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    • The dreamworld, known by its citizens as Dröm, is an ever-changing expanse of islands. The main island is vastly different from the rest. It is the living place of the citizens when they aren’t 'working,’ as well as where the dreams are organized and distributed. The main island works to maintain the delicate balance between dreams and nightmares, which can be upset by the smallest problem.

      Three different creatures inhabit Dröm. Óneiro, Nightmares and Bermimpi. Everyday is a constant battle for survival in Dröm. In order to survive, Óneiro must be chosen to help create a dreams on the islands. The Óneiro are the actors, and the islands, the stage. Every single person you see in your dreams? Those are the Óneiro. Without work, they simply fade away, just like forgotten nightmares do. However, getting chosen to create a dream is not an easy task, and millions of Óneiro die every day. Only those lucky enough to be chosen to work in a recurring dream, work for one of the council members (as maids/secretaries) or in Central, which decides which dreams are distributed to who, get to live without the fear of disappearing (although there is still the fear of being fired).

      Each Óneiro is accompanied by a familiar called a Bermimpi. These creatures can take almost any form, from a tiny mouse, to dragon, but can be no larger than a small bear. Bermimpi are connected to the Óneiro, and their lives are tied to each other. If an Óneiro dies, then so does a Bermimpi. Óneiro who lose their Bermimpi eventually go crazy and become nightmares.

      Nightmares are creatures that invade dreams and corrupt them. Each one has a unique special ability that helps it survive. Some of these abilities allow the Nightmare to warp the setting of the dream. Others help them directly terrorize the Óneiro and dreamers. Óneiro can become nightmares after losing their Bermimpi, or becoming corrupted and can also be created by dreamers. Nightmares only survive as long as they are remembered, or until they are destroyed by Central.

      Special bridges lead out of the main island and into various smaller islands, encased in small protective bubbles, blocking out the Nightmares and hiding the environment of Dröm with its artificial weather. It is there that the dreams work, performing for the small, one-time dreams. Perhaps they would be forgotten by the dreamer, in which case the dream’s island will quickly crumble. It would soon be as though the island did not exist there at all. However, sometimes, the dreams are not forgotten. Rather, they’re simply abandoned, to be remembered on occasion. The Óneiro will find no reason to go back to that island anymore, but there they stay, silent and empty.

      Those are not the only two possibilities for dreams. They do not need to be destroyed, nor do they need to be abandoned. On occasion, dreams are dreamt more than once, and by more than a single person. In this case, they become recurring dreams. The islands of recurring dreams are large, and will stay there forever. These islands are much different from the islands of regular dreams. For recurring dreams, the island is split with barriers, each section being a different dream for a different dreamer. No one should be able to cross the barriers, to keep the dreams running smoothly. The islands of recurring dreams are quite intricate systems.

      However wonderful they may be, though, these islands can become quite dangerous. You see, with their larger size comes more weaknesses. While nightmares would be hard-pressed to find an entry way into the smaller dreams, they have the time to find the weaknesses that islands of recurring dreams are bound to have. It is for this reason that dreamers often find themselves with recurring nightmares.

      co-mod: @Nougat

    • For years, the majority citizens have not only lived in constant fear of disappearing, but also in poverty, while the top 1% (namely, the Council members and overseers of the recurring islands) live in complete luxury. However, recently things have been changing. One of the council members has decided that the corruption in Dröm has to change, and has decided to do this by completely destroying the current system, before implementing his own ideal government. Because of his actions, Dröm has been thrown into absolute chaos as the number of powerful Nightmares has increased dramatically. Not only that, these creatures which were once thought to only work alone, have suddenly banded together and have been invading dreams at an unprecedented rate as someone of power helps them get past the once impenetrable shields. And although the council members are aware of a traitor in their midst, they still have no idea who it is.

    • [BCOLOR=transparent]1 per person (for now), not including nightmares [/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]Dream Council[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]The rulers of the dream world. Lately though, they don’t do anything but sit in their fancy houses and enjoy life.[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]Each council member oversees one of the recurring dream islands. They are in charge of keeping everything in their respective recurring dream in order. Making sure that dreamers don’t end up in each other dreams and purging any nightmares that happen to form (most of this work is left to other Óneiro who work for them so they don't have to do anything). They also get to choose which Óneiro get to work for the island permanently (usually as servants for the overseers). (Others are chosen through normal methods)[/BCOLOR]

      Recurring Dreams:
      1 Teeth Falling out
      2 Trapped
      3 Falling/flying - reserved
      4 Drowning - reserved
      5 Public Exposure - Ikelos Erebus Dolion

      [BCOLOR=transparent]One of the Dream council members will be the traitor that is trying to take control of Dröm. For those interested in this position, make your application and then PM either me or @Nougat. [/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Nightmares (limit 10) (for now)[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]Spots Left: 6[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]Boogeyman - strongest nightmare, currently inactive should have a power that makes him both scary and allows him to hide (be creative!)[/BCOLOR]

    • [BCOLOR=transparent]3 Character Limit[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]Please wait to be approved before RPing[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]Feel free to delete everything in ()[/BCOLOR]
      [BCOLOR=transparent]You can code/arrange it anyway you want as long as all the info is there[/BCOLOR]



      [BCOLOR=transparent]Species [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent](Óneiro or Nightmare)/P[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]osition [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent](if applicable)[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]:[/BCOLOR]


      [BCOLOR=transparent]Ability (Nightmare)/Bermimpi (Óneiro): (You only get ONE ability. Be creative and come up with something cool. Bermimpi can be anything, but can’t be bigger than a large dog. They’re like the Daemons in His Dark Materials series kind of except they can’t talk)[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: (at least 1 paragraph)[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Bio: (at least 1 paragraph)[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Relationships: (your relation to other characters. Not if you’re single. PM other people if you’re interested in knowing them, or fill out as you go)[/BCOLOR]

      [BCOLOR=transparent]Other: (extra info you want to share)[/BCOLOR]

      NOTE: no age because age isn't important

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  1. Avien Sarka | Óneiro

    Appearance: Avien is extremely tall, standing at a 6'4". His skinny figure and long limbs make him look even taller than he actually is, and many people call him by the nickname "string bean."

    Ability/Bermimpi: Avien's Bermimpi takes the form of a small green canary named named Allen. Allen is actually girl, but she doesn't really mind being called Allen. The two of them will often sing songs together. Well not really. Avien sucks at singing.

    Personality: Avien is most likely the laziest Óneiro in Dröm. Unlike the others who live in constantly fear of death, Avien is not afraid of disappearing and lives his life freely, without worrying about how many days he has left and doing pretty much whatever he please. He is relatively indifferent to the events that happen around him and is extremely laid-back. He is even notorious for occasionally hanging out with Nightmares.

    Bio: Avien is one of the oldest Óneiro and has been surviving for hundreds of years. A very rare feat usually only accomplished by the council members and their attendants, and if you ask him, he'll tell you he's not sure how he did it and that he doesn't deserve it. Many Óneiro have asked him how he's come this far his answer is always one word: "luck." His long life is what has created his laid-back attitude and indifference to the possibility of death and now he spends most of his days lazing about waiting for his eventual end.

    Eski Endrimm -

    Really good at whistling. Possibly because of his bird?
    - Is actually pretty good at acting despite his lazy disposition

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    Yes I will request a nightmare.
  3. it's yours!
  4. <~~~<★>~~~>​




    (formerly Po of the Orneiro and her Bermimpi, Vec.)





    Fortresse is a four-legged wolf easily 7 times the height of a normal, mortal man. The beast is fuelled by negative emotions especially ones of fear, stress, frustration and rage. The outer shell of Fortresse is actually layers upon layers of Cold-stone Denial and will frostburn any not made of a Nightmare's being. The layers of Denial act as a powerful armour that protects the core of Fortresse; Po is in there. Somewhere. The immense size and penetrability of Fortresse decrease as she loses a layer of Cold-stone Denial each time she creates a wolf out of her own body.

    The wolves themselves are not remarkably large, yet still above average mortal wolf size. Their colouration varies depending upon which layer they are created forms; the first one is always the darkest black. Unlike their origins from the stone Armour of Fortresse, the wolves are not made of stone and are actually fleeting and flowing, leaving traces of wispy inky black strands in the wake of their movements. They are not Armoured like Fortresse but make no mistake, they are as solid as they are deady.


    The Hunting.

    Fortresse may break off pieces of her being and create a pack of wolves, numbering in the dozens, if she so wished. These shadowy, yet ferocious, canines are essentially extensions of her very being; all sensory information is returned to her Fortresse body. Effectively making these packs excellent sentries, retrievers, spies, and assassins. She may have several packs running about at once, but there may be no lone wolves; a pair is the minimum to travel together. The big drawback is that the Fortresse form becomes smaller and smaller, thus decreasing armour, with the greater numbers of wolves she unleashes. Fortresse may not speak via her packs, but will nod and make other gestures to attempt communication.

    Essentially her ability is enacting the Nightmare of one being chased, hunted, stalked, and/or followed. More specifically the dreamer feels like the they are running away but feels like they are running in quicksand or the dreamer is fleeing whilst hopelessly lost in the woods, or even walking in a strange shadowy place whilst somethings lurk in the darkness ready to strike. They are wolves of La Fortresse but the dreamer may interpret the wolves as some other kind of immediate and intense threat. The negative emotions of both the dreamer and Fortresse are consumed as fuel to power the large armoured body of the main wolf.

    Fortresse is a persona created by Po due to stress and frustration, despair and depression. She has built up an elobourate tale, that keeps shifting, about what really happened to her. lt is about her fall from grace when she lost her Bermimpi when she was once an Oneiro. She will never let go of her fervent belief that her Bermimpi, Vec, is still out there; Po believes that Vec is somewhere in the homeland of the Dreamers, just has to be there. He just has to.

    Like a dying person desperately trying to find a cure no matter how costly, no matter how ridiculous, no matter how far, Po has turned her Nightmare self into a search machine running on pure and simple denial and desperation. She seeks the help she wants but not the help she needs; that is the built up layers of Armour of Denial that is La Fortresse. And so as Fortresse, she tries to cut deals and bargains to try to get to the Other side to find Vec. She wishes to enter the land of Dreamers. Fortresse believes that her armour and sheer will are enough to sustain and protect her when she finds that portal.

    She wishes so very badly to be like her old self; friendly, helpful, amiable and so very sweet. But each passing hunting failure to find Vec and each deal she makes and gets burned, is taking its toll upon her. Often she will basically pull a tableflip rage and become fierce, intimidating even violent. And even though those moments of Po's sweetness are now few and far between, if one may experience that sweetness, then one may see just what a pathetic, yet powerful, husk of a being she has become since her fall from being a cheery and joyful Oneiro.

    "Once, I was a Queen of an Island. So lush, so beautiful, so pure. What dreams may take you to my island were sweet yet majestic, no? Just like my beloved companion. My Bermimpi. . Do you remember us? Do you not remember my Island?


    Yes, that is right. It was I, Queen Po of the Soleil Island and her loving and loyal Bermimpi, Vec!

    You do remember me yes? Yes, I'm sure you do.

    Please say you do?

    But perhaps not, but know that upon my Island, then tragedy struck. Do you not remember the invasion? Dark forces invaded my island. And no one came to help. Not a single one. And so it was Vec and I, standing up to the forces of Darkness and Destruction! Back to back we stood our ground and fought them back, such foul things! And for how long I cannot say! But alas... we could not hold out any longer. And so Vec... sweet, loving and loyal Vec sacrificed himself for me.

    The Dreamer, it woke! And I do not know why, perhaps it was the ferocity of our battle, but then the portal opened. And Vec took the chance! With the strength and ferocity of who knows what, Vec charged the foul Dark things and pushed them through. But forever damaged was my heart when I saw that Vec was pulled into the portal.

    Thus ended my reign as Queen. A fall from grace it was. A fall so deep that I plunged into the heart of darkness, and so...

    ...fatefully was I consumed by that Darkness.

    The Dark. The one and the same that Vec and I fought so valiantly against. And lost. And the punishment for losing a beloved to the Dark is to become that thing one and the same that you have resisted all your life. All your bloody, beloved life...

    I was consumed by that Darkness.

    And so when I emerged once more, I found myself in such a different state. And in such a deep state of despair and depression. And because I was so dangerous, I was chain to the spot in That Cave. But I knew that I could not be that way forever. It took not one, but two chances for me to realize that, although still chained down in That Cave, I could still wander about. Wander about till I found that portal to my beloved Bermimpi. Vec was not killed. No. He was but just lost on the Other side. He was in the land of the Waking. He was there. Waiting for me. And I would find him. For I was Armoured now. Immense. And powerful. I could send out my wolves to find him. Nothing would stand in our way. No Dreamer would ever feel safe.

    Oh but... Oh, Vec...

    Oh but such despair and desperation! I could not take it anymore. Failure. Failure! FAILURE!!



    But no longer.

    No more of that.

    For I have found hope.

    There are lots of us now. Nightmares. Just like me. And combined we will find him.

    We will rend this bloody place into wet ribbons. We will rip Drom apart until we find him.

    We will.

    The Chains.

    They are broken...

    And so now I'm sure you will soon remember me.

    Once, I was the loveliest Princess of an Island. So posh, so exotic, so desired. What dreams may take you to my father's island were sweet yet majestic, no? Just like my beloved companion. My Bermimpi. Do you remember us? Do you not remember my Island?




    Once. (open)


    Yet never again.



    I'd like to request to play a nightmare too please? :]
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  5. Sexy nightmare? Too bad I can only do one for now Dx
  6. @Sir Cheesecake I changed it so you can do one position per person, not including a nightmare. So you can be an ightmare + have a position

  7. [BCOLOR=transparent]•●◉I ᴋ ᴇ ʟ ᴏ s ⦿ Eʀᴇʙᴜs ⦿ D ᴏ ʟ ɪ ᴏ ɴ◉●[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Color = 759fb5[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]⦾◉Pᴏsɪᴛɪᴏɴ◎⦿ [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=transparent]Council Member[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Ikalos prefers to wear traditional garbs, and to maintain a classy appearance. You won't find him in anything "hip" or "fly." Something timeless is more up his alley. I mean, clearly they are dated in their own way, but he can still walk around in them and get away with it.[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]The bermimpi of Ikelos tends to remain in the form of Actias Luna, or a "Moon Moth." While it may be small, it is able to get around. Usually it will be found clinging firmly onto Ikelos' clothes instead of flying. While he may be fond of larger animals typically, he appreciates how delicate the appearance of the moth is. Wearing it more like a decoration rather than a companion. It has a name, but as if Ikalos knows it. Therefore, it's constantly changing. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Ikelos is often considered a very lazy man, as he appears to be in slumber. Or rather, daydreaming. Perhaps even a bit cheerful or tricky, depending on the situation. This often makes him a bit of a fool of the bunch, someone you would approach first in the court, if need be. He opens himself up to be more approachable to the creatures. There are small moments, however, where he becomes cold. When he wants something done, he makes certain that you will do what is being asked of you. It isn't if you can or can't, but that you will, and you have to. He also tends to be very set in his ways if you try to test them. While he is highly opinionated, he will choose to agree with you, but correct you with a suddenly sharp tongue if it goes too far.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]He finds everything amusing. Often you'll find him grinning at the situation at the very least, however you're more likely see a laugh be in accompaniment. Even if he physically hurts himself, he's always giggling away. Since he's so easily entertained, it's often he's playing around with the rules. Not a big believer in them, unless he made them himself. Even then, he'd break a few. Anything should be able to be done, if you want to do them. Which is why it's very frequent for him to be dragged along to do what he needs to do. So long as he isn't interested, he won't be serious about it. Well, not too serious. Speaking of, he does have his own harem of creatures going. Doesn't really matter what they identify as, he's welcoming to anything. To the point where he kisses his cactus, Patty, goodnight. He's no longer allowed to keep animals, however. Not that he sees them romantically, but pets are nice. It's just that last time the tiger got out. That wasn't pretty. Not that it has stopped him.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]Ikelos lives thriving in the lap of luxury. Being a member of the 1% is great, dandy, you can do whatever you want. Although a bit dull. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]As overseer of one of the dreamscapes, he's in charge of doing such important tasks as paying others to fill out paper work for him. It's a bit boring when everyone around you is constantly in fear of disappearing and poverty. I mean yeah, legit fear. But like, we can still get the party started. Right? No? Oh yeah, the whole segregating thing. With the whole scary McTraitorface going around, there might be even more people at risk. Including Ikelos. Whom has taken the time to only resume his frequent partying and a lack of duty. It's scary, but if you're just going to wait to be scared to death you might as well be the dreamer, not the dreamee? Dream uh... Dream person thing that does the whole reenactments. Well, anyways, he's always made himself for being notoriously interested in the people. Aside from his ever growing collection of creatures he has taken as concubines or whatever excuse he used. While he used to be rather shy about his interests, as he has grown as a significant figure, he put it aside for his own desire for entertainment.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent](your relation to other characters. Not if you’re single. PM other people if you’re interested in knowing them, or fill out as you go)[/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent][BCOLOR=transparent]He frequently hosts parties, everyone is invited, though nobody ever seems to come. Or rather, they can't come. Which means he goes out often to find something interesting to do instead. [/BCOLOR][/BCOLOR]




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  8. Where do you dream little one?
    Tucked up, cuddled up,
    under eiderdown
    in trundle beds?

    Eᴋsɪ Eɴᴅʀɪᴍᴍ
    G ᴇ ɴ ᴅ ᴇ ʀ

    S ᴘ ᴇ ɪ ᴇ s

    A ᴘ ᴘ ᴇ ᴀ ʀ ᴀ ɴ ᴄ ᴇ
    He’s a mess. It’s an unfortunate thing, really, that his natural expression is somewhere between complete apathy and just general tiredness. Despite being fairly tall, he never seems to be able to will himself into standing up straight, and he is often slouching. He can be more energetic if he enjoys a person’s company, but that’s usually reserved for Tazi.

    The dark clothing he wears, wrinkled and just a bit too long at the ends, do nothing but emphasize the extreme dullness of his features. His skin is pale, cool-toned skin marked with various bold, sharp symbols.

    He looks, almost, as though much of his colour had simply been stripped away. His hair, a pale and dull looking brown, is often pushed back and tied up, but when it isn’t, it’s a wispy mess that curls at the base of his neck. His eyes aren’t much more for colour, pale and nearly colourless---though if it were several shades darker it’d be the same colour as that of the wisteria flower. He rarely even seems entirely alert, with the way his eyes are half-closed half the time. Not to mention his tendency to just stare into space sometimes. His lashes are quite long, which only serves to hide his irises even more. Of course, this is only if you do manage to see his face. He likes to cover it.

    Of course, what is an Óneiro without an oddity? Well, if you consider it, his appearance is quite odd, but the thing that really takes the cake is his tail. Far longer than he is tall, the scaly thing is lined with needle thin spikes. Not to worry though, if he hits something with his tail it hurts, so he likes to walk with it draped over his shoulder. Besides, even if he did accidentally whack you with it, it probably wouldn’t even hurt. He matches with his Bermimpi, they both have tails. It’s cute.

    B ᴇ ʀ ᴍ ɪ ᴍ ᴘ ɪ
    Tazi is, without a doubt, his best friend. His familiar is the one who he asks for advice (nevermind the fact that he can’t reply). Wherever he goes, Tazi will be right there.

    Tazi’s looks, a bit, like a silver fox, though perhaps a bit bigger and a bit worse for wear. But, even if Tazi is missing a bit of fur and is a little frayed at the edges (Eksi thinks it’s because they’re both annoyingly nosy---Tazi is just more open about said nosiness), still a great comfort on those jobless days. They’re both absolute wrecks, really, which is great.

    Though they are fairly in sync with their movements (You may sometimes find that you don’t even see Tazi sitting beside Eksi, as they both sit in that same slouched way), their personalities do differ slightly. Most of this comes down to the fact that Eksi’s mask of complete and utter apathy is quite the opposite of Tazi’s very clear show of emotions. Well, of course he’d probably gladly punch a council member in the face if he didn’t get consequences (You have to admit that they aren’t doing much), but for the most part he doesn’t seem particularly aggressive. Tazi often seems to greet people with raised haunches and a show of snarling and fangs, as though threats are something that should be handed out liberally. On the other hand, they often seem to share the same opinion of things. Tazi just makes more of a show from said opinions.

    P ᴇ ʀ s ᴏ ɴ ᴀ ʟ ɪ ᴛ ʏ
    One would almost think that he was not afraid of death. When he isn’t given a dream to work in, he’d shrug. “Next time,” he’d say, as though he hadn’t already those two words so often before. He’d been far too close to the threat of disappearance for comfort. He stays just barely afloat, being lucky enough to have a dream thrown his way on occasion, but not quite so lucky to actually have a steady job. Yet he hardly seems to care about his imminent death. It has less so to do with the fact that he really isn’t worried, however, and more to do with the fact that he’s extraordinarily good at not talking about what he doesn’t think is anyone else’s problem. He will, however, ask Tazi for advice when he’s alone, as though his Bermimpi can actually reply. Really though, Tazi is much better company than the other Óneiro. Nasty competitive bunch.

    Or maybe that’s just him, self-projecting. Really, everything he does is such a competitive thing. He doesn’t show his worries because some part of him wants people to think he’s confident, that he’s above them somehow and will most certainly survive (he’s really not. He’s quite terrified really). If he had a chance to steal a job from someone he most certainly would. Surviving with the constant fear that he might die soon really isn’t a good lifestyle for him. He’s really a big bundle of anxiety, he just hides it with a carefully built mask of indifference and aggression. Unfortunately, he is perfectly average and not quite lucky enough to get a steady job. At least he has just enough luck that he hasn’t died just yet.

    One might say he has a negative outlook on life. Frankly, whoever can have a positive outlook on it, besides those council members who really have nothing but positives in their lives, are insane. Really, a constant fear of not getting enough dreams to act in really dampens his mood. He does try to have a more positive outlook though, really.
    “I haven’t died yet,” he’d say, sounding rather unenthused by that fact. You know, every day he’s alive is actually opening up his life for more chances of something spectacularly terrible to happen to him. Not that it ever has, his life really is the most mundane of all mundane lives. Of course, with the agonizingly boring cycle of his hoping for a dream every day, maybe the spectacularly bad thing that happens to him one day will be his own fault.

    There are good things about him. Shocking, really. It’s hard to notice good qualities under the many layers of him that you can see. If he says he’s going to do something, you can be absolutely certain that he will. If he forgets, you can always ask. He might act annoyed but he’d always try to go through with the things he says. It’s one of those little parts of his own moral code that he doesn’t like to break unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    He’s loyal to a fault, really, when it comes to friends. He doesn’t have much, mainly because the closest he usually shows to affection is putting his feet up on your lap if he’s sitting beside you and complaining about things. You’re well on your way to that level of friendship if he doesn’t constantly seem annoyed in your presence. Friendships are important, you know. He’d always try his best to help his friend, and cares about that over doing what one might consider ethical. He might even break his own moral code for them in a dire situation. If you’re his friend, well, you’re clearly worth helping, in his eyes at least. Even if you are the personified form of trash.

    B ɪ ᴏ ɢ ʀ ᴀ ᴘ ʜ ʏ
    His life begins, and continues, to be mundane. As is the life of an Óneiro. You work, if you don’t work you panic, and then you die. There was a time, probably long ago now, that he wondered if the act of disappearing was really such a bad idea. At least, it’d be something different than staring at a wall, as he liked to do. Then he realized that he’d rather play with Tazi than not exist.

    Not that he himself had much choice in the matter. Eksi, being nothing but a common Óneiro, had little choice in the matter of his own survival. He was one of the lucky ones. Whenever he felt that, surely, he’d be gone soon, a job comes to him. He’d known plenty of people who didn’t quite so fortunate as he. For that, Eksi was grateful, though it was really stupid that he had to be grateful to be given a chance to survive for just a short bit longer.

    Eksi was perfectly average, and that was the problem, really. He didn’t stand out nearly enough to be offered a steady position in a recurring dream or anything of the sort. He was not so exceptional that a few more dreams were tossed over his way than for others. He was not nearly lucky enough to be one of those council members, who just sat on their fat asses all day without a care for the world.

    He couldn’t manage to appreciate the council, no matter how hard he tried. He found himself, instead, feeling rightly jealous of them. They sat around all day, never had to worry about disappearing. Comparing their lives to his own just made Eksi’s life seem pitiable.

    Lately, however, things have been changing. Perhaps he isn’t quite aware of it---The dreams he ends up working with are simple little things. But he’s aware that something is changing. Some vague shadow on the horizon of an already dark world. Oh, he’s probably far more nervous than he lets on. He always is. But you know, if the council members actually need to work, then it’s almost satisfying. Always look for the positives in a negative situation.

    R ᴇ ʟ ᴀ ᴛ ɪɴ s ʜ ɪ ᴘ s
    Avien Sarka - It’s not often that Eksi makes a friend. Maybe it has to do with his pessimistic outlook, or the fact that he likes to barge into people’s homes without so much as a hello and use the people he likes to be around as headrests. Whatever the case is, he’s generally alone with Tazi. However, even he has friends outside of the one creature who has little choice but to put up with him. He’d dare to say that Avien Sarka was one(not to his face though---it’d be embarrassing if Avien corrected him). Avien, the lucky shit, has lived a fair bit longer than Eksi has, which might explain his lackadaisical disposition. Beyond the fact that they happen to both be Óneiro, you would be hardpressed to find any similarities between them. Which is perfect, because if Eksi ever met someone like him, he’d probably want to punch them.

    O ᴛ ʜ ᴇ ʀ
    He has a habit of chewing on things. Not random things (it would be odd to see him randomly grabbing someone’s tie and chewing on it). He bites his nails sometimes, or loose items of clothing, like wristbands.
    He is quite a hypocrite, really. He really hates when people invade his personal space, but he’d burst into someone’s room without a thought. It doesn’t matter so much, of course, because he doesn’t care about what you do behind closed doors as long as it doesn’t directly involve him. Well, he might judge you, but he wouldn’t be bothered.
    He has quite a bias against Council members, really, just because he thinks they’re quite useless. But he at least tries to give other people a chance. He’s not an incredibly friendly person to strangers, but he wouldn’t blatantly tell them to screw off.

    Do you remember your dreams little one?

    Nightscapes crowded with
    adventure and beauty...
    and your very own nasty
    Filaments, scenes, images
    nonsensical and real.

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  9. WIP, because I'm tired and I wanted to reserve what turned out to be my 'sexy nightmare'



    [BCOLOR=transparent]Appearance: [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Ability (Nightmare)/Bermimpi (Óneiro): [/BCOLOR]
    __'s insides are filled with soft wax. This allows him flexibility, and the ability to mold uncanny figures of living creatures. While they are clearly fake, they hit just the right spots of familiarity to make it haunting. Whether it be by voice, appearance, or familiar action. With painless adjustments, he's able to regurgitate the wax from his organs. Thus allowing him to craft his puppets for use. Of course, he has to be conscious to actually control any of it. In addition, there is only so much wax he can produce within a period. Unless he refrains from using his abilities until the wax builds up, creatures with a mass that is far bigger than his own cannot be made.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Personality: (at least 1 paragraph)[/BCOLOR]
    Born on the aspect of the uncanny valley, ____ is a very uncomfortable nightmare to withstand. He always seems so vacant, and yet so real. His eeriness gives birth in part from his actions. Without a thought, he will blindly follow orders. It doesn't matter where they come from, any input he will immediate try to follow. Which makes sarcasm a bit dangerous, as he doesn't really understand. Although he cannot stand being lied to. Due to his ability to be easily swayed, he also is open to theft or destruction of random objects. He doesn't seem to understand when he's hurting others exactly what that's doing to them, and is hard to predict. Sometimes he will do harmful things, while other, if he likes the person, he might decide to show them some of his form of love a little. Which might mean something such as deliberately not taking their bag of chips and dumping it into the ocean.

    When he wants something, he doesn't tend to actually want it for himself. Rather, he wants it so someone else can't have it, or to cause some kind of consequence for a trade off. Just to see the effects of what they had decided to do. Of course, he doesn't tend to show more than an urge for chaos, he does honestly like to socialize. It makes him feel good to have friends. Someone whom he might go out of his way for just because they are a part of his life with kindness. He tends to be a rather forward person by the way he speaks. Sure, they might want to run away when that creepy, telling smile appears on his face. Otherwise, he gets to enjoy himself in his own way. Which may be a bit frustrating, as he'll get intentionally talkative and ramble on. Or, he will not speak other than small sounds just to make you infuriated.

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Bio: (at least 1 paragraph)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Relationships: (your relation to other characters. Not if you’re single. PM other people if you’re interested in knowing them, or fill out as you go)[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Other: (extra info you want to share)[/BCOLOR]

    NOTE: no age because age isn't important
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  11. @Boo Girlie BoomBoom I don't think the idea of having your nightmare stay in one place will work, unless you only want to RP packs of wolves running around. They're not going to be in the location she's chained down all the time, so she won't really have any way to communicate with others.

    also @everyone not sure if this was clear but the nightmares have banded together after being convinced to do so by the traitor person, but they're not required to work with the traitor/support his/her ideas
  12. K so like I finished my charre^^ And so I took her off her chains and now she going to go stomping around with err'body else then too ;D


    Let Boo know what changes are necessary k?
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  13. @Sir Cheesecake and @Boo Girlie BoomBoom characters are accepted.

    Wim, you can pick an island

    going to wait a little longer to see if we can get more applicants, probably until the end of the week. I want to get as many people as possible before starting. If you know any friends who might be interested let them know.
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  14. [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler

    Amarante Mélanie



    At first glance, Amarante is your typical, four-eyed human. Huh? Humans only have two eyes? Well, that doesn't change much. Soon enough you'll discover the mess that is the rest of her body, covered in those strange spherical organs. They come in a variety of lovely colors. If you feel like you're being watched, that's understandable, because there's always a chance one of her many eyes is tracking you. Sometimes she thinks they have a mind of their own.

    Such a hair color doesn't belong with such a youthful, though almost constantly blank, face. The shade of gray certainly doesn't help with how somber she appears. On occasion, someone makes a joke about it being salt without any pepper. Most humans would assume it was the stress of a life and its effects on the body. Fortunately for her, Amarante rarely experiences such emotions. Her hair is her hair, and she's certain she doesn't look like an old lady. Because it serves little to no purpose, the woman often leaves it tied up and out of the way.

    There's nothing special about the woman's height. She's not exceptionally short or tall. Amarante does, however, have a talent when it comes to making herself look more intimidating. Perfect posture paired with the confident smirk you may catch every now and then can help her scare off potential foes. Slouching doesn't look very professional either, and the woman is admittedly determined to maintain a put together appearance.

    Well, ignoring the absurd amount of eyes. Amarante can see the bonds between atoms, allowing her to find weak and stressed points in people and things. This works exceptionally well when she needs to keep tabs on the islands. She can also pluck her eyes out of her skin and leave them around, but the act is painful, and they take quite a while to grow back. Amarante learned when you have so many and lack the ability to control when they blink or shut, covering up is the best way to prevent headaches.

    Another skill, though nothing exceptional, is her ability to recall the past. Her memory can falter, but compared to others, it's anything but awful.

    Few have mastered the resting bitch face like Amarante.

    Amarante frequently invades others personal space, only to pull a disgusted face when she's the one being rubbed on

    Courteous: Sometimes
    Risk-Taking: Very
    Ambitious: Typically
    Curious: Often
    Self-Controlled: Typically
    Nurturing: Rarely
    Trusting: Never
    Honest: Rarely
    Loyal: Sometimes
    Affectionate: Never
    Romantic: Sometimes
    Flirty: Occasionally
    Sympathetic: Occasionally
    Altruistic: Never
    Optimistic: Occasionally
    Observant: Often
    Logical: Generally
    Social: Fairly reserved
    Emotions: Usually controlled


    Relationships: (your relation to other characters. Not if you’re single. PM other people if you’re interested in knowing them, or fill out as you go)

    Will try to take your eyes.
    We know she already has enough.

    did somebody ask for da themes?!?!?
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  15. I'd like to apply to be the council member for falling/flying! I'm in the process of finishing up my character!
  16. I'll join as a council member for Drowning but may I ask...about the Boogeyman...I'm super interested. I just don't know what kind of power to give a Boogeyman. Like, power to turn things to stone/ melt things/ make things explode/ excruciating pain??
  17. ok I'll add to the list, as for the boogeyman, it really can be anything you want, I didn't really have anything too specific in mind. I was thinking something along the lines that would help him stay hidden (which is why he's been able to survive from the council), but scary at the same time, so he can stay remembered. As long as it's something interesting/creative, I'll be ok with it. Also as the boogeyman, you'll know who the traitor is once he's chosen. If you want, you can make a nightmare app and I'll look over it and if I like it you can be the boogeyman. Or you can PM me some ideas for powers that you have, and I can maybe help you expand on your ideas and stuff like that.

    Also it says he's currently inactive, but it could be that's just what the council thinks and he's really been doing a lot of stuff behind the scenes and stuff.

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