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    Welcome to my thread of plots.

    Out of Touch

    A bright and colourful megacity where hybrids fight for their rights to mess with their bodies as they damn well please, without being viewed as less than human. Personal robots have become household items, with a variety of functions to fit any owner. A corporation creates the first real artificial intelligence, which turn out to be more homicidal and aggressive than they can handle. Whether it was intentional or not is unclear, as the head scientist disappears. A veteran detective and her rookie partner gets the case.

    Years Apart.

    This was an idea I had for a group RP, but I never got around to starting it, and I prefer 1x1s anyway. I figured I might try to see if I could get one or two partners instead of a group. It'd require playing multiple characters.

    Anyway, it's supposed to be split into two parts separated by a number of years. I have two versions with a similar plot, and I'm interested in doing either, or both.

    I'd love some sci fi elements, which could be minor so that they don't remove from the overall setting, but contributes a bit of flair. This isn't a requirement though.

    It doesn't need to have romance, but the possibility is there, and in the first plot I would prefer if it was only between a couple of the characters anyway.

    The Dreamers

    The first part would be set in an all-girls school, in a small town, where a group of friends are formed because they have a common goal. They're very different from each other as individuals, but this goal unites them. I'd prefer if their goal was something creative like becoming rockstars, making a popular anime, or movie, or something along those lines. It's up for discussion, and I might be interested in something else as a goal too. It should be difficult to achieve, require a group, and long term. They may experience some success at a school festival or similar.

    The second part would be set years after they've graduated, when they've drifted apart because of circumstances in their lives, and moved to the city. They still remember their days together at school fondly, but reality is a constant threat to any dream they may have, and it's winning despite their best efforts. The second part would likely be darker with a focus on realism, yet the characters should continue fighting for their dream. Something should pull them all back together again.

    The sci-fi element in this one could be something like battle of the bands in Scott Pilgrim, though I'd still prefer a focus on slice-of-life drama.

    The Rainbow Club

    In the coastal city of Black Bay, there's a senior high school. Sunset Girls' Academy is a school with a proud heritage and traditions that date back decades. It was founded as a religious school for girls to learn how to become proper women and wives, but over the years it has transformed into a private school that gives them real educations in preparation for the modern world. A lot of the old values and rules still remain in place. Nuns walk the halls and keep an eye on students, even if the teachers and staff are qualified for their positions. Students are expected to obey the rules and conform to a set standard, while participating in school events and club activities as well. They all represent the school in their own way, and keeping up appearances is important.

    One of the students at Sunset Girls’ Academy created the Rainbow Club, a club for girls who are romantically interested in other girls, but due to the conservative values of those who run the school it needed to be kept a secret. She revived an unpopular club that had no members as a front for the Rainbow Club to be able to partake in school events and do club activities together. The Rainbow Club tries to raise awareness for the LGBT cause when they can, but has to do so without drawing too much attention to themselves. A lot of what they do focus on having fun together, which could be anything from playing pranks or sneaking out late to dating and flirting games. The motto is that everyone should be able to be themselves.

    The story follows the members of the Rainbow Club, as they go through the years at Sunset Girls’ Academy. The group should consist of a varied group of characters that may not always get along perfectly, but eventually develops stronger bonds rather than going separate ways. Characters should contribute to the details of the world and want to actively resolve plot conflicts. Membership in the Rainbow Club would be granted to those who are interested in relationships with other girls, whether they are romantic or physical in nature. The characters doesn’t need to be friends at the start of the RP, but if they go to the same school and live in the same city they may know of each other. Romance between members of the club may happen. The Rainbow club was mainly created for the purpose of finding friends that support each other, and to not be alone in a setting that condemns homosexuality.

    My expectations.

    I want a partner who can write without spelling errors and grammar mistakes. I understand that mistakes happen, but any post should be proofread. Post length doesn't matter all that much, but one-liners or one-paragraphs won't be accepted. First impressions are important too, just saying. If someone contacts me with a message that is badly written, I'm not going to expect them to suddenly get better when writing an RP.

    I want a partner that contributes to discussion regarding characters, plot and setting. I should not be the only one suggesting or coming up with ideas.

    I'd like a partner that's willing to have OOC conversations. It's not a requirement, but it's a lot nicer to be friends than barely speak.

    I can post once or twice a week unless something happens, but I'd let any partner know in that case. I expect the same in return.

    Characters should contribute to the details of the world and want to resolve plot conflicts. I imagine it will be doubling, with some side characters. I'd like character sheets for some of the plots.

    Conflicts and obstacles are important even in subplots. Romance is especially boring if there's nothing standing between the characters.

    There wouldn't really be any focus on smut, so age wouldn't matter, but I still have a preference for partners around my age or older.

    Characters that are normal, and could exist in real life.

    There's no need to write a character before contacting me either.

    PM if interested. I'll assume you didn't read the thread if you post in it.

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