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    The perfect place for Magica Girls to relax at the maximum, come for heal their bodies or send their prayers to Atena. Their Soul Gems can also be fixed here, but their inner impurity won't vanish though (read about this on the "Roleplay Walkthrough", in the Homepage). A beautiful floating land like all the other districts, but this one is special because is where the shrine dedicated to Atena dwells. The Priestess Belle protect the temple. Be creative and give life to this area on any post you make.
    Note to Roleplayers (open)
    Everyone is allowed to make their own plots in this section. Simply post a starting thread (post) if you want to make your own story and write "All Welcome" if you want anyone to join you. You can also wait for someone to post something and if they're welcoming anyone to join them, well, you can freely join them. A couple of missions will be availlable later, so don't worry and be patient.

    Locations of Interest on this District
    1. Belle's Consulting Office

    2. Sacred Hot Springs

    3. Atena's Monument

    Availlable Missions
    2 NPCs have missions for any Magica Girl to play:
    Belle, located at "Belle's Consulting Office" (Mission: "The Package of the Forbidden").
    Lucy, located at "Atena's Monument" (Mission: "Thirst of Revenge").
    For activate these missions, go to the mentioned locations and talk with the NPCs. First Magica Girl to reach there, gets the mission).
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  2. Nataliya Vostro

    Arriving in the area Nataliya began to look around. She took a few seconds to take all the surroundings in as her eyes darted around. She closed her eyes for a split second to relax herself. She was getting herself excited and worked up over finally relaxing. If she got herself overly excited she risked igniteing herself and causing a scene. Once she got herself in a level state of mind she began forward. She knew that she needed to get to the springs to finally unwind. When she reached the Hot Springs she immediately began to look to see if anyone else was around. When she noticed other girls she just shrugged and moved to go get herself changed.

  3. Random Event!
    Magica Girls Involved: @Angelic Fusion

    As Nataliya looked around the hot spring, a suspicious girl was stood in frot of the backdoor of the temple. The girl was had a beautiful long and straight pink hair that reached her to her waist. Her skin was like cotton and her eyes a deep tone of pink. She was dressed on a gorgeous short red dress. She looked around on a suspicious way, like if trying to make sure that no one was in the area. With a small smirk, she looked back at the door and slowly opened.

    After that, she took out some black cotton gloves from her pocket and slowly put them on as she stepped inside. For anyone's point of view, the girl looked like if she was about to commit a crime inside of the temple.
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  4. Nataliya Vostro

    Before she had a chance to go and get changed a sudden movement in the corner of her eye caught her attention. Her head snapped to the side as she saw the girl go into the temple. Realizing that the girl may be up to something she let out a sigh and began to move towards the temple. She hoped the girl was just up to mischeif and not anything horrible. She was far to tired to put up a really strong fight. If the girl happened to be a high end beserker it may be her last day alive. As those thoughts passed through her mind she stopped in her tracks and put a hand on the door. She didn't even have her weapon with her which made her feel especially vulnerable.

    She traced her hand down the side of the door she could reach and put her head on it. She was slightly worried about what may happen but pushed it out of her head as quickly as it came. She gripped the door and opened it slightly to peer inside. When she looked around she slipped in the door and tried to be as quiet as she could. ​
  5. Random Event!
    Magica Girls Involved: @Angelic Fusion

    Once inside of the temple, the girl walked for a couple of seconds before stopping by a corner of a hallway. She turned around and pinned her back against the wall before slowly peeking her head to see on the other side of the wall. It was where the monument of Atena was. At this time of the day, the temple was practically empty and the priestess, Belle, probably was on her consulting room taking a nap for refill her energies.

    As the girl make sure no one was on her sight, she slowly left her hiding and walked towards the monument. She stood in front of it and looked up at the enourmous statue that reesembled how Atena was. It was incredibly and beautiful the way it was build. Right in the center of the statue's chest, a diamond as big as the palm of a hand was stuck. The light of the room made the crystal sparkle a bit.

    The girl smirked widely and rubbed her hands together. "At last, you'll be all mine..." she said lowly with a light chuckle before beginning to climb up the statue.
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  6. Nataliya Vostro

    Staying in the shadows of the statue she skulked around to try and listen in on what the girl may be saying. It was odd that the priest wasn't inside of the temple. Then again, Nataliya wasn't sure if she could handle the job at all. It seemed like it would end up taking a toll on you as time went. The thought tore through her mind like a missile in the air. Her entire thought process was stopped as she tried to analyze what she meant by that. The action caused her to stop in the tracks and grab her head. She hated when she got herself caught of up a thought paradox. It never ended up well for her and normally led to her freaking out and loosing her mind for a short period of time. Nataliya took a deep breath and felt herself focus once more on the ground below her. Turning her head she gazed around blinking as she tried to refocus as her head screamed in the pain of a growing headache.

    When she got herself together entirely she noticed the girl began to climb up the statue. The sheer sight began to fuel a anger already started by her pain. Her yellow eyes seemed to flash as she snarled "Hey! What are you doing! Get down from there!." She screamed as she made her presence known. Luckily enough for her she blended into the shadows well enough so only her yellow eyes could be seen. "What do you think you are doing! I am going to get the Priestess." Nataliya continued on before thinking on what she just said. If she left the person could just run. She needed to get ahold of the person and take them in like she should. At the revelation she just let a wide smile go across her lips. ​
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  7. Random Event!
    Magica Girls Involved: @Angelic Fusion

    As the girl was about to reach the diamond, she quickly stopped on her tracks as she heard a female voice around the temple. She widen her eyes and quickly turned her head to looked around, her heartbeats fast. She didn't spotted anyone and that voice wasn't from the Priestess. "H-Huh....? Who in the world...?"

    Before she could say more, her body froze as she spotted a pair of yellow eyes in a dark corner of the area. She widen her eyes more and hold tight on the statue. She knew she was done if that thing say everything. Still, she didn't wanted to turn a weakling and plead for her to just let this pass and let her go, promising that she won't do it again. She clicked her tongue and gulped deeply, frowning slightly.

    "Who... WHat are you...?" she asked, looking at the pair of eyes. She wasn't sure if it was a Magica Girl or a Berserker that managed to enter Atena Land without been noticed beforehand.
  8. Nataliya Vostro

    At the sign of the girl beginning to waiver Nataliya moved. She had been in this temple more times than she could count. She knew the layout better than she could give herself credit for. She used that knowledge to her benefit and closed her eyes to hide the only feature that could be picked out. Now relatively cloaked in shadow she moved forward and entered a silent roll before approaching the girl from the side. Although she relies mostly on her stealth to get in and out of places... she wasn't the best at staying quiet. When she approached the girl she realized she was getting to close and put her hand on the ground.

    The area around her lit up as the ground under her hand began to light up. She raised her hand up causing a hilt to come out of the ground from the flaming circle. The hilt of flame began to solidify into an almost crystal like substance before she gripped it. The trigger mechanism forming into her hands as the molten material cooled. The heat radiating off the event could be felt from almost any point in the room. As she pulled more of the blade out it began to form a lower mechanism that slid into place before she pulled it the rest of the way out.

    The flaming circle went out as the tip emerged. The molten blade solidified into a almost crystal looking green blade. Nataliya gripped the lower mechanism and pointed it at the girl. The tip of the blade seperated on the sides showing two long barrels with a glowing ammunition contained within the chamber. "Don't move... Trust me.. I don't miss... even if you do run. Actually! Run! I enjoy a chase!" Nataliya said with a laugh as her yellow eyes flashed. "Oh, I hope the noise of my weapon discharging wales the priestess... I wonder what will happen." Nataliya went on to say as she stepped back a few steps.​
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  9. Random Event!
    Magica Girls Involved: @Angelic Fusion

    The girl gripped more tightly as she saw how the pair of eyes suddenly disappeared and an eerie silence fell o the temple. She was really scared and was thinking that maybe that was the voice of Atena's spirit, punishing her for trying to steal something from her dear monument. He was beginning to regret even daring to steal the diamond, but it was too late now. Someone already saw her.

    Just when she was about to climb off the statue, her body froze as she saw a weird blazing light on the room. She looked around and suddenly felt something behind her, followed by the same female voice warning her to not move a single muscle. She didn't had had much good options from the position where she was for a counterattack, because she knew that right when she free her hands, she would fall hard on the floor and be totally ridiculous to whoever was there.

    She clicked her hand, some drops of sweat rolling throw her forehead. "Attack me from behind and just when I'm armless... What a coward act", she said, slowly moving her head to her right. That's when she realized another Magica Girl was the one that was there all the time. "Is this some kind of stupid joke?"
  10. Nataliya Vostro

    Nataliya just stared at the girl as she spoke. "Nah, its not being a coward its called being in a tactical position to easily eliminate your foe. So, about that not moving thing. If you move I will be sure to remove your head." Nataliya went on to say with a smile. With her gun pointed at the girl she began to walk to the right of her to stand in the middle of the temple. "Come on then." Nataliya said and pointed towards the door "You are going to the priestess." she continued on to say. "Or, do you want me to knock you out, drag you down there and blossom from doing a good deed." she piped up as she raised the gunblade to aim at her face "I really don't like being delayed in what I want to do. I want to relax and just go on with my day. So, please don't make me freak out." ​
  11. Random Event!
    Magica Girls Involved: @Angelic Fusion
    The girl clicked her tongue and slowly began to climb off the statue, already annoyed and pissed by Nataliya's attitude. It took her a few seconds to finally hop off the statue and slowly turned around to face Nataliya. She frowned at her and looked at her from head to toes. "Apparently, you're that type of girl that thinks it's better than anyone else, looking at everyone elese like a zero on the left, huh?" she said, clenching her hands into fists, getting more angry.

    "Who the hell you think you are for threat me like that? I'm not scared of you..." She was trying to act cool and brave, but she was actually a bit scared and nervous of what Nataliya would do. On her eyes, she loked like a mental disable person that loved to torture people.
  12. Nataliya Vostro

    Nataliya was completely taken back by what the girl said. So much that she felt her hand tremble on the trigger as she got worked up. "Well, that is your opinion on the matter. To be honest the fact that you are even talking to me is irrelevant. You a a thief trying to defile Atena's temple. For that I would have you cast down to the mercy of beserkers.. but a softer touch must be applied." Nataliya continued on. "As for me thinking I am better than others.. I don't and honestly I find my own issues limiting to the fact that others are likely better than I." Nataliya continued as she began to play minor mind games.

    "Enough talking. Come down and lets go see the priestess." Nataliya said as she approached the girl. "I really just want to relax." Nataliya continued on with a whine. She finally got fed up and took a deep breath "If you don't move I will shoot you. I really don't want to do this anymore and... Know what.." Nataliya just shook her head before letting out a scream that echoed through the temple's chamber "Priestess! Thief!"​
  13. Random Event!
    Magica Girls Involved: @Angelic Fusion
    The girl widen her eyes as Nataliya began to scream so laoud that she heard the echoes on the room. She quickly looked around and thought about something quick. She didn't wanted to get caught, she knew she would be severale punished for trying to steal something from the holly Atena's statue. She looked at Nataliya with a frown and slowly moved her right hand towards her back, grabbing a dagger she hid under her short dress.

    "You give me no other choice..." she thought, preparing herself to attack Nataliya.
    After throwing the dice
    The girl took out her dagger and quickly dashed towards Nataliya. She was determined to stab her right on her right arm, but her right foot strumbled with something. She gasped and fell on the floor. The dagger dropped and slid away from her. She growled slight, totally fustrated by such a fail and how stupid she may look right now.
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  14. Nataliya Vostro

    Watching as the girl began to move toward her. She was ready to pull the trigger but hesitated at fear of hitting the statue. As the girl approached and came closer Nataliya was getting ready to dodge. Luckily enough she watched as the girls attack failed horribly as she tripped and fell on her face. With the girl on the ground and the dagger approaching her she leaned down and picked it up before placing it against her hip. "Alright, well since you want to use violence.. I don't see why I cant do the same thing. Remember, I gave you the chance to go easily." Nataliya went on to say as she lowered the rather large blade to the ground.

    After Dice

    Nataliya raised her rifle and let out a sigh. She didn't even bother aiming anymore and triangulated the end of her blade with the body of the girl. She exhaled and simply squeezed the trigger. The only noise heard was an almost ethereal whisping noise as a single bolt of red light erupted from one side of the blade. The projectile screamed across the gap and struck the girl in the back of the chest. ​
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  15. Random Event!
    Magica Girls Involved: @Angelic Fusion
    As Nataliya shot the girl right in the back of her chest, the girl let go a loud scream of pain, some blood coming out from the wound. She flinched with pain and some tears came out from her eyes. She slowly began to crawl away from Nataliya, totally afraid of her. She knew she was the one who attacked her, but she didn't managed to hit her and she was pratically defenseless on the floor. Seeing how Nataliya merciless shot her, practically wanting to kill her, make her be scared for life.

    "L-Leave me alone... S-Stay away from me, you monster...!" she shout weakily, lossing way too much blood. She kept dragging herself away from Nataliya, leaving behind a trail of blood.

    After a couple of more seconds, Belle, the Priestess, quickly rushed into the scene and got horrified by what she found. "My dear Atena! What's happening here!?" she asked with a panicked voice and quickly raised her right hand. On top of it, a red circle portal appeared and from within, a flaming katana came out. She gripped it tightly and stood in front of the wounded girl, glaring at Nataliya.

    "What are you thinking!? How dare you to hurt someone of your kind?!" Belle asked Nataliya, demanding a quick explination for her acts.
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  16. Nataliya Vostro.

    The recoil from the rifle made Nataliya step back once but it quickly dissipated. "Says the one who tried to stab me." Nataliya said not caring much for the fact the girl was hurt. "Honestly, if you never tried to hurt me I never would have hurt you. I don't know what you will do so I had to immobalize you untill someone else arrives." Nataliya went on to say before letting out a sigh. She felt like she was going to fall backwards from exhaustion. "I really really need to sleep." She mumbled out before standing up and trying to wake herself up.

    When the priestess ran into the room Nataliya felt her hopes lift. But, like most people in existence.. she let her emotions take hold before rational thought. "Well... seeing how you likely heard me scream earlier... that girl tried to steal Atena's gem from the statue." She went on to explain as her weapon burst into an almost magma like form. The fire snaked up her arm before disappearing entirely. She reached behind her and took the dagger out. "She didn't like that I screamed and she tried to stab me only to trip." Nataliya explained.

    "Now, what would you do if you were almost stabbed. I would make sure that the person wasn't able to harm myself or anyone else. Considering she is like me... she can also use her powers which makes incapacitating her a priority. There is also the fact she tried to steal from the temple." Nataliya finished before taking a deep breath. "Can I please go now.. I came here to go to the hot springs only to have to deal with this and now I am tired and grumpy because this girl is a bitch." Nataliya let out with a whine. ​
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  17. Random Event!
    Magica Girls Involved: @Angelic Fusion
    The Priestess widen her eyes with awe as Nataliya explained everything. She slowly lowered her katana and quickly looked up at the statue for see if the diamond was still there. She sighed with relief and and made her katana disappeared into a burst of light. She crossed her arms and looked down at the thief with a dismissive and disappointed expression. "You should be ashamed. You not only tried to hurt one of you kind, but also dared to try to steal something from the holly statue. Shame on you..."

    The girl was sat on the floor with her back laid on a wall. She looked down, crying silently and not daring to say a word. The Priestess was right and she really regret everything she did. Belle sighed and took out from one of the pocket of her precious light purple kimino a Big Health jar. She slowly knelt down the girl and proceed to treat her wound. "Thank you for stopping her, Nataliya Vostro", said Belle, surprisingly knowing her name without Nataliya even telling her. "But there was other ways you should had stopped her, because after all, she actually didn't hurt you. You can go now, I got this now".
  18. Kailani "Kai" Brookes
    Sacred Hot Springs

    A mop of pink hair exploded from the springs as its owner surfaced from the water.

    "Fu!" The young girl sighed as she broke the surface and took in a needed breath of air. A white catlike creature swam in circles nearby. "How was that?" She asked, brushing back some carnation-colored locks that clung to her face.

    "10 minutes, well done," the cat replied clinically.

    Kailani grinned cheekily "Hehe~ One more!" Once again she dived under the steamy waters. She was practicing her water control and resilience to heat.

    She swam around gracefully under the water. Bending the water so that it formed a whirlpool around her. As she worked, her countenance was a vision of serene focus.​
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  19. Kailani "Kai" Brookes
    Sacred Hot Springs

    Atticus fanned his charge with his tail. "This is why you should get out when I tell you too," he stated, matter-of-factly. "But... it was going well," Kai mumbled, underneath the towel perched on the upper half of her face. She'd stayed in the spring far longer than she should've. Atticus knew that it couldn't have been helped. His charge always got carried away with her training. The cat nudged a water bottle closer to the girl "Here."

    Kailani took the offered refreshment and downed half normally. Then the antics started, a few droplets of water floated up from the bottle. Kai opened up as the water floated over. Everytime she cause a drop, a giggle escaped her.

    "Are you about done?" Atticus sighed and shook his little head. "Honestly, Kailani, you shouldn't be depleting your reserves so frivolously." He hopped off her lap as she stood. "Oh, what's the big whoop?" She questioned flippantly, as she dried and dressed herself.

    "The "big whoop" is that if you had to fight right now, would you be ready too?" Not one peep escaped the pinkette at this. He was right. Then again, he always was. "Now I'm not trying to ruin your fun. But please be a bit more conscientious with your powers." Kailani nodded in agreement. She returned Stryker to its rightful position, at her hip.

    "Now...how about we go, as you like to put it, get stuffed?" He offered jumping out her head.

    Her happy-go-lucky smile retuned "Sounds like a plan to me!" She cheered, exiting the hot springs.

    Continue at Blaze's Plaza.
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  20. Nataliya Vostro

    Having walked from the temple she found herself outside of the hot springs rather quickly. She wasted no time in undressing and plunging into the springs. The effect was almost immediate. She knew she couldn't be sitting here for very long. So, she spent the next ten minutes washing herself before getting up and beginning to get herself dried off. She got dressed and walked out of the hot springs. She didn't know what she wanted to do now but the possibility of just relaxing was almost unthinkable for her. So, she did the only thing she could really think of doing at the time. She began to make her way back towards the Plaza. She was going to take a trip down to earth to relax for a short period of time. Sure, things could happen but she still wanted to be among others.. more than the people she was around all the time. -Continue at Blazes Plaza​
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