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  1. Sien hopped onto the fallen tree, happily flinging the snow that covered it in all directions. "Come on, guys!" She shouted impatiently, "Hurry up, or I'll leave you behind!" It was another cold, snowy day in the Iceback mountains, but somehow the joy of playing in snow was never lost to the black hatchling and she was always sure to drag the others into her games. She leapt up, her wings unfurling as she snapped at the snowflakes flitting through the air. They supported her for a few seconds before she dropped back down. The moment she had been able to use them they had become the object of her pride and she never wasted an opportunity to strengthen or show them off.
  2. "I'm coming, I'm coming." Jae rolled her eyes, following behind, pawing at the snow and making little marks. She kept her head down to try and avoid the snow from piling on it. She looked around a little to make sure she knew where they were. "Be careful. Don't get hurt." She called ahead as Sien stretched her little wings.
  3. "It'll be fine, Jae, I've got everything under control," Sien insisted smugly. She leapt up again only to hit a snow-burdened pine branch that she hadn't seen. She crashed down with a yelp next to Jae in a mix of dragon and snow.
  4. Taxxy came zipping in, right next to Sien. "Oh, looks like you stumbled there, didn't ya?" He chuckled at his own joke.
  5. Quick as lightning, Sien grabbed Taxxy's tail with her jaws and dragged him into the new snow drift. "How'd like that?" She said smugly, crawling out of the white pile.
  6. Taxxy spit out the snow and rolled his eyes. "I'd still beat you in a flying contest."
  7. Before Sien could accept his challenge, a roar echoed through the woods. "Elder's calling!" She told them, excitement radiating off her dark scales, "Maybe he'll tell us another story after dinner!"
  8. "Race ya there!" He said before flying off.
  9. Khimaerus looked up from his after noon nao to the elder calling. He stretched out his golden wings and gave them a few flaps, which lifted him up and landed him neatly on his feet. His emerald eyes peered out into the distance trying to figure out which direction the call came from. Finally noticing the elders large silhouette in the distance, Khimaerus moved quickly to get there. When he finally reached the elder, he looked around for his hatch mates. He huffed out in impatience. He was rather hungry. "If I could breathe fire, I swear would roast them up for being such slowpokes!" He said jokingly, laughing to himself
  10. "What about 'slowpokes'? BOO!" Taxxy jumped out of his hiding spot. He flew in place. "I'm not the slowpoke, you are." He said, smiling.
  11. Khimaerus jumped a little bit, flapping his wings at Taxxy. He chuckled slightly, " You may be faster, but I'm going to be bigger, you wait and see!" He teased. He looked up at the elder before looking back at Taxxy. " We should go on an adventure after we eat! And we can practice flying!" He offered excitedly
  12. Sien crashed through the branches of the trees that surround the Elder's cave, landed unceremoniously into her hatchmates. She scrambled to her paws, immediately racing over to the Elder. "Will you tell us a story?" She asked pleadingly, "Can we hear about Fyre the Great again!?"

    The Elder chuckled, his deep voice ringing loudly. "That is enough adventure for one day," He rumbled, the dying sun reflecting off of his green scales, "Tell me, where is Jae? Did you leave her behind again? Didn't I tell you to look after her, Sien?" Sien smiled sheepishly, "I....wanted to hear another one of your stories and I raced home," She replied, her tail swaying a bit in her embarrassment.
  13. Iceheart timidly laid next to the Elder. Having eaten something bad she had been very sick the night before and Elder had made her stay back and rest today. After the long nap Iceheart felt very refreshed and came out of her makeshift nest. Her whole body was wriggling with joy as she saw her hatch mates. "You guys are back!" She exclaimed with a giggle as she knocked Khimaerus over playfully and stood on him.
  14. Elder Tahoa eyed Iceheart critically. "You should not play around so soon after your illness," He told her sternly, "You still need to rest and make sure it has completely left your system."

    "Yep," Sien said proudly, "We went all the way to the fallen oak today!"

    "You should not venture so far from home, hatchlings!" The ancient dragon growled, "And you should no better than to put your friends in danger, Sien!"
  15. Taxxy stood proudly, flapping his wings. "And I was the first one here! Like always!"
  16. Khimareus rolled his eyes. "Enough with the bragging, let's eat!" He laughed, but his stomach grumbled showing that he actually was quite hungry. He gave a sheepish grin before looking to the elder expectantly.
  17. "It's ok Elder I feel better, honest!" Iceheart exclaimed as she hopped up and down. When Sien told her how far they had been Icehearts eyes got wide. "Don't worry Elder. Sien would never let us get hurt."
  18. "Yeah!" Sien protested, "I was being careful honest!"

    "Enough of this," The Elder said, his look softening, "The Hunters have brought home your favorite. Eat well, hatchlings." Elder Tahoa turned his head, reaching back into the cave and pulling out a giant bull moose in his jaws. Dropping it in front of the hatchlings, he laid an ivory claw over the prey. "However," He continued, with a gleam in his eyes, "That will have to wait until after you bring Jae home."
  19. Khimaerus groaned. "Alright, let's go get her and bring her back. The faster we are the quicker we eat" he encouraged.
  20. Taxxy drooled over the meat, but when he heard the news, his eyes widened. "WHAT!? Oh, I gotta find her fast!" He said, before zipping off to the snow.
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