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  1. Across the ocean, there lay an island. Now this island wasn't documented on any chart, or satalitee, or anything of that nature. The island was mostly jungle, but there was one large desert and a small valcano to the north. At first glance, it appeared peacful and full of life, full of hope and a good place to live. One could build a house on the edge of the desert and use wood from the jungle easily. But amongst this island, there lay a shadow, one that was driving the native creatures insane. Some of these creatures literally died from being touched by the madness, and some went through agonizing deaths. But this thing wasn't made to kill. It was trying to take them over, but failing.
    The island was surrounded now by a electrical field, generated by the center of it. The gigantic mass of land was filled with the sound of electricity, but it wasn't harmful to any of them, nor would it be to humans. But the field served to knock out the engine of one large passagner plane that lay just above the island. The plane dipped and shook as its systems were comprimised by this field, and the nose slowly began to point directly at the shoreline by the east end of the island.

    Most of the creatures fled into holes or caves, too scared to watch. But there were a few select ones that watched with interest. A few select ones started to either float to the surface, or swoop from the sky, or burrow up form the earth. Some were large and had wings like knives, otehr were stout and had scales like brick. They all shared one common feature: they were all dragons. And dragons were queer creatuers, for they did not obey the laws of nature. They were magical, they were incredible. And now they were just about to select the few from the doomed airship to save from their fate.

    The dragons all searched the minds of the crew, the passagners and technical workers. Their minds were ghost-like, and many people were so wrapped up in fear that they did not bother to pay attention. Each dragon slowly found one man, boy or young man to save, and cast a spell over that person so they would survive. The dragons used this power to select the next generation of riders. The time for hiding was done. It was time for the dragon riders to be born.
    Inside the plane, Andrew was clutching the seat for his life. A minute ago, he noticed the turbine had stopped spinning. A minute after that, he noticed that the other one was no longer spinnign. The entire ship started to rock, which was terrifying enough. Turbulance started to take over and some of the people were getting flung roughly across the isle. The plane's com system was out, so he was forced to make his own judgements before he finally deicded the plan and everyone on it was surely doomed.

    If he had been feeling better, he may have felt the concoiusness of the water dragon touch his mind. Somethign about him set that female dragon off, and, if he had listened, he would've heard the spell cast over him, protecting him from harm. He couldn't, however, and ignored this. The entire situation screaemd death, and eh was too young to die.
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  2. Silia had let out a scream as the plane suddenly shook. She had felt the jolt of the plane as the silence from the turbines filled the stomach of the plane. Moments before she had been looking out the window to see that the turbines quit working. Now they were plummeting towards the earth. She couldn't help but let out her fear in a screech.

    People were flying everywhere and nothing was being said from the cockpit. She gripped the seat before her and closed her eyes. She didn't feel it, nor hear it. The spell that was casted by the Dark Dragon. He had chosen her out of everyone else, and she had no idea that her life was about to change.​
  3. The one thought that crossed Veneranda's mind was that she was glad her parents were at home this year. Her face was solemn, her eyes closed morosely. She bit the middle of her lower lip and sent a prayer to Jesus, as well as a Lutheran Hail Mary. She crossed her hands over each other, grasping the seat for a handle on her life. She wanted to see her cousins one more time. She wanted to let her mother and father know she was okay. Then she heard a voice in her head.

    "Ye woman, clear of mind and conscience, retard your fears. You hear me through your clarity and calm. Speak not, for thou might break the spell, methinks."

    Veneranda opened her eyes with a start. She was still on the plane, it was still hurtling towards the ground. She felt as though fate had dealt her a cruel hand. She looked down hopelessly, and heard the voice once more.

    "Soft. Milady, I have another name, but you may call me Scherzo. We shall meet in due time. You shall live. Keep thine eyes shut up. I bid thee anon."

    She opened her eyes again but then felt determined. Any hope she had was a hope for her. She closed her eyes and bit her lip again, thinking of her family. She couldn't help but think one thing, though, which escaped her lips. "Sei tutti pazzi."
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  4. Damian glanced out of his window while he watched the ground quickly grow closer and closer. He had been taught by his parents before they left never to fear death if it came for you, he simply grasped his armrests as memories from his past raced through his mind. He lived a reasonable life with his family and friends until now, he only felt bad for how his childhood friend would take the news of him dieing in a place crash.

    The young blind dragon of death rumbled with amusement, "You shall be my rider, we'll see if you survive long enough to find me." the male lowered his head then chanted. After placing the spell on his future rider, with a sinster laugh he disappeared into the thick fog of his domain while the plants where he once stood had wilted and decayed.
  5. Andrew was sitting there, having his life flash before his eyes when the dragon finished her spell. Yes, his dragon was female, but he did not know this. If he had listened, he would've heard the words: Though you are frightened and cowerdish, you have pure of heart and can become ruler of the sea with me. I cast the spell over you, one that you may live and find me. Then, had be been listening, the dragon would've chanted over him in a soft and silken voice.

    Andrew collasped and he gripped the chair as the plane really started to pick up altitude. He screamed along with most people and closed his eyes, fearful for his life.

    The madenss desended upon another dragon, destroying the mental barriers and killing the beast instantly. The spirit felt the life drain out and simply cease to exist, and it loved the feeling. It was so abosorbed it didn't notice the dragons starting to choose riders.
  6. Silia wasn't sure she was ready to die, and that made her even more scared. The ground was almost upon them, and death was very close. She had not heard the gruff voice of the Dark Dragon as he chanted his spell over her. He had seen something in her; spirit... something that Darkness needed to thrive. He had whispered, "When you wake up, you will find the darkness to be the most comforting thing."

    Silia was trying to accept her own death, was trying to find comfort in the darkness. Why she had suddenly started to think lile that was beyong her, but she wanted the darkness to come faster. She tried not to scream as the speed obviously increased.​
  7. The plane was crashing. People were screaming and falling around him. Whatever. It didn't matter. Suddenly, he felt something pass through him. A touch, a ghostly chill. Images flashed through his head. A jungle, flailing down from the canopy, crashing into the ground, scurrying into a bush, hiding from a large scaled beast, waiting, crying into the sky from the metal bird swooping over it, ignored by its mother. Find me. A large outline, gradually coming into view. Large red eyes, and a massive set of jaws, lunging towards its prey. Find me. Alex was crying. The fear of the thing that talked to him, the lack of anything to comfort it. A memory flashed in his eyes, of a young boy cast out of house and home, running from the CPS and his first life, straight into the arms of another. Years later, a gun to his face. A body on the ground, not his. A life he had lived for nothing. He'd gained nothing. His life had no meaning. But this.... Thing. It wouldn't end up like him. Find me.

    "I will. You'll be fine." He unbuckled the seatbelt and started climbing up the aisle to the rear of the plane. Best to be at the point of least impact if he was going to survive and find this thing.
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  8. Luna heard the people screaming and tumbling around the plane, people crashing into the sides or ontop of one another. She knew the plane was going to crash it was obvious something had gone wrong shutting off all engines. Despite knowing she was most likely going to die she was eerily calm, no she did not want to die but if she was going to she was going to keep her pride and go without a word. Her instinct for survival kicking in she unbuckles herself and feels her way to the safest part of the plane, not that it would help much but she wasnt gonna die without a fight. Even if she was blind, she will not let fate control her future.

    Luna felt the presence of something in her mind but couldnt get a hold of it any time she tried it would slip away like a thought that just wouldnt come into focus. Little did she know the blue fire dragon had chosen her and was now casting a spell to let her survive the crash.​
  9. Damian gritted his teeth but undid the straps holding him in place, he was going to die one day but today he felt wasn't going to be it. He quickly sidestepped out of his seat then steadily made his way toward the back fo the plane, the front half would more than likely take most of the damage while the back end would be relatively unscathed. He noticed a dark and malicious voice in his head but thought it was his mind playing tricks on him so he threw it to the side of his mind and continued heading towards the back.
  10. Silia didn't have time to think, fear gripped her mind like a cold claw. She had slammed her eyes shut and prayed that she would survive. Her breathing was eratic, but she didn't dare unclench that seat in front of her. She just wanted to find the darkness. She wanted to slip away into the cool shadows were safety was. The plane was bluckling under gravity's weight and death was almost upon them, she could feel it. It was only a matter of seconds now...​
  11. Down. That is where Sky was heading. The plane dipped downward, to his certain doom. The girl next to him screamed, and gripped his shirt. He sat frozen. This was his first time flying, and it was the the worst decsion he has ever made. He didnt have to worry about his family dieing in the crash, this was his first vacation alone. He didn't have a girlfriend, kid, or anyone else back at his apartment to think about, besides his cat, Muffins. He closed his eyes and kept his thoughts happy. He said one last pray to god, before a sudden headache came to him. Grimicing in pain, Sky opened his eyes to find himself in darkness. He thought to himself "So this is what death is like? Do I wait here till judgement or is this...hell?" Instead, of a new world or light appearing in the darkness, two crimsion eyes appear infront of him. A strong voice boomed out "SAFETY" Startled, he closed his eyes again. He waited for the beast to attack him, but instead opened his eyes to be back on the plane, next to the screaming girl, and his death. The words echoed in his head "Safety...."
  12. The plane was no longer able to struggle along and then it all ended. To the dragons on the island, they had never seen something so spectacular. There was a crash and a loud BANG, which riveled their own roars. Then fire leaped across the hull and it drove its way into the deep sands. The flames were quenched by water, but everyone was now dead. The island was not one to care deeply for those on it.

    That is, all but the choosen...

    AFTER THE CRASH: 4 hours later

    Andrew awoke in water, not something he enjoyed. HE aws laying on a sandbar about 30 yards away from the smoking plane. Two thoughts came to mind: how did he not break his neck flying onto this, and why was he suddenly afraid of the ocean? He stood up, a little scared, and moaned when the pain toppled him over. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to lie on the sandbar for awhile.
  13. Veneranda awoke on the beach, next to a boy as he collapsed with a pained moan. She didn't know him, but she was concerned. Her Milanese dress was soaked through, her skin was burning from the sun. She got enough strength together to turn over onto her other side to keep the one from burning. She was pale for a half-Vietnamese, due to the fact that she tended to stay out of the sun. Naturally, her skin was not used to the heat. She thought Vietnam was sweltering, but this was just rediculous.

    "Ah, cazzo," she cursed under her breath as she tried to sit herself up. She was sore all over. "Ehi, ragazzo, stai bene? Thanh niên? Boy?" She tried cycling through languages to see which he spoke - they were on the same flight, so chances are, they had a language in common.
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  14. Sky awoke hours later. Hanging upside down in the main part of the flame. His eyes fluttered for a moment, and he looked around flames were engulfing the plane. Their was no movement from what he saw. His thoughts drifted back to the screaming girl from eariler. He looked towards her. He shouted loudly, it echoing from the curved crash saying "Shit!" The lady's throat was wide open, a piece of metal stuck through it. Blood ran from her mouth, eyes, nose, and ears. Forgeting he was upside down, he uncliped his seat belt and fell to the ground. Groaning, he sat up. Luck was on his side again because he nearly dropped onto a jagged piece of metal. Pushing up off his knee, he stumbled away from the ever growing flame. Looking for a way out, he spotted it. Limping out, he reached daylight. He gazed around the wreckage and saw movement! Jogging towards it, he saw a old man laying face down in the sand, his arm moving as if he was trying to reach for something. Turning the man over, a horrific sight appeared to him. The mans face was chewed upon, small bites taken out of his nose, cheeks and eye lid. His chest was torn open, a piece of metal broke most of the mans bones. The arm that moved eariler moved again, about 7 rats crawling out of the mans sleeve. Stumbling away, Sky threw out on the beach. His eyes drifted upward to see a jungle off in the distance. Crawling up until he felt grass under his body, he laid down panting. ​
  15. Oh crap! Of all the plains to skip out in, it had to be the looser that crashes! Tam had ran long and hard to excape the boy's that had tryed to catch her. It was only a sandwich for heaven's sake! She was a skinny starving 14 year old...well, that's what the Ward officer had said. No one could be sure, not even Tamara. But now here she was, head between her knees and hand clasped behind her neck, trying to figure out if it would do any good to pray or not. It couldn't hurt. A voice, not hers said it and she jumped clear out of her skin, looked all around quick like to find the speeker. That's when the engine died compleatly. Tam hit her head against the wall and blacked out compleatly.

    Excuse me! Theres one for me! I feel it! Straneth spun in happyness in mid air between two of his 'freinds'. The female snapped at him and the other male growled out something about how there had to bee a mistake. He caught up to the group and lent his magic to help soften the blow of the plains landing and cushion it's occupants.
  16. The last thing that had ran through Silia's mind was red. The color red was the last thing that she had seen before she passed out. When she awoke now, she was extremely surprised to find that she was on the shore, under a large tree. The shade around her made her shiver. She groaned and tried to sit up, but her back was extremely sore. She groaned and managed to flip herself over, only to let out aloud gasp. The plane was englufed in fire. That was when the small hit her; burning flesh. She quickly got up, despite her pain and grabbed the coconut tree, vomitting. She coughed and put the back of her hand to her mouth. Her arms and lets were bleeding, but they weren't bad.

    She looked back at the plan, tears started to form in her eyes as she remembered her parents and family at home. Would she see them again? Sure, she was alive now, but would she survive...where ever they were? Would she be able to get rescued? She flet the tears start to fall down and she started to sob. Everything was ruined... so many lives were lost. Was she the only one alive? She started to sob even more. "Hello!?" She screamed. She wanted anyone...juse one person to answer her.​
  17. Luna awoke feeling sharp pains all over her body her head throbbing something fierce, when she pats around her she feels something damp and leafy. She sits up with a groan wondering where she was and how she survived. She goes to bend her legs but theres some sort of branch there, she realizes too late she landed in a tree as she falls out of it onto a bush. Landing on it knocks the air out her she gasps trying to get her breath back as pain shoots through her. What the hell happened?
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  18. Damian let out a low snarl of pain as he picked himself up and leaned against a nearby tree, his head perked up when he heard what sounded like a young lady screaming hello. He staggered but quickly set off in the direction of the voice, a few minutes later he arrived upon the scene of part of the plane engulfed in fire and a blonde girl(ShadyoFayx) leaned against a coconut tree. A sharp stab of pain hit him and that's when he noticed a large branch protruding from his shoulder, he grasped it then pulled; he immediately let go because the pain was too much, not to mention he would have nothing to stop the bleeding. He coughed up some blood but wiped it away with his hand before calling out, "Hey...are you okay?!"
  19. Coughing so hard she had a hard time catching her breath Tamara tryed again to open the compartment door and get out of the up-side-down plain. It wouldn't budge and the wall behind her was getting very hot. Oh god! Not fire, any other way than fire! She had fleating images of when a simular fate had taken the only parent she had known. Faces were a blur though since at the time she had been very young, maybe as much as four or five. She still remembered the screams and on ocation woke screaming. This was no dream or memory now though. Tam kicked the door again and agian screaming at the top of her lungs for help. What if there wasn't any? Choking baack tears and biting her lower lip the boyinsh young girl picked up a heavy, to her, suitcase and slammed it against the wall and door. "HELP! HELP ME...IS ANYONE OUT THERE?!? HEEELLP!" Her voice became more shrill as the moments passed and panic set in.
  20. Out of everyone, something had at least laid him there in a spot to hear her, "Hang on!"" With a moan, he swam into the craft, thankful he knew How. He coughed at the fumes, but they were luckily upwind. He quickly found the compartment and yanked it open, which made him fall over. He stared at Tamara, "why are you in there..?"
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