how everyone calls Team Kickass stupid, when they're the only ones who came as more then one person)
  5. ((That's what I ment)
  6. (sorry, from my phone)
  7. (That's cool xD.)
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  8. (Wait hun? @Crono what room and what xD.)
  9. (It's the room attached to the one Bale's in right now.)
  10. This is the OOC chat for the roleplay Dungeon of Solomon, for discussion, plot twists and all that lovely jazz :D
  11. Yay, no more random OOC in the thread :D
  12. I'll try to keep the wizarding in check. Don't want to be overpowered. Do tell me when I become a Mary Sue, or the male counterpart to that.
  13. Is the RP still open? I would like to be a Necromancer in this Fantasy RP :)
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  14. It's a jump in one, so I think so yeah.

    A Necro cool, I like them. Necros are usually my second choice after an assassin in rp with classes xD.

    P.S.: going to have a post up for Bale later tonight, when I get home.
  15. I do hope you like my post haha, I kinda rushed it. I'm with the Gnome right now, if that's okay.
  16. always open :D
  17. I was on my way to meet Mia and Helka, but @Mippu hasn't responded yet. A child necromancer should be interesting to talk to, though.
  18. Sorry! I was wondering why I haven't received any notifs, though. :(
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