Draken Hunger

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  1. Draken Hunger
    - A Post Inheritance - Eragon - Fandom - Role Play -

    Dawn was fast approaching, tiny glimmers of daylight filtered into the cavern’s opening hidden away behind the waterfall might. As light passed through the fall it cast a stained glass like affect on the stony walls and gave the inhabitants within plenty light to see with. A young man sat in Indian style on a rocky plateau jutting out over the room’s natural inner basin shape. His hands alight on either knee while his mind expanded nto the universe beyond. As such had been Mast Eragon’s pose for nearly a week! Eshkell knew his purpose was dire but still he could fill her in more. His test on her patience was well wearing on her patience!

    This morning however, she’d decided it was time to get out of the cave! Eragon had warned her not to leave until she’d crafted a new saddle and Saphira had checked it over. So Eshkell had worked the first two days straight then passed out and realized she would have to take her time on the saddle. Meanwhile Saphira had been putting her life mate through his paces. Every day their connection was tested on his end and her own and it was tiresome but she found herself so much closer to her brother as she called him. Shinerai her big scaly brother!

    Eshkell stood from her alcove cut into the back wall by Saphira’s magic the first night had been very comfy in fact. Esh was used to sandy beaches but the cave life was night and cool, gave you a brisk sense of purpose in the morning, has it’s own water source and plenty of room for the Dragons, which was good, Shin was nearly at big as Saphira by now and his hunting patterns had become much more fierce. In fact Eshkell thought reaching out and gently brushing his conscious she found wings a drift and spirits high while he scented the air for morning bambi!

    ~Something I can help you with Esh?~ Shin asked suddenly startling her from his senses ~No just checking and oh… By the way I finished the saddle~ Shinerai’s spirit sored higher and he banked back to the right breaking his hunt to return, he was on his way back to her. Returning to her own body Saphira sat before her and she realized her feet had carried her without her consent.

    ~Child what do you want can’t you see I’m grooming!~ Esh bowed showing her master full respect. “Sorry Saphira Bright Scales!” She rose back up and hauled up the reason she’d come “Master Eragon told me I had to get your approval before I could use the saddle.“ Saphira cocked her head and gave it a harsh look and pulled it from her hands to examine it more closely. ~Hm yes I do believe crafting saddles is a swift talent for you. It took Eragon quite a while to learn this skill, you and Shinerai are barely ten years our apprentice and yet this was something you never needed help with. Eragon asked me to examine it only so that I would also warn you… Stay away from the small farmer down the valley across the lake from us. We don’t know if his allegiance may be with our Enemies… We must remain hidden. Only two eggs remain and we mustn’t have them lost again~ She became quite fierce at that moment and Esh bowed and nodded,

    Just then the waterfall burst with wind and water sprayed and soaked Eragon as a brilliant umber orange white and charcoal body swept in through the waterfall. Brilliant blue eyes met the young girl’s eyes, she looked barely 17 but her eyes told her age was a bit longer than she was to be perceived, In fact she was 27 years old. But her eyes danced none the less as the reptilian body swept in gigantic pinion – thumb talons swept back to lock behind his ankles as he landed. This dragon looked very different from Saphira his wings had brilliant feathers as well as dragon boning and enormous thumb talons, He looked ready for battle and the end of his tail was armored in skeletal blades that rose from his feathered tail like nightmarish propellers. Shaking his boned frill and opening a mouth to display a bright blue throat and tongue he grumbled and growled as he entered lowering his head to Saphira she still was over his size and her age was in both physical strength and intelligence. Shin was a bit goofy at times but stoic more often than not.

    As soon as he landed he crouched Esh wrapped about his neck and hugged tightly while strapping on the neck braces and then slipping beneath his chest plate and guided other straps along. Moments later she stood at his right side his wing talon under one hand while her foot was lifted up by a body elbow horn. She mounted up and Saphira gave a nod of approval ~Remember what I said keep in contact with us I SAID!~ But it was to late before her leg straps were even fastened tightly Shinerai was bursting back through the water of the cavern entrance.

    As he climbed into the sky she tightened the last strap and gave a whooping holler of joy as a challenge to the sky she was free to fly again! FREEDOM! Shinerai and her said together and she called out again it echoed down the valley as her joy emanated from all corners of this beautiful new home of theirs the Valley within Traevernyn.
  2. Elias Regalia, sole heir to the Regalia name and household, caretaker of the Regalia home, was quaking in his boots. For months, the young man had lived in peace and solitude, taking care of the house, crops, and the whole outdoors area so that it would be perfectly spick-and-span for when his parents finally arrived home. Sure, it had been difficult, tedious, obnoxious work, but Elias was more than happy to do the work and then some if it meant his parents would be pleased with him. Sweeping, hoeing, tilling, even hunting when he had to; no task was too difficult for Elias Palamara Regalia. The young man, in working alone, had grown stronger than he had with his parents' help; he had found himself putting on muscle mass as the weeks went by.

    Then THEY arrived. Admittedly, when he first heard the whooshing overhead, he had hoped that perhaps his parents had returned home at last. Looking around, nothing seemed to be out of place; overhead, however, contained a sight that had blown his mind. DRAGONS. Elias had never seen a dragon before, nor was he even aware they existed; their mere appearance in the sky had been awestriking. Elias had thanked his lucky stars that such a majestic creature would grace him with its presence....and then he noticed the figures riding them, and his expression had turned to one of worry. They were controlled dragons. Dragons that could be ordered to eat him, destroy territory....anything! And his parents...they'd be furious if they saw two squatters on the grounds! He had to do something!

    Even with that resolve, it still took Elias quite a while to work up the courage to challenge two dragon owners. Elias wasn't a big fighter, and even when he hunted, he almost always did it with traps. In fact, the only weapon-like tool he owned was a somewhat heavy shovel. It was with trembling hands that Elias had picked up this gardening tool, silently praying he would not have to turn it into a weapon. Now armed, he had proceeded to the other side of the lake, by the waterfall. Elias himself was incapable of blasting through it like the dragons could, but he had explored the cave system well. Sneaking in a small crook by the base of the falls, Elias had entered the catacombs, trying as best he could to remain absolutely, totally silent.

    It was now that Elias had chosen his approach; he had seen one pairing of owner and dragon head out, which left only one at a time for him to deal with. As he navigated the passageways of the caves, he had begun to note some light coming up ahead; the cavern here had never been this wide before! What could have possibly carved it out so rapidly? Elias glanced about, amazed at the detail and speed placed into the work, when he jumped, nearly dropping the shovel. The man of the group was sitting not twenty paces away from him, his humongous blue dragon not too far away. Both had their backs to him and had appeared not to notice him yet. Taking as many steps as he dared, Elias drew closer to the pairing before clearing his throat to get their attention.

    "Erhem, I...um.....Excuse me!" he called out, his entire body quivering now. "M-my...my name is Elias Regalia, and my family owns this land here....th-this land, including the caves, is private property.....a-and I..." He stuttered through the beginning, but his final words rang clear and loud: "I'm going to have to ask you to leave!"
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  3. Saphira had just finished snapping at the pair through their mental link when the unfamiliar scent and voice invaded her senses. Deep rolling growls radiated from her stomach to her chest then finally through the vented carriages of her nasal cavity. Her had whipped around to land sapphire cat eyes on the intruder. Her body and tail curled tightly about her core as if protecting something she lay about. Lips peeled back to display the row of razor sharp teeth. ~Eragon… ~ She snarled at him, pissed that while she had been preoccupied with the ‘Children’ He’d been watching the whole thing.

    ~Yes My Dear I know… One moment please. . . ~ He started to retract from his visions. Far viewing was a strain on the mind but he’d been honing this sight for some time since leaving Alagaësia. He used it to look back at the land he’d left. The eggs he’d left there. He desperately hoped more Rider’s Bonds were formed soon. Finally back within the confines of his own mind he opened blue eyes to turn and look back at the young man. A flash back of his own youth around that time tinged his mind for a moment then he cleared his throat as he stood.

    Eragon by this time had grown into a fine young man, filled in much the way a blacksmith would be buff but still limber. While his face had furthered it’s journey into the elven appearance though his ears still weren’t as long, nor was his features as fine. His trusty sword lay on the ground behind him still sheathed and unneeded he figured. He could see the young man was practically shaking in his boots and could remember well a time when he’d been the same.

    Stepping forward his hand lifted “Greetings Sir Elias Regalia I am Eragon, we’ll skip all the titles. I am from simple farming descent myself. I never meant to invade you lands and my Protégé and I will not stay for long if we must leave we can.” Saphira snarled suddenly and snapped her jaws in his head alone she yelled ~Are You Mad! We have no where else to go along this coast line! We Barely made it to this place. This is our haven. I’ll eat the child and we’ll have the lands to our self.~ Eragon shot her a slight glare but then returned to the subject at hand.

    “However; if you allow us to stay I can guarantee the no harm will come to pass on you or your lands From Us…Maybe even protection” He stopped there and turned to look out the waterfall at the glimmering light of daybreak. He’d placed to much emphasis on the fact that he and his apprentice wouldn’t harm him, but who else would may be a question brought to mind. Saphira still laid curled up to the side about a satchel while deep and low instinctual growls warned the boy to stay bad or she would eat him.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - -​

    Eshkell was entwined in the mind of her dragon, her winged brother who soared the heavens with her. She could feel every strain of his wing, every gentle and sharp caress of the wind as they blasted through the clouds at breakneck speeds. Shinerai was not a normal dragon Saphira had concluded to them time and time again. She had Never seen one like him in any of the Elder’s mind’s she’d conversed with during their time setting up the new Alagaësia government. But here he was and he was Very Much a Dragon true!

    Eshkell remembered the moment she’s come across Eragon and Saphira. She recalled first meeting her little brother. His bright turquoise eyes and blue tongue. She giggled and ran a hand along sharp scales as she held her body along his body instead of sat up like Eragon rode. (think crotch-rocket motorcycle rather than saddle style – Harley Davidson motorcycle and then extend the body into a more laying forward and stretched out position. This is how Esh rides Shin.) Shin’s body could curve sweep pull and break away without fear of Eshkell stripping off. Unless of course she intended to.

    They leveled out finally above the clouds and Esh sighed at the view. ~Let’s stay up here forever!~ Shinerai coughed and puffed smoke back at her. ~We cannot you know Saphira would beat me from the sky if we tried.~ She pouted both physically and mentally for his benefit and another puff of smoke came back to her in answer. ~Okay okay… well would you like to continue hunting? Or perhaps train some more aerial maneuvers? ~ Shin’s mental link flashed deer in her head and she smiled ~Hunt on little brother~ She dove into their link and bonded with his mind and his eyes – riding passenger she called it to get a front row seat of all the action! Shinerai’s beautiful wings suddenly pulled in and the stomach-dropping plummet began as they descended towards the forest. Shin’s eyes already seeking heat rather than color as the strange blend of sight pulled over her own vision she wished as she often did that She could be a Dragon herself.
  4. As the great sapphire dragon snapped around to face him, teeth bared in anger, Elias froze on the spot. I'm going to die now. I'm going to get eaten by the dragon. Luckily, it had seemed the owner had a bit more control than the dragon did, so he was spared a moment more. Even so, Elias, already shaking all over, was practically a bowl of jelly now. He could barely remain standing, let alone look even remotely imposing or threatening. He was pretty sure he had let out a squeak as well. This was almost embarrassing, the landlord being so intimidated by the tenants.

    At least the man was being civil. He appeared to be some strange hybrid of elf and human, something Elias took strange careful note of. His words, at least, were kind and showed regret that they had intruded upon his parents' land. He even said they were willing to leave! That came as a tremendous relief to Elias; that meant this could all go away soon, all go away and he could keep his family's home safe for them. But then the sapphire dragon snarled again. Elias would have flinched again, but something happened....

    A spark flashed across his mind, and...he wasn't sure how to describe it, but it was almost like a door had opened for his senses to explore outward through. Through that mind's door of sorts, he heard....a voice. A regal, feminine voice....an angry voice! The words weren't very clear, but he did make out enough of what the voice was saying....about eating him! Eating him? Elias blinked a moment at his sudden realization; had that voice....come from the dragon? Just as suddenly as the mind's door had opened, it slammed shut, leaving Elias in the middle of one of the man called Eragon's sentences. He only caught the tail end of it: Protection.

    That conflicted something pretty badly....Elias edged away from the-what he deduced from the voice-female dragon, eyeing her with more nerves than he had ever felt before. "Y-you speak civilly, a-and I trust you made this mistake unknowingly, but...I c-cannot t-trust you when you say you can protect me....m-most notably, I-I can't trust the dragon....J-just a moment ago she said she was going to eat me!" Elias wondered if Eragon had heard the dragon speak as well, or if he was simply losing his mind....
  5. Saphira was at first pleased that the boy was clearly terrified before her fierce front. She curled her tail tighter about her feet and had lifted her body up so that her wings were angled down as she crouched over the satchel her spined tail tip flicking back and forth. Eragon glanced back as suddenly the touch of another graced his conscious as well as Saphira’s the boy’s intrusion did not go unnoticed to say the least as Saphira peeled a hiss. ~ Stay out of my thoughts Human!~ She hissed Her head arching back Eragon leapt – suddenly forward fast as the wind to stand before his great lizard. Hands lifted the insignia on his hand glowed a bit and she let a low growl out in reply to his action.

    Eragon finally turned to look at Elias his words had cause much grief in Saphira but in Eragon nothing but wonder and curiosity. ~ Are you Mad Eragon?!? ~ Saphira screamed at him worry coloring the Dragons face now as she looked between the boy and her Rider. Bright blue cat eyes finally settled on Elias and turned to critical slits.

    Eragon took a gentle step forward hands lifted as if to show he meant absolutely no harm. “What do you mean just a moment SHE SAID…” He asked his eyes bright “Do you mean you heard my Dragon’s Voice Boy?” He took another step forward and suddenly had hold of Elias around the shoulder either hand holding him tightly and giving him a gentle shake “Truth to whatever god you pray to boy did you hear my Dragon?” Saphira growled and her head lowered ~ What is he? ~ She asked keeping a tight grip on her thoughts and a steel box around their conversation this time around. ~ Surely no human could break the speech of a Dragon Eragon… Be careful… This land gets stranger by the day, from the Skull Raisers to this child. Tread carefully ~ Eragon gave her mind a gentle caress but was to preoccupied with the What ifs! Mainly of course.. what If he was a Rider to be.

    - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - -

    Eshkell’s eyes with her Shinerai’s her breathing – heart – mind ; her all were one with his as they swept down into the trees his broad tipped tail sweeping left and right to project him in the manner in which he wanted to go while wings took great scooping tugs at the air about him and every now and again a paw would spring board him around or over a tree.

    Esh tucked along his back in the crook between his wings her mind only on the hunt of the bambi! That was when suddenly as if from no where the shadows seemed to condense and the glimmer of the faintest heat signal radiated in their combined vision. This form stood nearly 9 feet tall and held four arms aloft while standing on powerful legs and a hunched spine. Snarling it turned to see the hurtling dragon flying through the trees.

    She yelled both mentally and physically. She didn’t have to say anything though his body turned and his legs tucked while wings flared and mis directed yanked him to the right sharply and away from the creature that had just materialized before them. “What in the HELL Was That Thing?!?!” She yelled. Shin growled and roared long and low, a sound that reverberated across the small valley and would reach the cavern. Shin was sending warning. ~ I believe it is another Skull Raiser! ~
  6. Apparently he had said something wrong; the great blue dragon hissed at him, and he quailed away from her, afraid for his own life. This dragon seemed highly irritable and moody, angered by the appearance of an intruder....was she perhaps mothering? Elias didn't know much about dragons, but he knew new mothers were always the most protective when their young were either unhatched or children...As these thoughts came to mind, Elias slowly righted himself as Eragon leaped in front of her, using...he had no idea, actually...to calm her down, at least for now. Thinking he was in the clear, at least for now, he let out a sigh, but then Eragon turned on the heat, asking exactly what he meant by what the dragon said....maybe he had heard something after all?

    With the man gripping his shoulders and shaking him lightly, Elias was more than a little nervous when he responded. "I...well, I....it wasn't very clear when I heard it, but.....it sounded like a royal woman's voice...like very majestic and regal, but she was very angry...spoke of eating me....I wasn't able to EXACTLY tell who was speaking, but from the clues, it was....it was you, wasn't it?" Elias addressed the great blue dragon now, staring her in her blue, catlike eyes. "I'm not dangerous...I just want to protect my land from danger, and I've never seen a dragon before, and I'm worried you'll destroy the woods or eat all the animals or...."

    A low rumbling broke his concentration; it seemed to be coming from beyond the waterfall. Elias cocked his head at the strange sound; it wasn't a bear, even those they sometimes lumbered in from the mountains. This, though...it was too low, too guttral...too LOUD. "What was that?" Elias shook free from Eragon's grasp, taking a few steps towards the waterfall. "That wasn't an animal I've ever heard before...."
  7. Eragpn’s eyes widened and he looked the boy over as he explained that the royal and majestic voice had spoken to him, Saphira agreed about her voice ad her boy earned a few brownie points from her in that moment. She loosened her grip a bit and took a hesitant step open from the eggs. Eragon loosend his grip ~Elders?~ He asked allowing the Eldunarya see Elias threw Eragon’s eyes ~He has a connection to Dragons. Perhaps he has been feeding on the blood of the Wyverns…~ One spoke clearly. Saphira sneezed at the idea of it. ~He doesn’t smell of those skinned demons.~ ~Agreed perhaps his ancestors did this. None the less he has a connection, He should be allowed a chance with the eggs.~

    That was when the roar echoed through the valley outside and to their cavern hide – away. Saphira’s head whipped around and her maternal instincts called for her to seek out Shinerai and the Silly Girl Rider of his ~What have they found this time, Eragon I swear on the Elders here that girl is a magnet for disaster. Why you ever let her to trial with the eggs is beyond me! We must go to them. They are still to young to handle a Skull Raiser alone. . But the eggs.~

    Suddenly their connection opened and Elias was enveloped in their conversation the Elder Dragon Elundari bringing him into this argument even if he was against it. ~Sir Elias we ask that you stay with us and our treasure while Lord Eragon and Lady Saphire see to our companions. We would like to have a discussion with you… Eragon what are you waiting for…~

    “Right…” Eragon said turning to leave Elias Saphira also hesitantly lifted and uncurled herself from the satchel and snapped her jaws glaring at Elias hopefully the only warning she need to give him about staying away from the bag. Eragon had retrieved his sword and swung up onto the saddle “This won’t take long let’s go..” He said and Saphira grumbled and gave a short burst of fire before charging out the waterfall and snapping her wings open they soared away swiftly.

    ~Elias… How long have your family been in this valley, and what can you tell us of the Skull Raisers, or perhaps have you never met with them? Or what about our kind have you never met a dragon before? Realize we will hear any lie you try to tell we are in your mind we speak to your very conscious.~ The satchel had suddenly been encircled by 5 glowing crystals each one a different color sat on the ground as if they had been their all along but if Elias tried to get into the bag he would receive a sharp shock of electricity, The Eldunarya were protecting the satchel but talking glowing crystals were all they seemed!

    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    Shinerai perched on the crown of a tree his tail held swaying behind them while the top most spines of the tree bent under his weight. Wings angled and opened to cup the wind he gently lifted and fell with the currents while talons kept him rooted in the tree. His bright blue eyes were glaring down at the nine foot creature a few yards away as it crashed about the forest snarling and screaming in a horrific way. Eshkell was abroad Shin’s spine sitting up a bit also looking down at the creature still paired with her winged brother she was able to see it’s Heat signature was flux and it’s body seemed to break apart at random intervals. While other parts of it remained completely corporeal at all times.

    The sound of a trumpeting roar called Eshkell’s own vision to break from the monster as it seemingly tried to pursue them. Looking up she could see the blue speck hurtling through the sky that was Saphira. She opened her mind if only a little to open a channel with her master’s. ~Not sure what it is but it looks like a Skull Raiser’s ….Pet perhaps?~ She shivered at the thought ~Its pretty big…~ She sent visual images back as Shinerai suddenly snarling exposed a blue tongue and throat before a brilliant blue and white fire exploded forth ina gout that licked just the side of the creatures skeletal face.

    Shinerai then gave a push of mighty legs and a thrust of his wings and was air born once again pulling up sideways into the sky while the creature screamed from below seemingly un injured by the fire of Shin. ~Hold off younglings we’re nearly there we’ll figure this out together. Circle back and meet us..~ ~Right~ Shin and Esh said together before banking sharply and peeling away to head in the direction their Master’s came in from.​
  8. Things were beginning to just get downright strange. For the longest time, both Eragon and the great sapphire dragon remained quiet; he had no clue what they were doing, if they were using some kind of telepathy to talk, or WHAT was going on, but the silence was quickly becoming both deafening and concerning. Just what were they trying to accomplish? Scare tactics? Because that was certainly working right now....Elias glanced between man and dragon and back again, just confused and worried that perhaps he had done something wrong after all...

    Suddenly, that door from before that he couldn't explain...opened again. But this time it felt forced, as if someone were invading his mind, rather than his venturing outwards...NOW what was speaking?! Elias glanced about, searching for a source, but found none. Was he about to have a discussion with....nothing? They had mentioned Eragon and the dragon leaving...to go to the other dragon and owner? So he was going to be alone, talking to some disembodies voice....that was the gist of what he understood was about to happen.

    As the pair left the cave, the dragon giving yet another 'eat you' warning, this time about the satchel she left behind, Elias noticed a sudden appearance of strange crystals. What was more, it appeared that the voice was coming from THEM?! Elias had to sit down just to process what was going on. "This day...it just keeps getting stranger and stranger..." They asked about his knowledge of dragons and...something he had never heard of before. They warned him not to lie...not that he was going to anyway, but the warning still struck a bit of worry into the young farmhand.

    "Well, I....I and my family have been in this valley for as long as I can remember...I've always lived away from everyone else...I was homeschooled, but I never was taught anything about dragons besides what they looked like...I always thought they were a myth, but...well, today has been a strange day..." Elias cleared his throat as he addressed the next question. "I could not tell you what a Skull Raiser is, as I've never heard of them before. I'm sorry, but that's all I really know." Elias picked up a small rock, tossing it at the waterfall, trying to keep his mind focused. He was talking to little crystals. Was he going nuts?
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  9. As Elias sat down his thoughts mingled in with the Elundari. Stranger and Stranger indeed, some of them had the thought; this boy was able to speak with a dragon before even being bound to one, and to one such as Saphira too. They would remain silent however, an air of judgment radiated from within their crystalline form while Elias continued his tale. Everything in that he was saying was placed under a critical eye – so to speak- And finally at the end of his story, a moment of silent elapsed before the voices all started again ~It seems this boy is being truthful, ~ ~ This must mean they have not expanded thus far~ ~Perhaps this valley is safe guarded?~ ~Obviously not if Eragon and the other’s are out defending this very valley as we speak~

    It was near deafening to listen to them all clamor on the way they were, one’s though melded and shifted to take in consideration of the previous statement. Finally they died down once again and asked a singular question that held more weight than the boy would realize. ~And where are you parents now then?~


    Eshkell lifted back up as suddenly coming down and above I a sweeping ark the two aligned themselves with Saphira. She gave a slight cough in greeting to them and then lifted a bit above the younger dragon Eragon glanced to his protégé. ~Well then shall we try some fire?~ Esh asked with near glee in her voice. Eragon gave her a sharp look. ~We still need to be careful, This land is owned… I actually have just met the land owner… ~ Esh tore her eyes from the skull Raiser ~Oh come on …!~ She had wanted to get a little explosive, and yet nope that was not in their future. Suddenly Saphira dove to meet with the creature below as it crashed through some underbrush and headed their way.

    Great bouts of crimson flame leapt from Saphira’s throat as she dove past and angled back into the sky. Shin let out a heavy huff and tucking his wings followed suit, aiming and fireing as well. His blue fire lashed and whipped and as the two barely shifted their weight to the left to fly by the creature sliced at them with two of its arms. Shin snarled and snapped his teeth back before calling out ~Fire is doing it no harm… I’m going for a second pass…~ But as the more agile dragon turned to come in nothing, the Skull was gone ~What in the hell…?~ Esh asked sitting further up in her saddle peering about the local area for the beasty. “It’s just vanished…”

    Saphira made an angered roar and came down for a suddenly an abrupt landing, ~This is the second one that has done this. Eragon they must be sentries…~ She growled head whipping about while he sat in the saddle a little straighter “Indeed… Let us return to our visitor then. Eshkell, Do a circle a sweep of the valley and ensure we are alone. " Esh nodded and clutching her tongue her an Shin broke off to make a low sweep over the Valley while Sapphire rose back up into the air and started to make her own sweep from higher up and heading back in the direction of the Cavern.
  10. Apparently the magic rocks had no response to what Elias knew...or didn't know? Or maybe he really was going nuts. At this point, he was half-expecting to wake up from a nightmare, in his parents' arms, knowing that he was truly safe and not going insane. Sadly, this wasn't the case. Instead, Elias futilely clamped his hands over his ears as a cacophony of voices rose up in discussion of what he had said. He couldn't make out most if it, what with every sentence mixed with four others, but after a time, it had appeared the stones had come to a consensus of some sort. Within moments, Elias found himself facing a question he couldn't answer, didn't want to answer, and most importantly, was terrified of answering.

    Elias gulped at the question, showing a sudden fear different from the one he had showcased when facing the blue dragon. His voice quivered as he responded....."My-my parents...I don't know where they are....six months ago, we needed food and supplies, so they left me to go into the town just past the mountain...and...I haven't seen them since." Elias's eyes filled with worried tears at their memory. "B-but! They're okay, I know it! They must have a good reason for not being home...they're coming, they...they must! They wouldn't leave their only son alone...all I ever did, I did to make them happy...they wouldn't punish me like this..."
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  11. A silence fell over the cavern and the young man's mind as suddenly the crystals fell silent. They were in fact debating amongst themselves on various topics. Mainly this boy, his strange gifts, parents missing, surely they wouldn't abaondon him, it had to be connected to the ... But no wait... It was this way and that amongst themselves until suddenly a whooshing splash came from the cavern entrance and the blue beauty returned followed by a secondary swoosh as the strange feathered dragon came in after her. The two dragon's lands and shook their head's and bodies about thoroughly shaking their riders too. Eragon's face was no long happy or curious, though seeing Elias he did give a small and kind smile.

    Eshkell's brilliant turquoise eyes however became absolute fierce and a stoic scowl pulled over her visage. ~Who is this Master Eragon? Master Brightscales...~ Esh queried. Shinerai also made a startled grumbling growl and halted just inside the entrance of the cavern. Standing even behind Saphira it was clear he was nearly the same size, but his body language said YOUNG MALE! And in dragon's they all were finding, could get dangerous from time to time. Shinerai was after all at the whim of major Dragon Testosteron, and this little pack of dragon human rider, lantian rider and back full of crazy was HIS family, HIS to make sure he kept. Male dragons acted alot like stallion's or alpha wolves apparently when ... young still.

    Esh made a gentle trilling tone with her tongue however and his shoulders stilled and his growls lowered, still defensive but less likely to attack out right. Eragon sighed He'd been conversing with the Eldunari as well ~He is to be our next Test... The Eld have spoken.~ Eragon quirked a brow and absolutely dangerous look Esh was throwing his way then slide down from Saphira, she decided to skirt about the boy and placing herself about the satchel plotted down and turned a bright eye on the boy, the blue surface like a pool before him.

    Shinerai sat in the entrance as Eshkell followed her master, her eyes on the stone before her path while her mind whirled, anger and terror showed in her eyes but not on her features. Eragon nodded to Elias "I would like to show you some stones, and then I would like to continue our discussion from earlier if that is alright with you?" He'd placed a hand on Elias' shoulder and started to walk towards the satchel directing him closer to Saphira regardless of his answer. He would release him just as he reached the back. The Eldundari floated up and away from Eragon and into the bag. Eragon then pulled out some very different stones.

    Four oval shaped stones made of the most magnificent crystal one had ever seen. Two of these eggs were red tones, one a bit more orange than the next while one was a deep purple nearly black and the last was a crystal blue. As Eragon pulled these crystals out he motioned to the eggs crouched over them a bit - looking like a proud hen. Eshkell sat down behind Elias and said nothing her eyes still on the ground before them. Shinerai still giving soft growls from the back. Which of the crystals would call to him, or would he be another failed attempt, silence clung to the air and made the room stiff.
  12. As the magic rocks fell into silence, Elias did as well, watching them with apprehension. What were they thinking about? Had what he said about his parents really caused so much contemplation? And why weren't they sharing it with him? Elias had so many questions about the magic rocks, but they were being quiet now. Why? All he could do is watch them nervously, wondering when they would speak up again. The suspense was killing him...

    Luckily, a pair of splashes through the waterfall dissolved Elias's tension as he noted the great blue dragon and Eragon returning...along with the other one. The other dragon and its owner. While Eragon seemed friendly enough, and the blue dragon was no longer acting hostile, but the other pair were immediately on the defensive. Elias cowered as the strangely feathered dragon growled menacingly at him, as if trying to intimidate him. What was with these creatures and not liking him? Did they hate him or something?

    Luckily, the other owner calmed herself down, doing the same for her dragon, and Elias managed to relax, keeping a wary eye on them as they shuffled about to his backside. He was surrounded now; there would be no chance of escape if these four decided to attack him. He shifted nervously from foot to foot, trying to calm himself as his grip on his shovel tightened considerably. He had to be extremely cautious...one wrong move and the great blue dragon could eat him, after all.

    Eragon drew near him, grabbing him and leading him towards the dragon. Oh no, it's happening, I'm going to be dragon food.... Then he heard what Eragon had to say. Stones? What did the stones have to do with what they were talking about before? That had been about how he could hear his dragon talking, right? Elias flashed Eragon a quizzical look, but it looked like he had no choice in the matter. The man stopped by the blue dragon's backside and drew from that mysterious satchel four stones, each different from the last.

    Elias's eyes hovered on the first three for only a few moments; while each was pretty in their own respect, they really were nothing special. The fourth....as Elias looked at the crystalline stone, he found himself unable to take his mind off of it. As he glanced at it, the light bounced off its multifaceted edges, causing it to almost glow with the colors of the rainbow. It was beauty incarnate, and Elias had to look at it better. He reached out gingerly, taking the blueish egg from Eragon carefully, holding it up to the light to look at it more closely.

    As he held it, he felt a strange sensation in the back of his head. It wasn't immediately prevalent, more like a niggling thought in the back of his head.....I need this stone. It has to be mine. Though he knew it was wrong to ask Eragon for the stone, he felt as though it would be something he'd greatly regret if he did not make it his. As he lowered the stone from the light, he cleared his throat nervously. "Ex-excuse me Eragon, but....can I have this stone? I...I don't know why, but..I need to have it." His voice cleared and he became slightly more businesslike. "We can call it payment to rent this cave for you to stay, if you want."
  13. Silence clung to the air as with baited breaths they all waited for him to either show and interest or show them his mortality. But Eshkell felt a shiver through the air as the last egg took the boys attention. It as clear to them all before he ever said a word that he was transfixed. Either through greed, knowledge, or the Calling he wanted that stone. Saphira made a low humming noise, as did Shinerai it was near a purr but still to metallic. Eragon’s smile broadened as the Elundari filled him in on the boy’s fate, through smiling his hid his own sadness and compassion for this young man. More and more he was reminding him of a slightly older version of himself before he found Saphira. His nostalgia was cracked though when the boy finally spat out what was on his mind.

    Eragon cracked out laughing suddenly as the boy’s question was both insane and hilarious at once. Not only that, but if Elias knew what he held he may have quickly tried to toss the egg. Eragon chuckled bent over in half finally lifting up to speak and noticed Eshkell’s own humorous eyebrow quirk. He cleared his throat and was about to speak once again when suddenly a flare of brilliant white light pulsed about the egg along the crease of a fracture in it’s shell. Eragon’s grin turned rather cocky now instead as he waited.

    Pain lanced up Elias’ arm like molten lava followed by a searing cold that numbed the nerves to his unending pain, his hand however would feel cold as ice, as though he’d been speared by a shard of unmalting cold ice if he dropped the egg or looked at his hand he would find a lightly glowing silvery scar twisting about his thumb and swirling into his palm in the small shape of a dragon.

    Moment’s later the egg shell would start to crumble and a tiny dragon head would pop out and it’s first tendrils of thought, mostly color at first would enter Elias mind as his connection grew and widened he would feel unbelievable energy flowing into him.

    “I call KO Master, three meals are my stakes…” “Ha.. Little girl you have a deal! I believe he will stay through it unlike you did” “and you if Saphira’s stories are true…” She whispered back Shinerai made a grumbling laugh then slithered his head over Eshkell’s shoulder his snout resting just over her shoulder while tendrils of her crimson hair rained down over it he snuffled and grumbled waiting to see how the boy would fair. He liked Eshkell’s food but Eragon made some tasty treats they hadn’t had in some time. ~I heard that you Lizard Guts..~ Esh growled to Shin and he laughed.
  14. Elias felt a blush come to his cheeks as embarrassment washed over him from Eragon's reaction; had he done something wrong? Was this stone worthless? He couldn't understand exactly why he was reacting that way....he lowered his gaze in embarrassment, about ready to put the beautiful stone back; clearly Eragon was not willing to give it to him, it seemed. As the man finally managed to control his laughter, Elias felt a strange....something...coming from the stone. His gaze drew back to it and he watched, transfixed as a soft light had formed in the stone, suddenly flaring out to a blinding sheen. Elias, now completely confused, shielded his eyes with his free hand as events transpired.

    He fell to one knee as a searing pain ripped through his arm; even though it was short-lived, it had been beyond any agony he had ever felt before. Even as the pain numbed out to a chilling cold, he still clutched at his arm, wondering what in the world just happened as the light from the stone grew ever brighter. He had to close his eyes or he would burn them out.....

    And just like that, the light went out. As he slowly opened his eyes, a faint glowing on his hand caught his attention. Shifting the suddenly hollow-feeling stone to his other hand, he examined what was the source of the light. It was some sort of weird mark or something...Elias rubbed it, scratched it, picked at it, everything he could think of, but the mark didn't budge an inch, as if it were branded onto his skin. As if things could get even stranger, he could swear the stone was collapsing on itself now! His eyes didn't know what to focus on, but eventually he chose the stone to watch over his hand.

    As the stone crumbled to dust, he found something else amidst the remaining shards; a little baby animal. But not just any animal....the wings, the shape of the head...it was a baby DRAGON. Elias had to sit down again to comprehend what just happened; he had witnessed a baby dragon hatch in his own hands. It was a truly miraculous moment, one he still hadn't fully grasped. As he was trying to understand the gravity of what just happened, the 'door' he had felt from before was suddenly opened and ripped off its hinges; something, someone else was with him now, a second consciousness that Elias had a feeling he would be unable to be rid of if he tried. As of now, the second consciousness was still quiet; some whispers floated across the now open divide, but Elias could not understand very much of it. Almost as if the voice was unsure how to speak...Elias glanced down at the dragon again, now fully studying it. It was a strange silver in color, strange in a way that if you looked at it from a different angle, the silver would shine with tints of red, blue, green...the whole rainbow was visible at some angle or another. A ridge of small bumps ran across the dragon's neck on the top and bottom, stopping at its back and chest. Most notably...it was the cutest thing Elias had seen in a very long time.

    "Aww....look at you...you're so precious," Elias whispered to the baby dragon, gently pulling it into his body for a hug. The dragon cooed in response, its eyes closing in contentment and happiness from being held so lovingly. Within moments, the little dragon was fast asleep. Elias held the dragon in his hands gently, stroking its head with the tenderness of a mother. Though he appeared calm, his head was spinning and he was getting woozy from trying to make heads or tails of the situation. What had happened to his mind and his hand? Was the dragon connected to him now or something? Did the two dragons and their owners know this before he had even taken the egg? He slowly glanced back at the four, his eyes unfocused and barely showing consciousness. "You guys....you have a lot of explaining to do," he shot with far less venom than he wanted. A nap sounded good right now....but not yet, he needed understanding!
  15. They all seemed to breath a sigh he was an immediate hatching, unlike Eragon and Eshkell had been. As the new baby dragon hatched free the two older dragons made low yet bold thrumming sounds deep in the barrels of there chests. Eshkell walked forward and past the young man to stand at her Master’s side. “Looks Like I will be cooking more… “ She sighed Shinerai had no witty come back this time however, he as Saphira, were both to enamored with the new fledgling that was to be in their care.

    Eragon simply smiled and crouched down before Elias and placed a hand on his shoulder “You will have many - many questions but perhaps it would be best for you to rest for now…” he wanted to put the young lad to sleep to force the rest upon him. There was much to be discussed after all, and he and his current apprentice needed to discuss things before the boy was brought into this circle in full.

    ~•“SLEEP!”•~ He murmured in the ancient tongue and was sure to knock the young lad out swiftly. . .

    Some Time Elapsed and when the boy awoke next he was on a bed cut into the stone that was unnaturally soft for stone, magic clung to it that he could now FEEL! And settled upon the center of his breast was his beauty snoozing right along with him. Eragon had made sure his tongue had reached both through their connection. They needn’t sleep for long though for Eragon and Eshkell fell into their routine of report, discuss, debate and finalize stratagems. He’d been training her hard, but she was Elven of sorts after all. This lad would have a tough tutelage with her already ten years his senior. But competition had helped Eragon after all.

    As soon as he stirred Eragon and Eshkell would fall silent and await for him to come over. Shinerai was steadily grooming his feathers over close to the falls and Saphira was out hunting. Only one Elundari sat out beside Eragon and Eshkell, it was Glaedyr the First that had come into Eragon’s possession, and his old master Oromois’ bond mate. “We have much to discuss, firstly what are you going to name your new Soul Mate?” He asked gesturing to the baby dragon.

    “ As you have surely realized by now, you two are joined in far deeper than any physical connection you can ever attain. You are one now. You two must protect each other’s lives above all else because these Dragons, they are a Dieing breed…” Eragon let the gravity of this sink in and waited for the first found of Questions. Eshkell sat carving something with a rather large and pointy knife that looked very similar to a big ass tooth, in fact it actually was one. Her bright blue eyes and contrasting fiery hair even her shoulders all were still she didn’t seem to breath at all.
  16. Elias didn't understand what Eragon said after telling him to sleep, but he almost immediately felt unconquerable exhaustion creep over him as the baby dragon slept away in his hands. Within moments, his eyes had shut and he fell to the stone floor, fast asleep as the spell took its effect. The baby dragon shuffled in its sleep, wanting to be close to the boy who had been there for its hatching. The two asleep together, each one close to each other for reasons beyond their current comprehension, was a peaceful, beautiful sight.

    Elias's dreams were far from pleasant. He was atop his dragon, now fully grown, soaring through the sky. He felt older, more mature, all of a sudden. He stood upon his companion, confident in his flying skill, showing off to his masters Eragon and Eshkell. Wait, when had they become his masters? Elias questioned it for a moment, but almost immediately had to turn back, as an army was approaching in the air! He spotted at least two dragons that dwarfed theirs in size, and other flying beings he simply could not recognize. Elias, confident, nodded to his partner. ~Ready, Slypha?~ He thought over to her. ~Naturally!~ She responded with enthusiasm. The pair zoomed into the battle, going straight for one of the great dragons. Slypha opened her mouth wide, and a massive silver fireball blasted from her maw at the behemoth. Unexpectedly, the fireball merely bounced off its incredibly tough hide....the male rider atop the beast laughed heartily. "My turn," he boasted. The beast opened its mouth wide, and Elias and Slypha were blasted with all-consuming fire....

    Elias awoke with a scream. His body jerked up, still tingling as if it were burnt badly. What had happened in his dreams? He tried to recall, but a few dim memories were all he could remember. The little dragon, asleep on his chest, stirred, opening its amber eyes and yawning cutely. Elias sat up on the weirdly soft stone they lied on, taking the dragon into his hands. "Why hello there," he said lovingly to the little creature. He stroked its head again, and the dragon let out a little purr, much like a cat. ~Good morning, Elias~ he heard in his head. Shocked, he nearly dropped the dragon in his attempt to process what happened. "Did...did you just talk to me?" ~Of course, you are my Rider, after all!~ Elias cocked his head at the dragon, whose voice, while feminine, lacked some of the regal tones of the great blue dragon. It sounded more like a close friend, if he were to describe it. ~Mmm, I like that...a close friend...~ ~Nyah! You can read my thoughts!?~ ~Of course silly, that's how we communicate!~ Elias shivered a bit; this was more personal than he had ever expected. Looking up, he noticed Eragon and the female elf waiting for him; taking the dragon in his arms, he walked over, noting the lack of the blue dragon in the cave.

    The first question Eragon had for him as he approached was the dragon's name...he realized that his friend didn't have one yet! The dragon watched him, intrigued and imploring, and Elias panicked. He had to name such a rare, impressive creature? Was it possible? As he floundered for a proper name, one of the dim memories from his dream came to mind...."Slypha....her name is Slypha." Slypha nodded and nuzzled Elias lovingly, in agreement with his choice. Elias picked Slypha up, putting her on his head as she relaxed. "Questions? I have so many, but....I have two that will probably answer a lot. First of all, why can Slypha read my thoughts? And second, and more important...what the hell happened to me yesterday?!"
  17. Eshkell looked up as the young man screamed himself awake a critical quirked brow was he only response though. Eragon turned to address the questions to come and prepared to tell the boy of his future to be now that he was bound to a Dragon. He gave a gentle smile as the boy exclaimed wonder as his dragon surely has started to talk to him now. They were unaware of his dreams however, Eragon had been having many troubling ones as of late himself. Then Elias named his beauty.

    “A good name… My name is Eragon and the blue beauty you met yesterday is Saphira, my apprentice is Eshkell, and her dragon’s calling is Shinerai. Shin gave a low grumble from behind a wing he was currently preoccupied with. “These crystals I showed you yesterday, they are all dragon eggs, but they are also special eggs, they have had spells cast on them to stay in their shells dormant until their intended soul mate appears to them. In this case Slypha was awaiting you. The mark she gave you on your hand is more than a symbol. But a transfer scar of your two soul’s combining into one. You are now linked irrevocably. And because of this bond you are now able to see each other’s thoughts as well as pains and energies. “ Eragon sat back on his heels and stoked a fire under what looked like searing pig meats.

    Eshkell had hunted and prepared but Eragon was still actually cooking it. He was a good master obviously after their bets yesterday. Eshkell was still carving away with her large an point tooth knife seeming to ignore the whole situation, but she was worried about this new boy, and when they were just reaching this area, They were already on the run. Hell since they set foot on this cursed continent they had been under chase. She was glad to have been with Eragon as long as she had been before meeting such foes that could chase Dragons and Riders away. She sighed showing her first sign of discomfort at the situation and bright blue eyes peeked from around crimson curls to stare at Elias. He’d had a shovel, would they really be able to protect him long enough to train him up?
  18. As Elias listened to what Eragon had to say, his eyes drifted up to the little silver dragon currently staring down Saphira, as he had called her. So not only were they completely tied together, they had in fact been destined to meet....Elias wasn't sure what to say. He had a feeling there had to be even more behind this than what met the eye...there were still plenty of questions left unanswered, and two in particular that had leaped to the forefront of his mind. Both probably had seriously consequential answers....

    Elias took Slypha into his hands again, feeling more comfortable when he was gently stroking her head and wings. Slypha, grateful for all the attention, nuzzled up to him, glad her Rider was such a kind, caring one. His next two questions would carry even more weight than he knew....Elias glanced away, looking at the waterfall for the longest time before he began to speak, as though he were afraid of what the answers might be.

    "Umm...okay....then my next questions are natural follow-ups...." He gulped before continuing. "So if Slypha and I are forever bound, just like your bonds....now what do we do? I don't know if I can care for Slypha all on my own....especially when she grows up some." He patted the little dragon worriedly. "And, maybe more importantly, why are you here in the first place? Why did you come to my home? Why did you wish to show me the eggs in the first place? There have to be good reasons..." Now Elias was getting somewhere. He'd been wanting to ask that question since he first saw the dragons approaching on the skyline.
  19. Eragon had a feeling the boy might clam up after what he’d said, and was ready for it with silence of his own. Letting him process it all, allowing for him to fully take it in. Esh nearly spoke up once during the silent moments, but was warned against such action by a simple look from Eragon. She would still herself for a moment then return to her carving. Shinerai crept into her conscious ~I just don’t think having another apprentice right now would be good, she whispered back to him already know his questions before he asked. Shinerai nodded and gave a huff from near the waterfall ~Masters Brightscales and Eragon will know what is best, besides we are nearly finished with our training and the little Slypha will take some time to grow before her true training can begin~ Eshkell nodded seemingly to herself.

    This was about the time Elias spoke up finally and boy did the questions flood out. Eragon smiled charmed a bit by his own nostalgia revolving about his own bonding. He waited until Elias finally clamped his mouth again and Eshkell stored her brutal looking knife to prop an elbow aross her knee and stretched her other out. She waited still silent, she was curious to Eragon’s answers as well. “Elias you may do whatever you would like, however, now that you are bound to such a powerful companion, you must first complete your training under my Tutelage. “ The way he said it left no room for argument from Elias though it was stern but it was also honest. “If you don’t understand the gifts you have just received they can kill you quicker than you can blink” And he was being honest, but hopefully young Elias wouldn’t be as talented with magic as he had been, or even Eshkell, though her Control of said magics were still something to be fine tuned.

    “With you under mine and Saphira’s wing you will have no trouble raising Slypha to be a grown beauty in no time… “At that statement suddenly the water of the water fall exploded inward as the great beauty of Saphira appeared. She barely missed Shinerai as she dove in and he growled slapping his hooked tail on the stoney floor with aggravation. Sapphira would land and shake her scales free of droplets only to rain them down upon those in the Cavern her nose came about and slowly she snuffled the tiny dragon with a maternal side Eragon had yet to see in his Beauty. “As to why were are here… I come from a very far off continent called Alagesia. It is where both Saphira and I were born, and where her kind were also nearly hunted into extinction. We went through a lot there but we came to your lands to seek out more of Saphira’s and Shinerai’s kind as well as bringing all but two of the remaining Dragon eggs with us.”

    He gave a gentle moment’s pause before continuing. “This was not our first rest though since coming here… We first tried a place far the East of here. A City called Eldnek. But we could not say there. “We only came upon your lands by Chance. We needed a place to rest before continueing on to find a more suitable home, but so far Shinerai and Eshkell here have been on many scouting trips and at every turn they take we seem to run into the same enemies.” Eragon sighed and hushed up finally. Eshkell quirked a brow and would Finally speak her first words “He showed you the eggs because you could hear a Dragon BEFORE you were bound to one. Shinerai and I were very similar to your own trail…” She gave a cocky half smirk and in her head reminded herself ~Sorta~ She remembered snatching the gigantic umber amber and white Jewel from Eragon thinking it was her biggest meal ticket ever. Oh was she ever surprised later after the heist from Eragon Shinerai had been born and the two linked eternally.
  20. As Elias listened to Eragon, his mind drifted to Slypha once again; he found it strange, but somehow he found he could focus on her and still not lose even a moment of Eragon's speech. As he gently played with Slypha, he let his mind reach to her a bit more as he decided to converse with her once again. ~So, Slypha...what do you think of what Eragon is saying?~ There was a pause before she responded. ~I'm only a few hours old, but he sounds trustworthy enough.~ ~But what exactly do you think he needs to train me under? I figure you just eat meat, right?~ The baby dragon puffed a tiny cloud of smoke in what Elias interpreted as laughter. ~Yes, but there's so much you need to know...~

    It was then that the great blue dragon, Saphira, came barreling through the waterfall; Elias stumbled backwards, thankfully keeping a close hold on Slypha as he landed on his back, immediately getting doused by the dragon. Elias's cheeks flushed in embarrassment as he sat up, Saphira nuzzling up to Slypha in a cute sort of motherly affection. Elias sighed with a smile; they looked like they got along well already. Elias was just glad that Saphira no longer seemed to want to eat him, which was a perpetual concern for the farm boy.

    Next up came the story of how Eragon and the elf girl, Eshkell, came to his little hideaway....he had heard of Alagaesia and its proximity to Traevernyn, but he had never traveled there himself; as far back as he could remember, he had never left the valley. His description of his past was quite vague, and it left more than one question burning in his mind about the pair of dragon owners. But he had a feeling that they ought to wait; the man did not look particularly open to discussing the intricate details of his past.

    Elias took a deep breath, nodded at Slypha, then spoke up. "Very well, Eragon, Eshkell....if that is what I need to do, I will train under you to properly be with Slypha." Though it would likely mean he'd have less time to do all the necessary housework he had to do daily for when his parents came home, he had always hoped that, deep down, he was meant for something more. From what it sounded like, dragons were exceedingly rare; being able to be partnered with one was such an incredible opportunity, and Elias knew this was an offer he couldn't and wouldn't refuse.
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